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“Reverse wall dom”

That hug at the end made me smile like a dork

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was reading the ficlet with kagome's lipstick prints all over harry's face and i'm laughing at how they're looking for the loo together. just imagine them going into the girls' bathroom and the girls there being torn between amusement and exasperation bc what the HELL potter??? was the abandoned girl's bathroom not enough for you??

*choking* the look kagome would give him at that, he’d be stammering like, it’s definitely not whatever you’re thinking!!! and kagome’s just like mhmm, suuure, just to tease him 

Diantha, First Princess of Nohr

While her twin brother Marius carried his father’s decisiveness and courage, Diantha possessed her mother’s patience and virtue. She was the first of the children chosen by Brynhildr, a feat that would not happen again until Prince Leo was born. However, she rarely used the tome and focused instead on the medicinal arts. Diantha treated her other fellow siblings with respect and high regard, even if they did not wish the same for her. She was aware of the blood feud between the Albrands and the Durands, and hoped that through her own actions, she could set an example like her mother did. Sadly, this would not come to be, as the Durands would be annihilated completely, and her brother Marius was caught in the crossfire.

One night, Diantha went missing without a trace. When news of her disappearance came full circle, the court was quick to point fingers at the concubine Irma of Buelen and Seraphina of Minett, who both desired the Brynhildr for their children. In hopes that she was still alive, Xander worked tirelessly to find her, but only found a man named Hans. He was unable to arrest the criminal for his sister’s murder and consequently had him jailed for numerous other crimes. Xander never mentioned the details of Diantha’s death to his other siblings, a mistake that would come back to haunt him when Hans makes his return, perhaps to take another.

The portrait from a previous comic, in slightly better detail. I had been debating at first on whether Xander should be an only child, or if he can have other blood siblings. There was nothing that said he was didn’t have direct siblings, so I just rolled with it.

Design notes: Pose referenced from here. Dress referenced from that one Barbie movie.

  • Me on a date: So what did you think of Fahrenheit from Fallout 4?
  • Them: Oh, I hated her, she was such a bitch. I killed her every time.
  • Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: Sorry but I have to go right now immediately.

Yay another SuyaMizuSaka!!! I planned so many stories for them already (Idk if I can draw them all or not tho OTL) and this is sort the intro of how they ended up together, maybe :”))

Continuation under the cut because some suggestive scene :3 Rated R-15 just to be safe!

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Bright colors and cuteness for everyone

It’s like she’s tripling the manipulation effect of hometowns. “I’m gonna introduce you to three of my families and we’re gonna make a scrapbook with one of them. Don’t choose me in the end, now. See how that turns out.”

Happy ot3rd! I just wanna use this opportunity and this platform to remind everyone that the fight for polyamorous rights is ongoing and frequently ignored. Polygamy is illegal in ¾ of the world’s countries, and in the majority of those it is a criminal offense. And among those states that do recognize it, virtually all of them only recognize polygyny (one man taking multiple wives) and forbid any other kind of arrangement.

But besides legal troubles there’s also social stigma. There is of course the cliché of the harem or the man with 9 wives (which imply that some level of misogyny is inherent in it), but polyamory is also associated with promiscuity and unfaithfulness, even when it’s an honest or even closed relationship. I was just as scared of my parents finding out when I was dating two girls as when I was dating a boy.

So please reblog and spread awareness of polyamorous rights. Polyamory is an orientation, not just a relationship, and we’re constantly being forgotten in the fight for equality.

-Mod A