you're such an amazing human being

When you're in love with a....
  • Aries Venus ♈: You'll never have a second to breathe, but that will feel amazing; it'll be like you're always on your toes, always learning new things about this amazing, wonderful human being. Yes, they will test you, they'll push your buttons and let you push theirs, but you will never feel so excited as you are when you're around them.
  • Taurus Venus ♉: This love will truly behold the definition of bliss, pure bliss in fact. "Love goggles" have never been so true when you are in love with a Taurus Venus because you will forgive all of their flaws as they will be so truthful and apologetic. A love truly mesmerising.
  • Gemini Venus ♊: This person puts the fun in your life. When you are without them you can't do anything but feel bored. This can cause you to feel incomplete without them at times too. This love will be like lightening roaring through your veins.
  • Cancer Venus ♋ : This kind of love is a hurricane; Cancer Venus are unpredictable in love but you'll love it. Nothing will fail to surprise you and you will have never felt so loved. Be prepared to give everything you've got, because they'll be expecting it. This love is a triumphant one.
  • Leo Venus ♌: This kind of love will feel effortless at time, almost like you're floating along with the biggest smile across your face at all times. You will find yourself dumbfounded by their presence and absolutely defensfless by their words, this can lead to some embarrassing moments, but it's a love you couldn't recreate.
  • Virgo Venus ♍: This seems to be what real love feels like. This love quickly consumes all of your waking days and becomes the air in which you breathe. It gives you energy and a spark in your eyes, but be careful not to disappoint this lover as second chances are rare. This love will send you into second heaven but will still feel like you're standing firmly on the ground with both feet.
  • Libra Venus ♎: You will almost always feel an overwhelming happiness. Your heart will feel like it's beating out of your chest at times and you might want to throw yourself at them arms open, more than you want to admit. You might struggle to always agree with their abstract opinions but your burning love will sort itself out in the end.
  • Scorpio Venus ♏: This love feels full, there is nothing more indulgent and crave-worthy than this love; you won't be able to get enough. When you look into their eyes you'll feel a connection, a fierce, true connection. You fault might be not trusting them even when they've only told the truth. This is a love that truly satisfies the heart but tests the mind.
  • Sagittarius Venus ♐: As cliché as it sounds for stereotypes this love is an adventure; you might feel like you never get a chance to sit down. Its not just physical adventure that you'll experience but an adventure to learn more about you.The grass seems greener, the water colder and the air fresher with them, it's a love you'll never want to leave.
  • Capricorn Venus ♑: A fairytale, not an old one with a princess or prince charming but a new one, where you don't exactly understand where the point was that you fell in love but now you're so deep you can't swim to the surface. A love that event the very last moment you'll come running back for. Be weary of how many times you might have to be forgiving, but this is a love you've dreamed of before.
  • Aquarius Venus ♒: This is a sweet love. Like have a best friend who you can hug and kiss and do whatever you wish with. An exciting experience as you slowly but surely become each others entire universe. This is a love where you will always feel complete even when they aren't with you physically because you know that you have more than just love; the bond of a friend or family.
  • Pisces Venus ♓: This is a certain love; you will never have to doubt their feeling for you and you know they'll never fail to pull of the most romantic, heart melting gestures without even realising. Understand they will put you edited them,and this is a hurdle you must face together. This is a love that you never want to leave as you never felt so loved in your entire life.
hilarious comments of the dude sitting behind me in the cinema when we were watching 'Maleficent'

-stefan introduces himself-

“the fuck kinda name is stefan anyways i’ve never met a guy called stefan don’t trust this asshole”

-king henry attacks the moors-

“oh shit’s about to go down”

-stefan drugs maleficent and cuts her wings off-

“see i fuckin told ya not to trust this asshole”

-diaval informs maleficent about aurora’s birth-

“oh hell yeah this is the well, well part everybody shut up”

-maleficent curses aurora-

“you done messed up now”

-stefan removes every spinning wheel in the country-

“bitch you’re dumb as fuck that never fuckin works”

-maleficent meets aurora-

“come out? that sounds gay”

-the whole mud fight thing happens-

“i’m startin’ to think they’re gay”

-aurora says she wants to live with maleficent-

“yep definitely gay”

-aurora meets phillip-

“this dude looks too gay to function. i’m calling it now, he’s not gonna be the one to wake her up”

-aurora discovers the truth-

“fuck those old-ass bitches why you had to ruin their happy ending they were gonna live together”

-phillip’s kiss doesn’t work but maleficent kisses aurora and she wakes up-

“i fuckin called it bitches”

-aurora asks if they’ll live in the moors together and maleficent goes ‘if that is what you wish, beastie’-

*cough* whipped *cough*

-aurora gives maleficent her wings back and they share that look (you know what look i’m talking about)-

is it wrong that i think they’re fuckin?”

-maleficent gives aurora the crown-

“if that doesn’t look like a wedding i don’t know what does, man”

-maleficent goes “our kingdoms have been unified”-

“oh i bet something was unified alright”

(i have no idea how he wasn’t thrown out of the cinema, but i’m glad he wasn’t because it made the film a thousand times better)


Happy birthday my Lima Bean!! I hope you have an amazing day with the ones you love. I’m very proud of everything you’ve achieved so far in this new era of your work. Keep being this amazing person you are. I love you a lot 💜

  • ENTP's friend: I'm such a guarded person.
  • ENTP: (talking to INFP and INFJ "freely" gives away some "secrets" about self)
  • ENTP's friend: I don't know how you can just tell people your life story...
  • *later that day*
  • ENTP: (pokes INTP) Hey, remember my guarded friend?
  • INTP: Vaguely.
  • ENTP: Close enough. What do you think of how she doesn't like to reveal things about herself?
  • INTP: Well, if you don't have much to guard, you'll be that much more careful about what you reveal, right? One coin from a small storehouse is more noticeable than your ENTP warehouse of "WTF-where-did-all-this-sh*t-come-from?!".
  • ENTP: lol
  • INTP: You know it's quite amazing because people think you're being honest and social when you tell a story from your past because the level of detail and theatrics that go into the story-telling, but you really only tell 12-13% of what really happened.
  • ENTP: 12-13%?
  • INTP: Yes, and that's usually enough for people to open up to you and spill one of their valuable guarded secrets. *sigh* Humans are so easily manipulated.

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do you know how amazing you are like i dont think you do. im half convinced you arent human, like you're an angel. or a superhero. why not both. anyway youre awesome lol you make lots of us happy every day and thats amazing thank you :)

Lol nooooo I’m far from anything like that in the slightest. But messages like these truly help me feel better when I need it. I still find myself constantly battling my own self-worth, and you guys pull through with such lovely and beautiful messages. It truly means the world to me. Thank you all for being the lovely kind beings that you are and for reaching out and being patient with me as I continually try to better myself. You all mean the world and I love you so. effing. much!! Extremely lucky to have you

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Eh, hi, just wanted to say that besides doing amazing stuff, you're really great at being a contagiously, brightly glowing human being, y'know? I mean, I've been in bit of a bad place longer I'd like to, at the time I found your blog I just had started to get my head out of it; I had to run some errands today and thought I couldn't deal with it, but then I thought I'd just try smiling wide like TT, and like, it was all fine. So instead of asking for a hug, I'd like to give you a big one. Thanks.

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Hi yes he'llo!!! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU BRO YOU DESERVE ALL THOSE FOLLOWERS YOU'RE AMAZING. But for the prompt, I would like, nay, LOVE sterek with the prompt "why haven't you kissed me?".

Katie, my darling, this likely isn’t what you were looking for, BUT I hope you enjoy it nonetheless 💕💕💕💕💕

Backyard barbeques are such a pleasant type of social gathering. They’re outside, typically with enough people to never get stuck with one person, and the food is always bountiful. And really, the overflowing food and booze is enough to draw Stiles out of his apartment to spend time with other sentient beings. He’d say humans but he mostly gets invited to Hale gatherings and well. Even if a few of the Hales are humans, the majority are werewolves so. Sentient beings it is.

In Stiles’ twenty-three years of living he has attended twenty-three 4th of July barbeques. This year is a little different than years past, mostly because of Cora. Ever since she turned 21 and has been allowed to have the drinks Peter concocts, Stiles has been her designated driver. And sometimes that just means he’s her designated babysitter while she’s under the influence.

So that’s what he’s doing now. Babysitting the middle Hale child in her own backyard because when he’d tried to reason that there were enough adults around concerned with her well-being she’d gotten all teary eyed and Stiles refuses to be responsible for Cora drunk crying.

The repercussions of that are worse than just sucking it up and being her sober companion for the day.

Which is why she’s currently plastered along his back as he walks her back towards the clearing behind the Hale mansion from where she’d wandered into the woods for a nap.

“Why haven’t you kissed me?” she pouts and tucks her face into Stiles’ neck, he can feel the pout on her lips from where they’re pressed into his skin.

“Because I like boys, Cora,” he responds dryly and she nips at his neck.

“Your ass is just as bi as mine is, Stilinski,” she snaps back and Stiles really wishes he could just drop her.

“With a preference for boys, Hale,” he responds evenly and really, they’ve had this conversation sober, he’s not sure why it’s coming up today of all days.

“Exactly! So why haven’t you kissed him?” she asks as if that was her question all along.

“What? Him who?” Stiles asks, heart picking up speed a little as they get closer to the clearing.

“Him, my brother!” she yells into his ear and Stiles drops her in the soft grass.

“Cora,” he says, hoping the warning in his tone is enough to stop her.

“No, seriously. Stop with the pining and just go for it! Just tell him already!” she enthuses while making herself comfortable in the grass.

The thing is, Stiles has been over this, ad nauseam. He can’t make his feelings known.

He has a list of reasons why it would be okay to do so.

1. Mayor Hale already has queer children out and proud in her family.

2. Mayor Hale and Sheriff Stilinski have run a joint political platform for the last three elections and won, the last one unopposed. So the potential in-laws already get along.

3. Stiles has endeared himself to 90% of the family over the years just by being his nerdy, loyal, jump-in-and-help self. (The other 10% are out of state and don’t get exposed to his awesomeness regularly.)

4. Hale wolves being in relationships with humans is historically a non-issue.

5. It has the potential to increase his happiness and life-fulfillment tenfold.

And really there’s more but they’re specific to the intimate details of the potential relationship. And even though it’s pushing one hundred bullet points by now it all gets washed away by the reason to keep his feelings to himself.

The potential rejection would no doubt end his relationship with not only his life-long best friend but also the only family he’s ever known outside of his own father.

Because even though Stiles and Cora are technically the closest in age among the Hale children, Stiles has been best friends with Derek since middle school.

They’ve overcome teenage hormones, long-distance through college and made it out the other side settled in apartments while working their almost-dream jobs in their hometown to be close to family. Honestly, there isn’t a person alive on the planet that Stiles trusts more, cares more about, or feels safer with.

And he can’t throw that away. He has told Cora this, not in so many words but he’s told her that it’s not going to happen. That he can’t risk the potential fallout after a rejection.

“You know why I can’t do that Cora,” he tells her loudly, annoyed with her already and it’s only 11:00 in the morning.

“Why not?” she shouts back in his face.

“Because I love him and I can’t lose him!” he yells back.

He snaps his mouth shut so fast his teeth clank because everyone in the yard just heard him say that. And knowing the Hales, they probably know exactly who he’s talking about. Meddling wolves.

“Well you just told him,” a deep voice says behind Stiles and Stiles closes his eyes as he heaves a sigh. He doesn’t want to see Cora’s smug face at having forced his hand and he doesn’t want to turn around to see the look on Derek’s face.

Stiles’ heart is racing, his palms feel clammy and he kind of feels like he’s gonna pass out. Or throw up. So he waits for the inevitable. Waits for Derek to tell him the words that have haunted Stiles’ nightmares since he was 18 years old and realized he’d fallen in love with his best friend.

He distantly realizes that his thoughts are spiraling out of control but he doesn’t realize he’s hyperventilating until strong arms wrap around his waist from behind, Derek’s calming voice in his ear.

“It’s okay, Stiles just take a deep breath. Just breathe, bud, please, it’s okay, I promise,” he’s murmuring and Cora is in front of him, looking decidedly soberer now that she was a few minutes ago as she wandered into the woods to nap.

Stiles closes his eyes again, and tries to take a deep breath. He just needs to adjust his worldview for a minute. Cora set him up, Stiles admitted his feelings out loud in front of all the Hales and Derek hasn’t run away. He takes another breath, and then another before he opens his eyes to glare at Cora.

“I hate you,” he says petulantly. “Go away.”

Cora snorts, smacks his cheek tenderly and starts walking back towards the house.

It doesn’t escape his notice that Derek is still holding Stiles. Tenderly and yet firmly and everything that Stiles dreamed it would be like.

“Can I admit something?” Derek asks, without letting go and Stiles leans back against his strong chest as he nods.

“I can’t lose you either,” he whispers and Stiles hates that his eyes are starting to well up. “You’re my best friend and no matter how many times Laura demanded I tell you how I felt, I couldn’t risk it either.”

“How do you feel?” Stiles asks, voice all croaky and quiet but he doesn’t care. He’s on the verge of something amazing. He wonders if this is what it’s like to be in a fairytale.

“I love you,” Derek murmurs into Stiles’ neck, rubbing his soft whiskered cheek over the same spot Cora had nipped at earlier. Covering her scent Stiles realizes after a beat. “And not as an honorary-Hale-brother,” he clarifies and Stiles feels a tear roll down his cheek out of sheer overwhelming relief. “I love you like I’ve loved no one else in my life. I want to spend the rest of my life beside you. I want your smile and your anger and your grief. I want all of you, in every way I can get you. In ways no one else has seen you. I want you to be my love.”

Stiles honks out a sob when it rips its way through his chest and then he’s turning around in Derek’s arms and burying his face in Derek’s chest. He never imagined being this overwhelmed but it’s okay, it’s all so much more than okay.

“I love you,” he repeats, over and over again until the tears stop and he’s laughing. “God, I love you so much, I can’t believe this is happening,” he admits, smiling so wide his face hurts as he pulls back to look at Derek, to see him smiling just as brightly.

“Believe it,” Derek replies and Stiles can’t resist pressing his lips to Derek’s. Can’t hold himself back any longer. It’s not the best, only because their smiles as still so big.

“Wanna get out of here?” Derek asks quietly and Stiles pulls back with a jerk.

“And waste the opportunity to spread our happy, horny pheromones around where your sisters can’t escape? Are you crazy?”

Derek’s grin turns sharp and he leans in for another peck of a kiss.

“Only for you.”

  • Me: I dislike Iris West because of bad writing from the showrunners and the fact that after amazing character growth in season 2, she hasn't developed in the slightest during the current season and has even stepped back as a character. Westallen has done nothing for her besides turn her into the thing Barry has to save, reducing her to more of an object than a human being. I feel if Westallen was taken out of the picture Iris might go back to being that strong, independent and powerful woman she was in season 2 - one I was proud to like and would love to go back to doing so.
  • Westalleners: Oh so you're a Snowbarry shipper then. Of course, you just want Barry with the white girl.
  • Me: Actually I would prefer Westallen over Snowbarry any day of the week. Caitlin would be much better alone so she can properly recover from her mostly ignored PTSD and grow as a character without being with another man. If she is to be with anybody, Cisco would be the best option for her down the line - not Barry.
  • Westalleners: ...Well you're still racist for hating Iris.
I don't know if this is just me or not, but I've really been missing the 2009-2013 kpop era. 😥😥😥

Before the awful year of 2014 ruined it all…

-EXO OT12 was the instantly popular new group
-SNSD was whole and the most popular girl group
-Big Bang at peak popularity
-Groups that are now dead were at the top (2NE1, Afterschool, e.t.c)
-F(x) at peak popularity
-SHINee is immensely popular
-Super Junior was super popular
-The Kdramas were megahits (Heirs, You’re Beautiful, Dream High, Secret Garden)
-BTS Debut
-2NE1 innovates new girl group concepts
-All our now classics came out (Fantastic Baby, Sorry Sorry, Gee, Bubble Pop, Wolf, The Boys) e.t.c)
-SISTAR challenges beauty standards
-Co Ed School existed
-Miss A OT4
-Kara existed
-Led Apple existed
-Hyuna breaks into the kpop scene with her unique image
-Pledis cared about Afterschool and Nu'est
-Orange Caramel at peak popularity
-MBLAQ existed
-Bom was respected as a person and an artist
-People didn’t freak out when they found out idols were dating (like the human beings they are!)
-Glam existed
-EvoL existed
-5dolls existed
-Gangkiz existed
-HAM existed

This is in no way meant to say that kpop isn’t good now, because it’s AMAZING. I love all the new groups, concepts, and songs. I’m just recognizing how great it used to be.

  • Taehyung: *exists*
  • Namjoon: I'm so proud of him
  • Jimin: Talent at its finest
  • Jungkook: He's so cool, am I right or am I right?
  • Seokjin: He's amazing, gotta praise him more
  • Yoongi: I love him, he works so hard
  • Hoseok: You're amazing bro, you deserve the whole universe and more
  • Taehyung: *cries tears of happiness*
  • BTS: WE LOVE YOU, YOU BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING *big emotional group hug*

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You're in NC, too? Awesome!

It’s true! I’m in the magnificent Durham, NC. Being a photographer, though, I do photoshoots all over… it’s basically the Portland of the south.

Cool artsy vibe, big sense of community, friendly people… plus, it looks like that straight out of winter, which is huge.

The weird reflections are due to the photo being taken during a shoot for DPAC… alas, the sky does not actually have floating alien rectangles.

I only came down from NY a couple years ago, but it’s been amazing. All you humans should move here, and I’ll take you to my favorite cinema classes.

Yes, all 57,456 of you.

Hey, we’re all friends here on SDM, unified by our love of–

–weird, weeeeiiiii–

–iiiiird faces and sarcastic riffing.

Though if there were enough people around NC some day, we should totally have a SDM meetup/convention/snazzy press conference, and do Scooby stuff. Maybe put on a modified production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night entirely with Scooby-Doo characters. That would be hilarious.

Yeah, I think Tumblr (and the real world) has told me that maybe 20~ times now… I’m pretty used to–

…oh? That’s a new one, wow. Google time!

*10 seconds later*

…I’m gonna go with “no” for $500, please, Alex.

…I’m flattered, but I also laughed a lot at the wonderful way that was written, so we’ll call it a wash.

What can I say, it’s those sexy Scooby slippers. No one can resist!

–Colin (Instagram | Photo Blog)

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can you write a fic where either josh or tyler (idc) gets dared to ask the reader out?? and they somehow find out and get really upset? thank youuu, love you lots you're an amazing writer


“You’re full of shit,” Tyler declared, shaking his head and taking a sip of the mixed drink he held in his hand. It was strong, a little stronger than normal, and Tyler knew he had the gorgeous bartender to thank for that—thank you very much.

Michael grinned and looked between Tyler, Josh, and Mark. “C’mon, s’just a game,” he said, his words slurred just a little bit from the amount of whiskey in his system.

“That is awful,” Josh pointed out, reaching over and downing the rest of Michael’s beer. “You’re an awful human being.”

Michael shrugged, still grinning, and looked back over to Tyler. “Well?”

“I see her all the time Michael, it’ll be weird—“ Tyler started.

“Weird? You’ve probably fucked half the people in this pub, mate, which, y’know, she’s probably aware of. You need to find a better excuse.”

Tyler frowned. “Michael—“

“Fifty bucks,” he says, doubling his previous offer.

“Pick someone else,” Tyler grumbled.

Michael laughed. “No, mate, we’ve been watching you pine over her—“

“I’ve not been pining, you asshole—“ Tyler interrupted.

“—for weeks, months, whatever, it doesn’t matter. Go chat her up, take her home, sleep with her, get her out of your system,” Michael told him. “Fifty bucks.”

Tyler sighed, glancing over at Josh from the corner of his eye. “He’s never gonna let this go, is he?”

Josh shook his head, reaching over to pat Tyler on the back. “Never.”

“C’mon,” Michael encouraged, reaching into his pocket to pull out a crumbled wad of bills. “Fifty bucks for you to stop pining over the bartender and just shag her.”

Tyler pursed his lips and blamed the alcohol, that was the only logical excuse, and he nodded. “Alright, fine,” he said, downing the rest of his drink in one gulp, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. And it was the alcohol, was definitely the alcohol that had his head swimming; it definitely wasn’t the pining or anything else, because Tyler was actively not pining.

Michael laughed, slapping a hand down on the table. “Are you for real?”

Tyler didn’t say anything; he sent his friends a weak salute before standing from the booth and slowly making his way over to the bar. And he didn’t have a plan, not really; he’d never exactly needed one before. It wasn’t that people fell over themselves to have sex with Tyler, but…he never really had to try. He approached the bar slowly, sliding into a stool and resting his forearms across the top, waiting for the girl to turn around; when she did, Tyler sent her a soft smile. “Hey, gorgeous.”

“You’re drunk, Tyler,” Y/N said with a quirk of her eyebrow. “More than usual.”

Tyler grinned. “Not that drunk. You make my drinks, you would know,” he teased, sending her a wink. “You know my name, eh?”

She blushed a little bit, shrugging. “Well, you do come here every now and then.”

“I know that…Y/N,” he added at the end, watching the way Y/N’s cheeks flushed from a light pink to even darker, the way the girl tipped her head down to avoid Tyler’s eyes.

“So you know my name too, huh?” she joked, reaching for Tyler’s empty glass and filling it up again.

Tyler shrugged, still grinning.

“Remember all your bartenders?” she asked with the same teasing tone, but something underlying it that Tyler couldn’t place.

“Only the pretty ones,” Tyler told her, reaching for his glass and taking a drink.

“Of course,” she drawled, rolling her eyes. She opened her mouth to say something else when another patron down the way caught her eye. She held up her hand, signaling to Tyler that she would be right back, before she stepped away.

Tyler let out a breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding and took another drink, trying to steady out his heart rate. It didn’t work, not really, because Y/N walked back over, running a hand through her hair, and Tyler was done. Yeah, that, that was the exact reason why he pined, or whatever Michael said, because Y/N made him so fucking nervous.

“Sorry,” she muttered sheepishly, shifting from foot to foot in front of Tyler. “Do—Do you want a drink?” she asked.

Tyler let out a little huff of laughter and shook his head, lifting his glass to his lips. “Already took care of that, babe.”

“Oh,” Y/N said, frowning, cheeks flushing. “I, uh—“

“So I feel like we don’t really…talk, yeah?” Tyler interrupted with an embarrassing little hiccup, and he reached up to cover his mouth, letting out a quiet curse.

Y/N grinned. “Probably because we don’t,” she confirmed, busying herself with wiping down the top of the bar.

“Right, you’re usually off doing…whatever it is that you do.”

“Working?” she offered with a smile.

“That,” Tyler said with a snap of his fingers. “What’s up with that?”

Y/N laughed, taking a step away to slide another beer down the bar top towards another one of her regulars. “Gotta make a living. Not all of us can be in a band, y’know.”

Tyler smiled, looking down at his hands. “I guess that’s true.”

“Kind of, yeah,” she said with the shrug of one shoulder, the hem of her white v-neck riding up to expose her hip.

Tyler swallowed, forcing himself to look the fuck away, Christ. “So, uh, how—how old are you?” he stuttered, wincing at himself for how bloody drunk he sounded, and he wasn’t even drunk. Fucking nerves, fucking Michael, actually—Tyler was almost positive it was all his fault.

“Twenty two.”

“Hmm,” Tyler nodded because, fuck, she was just a kid. But she wasn’t, not really, like—yeah, sure, she looked like a kid with her big eyes and dimples and soft hair and— Tyler shook his head. “What, um, what do—do you do?”

Y/N grinned and rested her forearms on top of the bar, leaning over until she was halfway across, still giving Tyler room to move away if he wanted to. “Is this normally how you try to pick someone up?”


“Not that you’re trying to pick me up,” Y/N added quickly, cheeks flushing. “Just—Is this you flirting?”

Tyler paused, thinking it over for a minute. “I don’t even know,” he answered honestly. “I…usually don’t have to try this hard,” he admitted.

She laughed loudly, reaching for Tyler’s glass and taking a drink. “Can’t imagine that you have to try at all,” she told him with a smile, the dimple in her left cheek deepening.

“I’m usually a lot smoother at picking people up,” Tyler confided in a mock stage whisper, pushing his glass to the side and leaning a little further over the top of the bar.

“Is that what you’re trying to do?” She asked.

“Trying,” Tyler agreed, running a hand over his hair and leaning in until they were only centimeters apart. “How am I doing?”

Y/N shrugged, a noncommittal sound leaving her lips. “I feel like you’re holding back on me.”

Tyler nodded slowly. “Might be the lack of alcohol in my system. My bartender’s been watering down my drinks all night.”

She laughed. “I have not! I usually make them stronger because I like the way you laugh when you’ve been drinking,” she said before she could stop herself. Her eyes widened and she went to take a step back, pausing when Tyler’s fingers slid around her wrist, tugging her forward so she couldn’t move away.

“Who knew my bartender was such a romantic,” Tyler teased, the corners of his lips quirking upward.

Y/N tried to fight back a smile, but she couldn’t help it, just like she couldn’t help the way her cheeks were flushing and, fuck, she wasn’t exactly smooth either.

Tyler’s fingertips traced over the skin of Y/N’s wrist, across the jut of bone, before curling around her gently. He could feel her pulse jump and as she bit her lip, Tyler tightened his hold just a little bit, just enough to hear a sharp gasp leave her lips. He smiled, just a little bit, and leaned in some more until their noses were nearly touching. “How am I doing now?” he asked, eyes dropping to Y/N’s lips, his voice low.

She swallowed, staring at Tyler’s lips until she heard a loud whooping from behind them. Y/N went to move again, but Tyler kept his hold tight on her wrist.

Tyler groaned. “Fucking Michael,” he grumbled, lifting a hand to flip off his friend without turning around.

“Ayy” a man shouted, walking behind the bar and flipping a towel towards Y/N’s bum, shaking her out of her reverie.

“Shit,” she muttered, taking a step back and jerking her wrist out of Tyler’s grasp. “Sorry.”

The other bartender grinned. “I can cover for you if you two want to, y’know, get out of here,” he offered with a laugh, eyes shining bright, wiggling his eyebrows obnoxiously.

Y/N flushed. “It’s not—He’s not—“

“I am, actually,” Tyler corrected with a smile.

She sucked her lower lip into her mouth, eyeing Tyler from the corner of her eye. “I should, um, get back to work,” she said quietly.

Tyler nodded. “S’alright. I can wait. I’m patient,” he said with a shrug.

“Yeah,” Y/N trailed off, taking a step back. She cursed and flailed as she tripped over something behind the bar, nearly falling, and the man reached out to steady her.

“Alright?” He asked.

She nodded, cheeks burning, as she scurried off to the other side of the bar.

Tyler just smiled and watched, totally endeared and completely infatuated with everything about the girl. He pointedly ignored the other bartender’s eyes until he felt him look away, and he sucked in a deep breath. His phone vibrated in his pocket, and he checked it only to see a text from Michael with a multitude of thumbs up and kissy-face emojis; he rolled his eyes before exiting the message and messing around on twitter for a bit. He just wanted to kill some time until Y/N was off, was ready to leave. Michael messaged him again with an emoji of money flying away and the message, ‘ya actually have to fuck her to get the fifty bucks! not just flirt, ya wanker!’

Tyler groaned and messaged him back, telling him to fuck off in true best mate fashion, and shoved his mobile aside. It wasn’t—It wasn’t even about the fifty bucks; Tyler could’ve cared less about the money. It was about her, about how the stupid bet had been just the kick in the ass he needed, and he had no idea why the hell he had waited so long to actually strike up a conversation with the girl, anyway. He supposed it didn’t matter, not really, and he knew he would tell Michael the next morning that the bet was off, to keep his dirty money—or, well, maybe he could keep it and take her out, whatever.

“She’s leaving, y’know.”

Tyler shook his head and looked up at the man, eyes wide. “Hmm?”

He nodded towards the back of the bar where Y/N was lingering, looking down at her sneakers and shoving her phone into her pocket. “She’s leaving.”

“Shit,” Tyler grumbled, jumping off the barstool. “Thanks.”

“Hey,” He said, causing Tyler to stop in his tracks, eyes wide. “She’s my best friend, yeah? Standard warnings apply—hurt her and I’ll kill you. I’ll poison your drink before you go on stage, make sure you foam at the mouth in front of everyone, yeah?”

Tyler smiled a little bit. “Good lookin’ out,” he told him before rushing around the back of the bar and catching up with Y/N just as she stepped out of the pub. “Trying to run away?”

She laughed softly, shaking her head. “No, um, just…got distracted in my own head, sorry.”

“Gotta be careful with that whole thinking thing,” Tyler teased, nudging her in the side. “You see what happened to Keroauc and Hemingway.”

“No, I didn’t. What happened?”

Tyler didn’t even waste a breath before diving in, explaining his favorite writers in such detail that it took him a minute or two before he realized Y/N was laughing, her eyes shining as she stopped in front of an old beat up Volvo. Tyler scoffed, shaking his head, and he leaned against the side of the car. “You were joking.”

Y/N nodded, taking a step closer until the toes of their shoes were touching.

“That’s—That’s not every nice,” Tyler stammered.

“Shame,” she pouted. “Everyone always thinks I’m nice.”

Tyler smiled, looking down at his own shoes, how they were touching Y/N’s, and it was…nice.


“I like hearing you talk,” She said quietly.

“I talk too much.”

She nodded. “You do. I like that.”

“Especially when I’m nervous,” Tyler admitted, though he didn’t know why. Fuck, why wasn’t he just…smooth? Fuck.

She smiled, tilting her head to the side as she studied Tyler for a moment.

Tyler reached out for her wrist again, fingers curling around the soft skin and pressing down against her pulse.

“So…” Y/N trailed off, shuffling her feet and knocking her shoes against Tyler’s.


“Not so talkative now,” She commented, kicking at Tyler’s foot until he moved to the side so she could step closer.

Tyler shook his head, pushing off of her car and crowding against her, eyes falling to hers again. “I don’t…wanna talk anymore.”

“Okay,” She said with a nod.

“Yeah,” Tyler agreed before leaning in and kissing her. And it was—it was everything a first kiss should be; it was soft and gentle, controlled without being demanding. Tyler could feel Y/N’s fingers curl around his bicep, holding on, and Tyler made himself pull away for a second to catch his breath.

Her tongue darted out to trace his lips, brushing across Tyler’s in the process, and she smiled. “Much better than talking,” she whispered.

Tyler nodded. “Fuck, yes,” he agreed breathlessly, curling his fingers around the front of her button-up, pulling her in for another kiss. Y/N slumped against him, fingers digging into the hem of Tyler’s jeans, fingers curling underneath the fabric, hot against Tyler’s skin. Tyler pushed his hips forward, using the momentum to push Y/N back against the car, a little gasp escaped her lips, her mouth falling open easily, and Tyler’s tongue darted out, barely touching her lips.

She whimpered as Tyler pushed her back against the car, the side mirror digging painfully into her side, and she didn’t even care. She stilled almost entirely as Tyler’s mouth slanted over hers, kissing her so thoroughly that she nearly forgot her own name. She pressed her thumbs into Tyler’s hips, feeling Tyler’s fingers slide through her hair, and she wanted more, needed more. She pressed closer, as close as she could, and she wasn’t even embarrassed at how desperate she must look as she angled closer to Tyler.

Tyler’s hips jerked forward and he slid his hands down to Y/N’s chin, cupping her jaw as he pulled away; he nipped at her lower lip until she whined, smoothing over it with his tongue, pulling away with a small grin. “Fuck, why did I wait so long to kiss you?”

She shook her head, eyes nearly shut, her brain more than a little foggy; she steadied herself by holding onto Tyler’s hips and she tried to lean in to kiss him again. “Don’t know,” she muttered, “just do it again.”

Tyler chuckled, sliding his fingers down the side of her neck and back up again, angling her chin upward. He leaned in, kissing her slowly, licking into his mouth until he felt her arms circle his waist, until he felt her shudder against him. “Come back to mine?” Tyler whispered against her lips.

“Yeah,” Y/N agreed easily, eyes slipping shut as Tyler pressed his lips against her jaw, down the side of her neck, sucking a dark bruise that had her pulse racing. She whined as Tyler rocked his hips forward, forcing back a moan as he felt Tyler’s press against her, and she wanted nothing more than to be in her bedroom or Tyler’s bedroom or anywhere private.

“Keys?” Tyler prompted, lips brushing across his sensitive skin.

She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to find his words, but she couldn’t.

“Y/N?” Tyler said with a grin, nosing up her neck, across her jaw, barely brushing their lips together. “Keys?”

“Fuck,” she whispered. “Pocket, in my pocket.”

Tyler laughed softly, slipping a hand into her pocket with minimal struggle.

Her head fell forward onto Tyler’s shoulder, her breathing heavy. “Other pocket.”

Tyler hummed, fingers brushing over the front of her jeans before dipping into her other pocket and retrieving her keys. He quickly massaged the back of Y/N’s neck before pulling her away and leaning in a little bit, just breathing her in, and fuck, she was so responsive, lips parting and just waiting for Tyler to make the next move. “Want me to drive?”

“No!” her eyes suddenly shot open, shaking her head feverishly,

Tyler held his hands up defensively, “What’s wrong?”

“Did you forget I was the one pumping drinks into you all night?” she gasped.  “No way are you driving anywhere.  Just tell me where to go.”

“Alright,” Tyler agreed with a smile, and pointing towards the car. “Hop in then.” He climbed in the passenger seat as Y/N slid in next to him, rubbing his palms up and down her thighs. As she started the car, Tyler dug his phone out of his pocket and sent a quick text to Michael.

‘bet’s off.’

Y/N nearly tripped over her own feet as she followed Tyler down the hall and into his bedroom; Tyler’s fingers were tight around her wrist, pulling her along, and Y/N went willingly. Tyler pulled her into the room, slamming the door shut behind them, and her heart was racing in her chest as Tyler crowded against her instantly, pinning her to the door and pressing their lips together.

Tyler reached for Y/N’s jeans, fumbling a little before getting them unbuttoned.  Y/N cursed against his lips and Tyler grinned, nipping at Y/N’s jaw.

“That was…” Y/N trailed off, finally pulling away and looking up at Tyler from under her eyelashes when they were finished.

“Yeah,” Tyler agreed with a soft smile; before reaching down and pulling a blanket over their bodies.

Y/N grinned widely, rolling onto her back.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered against Y/N’s lips.

Y/N giggled, slipping a leg between Tyler’s, trying to get closer, trying to crawl into his skin the way Tyler had crawled into her stupid heart. “You, too,” she said lamely, cheeks flushing, and she ducked her head, trying to hide against the front of Tyler’s neck.

Tyler let her for a moment, running a hand over the back of her neck, between her shoulder blades, and down the length of her back.

Tyler watched Y/N for a couple of seconds, or maybe a couple of minutes, he wasn’t sure, and he brushed the back of his knuckles across her cheek. “I think you’ve ruined everyone else for me,” he admitted softly.

Y/N felt his cheeks flush as he nodded, still grinning. “Me, too.”

Y/N woke up the next morning to the sound of slow and steady clapping, a low whistle, and she groaned, pulling the blanket over his eyes. “Make it stop,” she grumbled, turning over and curling against Tyler’s chest in an attempt to hide from the world and sunlight and noise.

Tyler wrapped an arm around Y/N’s waist, pressing his lips to her forehead. He cracked one eye open, to see Michael smirking at the door. “What?”

“Thought you said the bet was off,” Michael laughed with a grin.

Y/N froze.

Tyler’s heart dropped. “Michael—“

“Bet?” Y/N asked softly, ripping the blanket away from her face and looking up at Tyler. She could feel it in her chest, then, like something was ripping straight through her; no longer did she feel the rush of adoration towards three-am-Tyler who waxed poetic about Y/N’s eyes and dimples and lips, who whispered how beautiful she was, and she felt like she was going to vomit.

“No, it’s—“ Tyler started, trailing off, knowing no matter what he said, it wouldn’t be the right thing.

Michael pursed his lips and widened his own eyes, clearly unaware that Y/N was awake.

Y/N could practically feel her heart clench in her chest as she finally registered the words leaving Michael’s lips. “How much?” she found himself asking softly as she sat up, the thin blanket the only thing covering her.

“Y/N—” Tyler started, sitting up. He reached out for Y/N’s shoulder, only to have her jerk away.

“How much?” Y/N repeated, looking over her shoulder and fixing Tyler with a steady glare, eyes narrowed.

Tyler shook his head. “It’s not like that,” he whispered. “C'mon, it was stupid. Let me—Let me explain,” he pleaded, reaching out for her again.

“No,” Y/N said, slapping Tyler’s hand away. She pushed the sheet aside and stood up, not caring that she was completely naked in front of two people she hardly knew, and started looking around Tyler’s bedroom for her clothes.

“Y/N, please,” Tyler tried again, something twisting in his chest and his stomach as he watched Y/N walk around his room, trying to find her clothes. His gut twisted as he watched the long, pale line of Y/N’s legs as she pulled on her ridiculously tight jeans. Tyler could still see the faint bruises along her hips, across the back of her thighs. His chest did something weird, then, as Y/N pulled on the first shirt she found—definitely Tyler’s and not her own, but Tyler didn’t even try to stop her. “Y/N—”

“How much?” Y/N asked again, this time aiming her question towards Michael and not meeting Tyler’s eyes.

Michael bit his lip and leaned against the wall by Tyler’s door. “Fifty bucks.”

Y/N scoffed, pulling her shoes on and running her fingers through her tangled hair, wincing a little at the pull on her scalp, even though it was nothing compared to the way Tyler—she stopped herself right there and finished shoving her phone, wallet, and keys into her pocket. “Fuck you,” Y/N grumbled, pushing past Michael and making her way to the front door

Tyler pushed the sheet aside and jumped out of bed, ignoring Michael’s apology and followed Y/N, stopping her before she could reach the door. “Y/N, please, it was stupid—”

“Yes, it was,” Y/N agreed, trying to step past Tyler to get to the door.

“I shouldn’t have done it, I know, but I was pissed and—”

“Shut up.”

“—I never should’ve agreed to it—”

“Shut. Up.”

“—Y/N, I’m sorry, I feel awful—”

“Shut up,” Y/N snapped, pushing Tyler away and opening the front door. “Fuck you,” she whispered, willing herself not to cry in front of Tyler, that was the last thing she needed, and she nearly ran out of the flat, slamming the door shut behind her.

Tyler stared at the door for a few moments, frozen in place. “Fuck,” he sighed, hanging his head; he had really fucked up. It took him a few moments before he made his way back into his room, falling into his sheets that still smelled like the shampoo that Y/N used, and he found himself pulling the pillow closer, breathing in deep. He heard Michael shut his door quietly and he looked up to see that Michael had placed the money on his dresser, and his stomach twisted again. With a groan, he pulled his blanket over his head and tried to sleep, hoping that, when he woke, the guilt would be gone.

It wasn’t.

Y/N was pining; she was miserable and grouchy and didn’t want anything to do with anyone. She changed shifts at the bar and found any and every reason to avoid the building whenever Tyler had a set. And she’d done a decent job, really, of avoiding him for two whole weeks. Though, really, she believed John was conspiring against her when she walked in for an early shift one day to see Tyler sitting at the bar, head in his hands, and John serving him a drink. Y/N frowned and spun around on her heels, pushing for the door, when John yelled out to her.

“Y/N, wait, hang on!” John ran out from behind the bar, quicker than Y/N had ever seen, and grabbed her arm.

“I wanna go, John,” she muttered, looking down at her boots.

“Just give him a sec, yeah? He’s real torn up.”

Y/N scoffed. “Yeah? So am I,” she grumbled.

John nodded, rubbing Y/N’s arm. “I know. Just… You’ve been pining for weeks-months if you count all the whining you did before—“

“Hey,” Y/N protested with a pout. “Thought you were on my side.”

“I am,” John told him. “Just hear the guy out. What he did was awful, yeah? But it’s done. And he’s here trying to make up for it. I think that says a lot about him. If it was just a shag, just something for money, he wouldn’t give a fuck. He’d be on to the next one in no time. But he’s here, looking for you; been here every night for almost two weeks,” he explained. “So just…hear him out.”

Y/N frowned and reluctantly followed John over to the bar, slumping down in a barstool about three seats away from Tyler, facing forward and crossing her arms in front of her.

Tyler looked over at her, then up at John who held his hands up and left the bar, walking to the other side of the room to wipe down tables. Tyler looked back over at Y/N before standing up and moving closer to her, sitting next to her; he didn’t miss how Y/N flinched a little, tried to move away, and he reached out for her wrist. He expected Y/N to pull away, jerk her hand back, but she didn’t, and Tyler took a little bit of solace in that as he wrapped is fingers around Y/N’s wrist, thumb resting against her pulse. “I think I’ve wanted to kiss you since you started working here. No, well, I know I have. But I’m fucked up, and you’re kind of perfect, and I didn’t want to drag you down with me,” he said with a shrug. “So I stayed away, pined, whatever, because I didn’t think anything could ever happen.”

Y/N sniffed, pursing her lips and still looking ahead, refusing to meet Tyler’s eyes.

“And Michael is a wanker, thought he was being helpful; thought the only way I would ever make a move would be to, I don’t know, dare me or whatever. You know how lads are,” he said with a weak grin, smoothing his fingers over the skin of Y/N’s wrist.

“Obviously not, because I would never make a bet with a friend to have them fuck someone,” Y/N whispered.

“The bet was off,” Tyler insisted. “I texted Michael before we even got to my flat that the bet was off. I didn’t—I didn’t want that, like. Fuck the money, alright? I just wanted you. I thought… I thought we had a chance, yeah? And I didn’t want that hanging over us.”

“Good call,” Y/N scoffed.

Tyler ran a hand through his hair, tugging at the strands. “I don’t know what you want me to say, Y/N. I feel like shit. I never meant to hurt you—that was the last thing I ever wanted. If I just wanted a shag, I would’ve asked you to leave the minute we were done; I wouldn’t have stayed up for hours asking you about your favorite band, the last book you read, where you would travel if you had all the money in the world, or… I wouldn’t have let you stay,” he said simply.

Y/N swallowed and she could feel herself giving in, knew it was only a matter of time, because John was right—Tyler was there and apologizing and he actually gave a fuck. And Y/N wanted it, she wanted it all, she wanted to give it a shot, make it last; she wanted to stay up until four am while Tyler rambled on about his favorite books and his guitar.  Y/N wanted to make Tyler breakfast even when he pouted and said he wasn’t a morning person, didn’t eat breakfast, just needed a cigarette and some coffee. Y/N wanted it all.

“I want you to stay,” Tyler decided, pressing into Y/N’s wrist and feeling her pulse speed up. “I want you.”

Y/N bit the inside of her cheek and slowly flipped her palm over, instantly lacing her fingers with Tyler and squeezing his hand. “I want—“ she trailed off, shaking her head.

“Whatever you want, it’s yours,” he insisted. “Just—don’t ignore me, yeah? I can’t—I can’t do radio silence, not from you.”

“I want,” Y/N started again, pausing to take a deep breath. “I want you to use the fifty bucks on our first date. I want flowers and an expensive steak.  And I want you to wear that awful shirt you had lying on the floor that I made fun of.”

Tyler smiled, could feel laughter bubbling up in his chest. “Flowers and a steak? You’ve got quite a list of demands.”

Y/N grinned, shrugging one shoulder. “Think I rather deserve it, don’t you?”

“Of course,” he agreed easily. “Flowers and a steak, it’s all yours,” he promised, standing up and crowding into Y/N’s space, breathing her in. “Am I forgiven?”

“And the shirt?”

With a smile, Tyler nodded, releasing Y/N’s hand in favor of brushing her hair out of her face. “And the shirt in exchange for forgiveness.”

Y/N smiled and leaned in, brushing their lips together. “Seems like a fair trade to me.”

geodepyramjd  asked:

Hullo there! So, can I request some head canons for really rough, dubcon type sexy goodness with the Beautiful Sewer Clown? (Also maybe some aftercare if you think that would be a thing...) Kinda new to the clussy party and still really awkward, so sorry! By the by, your blog is amazing and I love everything that you do. >///< You're an amazing human being!

Thank you so much! ❤❤❤, HC’s for rough sex/ aftercare:
-there’s a lot of biting, not small nibbles, but deep enough so he can taste your blood
-he’d be more considered with his pleasure than yours, going at his own pace, not caring if it hurt you
-he’d probably purposefully try to put you in uncomfortable positions
-100% he’d make his dick really big
-probably would actually shove his tongue down your throat to choke you a bit
-constantly would be bringing you to the edge before calming down just a bit, so you would never be close to orgasming unless he wanted you to
-after you were done, he’d get you a warm blanket and give you cuddles
-he’d notice your shaking a lot still and gently run his hand down your back to calm you
-he always ends with a nose or forehead kiss before you go to sleep 💕💕💕

Somewhere in a café:
  • Craig, to Darren and Chris: You might have been the previous captain, and you might be the current one but none of you is as good as my bro Sean here. *slaps Sean's back*
  • Sean: Thanks, bro.
  • Darren: I saw the way you play dude, got to admit, didn't see such a talent before. Also how did you become this ripped?
  • Sean: Getting stuck on an island has it's pros. Besides constant exercise, of course.
  • Chris, muttering: I am a terrible captain.
  • Darren: what?
  • Sean: huh?
  • Chris: I don't deserve this position. *buries his face in his hands*
  • Craig: did I... say something wrong?
  • Chris: *mental breakdown*
  • Freshman MC appears out of nowhere: No Chris don't say that you're an amazing captain have faith in yourself you're still new to this also I cant provide more support coz I am running out of diamonds.
  • Chris, sobbing: I am a despicable human being.
  • Freshman MC: CHRIS NO!!!
  • Horatio, being poetic from a nearby table: He just got crushed under his own insecurities like a bug getting crushed under a rock.

anonymous asked:

This isn't really a question;.... ._.;;; but I just really wanted to tell you that You're an amazing human being and deserve to loved and respected. I'm sorry for all the shit you have to go though on a daily basis and hope that you find a better community on your new blog. :) Idk just please be happy;;;

im crying thank u il u,,