you're such a little shit

  • Akashi: I ate a man alive last night. ;)
  • GoM: *looks at Kuroko*

My Valentines gift to you is a dumb Andromeda Age crossover comic. Your gift to me can be pretending to laugh. Thank you.

[ ;;&. open to f/nb; ]

zach had a feeling that she’d been doing what she had to piss him off, get some sort of reaction out of him and it had worked like a fucking charm. it had started with her going out in the skimpiest clothes possible, making sure that all eyes were on her in the club and there was no denying that was the case. the good thing was that zach knew there were eyes on him too, being an nfl quarterback got you that kind of attention. any other night and he would have been using that to his advantage, fucking a stranger in the bathroom while his girlfriend was dancing, but that wasn’t gonna be happening, at least not anymore. it was obvious the two of them were together with the way they danced, zach grinding his crotch against her ass as they were surrounded by bodyguards, but that didn’t stop one punk coming over and dancing in front of her, hands on her hips as she was pressed between the two of them. one of zach’s biggest problems was how jealous and paranoid he got so when she didn’t push his hands away, zach lost it, sending the guy flying to the floor with one punch. there would be articles written about him in the morning but he didn’t give a fuck, all he cared about was having a good night and guys knowing where they stood, which the guy on the floor didn’t. wrapping his hand around his girlfriend’s wrist, zach dragged her through the crowd, not stopping until they were outside where he led her down an alley. with bodyguards blocking the view for other people, zach slammed her against the wall, hand wrapping around her throat as he held her there. “you think it’s okay to dance with other guys like a fucking whore, huh? who the fuck do you think you are?” it came out as an almost snarl as he looked into her eyes, hand tightening. “do you know how lucky you are to be dating me?”

 postmodern art is weird cuz  it’s so conceptual and you have to actually decide whether or not it’s actually saying anything or just pretentious and 93.9% of the time it’s both 

I’m amazed that people on Tumblr can simultaneously be the most open minded people yet the most close minded people I’ve ever met.

Repeat it after me, folks:


I ship a cousin incest ship! Doesn’t mean I want to bone my cousin! I ship something with a slightly uncomfortable wage gap! Doesn’t mean I want to bone a 13 year old!

Jesus FUCKING Christ, they are fictional fucking characters for God’s sake. Let people have fun as long as they aren’t hurting anyone.

anonymous asked:

As a person who identifies more with Keith and stans Lance, I am actually really offended by your post about Lance stans. I think you're right about a lot of things (the others aren't awful people for not bowing to Lance all the time, etc.) but Lance is team-oriented, considerate, and would be a way better leader than Keith in my opinion. Please don't make it sound like Lance has no good qualities and people who stan black paladin Lance are just projecting their insecurities. It's offensive.

That theory was under a “Read More” for a good reason and yet here we are

I never said that Lance doesn’t have good qualities. All I’ve ever said is that I don’t like the way most Lance stans take the other paladins’ good qualities and apply them to Lance, and when someone says “that’s not one of Lance’s character traits” it’s suddenly… making it sound like he has no good qualities?

Aren’t they basically saying that his own qualities aren’t good enough?

I agree, he is team-oriented, he’s smarter than some people make him out to be and he’s got a lot of potential for character development. I’ve never denied that - in fact, almost every time people have messaged me regarding Lance I’ve stressed that I don’t dislike him as a character. I merely (heavily) dislike the fandom’s portrayal of him.

As for Black Paladin Lance: Build-up, storyline and common sense aside, I don’t believe Lance would even want to pilot Black. Like, on the one side y’all are making him out to be this super-insecure walking meme and on the other hand you believe he’d want to take over as leader if given the chance? Okay lmao

I apologise if you took that personally, but then again… I’ve said that most Lance stans tend to project their insecurities, and I’ll stand by that.


“I’m tired of waiting”

Seven's Speech to Hackers
Mystic Messenger
Seven's Speech to Hackers

Ah, ah, ah, mic test one-two!

MC: Three four five six seven eight nine ten!

Let the speech begin!
Dear Hackers Chasing Hackers who do nothing but chase my shadows, listen! All you will get from chasing me is return 0…! If you are going to chase me, you can at least delete the log… Why do you have to leave stupid traces and disturb me…!
Stupid hackers! If you wish to calm my wrath, bring me a max int number of Honey Buddha Chips. If you don’t, there will be no peace but only didos and despair in the hacker world. Muhahahahaha!

How is it?

MC: Bravo! I’m clapping!

I knew you’d appreciate it! It’s a very heartfelt speech.
Sometimes I imagine it too. I wake up and turn on my computer, but the screen is black and only says “Gotcha”. I guess that kind of motivates me. What a funny thing to imagine!
It’s never happetened to me and it never will of course. Hahaha! Anyways… the hackers I want this speech to reach always leave traces. No wonder they’re busted!
I can’t really ignore something once I’ve noticed it so I caught all of them. But then more hackers have been chasing after me because of that.
I can’t just tell each and every one of them not to get caught, so I’ve prepared that speech.
Thanks for telling me your opinion!! I think I’m done prepping, I should start the speech.
Please pray that it will end successfully…
I’ll call you later!