you're such a gpoy

Breath of the Wild seriously blows me away. It’s the really small things that make this game amazing. Like this scene, where I was hunting for deer in a forest when I hear a faint melody playing in the distance, carried by the wind. I stop what I’m doing and start following the music, which grows louder as you get closer, and find myself in a vast lush field.

Standing in the middle of the field is an eclectic character holding a worn-out accordion and playing a song that is hauntingly beautiful and somewhat familiar, giving you a side quest to accomplish. It’s really the little details in this game that makes it a masterpiece because you feel like the world is alive, and you ARE Link lol…

This is the most self-indulgent thing I’ve ever drawn, and I was going to feel bad about that but then I remembered that I drew it myself for free, so haters can back off. This is a picture of me in a black suit like Loki’s because I’ve discovered the shitty life hack that while buying cool clothes is expensive, drawing yourself in cool clothes costs zero money. I don’t post a lot of pictures of me, so you can’t tell if this is shit or not. Which is good. You can now see what I mean when I say Claude is basically boy me, appearance-wise.

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