you're such a goob

#177 - For tokyyo-narita & anoymous

Filling the prompts “Van feeling like he’s not giving ready enough love or time and she has to convince him that she knows he loves her and she’s so proud of him like (extra if reader surprises van with her own career milestone like a book or album of her own and like uses it to show that she has her own thing too)” and “reader getting a tattoo and Van being there making fun but at same time he would be supportive and cute” from @tokyyo-narita

It was probably regular printer paper, but it felt heavier. Thicker. The white of it had a creaminess and the ink was a deep black. You’d always loved stationery, so you took your time noticing those details before starting on the actual letter. It was from a publishing house. You were used to getting mail from them, but you’d learned to recognise the rejection letters without needing to even open the envelope. They were always mass produced things. Cheap stationery prone to producing paper cuts. Template written. Nothing like the correspondence in your hands.

Maybe the publishing house just cared about everything that left their doors, regardless of it being good news or bad. Maybe someone had taken the time to read your entire manuscript and provide meaningful feedback. That had happened once before. Maybe it really was about to deliver the dream you’d had since you first strung the alphabet together in a messy sentence.

You’d gotten as far as reading your name when Van walked through the front door. He was followed by Little Mary, her nails scratching at the floorboards and her bark bouncing off the walls. After them was Larry. Your holy trinity. You stuffed the letter back in the envelope and put in your bag.

“Hey, buttercup!” Van greeted. You walked to him and let him lift you by the waist and spin you around. It was good to have them all home. They’d flown in the night before, woken up late, then went out to get food. The kitchen filled with the smell of hot pastry and fresh bread.

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