you're such a drama queen omg

INTP Troubleshooting #?
  • Ne: you all need to shut up and calm down.
  • Ti, Si: But no one understands us! They are all dumb! Why don't they see what we see?!
  • Ne: oh for... Come here, Ti. Si, you stay put!
  • Si: okay...
  • Ne: Look at X from this angle. Does that make sense to you? How about this information? How about that?
  • Ti: But I don't like "that" ...
  • Ne: Why not?
  • Ti: Because...
  • Fe: Because that made me feel pain last time! I'm not looking at that!
  • Ne: I knew you were behind this. Okay, Fe. It's okay to feel hurt. But you can't hide things from Ti because you think it'll hurt. Ti can handle it, okay? Just tell me next time.
  • Fe: okay... well, here. I've been keeping this... it's "that."
  • Ne: Thank you. Here, Ti! Your missing piece. *Throws that to Ti*
  • Ti: ... OMG! I was wrong! This changes everything! Everything makes sense!
  • Ne: You're freaking welcome, you drama queens...
  • PSA: don't neglect Ne.
High School Teacher AU's
  • (dress down days, in the UK, are days where you get to wear normal clothes, instead of school uniform)
  • Nagisa: That small, English teacher who is easily spooked by loud noises. Plays Kahoot monthly. Dress down days = fashion disaster, someone stop this guy.
  • Karma: That Maths teacher who everyone wants to get because he makes learning so fun. Kahoot is every Friday and he plays too. Airdrops memes he's made of Gakushuu to his students. Dress down days = 'daddy af'- Maehara.
  • Kayano: That eccentric music teacher who should really be on Broadway or something. Teaches Drama too. Never plays Kahoot but has made a sick ass remix of it. Dress down days = 'mommy af'- also maehara
  • Maehara: That Woodworking teacher who was probably a stripper in a past life. Has a crush on everyone in the building. You can't play Kahoot in Woodworking but if he passes a class that's playing it, he'll open that door. Dress down day = isn't that everyday?
  • Isogai: That sweet, sweet History teacher who always tries his very best. Is always losing his glasses and runs around the school trying to find them (nakamura steals them) Kahoot? What's that? Dress down day = 'sir omg u look so hot'
  • Nakamura: That English teacher who has the funniest British accent ever. Teaches Drama sometimes (when Kayano can't) Is genuinely 'down with kids'. Kahoot is life boi. Dress down days = step on me queen.
  • Okuda: That meek, Chemistry teacher who accidently set fire to a work bench and then somehow accidently set fire to the fish tank. Apart from the fire disaster, she's a great teacher. Very relatable, lil weeb. Plays Kahoot sometimes. Dress down days = awww, you're so cute.
  • Gakushuu: That perfectionist Maths teacher who taught previously in another school. Could teach any subject but teaches Maths so that 'Akabane isn't ruining Maths for the children'. Scary guy, don't mess with him. Never plays Kahoot (It's childish). Dress down days = doesn't take part in them.

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Why does no one talk about what a Shady Bitch move it was that Harry wore all white to someone else's wedding like WTF Harry why did he do that you're not supposed to wear WHITE TO A WEDDING he's such a drama queen like literally can't trust that boy I love him so much OMG.

this made my day, thanks 😂

  • me talking to people when they are sad: it's okay sweetie, you have every right to feel like this! just take your time! i'm right here if you need anything so don't be afraid to call me okay? i love you!
  • me talking to myself when i am sad: you're such a drama queen omg stop acting like a 2-year-old you idiot WHY ARE YOU EVEN CRYING this is bullshit please groW THE FUCK UP