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Your blog makes me incredibly happy I can't even describe how much of a dork I am you're amazing

Thank you so much that means a lot!!! QWQ I’m so glad you like it! ♥

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ok, so the gang's getting together for a dance party night and suddenly a waltz comes on and everybody laughs cause who the hell put a waltz on a party playlist, but then Lance stands up, pulling Keith with him, and starts legit waltzing with him. Lance is actually really good but Keith is just tripping over his own feet and eventually they have to stop for the sake of Lance's toes but it "wasn't my fault" because "why did you even try you know I can't dance. no I'm not blushing you're blushing"

oh my gosh i seriously love this, i absolutely agree this is how klance dancing would go down,, the cutest dorks w sweet good dancer lance n blushy not so good dancer keith i lov,, this makes me happy thank u 


Actual murder husbands.

The Signs
  • Just some things about the signs that are purely based off the people in my life.
  • Aries: You truly are such a caring person but your inability to think before you act causes people to constantly leave you. And your pride. You want to have a good time and enjoy things with others but your actions constantly get in the way of that. You have a deep loyalty and love for the ones you love.
  • Taurus: I know so many Taurus and all of them are so fucking chill and hilarious. Very talented people that have such a natural beauty to them. They have this ethereal aroma that makes their simplicity so inviting. Most def the animal lovers of the Zodiac. Yes, they're stubborn but their loyalty always assures me that they'll have my back no matter what. Every girl Taurus i know are absolutely gorgeous and extremely adamant about nutrition and fitness. Every male Taurus i know are amazing cooks and have the best sense of humor. I know a lot of Taurus that are stoners tbh.
  • Gemini: Every Gemini i know, i've met through partying. They are a hella good time and always just want to dance. I sometimes have an urge to punch you because of some of the things you say, but you quickly make me forget about it by showing me what good fun you are. You're extremely easy to talk to and never run out of conversation topics. Your also probably some of the best multi-taskers i know.
  • Cancer: You're so loving and compassionate. Every time i come over to your house all you want to do is make me a drink or food and take care of me. You have a nurturers soul which i think is beautiful. Although, one little thing a person does can flip you over and you often become blind to rational thought. You love and care for your family and all you consider your family so deeply. You just want to give unconditional love and be loved unconditionally.
  • Leo: You have a such a creative hand and are multitalented. I love it when you paint because it's one of the few moments where you're completely at peace and have a patience that only comes out through your art brushes. You're such a beautiful person that often lets their pride get in the way of many things. You truly care deeply about all your loved ones, you often get very protective over them. You're often extremely protective over me. You have a very large and dominate personality that i love to be around because you carry this energy that can make anything fun and exciting.
  • Virgo: You never give yourself enough credit for everything you do. You come off as an arrogant asshole to people that don't know you very well or people you don't care to get to know, but you're one of the most caring people i know. You can't help but live in your head, but I know you'd do anything to sooth the wars in mine. You're such a dork and one of the smartest people i know, i fear getting in debates with you because i KNOW you'll out word me. Pretty sure you read the dictionary as a baby. You're an exquisite soul that's fallen on hard times and i still think the world of you.
  • Libra: You're often too passive and that leads you to randomly snap at people and it hurts you. You try to avoid hurting the people you love so the thought of still doing so, breaks you. You have such a black sense of humor that people are often unaware that you're insulting them. You truly are a sweetheart inside and out but also posses a mischievous aggression that slips out here and there. You have such an alluring charm that has the people around you falling in love with you. You're aware of everything you do, but like to play oblivious.
  • Scorpio: The intensity of a Scorpio is like no other. Your one of the sweetest people i know, but if anything goes sour you can turn into the Devil in less than a minute. I've never had a friend care about me as much as you do, at times it's almost suffocating but i wouldn't want you any other way. You have a way of making me feel like an incredibly special person and for some reason your approval means the most to me. By saying or doing one thing you can anyone feel like they're ready to take on the world.
  • Sagittarius: Your honesty is appreciated but not always wanted. You're fucking hilarious and always know how to turn any situation into a party. Our one-on-one conversations are my favorite because you posses such great perspective that i love learning from and although you can't ALWAYS remain optimistic, you try your damn hardest to. I do wish you had more patience with people and could empathize more. But i'll tell you what... our adventures are some of the craziest stories and without you(the Sags in my life), i would't have experienced so many intoxicating walks of life.
  • Capricorn: Your determination is something i've always been envious of. Your will to succeed is something i've only dreamt of. You have such a bright and light personality with a cold sense of humor that i enjoy. There's this familiarity between us that picks up right where we left off every time we hang out and i think thats significant. You're weird af and i love it, i love that we've always been able to be weird and act like little kids around each other. At times, i do wish you could open your mind a more understand where another is coming from.
  • Aquarius: I love talking to you. Our conversations have incredible depth and you always intellectually stimulate me. You're far more sensitive than people think you are. You do so much for everyone all the time, your the one person i always call when i'm in trouble and you ALWAYS come and rescue me. You can't rest for longer than an hour, you have to always have to be doing something. I love it when you start inventing and making gadgets because you get so excited to show everyone your new creation. You're probably the craftiest person i know and you have the best sense of humor. You also have a lot of fucking friends.
  • Pisces: Your emotions are so deep and intense that sometimes it's hard for you to function. You care so much about your loved ones that you often carry their pain onto you. You're the cutest little button bunny and i just want to hug you all the time. You listen to me endlessly, i'll follow you around rambling nonsense and you don't even care. You're so dazed and oblivious, often in your own world coming up with new ideas for your writings or thinking about all the romance novels you read. You'd do absolutely anything to see me smile. I never want you to cry and i swear when i'm graduated from college and become rich and famous, i'm going to buy you a gigantic palace for you and dad to live in.
Shit Said in the Dorks Of The Courtroom Discord Channel
  • "Thrusting in justice is a thrusting that is justified."
  • "I can show you how to make a good sandwich."
  • "I accidentally wrote nut instead of but..."
  • "You're a chicken wing coated in nasty ass sauce."
  • "I'm a lawyer but I can't lawyer."
  • "You can lawyer, but you can't lawyer as well as me."
  • "I would sell my soul and body for interaction."
  • "I'm trying so hard but I'm suffering."
  • "Why are so many young people so cool?"
  • "Who the fuck pissed in your cereal this morning?"
  • "Okay, I'll keep your weirdass sandwich recipe in mind."
  • "The first thing I'll tell them is that your diet consists of ketchup only once a month."
  • "Your mind has been tainted by monkey spanking and sausage fests."
  • "You didn't even run that far, how are you out of breath?"
  • "I don't remember if you were here for [Name]'s little horny fest earlier."
  • "I found some old-ish sour worm candies in my drawer and now my jaw hurts."
  • "Boobs are weapons of terror."
  • "Well, thank you, I'll keep it as a meme."
  • "Is he eating actual lizards?"
  • "He looks like he's got really bad constipation."
  • "[Name] needs big fingers for the amount of pussy she explores."
  • "I'll come over there and smash your glasses!"
Bokuto meeting Nishinoya like...
  • Nishinoya: Hi, I'm Nishinoya, pleasure to meet you.
  • Bokuto: Nice to meet you too, Nishino-- wait.
  • Nishinoya: *confused* What?
  • Bokuto: You're name's NishinOYA?
  • Nishinoya: *slowly, and raising an eyebrow* Yeeeeeeessss..?
  • Bokuto: *wags his eyebrows in a suggestive mannner* NishinOYA OYA OYA!

We’re getting the look.
What look?

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Hello :3 I was wondering if you could do Kyoya realising he loves you and tries to avoid you (but he can't because you're part of the host club) and you finally ask what's wrong with him and he admits he loves you and you laugh because he's nervous (for like the first time in his life) and say "I love you too dork". Ok thanks I just thought that would be adorable because Kyoya isn't a very nervous/shy person. thank you!

SCREAMS BC THIS IS CUTE AT ALL GET OUT OMG and I managed to make it hella angsty I APOLOGIZE

When one of your close friends begged you to accompany her to the Host Club after school, you weren’t entirely sure what to expect - all you knew was that nearly the entire female population of Ouran was in love with them and screeched and wailed whenever you announced that you hadn’t been yet.

So, on a beautiful autumn day when you would have much rather have taken a walk through the park to see the changing trees, you find yourself being ushered by your friend into an unused music room. She’s squealing and talking at a hundred miles a minute, but she’s excited so you try to be to.

You’re greeted by Kyoya Ootori, who’s a grade ahead of you but notorious for being the one who really runs this club - whatever this club is. He says hello to your companion like they’re old friends, and then turns to you.

“Hello there, ____-san, isn’t it?” He asks, and you get the feeling that he’s only asking to be polite and that he knows exactly who you are. It’s a tad unsettling, but it’s too soon for you to decide if it’s good or bad. You nod, telling him that your first name is fine, and he hums in acknowledgement, making a note on his pad. “So tell me, what kind of host would you like to see?” 

You blink up at him, confusion evident on your face. Your friend had been so excited when you’d agreed to come that she’d mostly squealed and ignored your questions about exactly what happened there, you queries mostly met with “Ohhh, don’t worry about! Oh my gosh, you’re gonna love it! I can’t wait!” or some variation thereof. “I’m sorry, I don’t really understand exactly what’s happening here. My friend asked me to join her, but didn’t really tell me what you guys did.”

“Well then allow me to clarify. Here at the Host Club, girls, and occasionally male students, come to us to be treated to tea and conversation with the host of their choice. Occasionally, we have theme days where the Hosts will cosplay and food is served accordingly.” As he finishes speaking, the two of you are joined by Tamaki, who immediately takes your hand in his. 

“Well, Kyoya, who is this precious flower? A newcomer? Welcome to the Host Club, my dear! Do you have a preference? Perhaps the princely type, like myself? Or maybe the devilish type?” He gestures towards a table where the Hitachiin twins are sitting, surrounded by squealing girls whose faces were several different shades of pink, most likely caused by whatever quasi-incestuous act they were pulling now. You roll your eyes and shake your head. “They’re in my class, and they seem nice, but their shtick isn’t really my thing. Thank you though.”

Tamaki nodded emphatically, turning you dramatically to another side of the room where girls are crowding around Mori and Honey. “What about the boy Lolita type? Or the strong, silent type?” 

You cringe a bit. “I mean, they seem wonderful, but I’d rather be able to have a conversation with someone, and the cutesy type isn’t exactly my thing. I’m so sorry.”

It’s when you say this that Tamaki grips your hand even harder, fire in his eyes. “Do not worry, my sweet flower, we will find you the perfect host!” He turns to Kyoya, and it appears that he meant to ask him something, but suddenly your hand is being released and Tamaki is taking Kyoya and shoving him forward, towards you. “What about our cool type, hmmm my flower? Does this tickle your fancy?”

You take a good, hard look at Kyoya - who appears charming and incredibly annoyed at the same time - and take note of his strong, handsome features and air of mystery. You decide then and there to make it your mission to decode the ‘Cool’ host, whatever it takes. “If you wouldn’t mind, Kyoya, I think that would be quite nice.”

He smiles, exuding charm, “Why of course.”

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Scenario #16
  • You: *gives a present to a 2P that they really hate*
  • 2P!America: *makes no effort to hide disappointment* ...oh
  • 2P!China: hm... this is... nice... *tosses it over his shoulder* the point is that it's from YOU *flirty wink*
  • 2P!England: *tries to smile* oh poppet... you shouldn't have... *smile falls* no, really... you shouldn't have...
  • 2P!France: a present? for me? *is still not over the shock of someone actually giving him a gift*
  • 2P!Russia: I appreciate the gesture.
  • 2P!Italy: *barely looks at it* thank you very much. now, how about I give you a gift as well, hm? *sultry voice* Would you like a kiss on your lips or your cheek?~
  • 2P!Germany: what the hell? This present sucks! *laughs* you're such a dork. *noogies your head*
  • 2P!Japan: *bows deeply* I must show you my gratitude, even if I hate the gift. By the way, I hate it.
  • 2P!Canada: *murmurs* hm... thanks... *eye twitch*
  • 2P!Romano: *coos* you even wrapped it so cutely~ well aren't you just a precious little angel? *pinches your cheeks* I... love the gift, I do! *he doesn't*
  • 2P!Austria: *forces out a laugh* now where's the real present, sweetie pie?
  • 2P!Prussia: I can't believe you wanted to give me something... I-I'm honored! *happy tears* no one's ever given me a present before... I'll treasure this forever, okay? *smiles and hugs gift to his chest*
Malcolm in the Middle sentence starters
  • "I am destined to be the most miserable person on earth."
  • "I want a sundae and then some pizza."
  • "So, what kind of socks are you wearing?"
  • "I will leave home forever! Or I'll never leave... whatever's worse."
  • "You don't have any friends."
  • "You spent $300 on sequins?"
  • "I want to wear my pajamas to school."
  • "I expect nothing and I'm still let down."
  • "I can smell colors."
  • "I have social skills, jackass."
  • "I'm just gonna go crawl under a rock now."
  • "People can't help what they like."
  • "In our house, 'feelings' is the F word."
  • "Are you trying to seduce me?"
  • "I'll get up when the world stops being a cruel joke."
  • "I know what you're gonna say and believe me, I totally agree."
  • "There was no excuse for what I did. It was idiotic, immature."
  • "I was being sneaky and stuff."
  • "You're going down."
  • "Who's this dork?"
  • "You wanna go learn something about the real world?"
  • "Too bad. You're coming."
  • "I got the DVD player but we'll need to steal another $600 if you want the surround sound."
  • "Maybe we can figure out some sort of deal."
  • "Nothing exciting ever happens around here."
  • "I just wanted somebody to like me."
  • "She's cute, she's smart and she even lies to cops."
  • "I'm in ass heaven."
  • "I'm Mr. Cool."
  • "Why does everything end in a group suicide with you?"
  • "What happened to your face?"
  • "What happened to your pants?"
  • "Well maybe she wouldn't be a lesbian if you tucked in your shirt once in awhile."
  • "There was nothing they could do about it."
  • "I don't want to burn up any calories repeating myself."
  • "I just don't get why we're celebrating. It seems wrong."
  • "If he wants to marry a total stranger, that's his business."
  • "Have you really thought about what you're doing?"
  • "I'll spend the rest of my life being sweet to her."
  • "You will never connect normally with another human being."
  • "We photoshopped your head in."
  • "I have a need to show off."
  • "When they laugh, I'm sure they're always laughing at me."
  • "They're all jealous."
  • "I bet you feel like a jackass."
  • "This in no way justifies what you said before."
  • "It's ditch day."
  • "I'm surprised you didn't hear. Everyone was telling their friends... Oh."
  • "The professor of boozeology has some homework for you."
  • "What's he doing here?"
  • "I know I always say gossip rots your soul, but it doesn't count when it's this good."
  • "I'm so glad we don't have any secrets."
  • "I'm glad you told me."
  • "Feels good to come clean."
  • "I ended up at the supermarket, where I squeezed all the Wonderbread into balls, so the manager threw me out."
  • "Oh my God, I'm as unpopular as you?"
  • "You don't have to freak out, I know how to handle him."
  • "Thank you for inviting me."
  • "Are you trying to prove you can't go out in public?"
  • "This is your last chance."
  • "Don't try 911. They're not qualified."
  • "Maybe we need to look at ourselves honestly."
  • "You're a ruthlessly brutal thug."
  • "I have my moods."
  • "Look how it was my first impulse to criticize you, that just shows what a pompous asshole I am."
  • "I usually assume people are my enemy."
Kim Taehyung overcoming obstacles one dab at a time
  • Jungkook: *faces problem and consults Taehyung about it* omg hyung what do I do now
  • Taehyung: shit that's a hard one kookie
  • Taehyung: *is thinking about a solution*
  • Jungkook: *is panicking*
  • Taehyung: *jumps up from seat*I KNOW! *dabs dabs dabs*
  • Jungkook: ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • Jungkook: HYUNG YOU'RE A GENIUS *proceeds to dab*
  • Bonus: After 30 min
  • Yoongi: *spots taekook still dabbing, waits for a minute, sighs, then goes to his room* This is all yours Jin *dabs*