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My friend imjustanawkwardgoth is having a hard time and I know for a fact you're their favorite blogger. I was wondering if you could do something sweet for them. I just want them to feel a little better and thought asking you wouldn't hurt ^~^

@imjustanawkwardgoth, this one is for you! I hope it makes your day a little better, but if it doesn’t, know that I am sending you a thousand Sterek hugs and snuggles and wishing all the good things <3 I wrote this quickly, because bad days require instant fluff, but I hope you like it all the same!

Stiles stares.

He’s had to deal with a lot of weird shit in his time, but he’s pretty sure- no, scratch that, he’s absolutely sure- it’s never going to get weirder than…this.

Because Derek- Derek- sourwolf-extraordinary eyebrows- threw Stiles aboard the bisexual train- do not give me sass- Hale is currently huddled up, crying in his arms, wiping his nose on Stiles’ favourite t-shirt, because he lost the bunny plushie Scott bought him this morning.

He’s also four.

“I know, sweetheart, I know,” Stiles tries to soothe him, hoping Derek won’t remember he just called him sweetheart after all this is over, picking him up from the sofa and rubbing a gentle hand up and down his back. It quietens him a little, stopping the hiccups at least, and Stiles takes a moment to breathe.

Lydia is doing her best to figure out how to reverse whatever curse Derek was hit with, and while Stiles has complete faith her, he can’t help but wish he could help- two heads are better than one and all that - but every time he tries to leave the room, Derek immediately latches onto him and gives him such a betrayed look that Stiles has had no option but to stay with him.

They’ve already exhausted five Disney movies, a werewolf friendly retelling of Little Red Riding Hood Stiles found online and exactly eight games of hide and seek (during which time the only person Derek tried to find was Stiles. Probably for the best though, given Scott and Allison spent every single round hiding together doing things no four year old should have to see.)  

Stiles is pretty sure if Lydia doesn’t find a solution by tonight he’s going to have to take Derek to bed with him it’s gotten so bad (and while baby Derek is adorable and would probably be all kinds of cute in Stiles’ old batman pyjamas, it isn’t really how Stiles imagined sleeping in the same bed as him for the first time would go).

Not that he ever really expected to sleep in the same bed as Derek anyway. But still, Stiles would rather not have the whole thing rubbed in his face, thank you very much.  

“Stiles?” Derek whispers, looking up at him with those ridiculous multi-coloured eyes of his. Even as a baby Derek just wasn’t fair, Stiles thinks. He bets he got all the playdates.  

“Yeah, Der?” he replies, making sure not to say Derek. It’s not that Derek doesn’t respond to his own name, he just seems to be happier when Stiles calls him ‘Der’. Scott told him this morning Derek smells like Christmas- whatever that means in the world of Scott- when he says it, although why it should be the case for Stiles and no-one else in the pack, he isn’t sure.

As if to prove a point, Derek grins at the nickname, the promise of bunny teeth already showing a little, before seeming to remember he has something to say, frowning, biting his lip in concentration. Stiles tries not to laugh at the sight, wishing he had his phone to take a picture.

Which again, weird.

“You’re gonna be mad at me,” Derek says, nervously.

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Christmas Morning #1
  • Niall: You wake up to the sound of a loud crash. You look at the clock *4:30 a.m*. "What the hell is that boy up to?" You say to yourself as you walk into the living room.Nialls tangled in tinsel and Christmas lights while trying to balance a tree in the corner of your living room "what's going on babe?" He turns around quickly "Y/N!", obviously startled by you and forgetting to hold on to the tree it falls over landing on top of him and knocking him over. You giggle and lay next to him on the floor and kissing his forehead. "I was trying to make it just like the pictures you showed was supposed to be a surprise. I ruined i..." You kiss him mid sentence "It's perfect Ni. I love you. Let's get this tree off you now." You both stand up and set tree in the corner and spend the rest of the morning cuddled on the couch watching Christmas movies and eating cookies that you had set out the night before. You thought to yourself "Best Christmas Ever."
  • Liam: You told liam that you didn't want anything for Christmas and you meant it, you were just happy that you finally got to spend some time alone together. You woke up and could smell something delicious when you realized that Liam wasn't next to you. You slipped on your slippers and ran to the kitchen. You expect breakfast but instead it was what looked like a buffet. Every single one of your favorite foods all over the place, it was a delicious mess. "Y/n! Good morning love." He turned around from the stove for a split second to give you a kiss on the forehead and then back to cooking. "Liam, what is all this? I told you that you didn't have to get me anything.." He smiled "I know, but I love you y/n. I want you to remember our first Christmas together so we can tell our kids someday. Now go sit down and I'll bring everything to you!" You went and sat on the couch and couldn't help but just smile and laugh at your adorable boyfriend trying to carry a million plates at once. He's a keeper.
  • Zayn: "y/ up, I have a suprise." You open your eyes to a smiling zayn laying on top of you and he is obviously giddy about something. "Come on! It's in the living room! Come on, come on, come on!" He's pulling you out of bed and not giving you anytime to adjust and wake up but you love to see him so excited so you get out of bed and follow him down the hall to the living room where you see your present. "Zayn..It''s beautiful." It's a painting, not any painting but a painting of you and him on the beach where you had first meet. "Do you really like it? If you don't I can get you something else, you just had said th.." You kissed "I love it more than you could imagine. This is the best gift you could have possible got me. I love you so much." You had told zayn months ago that you love when he paints and that you wished he would paint something happier. You thought he had forgot but apparently not. This kid knows you to well.
  • Louis: You woke especially early today, you love Christmas more than any other day and couldn't wait for the day to begin. "Lou! Louis! Lewis! Looouuuiiisss! It's Christmas! Get up!" You were sitting next to him on the bed bouncing up and down trying to get him out of bed. "What? Y/n it's to more hour love." You began pulling his arms and messing with him "nooope! Come on cutie, it's only one day a year." He smirked and began getting out of bed. You stood at the bedroom door waiting for him so that you could go out at the same time and you could see his face when he saw his presents. You finally got him to come out of the room and as you walked down the hallway something was wrong, you couldn't see his presents anymore, you turned the corner and you stopped dead in your tracks. At first you were upset thinking all the presents had been stolen and then you saw on the wall there was a piece of paper and wrote on it was "Dear y/n, I know how much you love Christmas and so I wanted to make this one special, one you would never forget. You are the only person I need in my life, you're like a present I get everyday. So turn around so I can ask you to spend the rest of your life with me. Love, Louis." You turn around there he is on one knee with a ring in his hand. Let's just say, it wasn't a hard decision.
  • Harry: This is your first Christmas away from your family and your first one living in your new apartment with Harry. You were happy but something felt like it was missing. Living in England was great but you missed your family more than anything plus harry isn't home all the time due to the tour. You woke up and harry wasn't in the room, you looked around and found a beautiful dress,shoes, jewelry, and a note that told you to get ready to go. You did as it said thinking even though your family wasn't there you were still glad you had an amazing thoughtful boyfriend. You got ready and began to walk out of the room when harry grabbed you and covered your eyes right away, you laughed "what going on kid, you're going to mess up my makeup! Haha" he didn't say much and walked you to what you felt like was the living room. He uncovered your eyes and you immediately began to cry, he brought your family and your best friend all the way to England. "Harry.. I don't know how to thank're the best boyfriend in the world." " I know how much you missed them and I know you said it was fine but I could tell this is what you really wanted y/n. I love you." You hugged everyone and then hugged harry and cried for a bit. You had the best Christmas and knew you would be having more with the same people for the rest of your life.
  • P.s. This was my first try so I'm sorry if it's not very good. If you have any you would like me to do for you I would more than love to! I also will do specially made preferences. Thanks for reading(: