you're such a cute monkey

Damn, accidentally deleted this post when I wanted to edit the file. Anyway!

Current obsession: pirate alliances of the worst generation.

I was marathoning the last 20+ chapters of One Piece out of whim, and then the next thing I know it completely took over my life and clutched me in its iron grip. The current Dressrosa arc! I swear the amount of fanservice moments in this arc are excessive beyond believe.

I haven’t been fangirling this hard towards One Piece since 2005, it’s like old fandom came into spring once again.

Presenting Grease Monkey Hologram Buddies in DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SPACESHIP

I’d say this was inevitable after that one anon of discerning taste and the ensuing highly nerdy 5 minutes total I spent around these parts today. This is kinda rough but probably as done as it’s going to get. Click for a better look at some really sketchy machinery.

Also featuring the warmup doodle “If you don’t like welding you’re a smelly peridot”.


Leo Fitz + Monkey requested by bellapaige88