you're such a cute dork

‘Fili! I knocked you down, you not suppose to laught! Fight back!’

‘Now? When I’m laying on the ground, blocked by you? Are you kidding? You are strong enough to keep me like this for hours. You’re not this little baby I could get rid off like a fly.’

‘You’re no fun, Fili. Where’s your fighter’s will? This that you fell, doesn’t mean you can’t fight.’

‘Oh, shut up, little brother and let me enjoy your victory. If you were orc, you will be already dead, believe me.’


Look at this cute dork. Because it’s my really cute dork.

anonymous asked:

male, 20, 5'5", light brown/green, black-brown. eue I like rpgs (mostly the cutesy stuff or light fantasy not the bloody kind) and anime and super heroes. ideal date would probably be staying in and playing a game or watching something w/ u.

aaaa you sound cute~ i’d be up for some hardcore animal crossing (LOL hardcore animal crossing is probably like… intense fishing) after like… ordering a pizza. i can order if you have anxiety ordering things

i’m down, tbh let’s go~

negadweeb asked:

species switch au where malware 23 is a human and ben is an alien

what kind of alien?

but ooh yes i could get behind this