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5 - Drarry? (Loove your writing btw, you're quite amazing)

Hey for the short story prompts (if you’re still doing them, that is) can you do number 1 or 5 Drarry? Doesn’t matter which one, great writing and thanks! 

can you write 5 with drarry please? ❤️

drarry #5

can you do number 5 for drarry pls?? <3

fuck, this one was really popular? So, well. Here goes. (Pardons for the semi-nsfw, semi-trying to be funny but failing)

My writing

Prompt list

5 - “ Harder! Ohhh mhgod”

Harry Potter felt like he was going to pass out from exhaustion.

He was panting through his gritted teeth, his fringe sticking to his forehead, and he felt so hot he was sure he could bake eggs right on his stomach if he wanted to.

Draco was no better, his breath ragged, his eyes closed in concentration, his normally perfectly-done hair a ‘I just had sex and I forgot to brush it afterwards’ mess.

(Which would’ve turned Harry on, if he wasn’t otherwise preoccupied at the moment.)

“Harry,” Draco grunted, his hips snapping forward, ignoring Harry’s cries of pain at the movement. “C’mon, we’re almost there –“

Harry groaned with him, feeling as though he was going to faint where he stood. His legs, anyway, felt like they were about to turn themselves off for the night, regardless whether he would permit them to do so or not. “Harder!” he finally yelled at his boyfriend.

Draco did, pushing forward once more, with a cheeky grin on his features.

Immediately Harry arched his back, his hips receiving the harsh treatment, and he groaned, “ohhh, mhgod, Draco -”

When Draco finally stopped pushing, Harry breathed in, filling his lungs with air they desperately needed, and he glared at his boyfriend through his fringes. “You did that on purpose,” Harry growled.

“What can I say?” Draco grinned. “I did live to torment you.”

Prick,” Harry said, and then, grinned back. “I could let go right now, though. How’s that for revenge?”

Draco immediately paled, his eyes widening in the dark. “Oh, no you don’t. If you do, you’ll kill me –“

“Which is exactly why I would let go.”

“- and you are too young to be a widower.”

“We’re not married, Draco.”

“We could be.”

All Harry could do was gape at him. When Draco just stared back, he finally croaked, “Did you just propose to me?”

“Er,” if Draco would’ve had his hands free, he would’ve hid his blushing face. Luckily for Harry, though, he couldn’t, so he stood there, on the stairs, his hair a mess, his fluffy socks on, his T-shirt so wide it was falling off his shoulder, and blushing. “Well, it seems that I did.”

“Alright.” Harry said then, and he grinned, feeling as though his face was about to break in two. “Alright,” he repeated when Draco just kept staring at him. “Let’s get married.”

“Fuck,” Draco cursed, a shit-eating grin mirroring Harry’s. “Really?”

“Yes, really.” Harry sighed, “I would kiss you, if we weren’t currently in the middle of getting our couch in our apartment.”

Draco, his grin still shining as bright as the sun, flipped the couch to the left, and manoeuvered it so that he could hold the couch in one hand, while grabbing his wand with the other. “You are lucky you are engaged to someone as smart as I am,” Draco drawled cheerfully – how any person could do that, was a miracle to Harry – and he waved his wand. “We could just shrink this and make out on the stairs.”

“And why,” Harry said exasperatingly, his mind focused only on engaged, engaged, engaged – “didn’t we think of this before getting this thing up three sets of stairs?”

“Because, Harry,” Draco said airily, his wand snapping in the air with a non-verbal incantation, “I still quite enjoy watching you get all riled up.”

The couch shrank, leaving Harry standing a few steps above Draco, smiling and smiling and smiling at his fiancé. “Now that’s over,” Harry finally said, opening his arms and beckoning Draco, “come here and kiss me.”

Draco sprinted up the stairs, crashing into Harry so fast he nearly toppled them both over.

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Your theory about Jen's departure being a PR stunt is totally plausible in my opinion! Not sure if you're a fan of Game of Thrones, but during the hiatus between seasons 5 and 6 they made the audience believe Jon Snow-one of the core characters-was dead and his actor had left the show for good. Then they resurrected him. Anyways I'm still a believer in your metas :) keep slaying shady

Thanks, Anon!

It’s definitely been done before, I don’t see why it isn’t at least a possibility for Once. Even if for example they know she does three or five or any small number of episodes instead of just one, it already changes the game. The way she’s talked about it, if they’re in the second part of the season, it wouldn’t even look like a lie. She said that she’d ‘have to check if she’s set to be in the Premiere or another episode’… which was a little strange, because with her agenda, that’s something she’d already know. Secondly they all left room for her being back for more episodes. She said she was open to doing more, but she couldn’t predict her schedule, A&E said it didn’t mean we wouldn’t be seeing the Savior again. If she comes back sooner, they can all just claim things worked out with her schedule and we get that Resurrection effect on an emotional level far more than without the current statements.

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If you're still doing the fanfic number thingy, USUK and 1 please? Also, you're writing is awesome ^.^

(Technically, requests had been closed before you sent this in. However, it’d been a while so I deleted the posts saying I closed the requests (my mistake), and so you couldn’t have seen that. Only because of this, I am accepting just this one.)

1 - soulmates au
Cardverse au

“He wasn’t born with a tattoo.”

They whispered this along the corridors and when they thought Arthur wasn’t looking, and people pretended to pity him or looked at him with the sort of awkwardness one looks upon those with skin diseases. He tried to pay them no mind but every time a new worker was brought to the palace they asked him, or the nurses gossiped.

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Hello my wonderful fellow barduilings!

So I have an idea and I kind of want to gauge interest and the tag has been quite actively the last couple of days so I decided now was the time.

I want to organise a Barduil Round Robin.

A round robin is when we each write a chapter and then pass it on to the next writer. So, I would decide (or indeed consult with any participants) on a theme and we would work out a writer order and just go for it!

It would be very chill because I do not approve of stressful things, you would have plenty of time to do your bit I would make absolutely sure of it, and if you don’t manage it, or your life goes cray for a while that’s okay, you just pass it onto the next person and it can come back to you at a better time.

The end result though guys.

Have you thought about the end result?

Because the way I see it, if enough people get involved, then what we’re going to end up with it this:

A barduil fic written by the barduil fandom.

And idk about you guys but that idea just tickles me.

Do not worry if you’re not confident in your writing or as experienced as others or indeed have never written barduil before, after all, what better environment than being surrounded by other writers on a collaborative project to hone your writing?

After all, we’re the barduil fandom, we support each other ;)

But you don’t just need to be a writer to get involved!

If you’re a beta, great! You can help make the whole fic sound uniform with your mad beta-ing skills! If you’re an artist, sweet! You are more than welcome to ask to see the fic so far and art-ify a scene! 

In fact whatever you do if you wanna get involved just let me know and I will find a way.

So right now I’m just trying to work out whether or not any of you are actually interested in this idea, so if you are, let me know, you’re not tying yourself down for anything right now, just trying to see if this is a viable idea ^.^

Please reblog and spread the word and make sure to let me know if you are interested! I’m unfortunately not psychic and don’t know unless you actively come and tell me you want in, or even if you just have questions, fire them at me :D

Hopefully I will hear from you soon <3

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but are we gonna talk about the fact that someone mentioned you as one of their favorite nct blogs? i mean i totally agree 127% but can we talk about it i'm so emotional you're getting the recognition that you deserve so much i---


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number 6 with my immortal husbands, if you're still doing them Gothie bb UwU

6) Grocery shopping:

Vlad examined the boxes of cereal, trying to see which one was the better one but for a cheaper price. He glanced over at the shopping cart and frowned. He pulled it away.

“Daniel, for the last time, we’re not buying microwave dinners.”

Danny groaned, slouching. “Aw, c'mon!”

“We don’t need them. I cook our dinners anyway, I don’t know why you’d even want those. They’re so unhealthy.” Vlad said, placing a box of cereal in the cart.

“Because these come with free brownies?” Danny said, grinning.

Vlad rolled his eyes, pushing the cart. “If you want sweets, I’ll bake you some. Now please put those away. Honestly, like shopping with a child.”

Danny frowned and stuck his tongue out at Vlad. Vlad smirked and just patted Danny’s face. “There there, darling.” He teased.

“Ha ha, old man.” Danny sarcastically said.

Vlad smiled and playfully pinched Danny’s cheek. Danny pulled away, pouting as he rubbed the side of his face. He followed Vlad, carefully picking up a box of brownies with his ghost powers and placing them inside the cart.

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If you're still doing the number drabble thing, Stalka 24. (If you can, could you do one involving Hiccup's birth/how he was a premie)? Thanks, love your drabbles (especially the Stalka ones) :D

My Child

The shutters rattled under the hail of Ein-mánuðr winds.  The hearth fire pulled and twisted with the power of the drafted.  Valka pulled her shawl tighter and tucked in the loose corners of the blanket that swathed Hiccup.

A week had passed since she gave birth to her first child—a tiny, frail thing, hardly an armful, and born into one of the harshest winters.  Nothing that Stoick the Vast should have sired, but Valka wouldn’t stand for talk of infidelity and neither would her husband.

She feared he was too quiet for a healthy newborn. Too inanimate.  It was only when he was awake, always staring with wide, intelligent eyes, that Valka felt soothed. But now he slept, looking pale and small amidst the dark atmosphere and far too still with the firelight flickering across his tiny nose and cheeks.

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  • Luke: "Darling," Luke purred in your ear, "I've missed you so damn much". "I've missed you too", you sighed, hugging him tighter, "But we're in the middle of an airport". Luke chuckled at your statement, pulling away from your hug. "Let's get our love somewhere more private then, shall we?", he smiled, taking your hand and intertwining your fingers. "Yes", you giggled, "But first", you leaned in, kissing him for the first time after so long. Luke tried to deepen the kiss, but you pulled away: "That was enough PDA for a day", you bit your lip. "Oh, we better get our love to the hotel very soon", Luke smirked, practically dragging you out of the airport.
  • Ashton: "Darling", Ashton's voice woke you up, "Have you seen my 'The Strokes' t-shirt?". "What?", you lazily tried to focus on Ashton almost ready in front of you and not your sleep, "No". "Fuck", he mumbled. "Just put on another shirt", you mumbled, fighting to keep your eyes open. "But I really wanted to wear that shirt today", he sighed. "It's probably on the laundry, I'm not sure if I've already washed it", you said. "I'll wear another shirt then", he told himself, "Sorry for waking you, darling". "Yeah, well you really tired me last night", you sleepily smirked, leaning in when he sat on the bed and pecking his lips. "And just wait to see hoe tired you'll be tomorrow morning", he mumbled against your lips.
  • Michael: "Darling", Michael said, eyes not leaving the screen in front of him, "Can you please make me a sandwich?". "No", you shrugged, eyeing him playing the video game. "Why?", he pouted, still not looking at you. "'Cause I'm not going to support this addiction you have for that video game", you said. "So you're going to let me starve?", he laughed. "Yes!", you said. "You know I can pause and make my own sandwich, right?", he chuckled. "Whatever", you sighed. "Oh, darling", he paused the game, moving closer to you at the sofa, "C'mon, don't be upset. You know I love you a little less than I love video games". "Michael!", you hit him lightly on the shoulder. "I'm kidding, I know you know that. You're my number one favorite thing", he pecked your cheek. "I'm still not making you a sandwich", you giggled.
  • Calum: "Darling", Calum mumbled against your lips, "I really need to touch you". "You shouldn't have dared me to play 'too hot', then", you said back, biting his lip. "C'mon", he whined. "Just give up, Cal", you sealed your lips again. It was no surprise when you felt one of Calum's hand roughly make it's way to your waist and the other cup your jaw, giving the kiss more passion. You moaned against his lips, wrapping your arms around his neck and playing with his hair. "I win", you whispered in between kisses.

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I was at the mall yesterday and I saw this dad with a baby and he kissed its head and gave it this "blink and you'll miss it" gorgeous smile. The kid was in a front baby carrier thingy. First thing I thought of was Derek with his kid? (and imagine Stiles catching that smile and not being able to handle it!!!?) Btw your Fantasy AU fic was one of the highlights of my fic-reading this year. I'm so glad I found you :3! Hope you're having a great start to the week!

Ahh yes, because you know Derek would be the sweetest, most attentive parent in the world. He would constantly be in awe of this tiny, perfect creature he’d somehow managed to help bring into existence.

And he might not show it all the time - he’d still want to put his tough act up in front of other people, possibly even more than before because his number one mission is to scare off anything that might even think about hurting his child before they get close. But when he looks down at his baby, for just a second, he’ll forget everything else but how much he loves this child, more than he’d thought he was even capable of.

And maybe it’s a child from an earlier relationship with the mother gone, or one of those “magical incident leaves you with a baby” babies. And one day Stiles walks into the room at the right second and catches sight of Derek giving the baby one of those smiles… and the whole rest of the world falls away and he realizes he would give just about anything for Derek to look at him with even a quarter of that amount of love and devotion. That’s it, Derek Hale smiles at a baby, and Stiles is a total goner.

(To be fair, it’s not like Derek smiles all that much.)

And then Derek glances up and catches his gaze, and Stiles realizes that Derek’s just caught sight of him staring at Derek like Derek was staring at the baby… and he starts to back up, or stammer out… anything to cover it up…

And then Derek smiles at him.

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Hello lovely! First off, congratulations on 1.5K! That is INSANE and absolutely deserved, and I'm so happy for you. Your writing is fantastic and I always enjoy reading it. (you're one of my faves just saying!) Second, could I request number 10: "you're late" with Steve, please? :)

A/N: Katie let me just begin by saying I love you and thank you so much! I can’t believe I’m one of your faves, you are so amazing darling! Thank you so much! p.s once you have read this I would just like to apologise and say I don’t know why I do it. I still love you! xo

Prompt: With you and Steve, it seems either one of you is always late…

10. ‘’You’re late.’’

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader


Originally posted by my-avengers-imagines

‘’You’re late.’’ Steve teased you when you came running into the conference room. He smiled brightly at you and the others couldn’t help but exchange a knowing look. Steve was the kind of guy to be irritated by people being late, but when it came to you he let it all slide, just happy to see you there and the others picked up on it. They couldn’t help but smile at how smitten the two of you were around each other, all the time.

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Number of Peeta posts/reblogs on panempropaganda‘s tumblr since the release of stills last week: 25.

Number of Katniss posts/reblogs on panempropaganda‘s tumblr since the release of stills last week: 23.

Everyone’s blog is their own, and everyone is free to blog about whoever they like, but it pisses me off when a fansite, especially a major one such as panenpropaganda, favours the secondary male lead over the awesome female lead.

(I freely admit that my blog has way more Gale than Katniss, but I don’t claim to be the number one THG fansite.)