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random phone screencaps of Lin in Do No Harm because I love this character a lot and he deserved so much better


It’s exciting that George Martin is still writing the books, you know. That we don’t know what’s gonna happen. That’s very exciting for the audience, for the people making it, for the actors. It does affect what you’re doing in that you can’t really play the endgame because you don’t really know what it is.

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Headcanon. Archie is the first person Veronica tells about her feelings for Betty idk I just feel like it would be a thing where she's ranting at him and says something about how it's so fucked up that people like people who don't like them back and he's thinking 'betty isn't even mad at me for not liking her back anymore but you're still mad at me for her' until Veronica gets real sad and says something like I just want her to love me or something and he realizes that she likes Betty but idk

So I took this ask as a prompt and wrote a little one shot based off of it.

I wrote this at 2 am so it’s kinda rough but I still hope you like it.


His day had started off well enough; early morning football practice, which wasn’t really all that great, hadn’t it been for the fact that a great new melody for one of his songs had popped into his head.

Humming the tune as he walked through the halls, he was stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of Veronica Lodge at the end of the hallway; clearly out for blood. Just as he was about to turn the other way to escape her wrath, he heard her shout out to him.

So much for that plan.

As he turned around he saw Veronica walk towards him with a fire in her step that showed that she meant business. And here he had thought this was going to be a good day. Stupid.

“Archie Andrews! Don’t think I didn’t see you.”

He had only hoped.

“I need to talk to you actually, Ronnie, but can we please go somewhere else?” He said defeatedly. Knowing damn well that if Veronica wanted something, she was going to get it.

She glared at him suspiciously but followed him to the music room, which was surprisingly empty for once.

“This better be good because I’m about to go off on you in about two minutes” she said, crossing her arms in defiance.

“Whatever you’re going to say about me and Betty, I know, okay?” He said, sitting down in front of the piano. “I’m a douchebag for stringing her along and hurting her just because I was too blind to see that my best friend has a crush on me.”

“So whatever you have to say, save it.” He looked down at the keys. “I’ve already told her I’m sorry a million times, and she has forgiven me! No hard feelings.” He dared to look up at her but her face was unreadable.

“Are you done?” She said, looking unimpressed.

“Yes.” He was.

“Betty stood at my door crying Archie! No, sobbing actually, because you rejected her for being ‘too perfect for you’.” Veronica said to him accusingly. “Who even uses that lame old ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ excuse anymore?”

He did apparently. “Look Ronnie, I know you’re mad at me and all, but you haven’t talked to me in two weeks and now you suddenly come at me out of nowhere.”

“Betty has moved on, why can’t you?” He asked her gently.

She looked at him for a while before sitting down next to him by the piano. Laying her head on his shoulder and sighing deeply.

He looked at her; careful to not make any sudden movements that would disturb her from her thoughts, seeing not quite anger, but sadness reflected in her eyes.

“I just know how much it sucks when someone you like doesn’t like you back. I don’t wish that feeling on anyone. Especially not Betty.” Veronica finally answered, her voice having lost all the fire it once held.

Archie put his arm around her then, feeling her completely deflate against him. He knew there was something he wasn’t seeing. A piece of the puzzle he was missing; but he couldn’t put his finger on what it was.

“I’m sorry for being angry at you Arch.” She said. “It just seems hardly fair when you love someone so much but they are completely oblivious.” He felt her words vibrating against his chest.

Suddenly, it clicked.

“You’re in love with Betty…” He says hesitantly.

Veronica is silent for a long while then, letting the sentence hang between them, making the air feel thick with unspoken thoughts. Because even though her face showed no sign of discomfort, he felt her heart rapidly thudding against his shoulder.

She looks up at him with a sad smile on her face.

“I’m in love with Betty.” She finally says, sounding so certain that he almost doesn’t believe that she came to that conclusion just a few seconds ago. Just like that, it was as clear as night and day. Veronica was in love with Betty just like the earth revolves around the sun, as sure as the currents of the sea.

“But that doesn’t matter.” She says, looking up at him “Because I’m in love with Betty and she’s in love with you.”

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*wipes your daily black sails tears* is this like the merlin finale but worse? i'm alright. i have nothing interesting to report bc i don't watch actually watch black sails but i understand the devastation and mourning for a show.

*sniffles* thank you, you angel you :’’’)

and funnily enough, the merlin finale actually killed off many main characters while the black sails finale LET THEM LIVE. my lil family friendly bbc wizard show went all hardcore with the stabby stabby deaths while my starz pirate show was like “…….gentle gay kisses in the sunlight…….poignant voiceover about the power of stories……” fjdsklfjdsklfjlasdjlfd. WHO WOULDA THOUGHT.

I cried buckets at both and they were both very tragic in their own ways, and I’ve walked around the weeks after both finales unable to think of anything else, so they are similar in that regard. but watching the merlin finale was actually a far more agonizing experience (it was christmas eve and I had locked myself in a room with a box of tissues and afterwards I had to go to a family party and try not to weep all over my grandma’s furniture. GOOD TIMES.)

anyway, I don’t know if that answers your question *snorts*. but hey……why not…….wATCH BLACK SAILS AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF?!? eh, eh?!? [nudge nudge] >:)

  • Want to see the first one?
  • Check this link. You're welcome.
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  • *2 weeks later*
  • Star: *finds Marco on the couch, eating nachos* Umm...
  • Marco: What is it?
  • Star: I want to talk about some things, but I'm just kinda worried that you're still mad at me. Yknow, because of the whole almost silent treatment since that "incident"
  • Marco: Well, I couldn't stay mad, really. Besides, I was planning to ask you something, but I'm also worried that you're still mad. Plus, you have your wand so...
  • *awkward laugh from both, slowly dies off*
  • *Star sits besides Marco on the couch*
  • *silence...*
  • Both: Look, I'm sorry that-
  • Both: No wait, you go first.
  • *stifling laugh from both*
  • Marco: Well, I insist that you go first.
  • Star: Okay... *breathes deep* Marco, I still have feelings for you. It's actually the only reason why I acted weird in the first place. I couldn't believe Jackie, who's your friend, got into a relationship with you, while yours truly, who's your BEST friend for a long time now, watched as you and Jackie got together like glue. The thing is, I'm sorry that I haven't been happy for the two of you. I should've been a little more tolerant about this. *slightly looks away, mopes, hands on cheeks.*
  • Marco: *pats Star's back, then pulls her to a friendly hug*
  • *Star blushes like a little*
  • Marco: I understand. Perhaps I've been focusing too much on Jackie over you. Ever since that fight, when I knew you had feelings of me, and that you're jealous, I've been thinking a lot of things. I mean a lot of things. Looking back and forth through our adventures together, I didn't see you more than a best friend. Knowing you, I thought it's like those bro-sis friendships like that.
  • Star's thoughts: Ouch... Sibling zoned...
  • Marco: But now? *turns off TV, stands up, puts bowl away*
  • *Star looks up to Marco*
  • Marco: I don't even know! I've never thought of the possibility that I could fall in love with you. Ever. Even if I could, I'm afraid that it'll affect everything between us. I'm afraid that we won't be even friends when I confess, or worse, find out about it.
  • Star: I'm still your bestie, am I not? That is just negative thinking. *stands up* I thought of the same thing before that, and I denied it just like you, but it ended up true. And even if this whole situation was reversed, like you falling for me instead, I'd still be friends with you no matter what awkward situation we're into.
  • Marco: Like this one?
  • Star: Yeah. Like this one.
  • Marco: Sorry for the silent treatment. I kinda made you emotional alone, didn't I?
  • Star: Yeah... But you needed time to think, right?
  • Marco: Yeah. Emotions make our mind go crazy, so the best moment to make a choice is at the full stop.
  • Star: So... What have you been thinking about? And what have you done during the whole silent period?
  • Marco: Well... To update you on things, Jackie and I... We've been talking and hanging. And what have I been thinking? Almost fully about us, me, the relationship, everything.
  • Star: Oh... You still need more time to think?
  • Marco: Maybe until tomorrow. I'm almost done thinking.
  • *Star hugs Marco*
  • Star: I'm sorry I blasted you down... I'm even amazed how you're still taking the pain.
  • Marco: That's because your dad gave me something two weeks ago, the day our fight.
  • Star: How?
  • Marco: Your mirror. I got home quicker than you so I could make a call.
  • Star: Does mom kn-?
  • Marco: No, she doesn't know. I'm even lucky it's your dad that answered the call.
  • Star: Oh good. It seems you're getting along well.
  • Marco: In some standards, yeah.
  • Star: TV?
  • Marco: Yep.
  • *Bart's lab*
  • Sherlock: *pacing back and forth, alternating between anxiously glancing at his laptop and checking his watch*
  • John: *drumming his fingers on the bench* Will you stop it? You're driving me mad.
  • Sherlock: *still pacing* I can't help it. She's never late.
  • John: It's only been ten minutes.
  • Sherlock: *rummaging for his phone* I calling Graham.
  • John: *shakes his head* So she went out last night-
  • Sherlock: *fidgeting* Yes, without my knowledge. I hadn't had him checked, he could be anyone. She hasn't updated her blog, any of her social media, called, text. Anything could have happened to her.
  • John: *shrugs* She might have got lucky.
  • Sherlock: *glares at him*
  • John: *rolls his eyes* Or murdered. Who knows?
  • Sherlock: *dialling* He wouldn't dare.
  • Molly: *hurries into the lab; pulling on her lab coat, out of breath*
  • Molly: *notices them and smiles* Oh, hi. Sorry I'm late...traffic, you know. That, and my stupid phone broke...
  • Sherlock: *sweeps her up into a tight hug; murmuring into her hair, relieved* Thank you for not sleeping with the murderer.
  • Molly: *confused; glances at John*
  • John: *mouths* Tough morning.
  • Molly: *awkwardly pats his back* Um, okay...
Kris has some trouble asking his (ex)wife Suho out on a date...
  • kris calling suho: hi my dear galaxy of mine
  • suho: ...
  • suho: what is it
  • kris: ooh don't tell me you're still mad at me?
  • suho slightly irritated: why did you call me
  • kris: well, next week i'm invited to the première of Ant Man in China, i can bring a guest as per usual. Does my dear Junmyeon want to join me to one a lovely trip to china and a great film afterwards?
  • suho: yea no
  • kris: what oh c'mone Suh-
  • suho getting really irritated: last time I was in china when u invited me and our son Tao over for a trip to Disneyland u chickened out. Do you know for how long I had to console Tao? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HAD TO SPENT ON ICE CREAM AND SOUVENIRS??
  • kris: my dear galaxy of mine, I'm really sorry I had to film so long that day. But I swear my schedule is empty for next week.
  • suho: still no, y don't u go with you gf Fan Bing Bing eh?
  • kris: oh no she cant next week I asked she is in Ame-
  • kris hesitating: nonnonono dear galaxy of mine i didn't mean it like that i -
  • suho very irritated: don't u dare dear galaxy me. I need to go; Chanyeol is strangling Baekhyun again, I think he ate his food. I have so much work with these children, i still can't believe u left me alone with them. *hangs up*
  • kris: ... shit
  • ...
  • kris calling flower shop in Korea: hi yes, could u please sent 12 roses to the exo dorm pls, yeh for Suho. pls draw a lot of hearts on the card. yes, yes thank u v much.
  • ...
  • a few days later at the exo dorm suho receives 12 roses and calls kris:
  • kris very exited picks up the phone: hi dear galaxy of mine i guess this means u got the flowe-
  • suho: TWELVEE ??? U COULDN'T PICK A BETTER NUMBER COULD U *slams the phone down*
  • kris: ... fck

“Friends actor Matthew Perry is barely recognisable as he steps onto red carpet”

yeah, God forbid he gets older. 


*wolf into plays in bg*📢🐺

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How dare you fucking post photo of me. I can't believe you're still mad at him after all these years. Let it go...Mr Eric Gein I'm ended this here.. I know the truth. I'm done with kids games . Any more shit I'm filling charges for Deformation

You go ahead and file your ~deformation~ charges. The photo is public. You made it public.

Also I’m a girl. 😂

My bio is two sentences long and starts with my name. But good work, detective. 🙄

Also, I’m not mad at Richard for anything. Dude is dead. If anything I’d be mad at you, but I just don’t care enough about you to be mad.