you're still a minor

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Okay apparently, Taylor has been looking for a house in Chelsea to be "closer to Joe" Girl..... chill. Go back to "being single" I can't with her anymore

im tired everything is so much with her taylor honey chill

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You're still defending the svtfoe comic though! They are fucking minors but no, in your eyes they can draw what the want, even if it counts a pedophilia, nah, they just draw what they want, and it's kinda hard to stop whining when it's obvious I'm not the only one that's sick to their stomachs with this shit, it's disgusting

You’re beggining to split hairs here.

I got involved in this whole thing not as an incest or pedo supporter that’s mad that his content is getting shit on, that’s common for everything to get criticism like that.

I’m involved as an artist that doesn’t like seeing effort and art being downplayed as “pedo shit” or “disgusting kink material”.

I’m pretty tolerant to other’s opinions as long as they either bring up something positive on their side, are well constructed or at least don’t boil down to basically insulting a person.

I’m not supportive of their content, I’m indifferent. Life is not black and white, you’ll see a lot of grey if you want to see things from a neutral point of view.

I stand by artists such as jumpjump or areablog because I’m not defending their content, I’m defending the person.

If you walked past Area in the street you wouldn’t see a caricature of a fat acne-riddled artist with a pen in their ear and a “I love pedo shit” shirt on, you’d see a regular person. That’s the one I’m defending.

The content they produce is not what they are, the way they treat people that talk to them are the real signs of what they are like.

That’s why I stood up for jumpjump instead of that 14 y/o girl that kept annoying him, her blog is filled with hate posts she does whenever she has the chance while his blog is mostly fun reblogs and interactions.

You want me to sit back down and stay in my business, and I want too. But that’s the thing, everyone would have to sit down too, and I know you don’t want that, you wanna fight for what you believe is right. And so do I. So I won’t sit back down and I’ll keep defending the artists for who they are, not what they make. And I would defend you too if someone came and constantly bullied you for, I dunno, for no other reason than liking a certain show or whatever.

Sddm along with others created Wholesome Week. Then other users start to mock it. Who’s the bad guy in this situation, the “pedo” who kept his stuff to his blog or the “good guys” who actively went after him and tried to ruin a nice thing for the fandom?

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Going through the get down tag is making me angry bc every five posts is Mylene hate and I'm sick of it. Also I'm uncomfortable with how people talk about the toy box song seeing as she's probably still a minor. Anyway I'm glad you're one of the few people sticking up for her.

thank you hun <3

I fucking HATE this tbh. I hate how people always expect for her to always be the bigger person and throwing rocks at her and then acting like Shao and Zeke are babies and making excuses for their behaviors (like Mylene didnt have her own bg history).

Its like ppl are so “woke” by the racial components but they forget how amazing it is to have a WOC being portrayed as someone with ambition!!! People call her selfish and I DONT GET IT, she’s stating since day one that she has a dream and she didnt want to be w/ Zeke bc of that and he still wanted and insisted to be with her and  ppl expected her to be Zeke’s trophy gf all of sudden like???Also i see many ppl calling her out bc of how she sees the get down as not music but have they considered that hip hop wasnt a thing back then and they were creating a whole new genre so its kinda obvious that there would be ppl that wouldnt get it, especially a 17 old girl w/ stricted parents that wasnt allowed to go to parties? 

 Also lets be real for a sec: imagine that you’re a ambitious woman with the doors of you careers open and you give that guy that always liked you a chance only to see him see constantly losing or almost losing opportunities (the thing w/ papa Fuerte, how he almost lost the intership w/ that white dude, the yale incident) and not standing by your side bc of a art project that you dont even understand w/ a guy that is a drug dealer that seems to be bringing him down constantly and has no respect for her. I mean i get zeke, but i also get why Mylene is not having it, i’d probably do the same if i was in her shoes tbh

my whole point is: Mylene is the protagonist of her own story, she’s not supposed to be Zeke’s girl and she’s not supposed to sacrifice her opportunities bc of him, no matter how nice he is AND she’s not supposed to accept Shao’s bs because he had a though life. That girl tries her best and try to please everyone all the time and ppl still have the nerve to call her selfish bc god forbids, she wants to live her dream?  miss me with that 

(and im sooo sorry for the rant lmao)

  • My assumption: Maybe now antis will understand the validity of interpreting a cartoon in your own way :)
  • Antis in reality: VLD writers have forsaken us. We must abandon ship, all is lost. Shallura is Shaladin now. If you still ship Shallura you're a pedo apologist and abusing minors. Stop trying to justify it you sound just like a shaladin!!
  • me: lmao holyshit????

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Hihi- Can I just say I absolutely love your blog-- Also if you're still accepting, do you have any drunk headcanons for the RFA and minor trio?


  • now class, if you’ll look to your right, you’ll see a complete and absolute mess in his natural habitat. 
  • clingy. whiny. will snuggle up to anything. 
  • homosexuality quotient goes through the roof. is yoosung bi? yes, and it is clearly displayed while he’s drunk.
  • no one else likes it when he sings, but darn diddly does he sure enjoy doing it.
  • possesses the alcohol tolerance of a small puppy.


  • flirts. a lot. it’s all very tacky and poorly thought out.
  • takes lots of selfies.
  • won’t stop talking about himsel- wait.
  • no, that’s just zen on a normal day, nevermind.
  • actually has a pretty high alcohol tolerance, probably because he drinks beer like it’s water on a routine basis.
  • when he is drunk, he becomes hyper aware of how things feel. he’ll become fascinated by touching pretty much anything and everything.
  • really likes headpats.


  • one glass of wine later and jaehee is ready to rumble
  • will fight you. will fight your boss. will fight her boss BRING IT ON PEOPLE JAEHEE IS READY
  • loves drunktexting.
  • (jaehee practically turns it into an art form.)
  • you tease her about being ‘dtunk’ due to a typo she sent you once.
  • at one point she got on the counter and shouted to the entire bar about how in love with you she was.


  • possesses an alarming and unnatural ability to keep his composure.
  • really. it’s not fair.
  • you want to see him get silly dammit.
  • when he’s drunk, he gets really clingy. like really clingy. like this asshole drapes himself across you like some sort of really heavy snuggie.
  • dude back off ur trying to watch tv
  • he’s just on top of your face. thanks jumin. thank you, you big stupid cat man.


  • seven has verbally written a dissertation on witty comebacks while sitting on the kitchen counter.
  • seriously you’ve been listening to this for an hour.
  • the only reason you have the patience for it is because you are also very drunk.
  • he just gets super hyper focused on really weird, trivial shit, and will go on and on about it in a ludicrously in-depth, academic way.
  • occasionally he prefaces something he says with, “Okay, so hear me out”, and you know you’re either about to do the coolest shit you’ve ever done in your life or set the house on fire.
  • maybe both.


  • a very pleasant, moderate, somewhat-silly-but-ultimately-mature drunk.
  • he’ll have a glass of wine and then grin at you like you’re the loveliest thing in the room.
  • (then he’ll boop your nose and say you are.)
  • he gets sleepy pretty easily so he’ll often fall asleep on the couch after a night of drinking.
  • can’t really keep up with everybody else’s partying.


  • if yoosung has the tolerance of a walnut, then saeran is more akin to, say… a peanut. a raisin, perhaps. 
  • a pinhead.
  • he gets halfway down a cider and just starts sobbing. 
  • why is he crying?
  • who knows?
  • something about how fat cats are great. like they’re just the best, man. they’re so soft. who the fuck gave them any right to be that pudgy, those shitty cute assholes.


  • slams back alcohol to forget their problems.
  • sometimes when they’ve had a Few Too Many (and tbh that’s a lot they can drink a lot) they’ll sling their arm around the nearest friendly acquaintance’s shoulder and start trying to give them life advice.
  • it’s all garbage advice.
  • please don’t listen to it.
  • don’t shut off your emotions and learn to kill all of your desires to avoid being disappointed.
  • vanderwood you’re so fucked up, go sit in the corner with jumin.

“Throw like a girl”
What? What are you talking about? Girls don’t throw. Girls can’t throw. Because the boys never pass to them.

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even in the context of a pairing, under the guise of fandom, you're still discussing sexual content with a minor. you do NOT want a minor to feel comfortable discussing these things with you. you should NOT feel comfortable discussing these things with them. it's a grooming tactic, used by people who DO actually mean harm. what's more, it can easily affect their interactions with adults in general, even outside of fandom.

Yeah tbh it’s a really common grooming tactic to talk to kids about sexual topics in the context of media. Like, a huge number of abusers do that to normalize sexual conversations with children so the kids won’t think it’s weird – or will feel too complicit to tell anyone – when they move on to more personal forms of sexual abuse.

If you normalize the idea that adults don’t talk about what they find arousing with kids and vice versa, more kids will be aware that something isn’t right when an adult wants to discuss sexual topics with them.

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What if you made a PayPal when you were a minor but you're now legal? Sill your account still get terminated?

close your current account and make a new account. do not keep this account. paypal can seize it and terminate the account at any time. consider yourself lucky that they haven’t yet done this. deal with this as quickly as possible.

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i wanna be your friend but im shy

Well gosh, anon, hiding like that won’t get you any closer to it!
Unfortunately I don’t come with directions or guidelines or “friend criteria”, just follow your heart I guess! Just keep in mind that just like real life, some people are compatible and some people aren’t, so if we don’t connect don’t take it personally!
I do know there are a lot of posts floating around about wanting to be friends with someone online without putting them on a pedistal, maybe seek out those and follow that advice? Or just be a nice person! That never hurts ✌️

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idk your 16 and the ttoba person is 18 don't you think you should like....i guess go for people a bit younger? i don't wanna buzz into your personal buisness or anything but come on're still a minor and they are an adult

well i mean ttoba told me that according to Korean standards they’re still considered a minor so………..

and i mean its only by 2 years???

  • Me: Here's to all the awesome lesbians!
  • Tumblr: Yeah but what about gay men.
  • Me: Here's to all the awesome homosexuals!
  • Tumblr: Don't forget bi, pan and trans
  • Me: Here's to all the awesome lgbtq people!
  • Tumblr: Um, you're still not being inclusive of asexual and other gender and sexuality minorities.
  • Me: Here's to all the awesome lgbtqpia people?
  • Tumblr: You really should include people of colour.
  • Me: Here's to all the awesome people inclusive of everyone!
  • Tumblr: That's stupid. If you're going to be celebrating people, you really should specify those who are normally ignored by society. By stating "everyone" your post is kind of irrelevant. You may as well be celebrating cis, white, American males.
  • Me: I can't do this anymore. I don't know what you want from me.
  • Tumblr: *28 people like this*