you're so white omg i can't

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Hey :), hope you're doing great. So I was talking to a white friend today and she was rapping a song which consists of the n-word, and she kept saying it so I told her that she should either not sing the song or censor the word with something else, and she was like, "omg are you dumb it's just a song I can say it in a song" and I told her no, and that she can't say it under any circumstances. But I was wondering whether I was overreacting...?

Here’s how you can 100% tell you’re not overreacting: a white person attacks you for asking that they not say a FUCKING RACISL SLUR Jesus Christ.

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Omg on my dash someone dead ass just said that white people aren't physically capable of being mentally ill. Uh....? What? I wasn't aware that your fucking skin color dictates whether you're psychologically healthy or not. Ngl, this makes me so angry bc I'm "white" and I have professionally diagnosed depression, and multiple anxiety disorders. Yeah, I can't be ill at all.

What the fuck? Uhhh… Wow I really have no idea what to tell that person. The hilarious thing about it is that they’re basically implying white people are genetically superior because they can’t get mental illnesses lmao. But I have a feeling that isn’t what they were going for.

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Why does no one talk about what a Shady Bitch move it was that Harry wore all white to someone else's wedding like WTF Harry why did he do that you're not supposed to wear WHITE TO A WEDDING he's such a drama queen like literally can't trust that boy I love him so much OMG.

this made my day, thanks 😂

BTS Celebrating your Birthday.
  • Can you do a reaction or scenario where BTS congratulates you/ celebrates your birthday ;) ? Since it's my birthday today, I'd love to see what you come up with ! Love your blog <3 <3
  • ~You know what? I'll do both! I hope you enjoy!~
  • You: *walks in the room*
  • You: Omg thank you so much
  • J-hope: Okay I want to give Y/N y present first *Goes behind the couch* *Pulls out cardboard angel wings* Lets spread hope together.
  • Jimin: Y/G can't even fly with those, man get the way. *Lifts up shirt* Feel~
  • You: *Feels*
  • Jimin: You're welcome.
  • Jungkook: I'm the golden maknae so I already have the beast gift *Hands you box*
  • You: *Opens the box* Jungkook....there's nothing but plain white shirts in here.
  • Jungkook: What more do you need?
  • Jin: You got me. I mean look at me.
  • Suga: I got you swag. *Hands you a piece of paper that says swag on it.*
  • Rapmonster: I got you wisdom becau-
  • BTS: Shut up Namjoon.
  • V: I got you a turtle. It has a bow. I think you should call him Mr.Whiskers
  • You: Thank you guys I love all my gifts but....the cake...
  • Jin: Shit I knew I forgot something.
  • White person: LOL all these blacks think they're so important get off your high horses! No one cares if you're black, white , yellow, blue, orange if you're stupid and ignorant people will treat you that way! No one cares about your whining about racism anyone can be racist get over it! LOL dumb niggers!
  • *gets doxxed*
  • White people: OMG what's the point of trying to get this person fired from their job! It doesn't matter their opinions may be shitty you have no right to ruin their lives!
  • Black person: I can't stand white people
  • White people: Wow you racist piece of shit I hope you get Ebola!
  • Regina: Please tell me you found her.
  • Sidney: And which 'her' would that be?
  • Sidney: Snow White, Maid Marian... Emma Swan?
  • Sidney: It's so hard to keep track of-
  • Regina: OMG Sidney! Just quit it, okay?! God, you're so annoying... I already told you to delete my search history, you can't just keep using it against me.
  • Sidney: But-
  • Regina: Just stop talking and show me Emma Swan.
‘Mr. Potter, I don’t even understand why you think I’m a racist,’ said McGonagall in an evil voice.


[…] 'I’m sorry, but McGonagall didn’t actually do anything racist,’ said Hermione in an elitist liberal voice. 'Just because Parvati was a little offended doesn’t make it racist.’

—  omg, Harry in Harry Potter Becomes A Communist is like, a nightmare ally
All of the White Kids at My School When They Come Back From Their 5 Month Study Abroad Trip in Jordan
  • White Kid: OMG I know everything about the middle east now. Let me tell you how it is.
  • White Kid: Did you know that there's actually other food in the middle east besides hummus?? Shocking right??
  • White Kid: omg I went to the desert and rode lots of camels. lol, so middle eastern.
  • White Kid: Oh you're Arab?? Let me tell YOU about the middle east
  • White Kid: OMG I just can't believe the way they treat Christians in Jordan. All Middle-easterners are just so intolerant
  • White Kid: Ever heard of the keffiyeh? It's soooo cool
  • White KId: *wears keffiyeh all day, everyday* *doesn't even know what the fuck it means*
  • White Kid: I know so much about middle eastern politics omg for real tho. Let me know if you wanna learn anything
  • White Kid: Palestinian-Israeli conflict? Omg I have so much to say!!! I know so much now!
  • White Kid: Hahaha, I can read more Arabic than you can!! LOL
  • Me: Shut the fuck up.