you're so sweet babe

  • Tony: *Makes Clay a mixtape of romantic songs that remind him of how he feels about Clay*
  • Clay: Aw, Babe, you're so sweet
  • Alex: *to Justin* Why don't you ever do things like that for me?
  • Justin: *Makes Alex playlist*
  • Alex: Why are all of these sexual?

Thank you so much to @parkchimchimbles for giving me this Namjoon photocard 💕I’ve been looking so hard for it! I’ve never wanted a photocard this bad before and I can’t believe I got it. Thank you so so much!!! And also, thank you for your letter. It is the sweetest thing ever! You’re so precious 💕You deserve all of the love in this world and nothing but the best to happen to you :’)

  • Alex: *blushes* I made you a chocolate soufflé because you're so sweet.
  • Maggie: Aww babe you shouldn't have.
  • Kara: *blushes* I made you Totinos Lena since you're MY Totino.
  • Alex: Seriously Kara you're giving store bought pizza rolls to Lena for Valentine's Day? Have a little more class, at least I made my gift.
  • *sees Lena and Maggie holding each other while crying*
  • Lena: *wipes tears* You're my Totino Kara.
  • Maggie: *wipes eyes* Don't let little Danvers go, little Luthor. You hear me, Totinos need to stick together.
  • Kara: It's not about the actual pizza rolls Alex, it's about the symbolism behind the Totinos.
  • Maggie: She's right Danvers.
  • Lena: As veteran lesbians trust us when we say telling another woman they are your Totino is a very serious thing.
  • Alex: *sighs* ...I hate Valentine's Day.

Puck Personality @ Sidney Crosby

azbabypa  asked:

what podcasts have you listened to that are MOST like The Bright Sessions? I love the strange/unusual/special powers bit, don't love horror so much, and am looking for something new to listen to! p.s. you're a babe.

Hmmmm, if you want things that are scifi drama but mostly about Feelings without the creepy spookies, I would suggest @arsparadoxica, @wolf359radio, @thefarmeridian, and @thebridgepodcast

It’s hard for me to objective about what would be similar to TBS but my lovely followers may have some suggestions! 

@dyde21 and I have created a rock band and it’s called RAMBLERS&ROMANTICS and these are our matching leather jackets

Featured in our next album, you’ll hear hit songs like

“Don’t Say Sorry”
“Cute Guy from Michigan”
“Art is Hard/ Why Do We Do This to Ourselves???”
and my personal favorite
“Assaulting Ontario with Cute Guys”

  • Yuuko: One question about your business, boy, or there's no use going: This girl... How far are you willing to go to save her?
  • Syaoran: I'd die for her.
  • Yuuko: Oh good. No worries then.

tahyungs  asked:

hi sarah๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– just a lil reminder that you're amazing and I hope you're doing great ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’

AHHH BABE URE TOO SWEET😭😭😭 thank u so much 💘💘💘💘💘

Mystic Messenger Week — Day 3 : Chatroom
  • 707 entered the chatroom.
  • MC: Hey honey~ What do you want me to make for us tonight?
  • 707: lolol Saeran wanted to eat out but I reminded him that you were cooking tonight <3
  • MC: Haha, if you want we could eat out today~
  • 707: Aww
  • 707: You're so sweet babe
  • 707: lolol Saeran you happy now?
  • Saeran: Why are you two messaging through the app when we're sitting next to each other...
  • Saeran: ... fuck this family
  • 707: Watch your language young man!
  • 707: LOLOLOLOL
  • Saeran: So we're eating out right?
  • Mc: LOLOL
  • Saeran: ...
  • Saeran left the chatroom.

anonymous asked:

You're so impressive as a 16 yo. Incredibly talented, yes, but also so mature and whenever you speak out on things it's so interesting and informed and inspiring, a+, fantastic citizen. I was so dumb at your age. You're giving me faith in "the next generation" (even though i'm not even 10 years older than you). Keep doing what you're doing, babe. o7

gosh……….omg…….this is so sweet thank you so much

anonymous asked:

First off I freaking love your writing. Like so much and I feel like you've got the guys personalities down pat. Soooo I was wondering if your not too too busy could you write a blurb about them dating somebody who literally has no guy experience what so ever even though they seem perfectly normal?

Thank you! Love you! xx

Alright well even though you’d probably think it’s embarrassing that you’ve never really had a proper boyfriend or been a proper relationship before, he would absolutely love it. Because he’d be so protective of you, that he would want to be your first for everything, and not have any other guy come near you anyway. So it would be considered a bonus for him that no other guy has ever had you before!

And like, can you just imagine that he would be so sweet about everything, and make sure that, as your first boyfriend, he was doing everything right. Like, while you were at work, he would send in like roses to your office that would have a little card on them saying, for my gorgeous girl xx, and omg he would do that shit like once a week. Sometimes it’d be flowers, sometimes it’d be chocolates, but it would just make you so flustered because every time, the delivery man would have to walk past every other worker’s office to get to yours at the end, and like, everyone would be hopeful it was for them but it’d always end up being for you. And part of his plan would be to send all the stuff because it kinda sent out a message to all of the males that you worked with that you were completely taken. 

And extra romantic-ness would just be added to every scenario, like, he would CONSTANTLY be saying stuff when you were just hanging out at home like, ‘you’re so beautiful,’ and, ‘you make me a better person, baby,’ and, 'do you realise how much I love you?’ and, 'I’d be nothing with you,’ and it would all just be dribble drabble off his tongue but he was doing it on purpose to make sure that you would almost feel like locked into this relationship, even though it was your first, because it seemed like he legitimately needed you to survive. 

anyway don’t even talk to me about your first time with him, like holy shit, because it would jsut beabKJjualsd,kjeu. OKAY. He would make it so fucking cute. Like, you would’ve just had a picnic at some secluded oval space and the sun would’ve gone down and the stars were appearing everywhere and you’d be lying next to him and his arm would be around your shoulders and OMGGGG IT WOULD START OFF A NICE KISS AND THEN IT WOULD BE MAKING OUT AND LIKE omg with every movement he would ask if you’re okay, and because nobody has ever like felt you and kissed you in these spots before, you wouldn’t be expecting the random pleasure and you’d keep whimpering and he would be REVELLING IN YOUR INNOCENCE AND TAKING IT IN HIS STRIDE LIKE HE WAS THE BOSS OF THE SITUATION (which he was bc you didn’t know what you was doin)

and he’d just get lost in how easily he made you so damn wet and he’d start dirty talking like a mad man, like, 'i’m gonna make you feel so good, sweet heart, don’t be nervous, okay, baby? i’ll look after you. God, you look so beautiful in the moonlight, darling, I can’t wait to have you screaming underneath me. Is this okay, love? You’re so sexy. It’s going to hurt a little bit, okay, honey, but I promise it’ll get better, okay? Look at how hard you’ve made me, sweet Jesus, babe, you’re so cute.' 

anyway, in summary, he’d actually be glad he was your first relationship and if you ever tried to say something about how you sucked because so little experience with anything, he’d just get angry and say something to change the subject like, 'shut up, I like you being my innocent little girl. And anyway what’s for dinner?’