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Fake Chats #176
  • Taehyung: well.
  • Yoongi: well.
  • Taehyung: what do we do about this?
  • Yoongi: what do you mean what do we do? We take pictures as evidence and complain about it later.
  • Taehyung: we can't just join the party?
  • Yoongi: No, we can't.
  • Taehyung: why not?
  • Yoongi: because.
  • Taehyung: because you can't stand the idea of sharing Hopi-hyung with Jimin even though it's very obvious that Hopi-hyung really loves Jimin and loves to cuddle him and you also know that while Hopi really loves Jimin he also really loves you and will cuddle you later if you just ask, but nooooo, that's not good enough for you?
  • Yoongi: yes. Exactly. See, I knew you could be smart sometimes.
  • Taehyung: thanks.
  • Yoongi: you're welcome.
  • Taehyung: so, do you wanna just cuddle me instead?
  • Yoongi: you're not my Hopi.
  • Taehyung: so, do you wanna cuddle me INSTEAD?
  • Yoongi: yeah, sure, get over here.
  • Taehyung: sweet! You know, I like cuddling Hopi-hyung too, not just Jiminnie.
  • Yoongi: don't. Push it.
Webisode 5: homework essay
  • Marinette: okay I just have to do my essay about someone who inspires me
  • Tikki: you said that Gabriel is your favorite designer please don't write an essay on him
  • Tikki: he's the worst
  • Marinette: no fuck Gabe
  • Tikki: you can't write about me Mari
  • Marinette: yeah you're supposed to be secret that's a shame
  • Tikki: you could write about the blonde fanservice
  • Marinette: he's so sweet and smart and charming and handsome…
  • Tikki: Miss Bustier will not be impressed if you write about Adrien she will already have to deal with Lila and Chloe's essay's on him
  • Sabine: hey so we just finished three wedding cakes
  • Marinette: three wedding cakes?
  • Sabine: we weren't sure what Adrien's favorite flavor was so we made three different ones so you two would have the perfect wedding cake
  • Marinette: what the fuck how did you make three wedding cakes TODAY
  • Tom: with the power of LOVE
  • Sabine: bye we're going to the movies again
  • Marinette: fuck it I'll just write about my parents

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Morty, you're such a sweet boy! So, question: what's the nicest thing Rick has done for you? Surely you don't hang around him if he's ONLY ever an asshole, right?

Um well, I mean, he did save my life as a kid that one time… and he’s smart and he’s funny when you’re not the butt of his jokes… but… I… dunno.. I actually don’t even know if he likes me most of the time….

He usually lets me have some of his tacos if he gets taco bell! So I guess yeah… that’s… a nice thing he does for me. I dunno. Maybe he’s doing other nice things that I just don’t see….

what your sonic ship says about you
  • i have a theory that who you ship sonic with is reflected in your personality:
  • sonicxamy: you can be over excitable and occasionally annoy others. you look adorable in a bow, whoever you are.
  • sonicxsally: you didn't choose to be the leader of this project but everyone else is incompetent so you just do it so it doesn't suck.
  • sonicxshadow: either very sad or very gay. scratch that, even if you're straight, you're very gay. probably cries to live and learn. sa2 trash.
  • sonicxtails: you are smart and loyal and it'S NOT CREEPY IF THEY'RE AGED UP SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE.
  • sonicxblaze: you tend to be reserved, can come off as aggressive. you have tried to burn something with your eyes at least once.
  • sonicxelise: you are probably a really nice person but a lot of people might hate you.
  • sonicxknuckles: you find arguments cute. you have a massive sweet tooth. probably have a good sense of humour.
  • sonicxrouge: you are really sexy and angry. also slightly broke. but mostly sexy.
  • sonicxsilver: you probably apologise when you walk into doors.
  • sonicxchris: what, really? shucks, i'm sorry, you probably get more bashing than sonelise. i'm so sorry this befell you.
  • sonicxcream: you are adorable but you also could get away with murder. not saying you should, you just could.
  • sonicxeggman: you are dr. eggman trash. you would do anything for the good doctor. a n y t h i n g.
  • sonicxsonic: you probably wish they hadn't introduced so many characters. you came over sonic generations.
  • sonicxsomeoneelse: you are probably one person holding up your little fort but you don't care, you don't need anyone else, you're a badass, please stop crying.
  • sonicxONLYTHISVERSIONOFTHEMEVERYOTHERVERSIONISAWFUL: you just love to be special. probably overanalyses sonic like it's their job. i'm completely you.
  • sonicxeveryoneandanyone: cries a lot. massive slut but might be a virgin. me.
  • ace/aro sonic: traditionalist. there's a possibility that you don't want to hit me with a brick. maybe.
Why each sign is badass (based on people I know)
  • Aries: You wear your heart on your sleeve and you don't give a damn. You are full of life, and you're not afraid to show it. People love to be around you.
  • Taurus: Not going to lie, I sometimes admire how stubborn you can be, it truly amazes me. I've seen you stand up for people who have truly needed it. You're an amazing friend.
  • Gemini: So sociable and nice, and you know when to stand up for yourself. Everyone likes you, and you're friendly. You're the friend people go to when they want to hang.
  • Cancer: You are so damn funny omfg you could make me laugh at a funeral, please don't stop. You're everyone's sunshine.
  • Leo: You love being the center of attention, but you don't give a shit about what people think about you. Keep doing you. You make a good friend to have adventures with.
  • Virgo: I don't know why people think you guys are so shy and introverted, because you definitely know how to have a good time. I've had the best memories with you, which makes you memorable.
  • Libra: You guys are so charming, I have no idea how you do it. You could murder my family and somehow make me believe that you did it for a good cause, and I'd just agree.
  • Scorpio: So nice, and naive, and sweet. You're not a hoe just because people find you attractive. You've got it, so flaunt it. You're just very intriguing.
  • Sagittarius: Super smart and hilarious. Everyone loves being around you. You are very charming, too. People go to you for advice. You know how to lighten up the mood.
  • Capricorn: You can stay up until 4 am partying, and somehow manage to wake up at 6 am and get straight A's. You're street and book smart, which is why people see you as a natural leader.
  • Aquarius: You are hilarious, and full of life. You're very free spirited and you know how to have a good time. You give off good vibes, so everyone likes to be around you.
  • Pisces: You guys are so nice and understanding and naive, but you can also be Satan sometimes. You know your limits. You are very open-minded and give amazing advice even when you don't mean to.

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What's wrong babe :( you're way too beautiful and sweet to be sad as well.

I’m constantly being let down by people I put so much faith and trust in. I’m tired of putting so much of my heart into relationships when that love and care isn’t reciprocated. It’s all a growing process though, I’m learning a lot in my twenties that I know will help me in my future. I’m smart and I have a good head on my shoulders so I am not too worried, I know I will find people that appreciate what I have to offer.

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Out of curiosity. If you HAD to marry each of the Mystic Messenger main seven (V and Saeran included), what would the reason be? I think I'd marry each because they're all sweet precious jellybeans who deserve love. But I think I already know why you'd marry seven since I'm like... 110% you're actually really married to him in real life

Yoosung- Because I love him so much???? Like so much!!! Lol he is such a sweetie and so caring. I love that he is smart. I’d love to play video games with him tbh. And eat junk food hahaha. And do the sickeningly cute stuff like have matching shoes etc. and I will protect him from Saeyoung!!!!!!!!!

Jumin- I love that he has values and morals. And he likes wine. He’s intelligent, hard working and passionate about helping people I love him. I’m a lot like Jumin in that I’m very loyal to my friends (it’s the Leo aspect of me) so I love that about him.

Zen- Hm, while he does brag a lot, I can still see that he is incredibly selfless. He is always looking out/worrying for everyone he is close to, even when he is struggling with his own problems. I find that incredibly endearing. He sticks up for people like a true knight. He talks a big game but deep down he is a pure cinnamon roll who appreciates his fans and is humble which I love! And maybe he can help motivate me to work out again T_T

Jaehee- I need to protect her lol omg. We are both fangirls so I get it and we can fangirl together. I love coffee as well. And I relate to her way of thinking. I keep a strict code for myself in my head and I try to stick to it? So I enjoy that she does as well. Idk I love her lol

Saeyoung- Yes, I mean all the reasons. Everything. It’s honestly creepy how alike he is with my hubby and it didn’t even click with me for months while playing until one day I was looking at one of the memes my husband had created for me and sent me (as he often does) and I was like holy shit. Holy shit??? Wait a second? Then I was like 

V- So many things. Um, well first because he is creative and artsy and I love that a lot. He often holds things in to protect others and puts on a front and I do the same thing so maybe we could help each other out with that idk lol. I like his intelligence, and his heart. He’s poetic which makes me swoon a little haha.

Saeran- jdekwbdwfbfb um. Oh man this is a hard one because tbh we don’t really get much of him in canon and like that upsets me? So all I have to go off of is like what I ‘created’ as far as his persona in my head and in my writing? Once he was in a good place mentally I think he would be a great partner. I like that he is a little emo and salty because same. I feel like I could really brood sometimes and he would be more accepting and just let me do my thing, where some of the other guys would try and make me feel better? And I just wanna do my thing and be my salty self for a while and Saeran would like be salty too and we can be angry together and go buy some eye liner lol. Idk I have this duality about me and I feel like he fits that side of me thats a little darker.

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Can you imagine bad boy!Jungkook trying to flirt with you but you're just kind of thrown off cause like hey wow you are so sweet and cute and wait are you hitting on me or are you trying to be my friend I don't get it He would get so annoyed and flustered but that would be so adorable omfg

there are moments where jungkook thinks: for a smart person like you… oh boy you could be dumb as fuck sometimes (he means that in the nicest way possible).

what boggles his mind is that you could tell apart the different shades of colors with just one look. deciphering math equations once you see them. picking out the words that mess up the whole sentence after reading it twice and it’s something people struggle with once in a while but with you, it’s a breeze. a fucking walk in the park with sunshine and a prepared umbrella in case it rains and boy, god has another thing coming to catch you in your bad luck.

which brings him to now, when he’s talking to you, obviously interested and throwing all possible attempts to get you to understand that woman, i, jeon jungkook, is attracted to you.

but no, of course, you don’t see that. you see him as just being nice when he compliments you on how you look. you think he’s just being courteous whenever you sneeze, as soft as it sounds, he’s able to exclaim bless you, princess from across the room. for some reason, when your shoelaces had gotten undone as you walk down the hallway, he got down on one knee (slow down there boy) and tied them for you.

jungkook: a person who thinks it’s ridiculous to do that, did that for you.

it’s another day of trying and honestly speaking, jungkook thinks he’s about to explode today. he always tells himself he’ll be direct and get on with it but seeing your doe eyes and innocent smile throws him off so hard he can’t bear to do that.

but today, ladies and gentlemen, jungkook’s skyrocketing to the heaven’s if you don’t get it again.

just as the bell rings and everyone’s left, gone, the room is empty and only left with you and jungkook (mainly because of the look he gives everyone else while you were busy keeping your things), jungkook takes this time to make a move.

he walks around the tables until he reaches yours, picking up a pen that you dropped and you smile in gratitude when jungkook hands it to you with you dropped this.

“thanks, jungkook-ah,” your voice is sweet, sending the shivers down jungkook’s spine as he exhales, taking a seat on the table beside yours that’s almost empty now. he clears his throat as you swing your bag over your shoulder. jungkook takes a brief moment to take in your attire: a simple white t-shirt, plain, blank, matched with denim jeans and jungkook still doesn’t get how you look effortlessly beautiful. on the other hand, jungkook’s clothing is one you noticed suits him a lot (and he loves how you don’t judge him for that). he has a liking for white tops as well, overlapped with a black leather jacket. his jet black hair always having that messed up effect, as if he kept running his fingers through them to keep it like that. his fitting leggings, black with torn holes for style at his kneecaps. one or two rings slipped on his fingers, a piercing on his right ear and you can tell he’s getting to his desired gauge size.

“you look good today, y/n,” his voice is clear, words echoing into your ears after each syllable and it makes you smile, something jungkook’s fond of doing. “thank you,”

you can’t find of anything to say after that, noticing that he’s staring at you with such expectancy that makes your heart race. gulping, you hang your head low, kicking your own feet before looking up when he coos your name.


“do you have anyone to do your research with?”

please get it. get it this time. c'mon y/n please-

“um… no, why?”

“wanna be partners? we could go to the library and carry out our research together.”

this has to be it. you should know i don’t even do this or give a rat’s ass about this subject-


jungkook’s losing it.

“i-i don’t mean it in a bad way or anything, i just don’t get it and are you-”

“jesus fucking christ, y/n,” he hops off the table, making you flinch as he takes one step and it eliminates all space between the both of you. gasping, you feel his breath on your skin when he tilts his head down to look at you, deep into your eyes and you only see that properly when he cups your chin, tilting it up for your eyes to lock. biting down on your lip, it makes jungkook lick his before his lips part to murmur, “you’re driving me crazy, you know that?”

your first instinct was to apologize, but what he says after that throws you off. finally, it throws you off.

“i like you, y/n. do you get it now? or do i have to spell it out in algorithm for you to understand?”

jungkook then remembers why he likes you so much in the first place.

your cheeks heat up, blushing to the point of no return and that smile you have on your face is one that brightens up his own. and your words, they make him scoff a laugh as he rolls his eyes but without any venom when you’re so, so, so you, genuine and you’re just you.

“i mean, if you could spell it out in algorithm that would be pretty cool,”

with his head turned to the side, it’s your turn to laugh when he curses,”fuck’s sake…”

not realizing you were responding to what he asked earlier, he has to do a double take at you and focus on what you’re repeating because you’re saying it for the second time.

“i’d like that, jungkook-ah,”

this is where the bad boy of this place turns into a sap, him clearing his throat to direct your eyes away from his blushing cheeks. he steps back and extends his arm, his hand faced up and you shyly reach out, placing your hand in his before he tightens his hold and leads you out of the classroom, smiling all the way as he walks you to the library.

((“by the way… that took you long enough,”

“the fucking nerve-”))

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Okay but like you're really awesome and seem like a generally nice person to talk to and felt compelled to tell you this after you reblogged the "its 104% okay to come into my ask and be like hey you wanna be friends or something" because you are totally one of my Tumblr Senpais XD Rambling whoo~

Hi friend!! You are too sweet 😭❤ I really try to be as nice as I can!!! Whenever I see your URL in my notifications it makes me so happy

Okay so I’m not very smart - what is a senpai…? Someone has called me that before (I can’t for the life of me remember who) and I have no idea what it means… help a girl out?? :-)


I love this woman more than I could put into words. You are beautiful, smart, intuitive, sweet, so very caring and you’ve shown me so much love. I can’t imagine my life without you and I honestly wouldn’t want to. You make me a better person, you make me happy, you make me want to go after my dreams and strive to reach my goals and I want you by my side every step of the way. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for sticking around. Thank you for everything.

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Hey! :D

1. First impression: Ooooh she has really fun tags - I’m going to follow.
2. Truth is: You’re so incredibly smart and sweet and such a supportive, amazing person! I love our conversations. You’re so great aldksfjsf
3. How old do you look: I don’t think I’ve seen you! Early 20s?
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yes
5. Have you ever made me mad: No!
6. Best feature: Your wonderful personality and how compassionate you are
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: No
8. You’re my: Health field fraaaand!
9. Name in my phone: —-
10. Should you post this too?: Yeah!

My Advice for the Signs
  • *Based on people I know*
  • Aries: calm down. Your life doesn't have to be an adventure everyday for me to want to listen to you. You can tell me about how all you did was watch Netflix and eat, I will love to hear it. I know not everyday is an adventure. You do not have to make it so to make yourself worthy of our time. A lot of people love you for more important things than that.
  • Taurus: it's admirable that you think the best about everyone, but not everyone will treat you with flower petals. People will try to shove you around. Do not let them. Drop that tough image and let yourself feel because if you keep swallowing all the hurt you're really getting, one day you'll blow up. It's okay to feel things. It's okay to admit that you expect the best. But be careful, you are wonderful.
  • Gemini: your own company is enough. You don't need to be with someone else to be complete. You are incredibly smart and fun to be around, and do not deserve to be with someone who doesn't make you look at yourself as what you are. Try to stop running away from your own company. Look at yourself. You are a work of art.
  • Cancer: you do not have to have everything figured out just yet. You can still be unhappy sometimes. You can still lose your patience. You can still fail. You are human. Let yourself feel and fall and rise and then fall again. Nobody is out to get you. We love you, kind soul.
  • Leo: you don't have to keep telling us you are amazing for us to think that you are. You glow when you step in the room. You are a lion. Not everyone will like you and that does not mean you shine any less. You take my breath away. Learn to let go, just because one person left or stopped loving you doesn't mean everybody else will too. Realize you are precious and treat yourself as so.
  • Virgo: you don't have to be what everyone wants you to be. You are smart and an amazing company even if you're not reminded of it everyday. I know you wish you were. Tell yourself. You are a sweet soul and so giving, but not everybody knows how to give back. You can fail. Remember that. You are human. Allow yourself to change and to understand life gets out of control. Leave your comfort zone. It's scary, I know. You won't regret it.
  • Libra: you don't have to be better than everyone to be good. You can not be the prettiest, or the smartest. That someone else has what you envy does not mean you don't have it yourself. You do not have to have it all figured out just yet. Let yourself be. Not everyone is out to get you. People understand that you fail, and if they don't, fuck them. You are not less valuable because of it. The only opinion that matters, is yours. Give it the worth it deserves.
  • Scorpio: we love you for what you are. You do not have to be what everybody thinks you are all the time. You are funny. Don't be afraid to also show us you are smart, and loyal, and honestly, amazing. Few people see what is behind that mask you choose to use. And you know what is? Beauty. A beautiful soul. Don't be afraid to show us. We won't hurt you. We will love you.
  • Sagittarius: everyone adores you, but when someone doesn't, it's not the end of the world. Someone not realizing how fun and fascinating you are, does not make you any less of it. You are a beautiful sunset and some people fall asleep before they can see you. You do not have to prove anyone how amazing you truly are. We know you are. Drop that wall and go out there. Drop the act of having an awesome, problemless life and show us that you don't have it. Nobody truly does. It's okay to live.
  • Capricorn: we don't give af about your money, or where you live. We care about YOU. Tell me about your feelings. Tell me about what you did today. What you want to do with that money. Talk to me about your ambitions. You have so much drive. Stop bragging about it and start putting it into use, let that light shine on your eyes like it was always meant to. You don't have to impress us, only yourself.
  • Aquarius: you do care, and it's okay. It's wonderful to care and to feel and to have a heart, it does not make you any weaker. You can CRY. You can stop judging others because it does not make you any better. Take a look at yourself and try to improve because there is so much light within you, you're the only one not letting it shine. Let it glow. You are a kick ass motherfucker and feeling things does not make you any less of that. You can stand out without trying to make others shine any less, you have a light of your own.
  • Pisces: it's okay to be weird. Your mind buzzes with ideas and you are so funny and loyal, you do not have to keep everything you do or say under control at all times to be accepted. You are hilarious and creative and you bring peace to the people around you, you do not have to live up to peoples expectations for them to love you. Be you. You are pure beauty.

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Hello! I am new and looking to get into other adaptations! For Granada, I know that there's a different Watson in the first season because of that actor's career choices, but is it pretty seamless? Seems like a pretty big bump to have to get over. Do you prefer one Watson over the other in this adaptation? Just curious about opinions! :) You're very sweet and I love your blog! Thanks in advance!!

Hi, thanks and welcome! :D I think this will be a long answer, you’ve been warned…

So, when I first heard about the granada series, I thought the same: that the change couldn’t be any good and how could they make it work?! BUT, once I watched it, I had nothing to complain about, it was done so well, the actors were so good, that it doesn’t feel at all like a big bump.

I love both David Burke’s and Edward Hardwicke’s Watson the same, they did an amazing job in portraying a smart, brave and loyal Watson, each one in his own way, and each one in the right way for the moment of the story they where playing.

Burke’s Watson is more sassy, he’s more amused by Holmes abilities and it’s a great portrayal for the beginning of the stories and for the moment in Holmes and Watson relationship. If you think about the character development, Watson couldn’t be always the same, couldn’t be always amused and surprised by Holmes deductions, that doesn’t means that he stopped being impressed but you know, you can get used even to that. And of course, Watson couldn’t be the same after Holmes was gone.

That’s where Hardwicke comes, and the change is perfect: his Watson is more wise, more experienced, smart, loyal and intelligent, in the right way for a Watson that has endured the lost of his friend, that was marked by it… and of course those events shaped the next phase of Holmes and Watson relationship, which is beautifully portrayed by the amazing chemistry between Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke, they were fantastic together.

There’s this interview with Hardwicke, where he talks about his work as Watson, and he knew about the challenge of replacing someone else, and was worried about it, worried about not being able to keep it up with the character as was portrayed by Burke. And one of the most beautiful things he says is that the biggest compliment he received about his work was being called David on set :’) 

So, to conclude: I LOVE THEM BOTH SO SO MUCH <3

an ode to my friends through their signs
  • aries: your passion and your compassion never fail to amaze me. i love how much you love what you love. you are a brilliant lil lady and i know that you always have my back. same goes for you, boo. you make me smile and you make me open up and i really really love you
  • taurus: you are such an unbelievably kind and inviting person. i feel so lucky to have gotten to know you and to have broken through your shell because you truly are glorious. i've never met anyone like you, and i doubt i will, because you're some kind of angel, hun
  • gemini: okay so i seriously think you are such a blast and you're one of the few people whose absence i genuinely feel when you are gone. you are so willing to have fun all the time and you make me do things i wouldn't normally do, but end up loving it. it's hard to describe what i love about you because there's just so much
  • cancer: you are so so sweet and smart and thoughtful and although sometimes we don't get along i can't imagine my life without you and i feel that it is my personal duty to make sure that you are happy forever
  • leo: you are unreal. you are so outrageously lovable and you're such a good listener when it really counts and you and i have some of our best times together
  • virgo: ours is both a strange and flawless friendship. we say nothing to one another but insults, but they're all love. you don't faze me how you do with other people, and i think you like that. i love and look up to you
  • libra: what would i do without you? you are like a lovely flower that takes its time to truly bloom, but looks beautiful throughout. thank you for letting me see you in full bloom, because you're the best flower in the whole wild world ❤️❤️
  • scorpio: you are just perfect. being around you is enough for me to be happy, whether we're in silence or in laughter. i love you so very much
  • sagittarius: what a weird pairing we are; but it works! you and i may have our differences, and there are many, but we loooooove each other. you are so smart and so caring and so willing to go the extra mile for the people you love and i just think you're really great, even if i don't always say so
  • capricorn: you special person, you. never have i met someone soooo intelligent, witty, hilarrrrious, and loving. you are one of the very rare human beings on this earth whom i feel comfortable discussing anything and everything with. you are one of even fewer with whom i genuinely want to spend my hours with, doing exactly that. i am so lucky and grateful to have found you, and even luckier to have had you choose me. ❤️❤️
  • aquarius: you might be crazy but you're my kind of crazy. you are v smart and hilarious and you can talk to anyone like you've known them for years and you are worth so much and you truly deserve the world
  • pisces: WOWZA, you're so kind and generous and smart and funny and whenever i'm around you, I can't help but smile because you are just too good to be true. i love you dearly and i plan to never let you go, if that's cool
signs from gemini's point of view
  • Aries: i dont know many but you all seem kind of cold. can be really fun tho and good at sports
  • Gemini: ayeee
  • Cancer: your music taste is the eXACT SAME AS MINE. also you have cool eyes
  • Leo: i've been in love with two of you and it didnt turn out well but you're very confident and not afraid to say what you think, VERY LOUD.
  • Virgo: i only know one virgo and you guys seem very smart but also quite annoying
  • Libra: i hate you but i love you
  • Scorpio: usually smell good but wtf you guys are so mean sometimes, very smart
  • Sagittarius: fuckboy fuckboy fuckboy fuckboy fuckboy fuckboy
  • Capricorn: you guys are cool at first but what the actual fuck you guys become weird af sometimes
  • Aquarius: WE THINK THE EXACT SAME THING, you're different from everyone and smart af
  • Pisces: kind of a show off, very talented, kind of aggressive sometimes but its cute
how i see the signs
  • aries: you're an angry cupcake ily
  • taurus: you either seem hyper and kind to everyone or arrogant and depressed wtf but you're cool stay awesome
  • gemini: you're just amazing around people, always with a subject to talk about and also smart and cute but wow competitive
  • cancer: you're so sweet and quiet around most people but then BAM AROUND FRIENDS YOU'RE NUTS AND YOU WON'T STOP LAUGHING LOL
  • leo: you're great and fab bby, such a badass
  • virgo: you're a good listener and caring but sometimes you're a bit paranoic...well you know how to talk
  • libra: you're just fucking pretty and friends with everyone
  • scorpio: YOU'RE SUCH A MISUNDERSTOOD PUPPY, YOU'RE SO STRONG CUTIE( and also hot af, damn)
  • sagittarius: you're crazy and chill at the same time, very kind and very honest
  • capricorn: you're that badass person who doesn't give a fuck that everyone either loves or hates. that's it.
  • aquarius: you like weirdos and you're very clever wow (AND YOU WANT TO RULE THE WORLD, MADLY)
  • pisces: you're such a good friend and few people get you but you're calm af, you deserve 200 puppies

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hello cb! you're so sweet and smart. i'd love to have some blog rec from you? nice larry people of course. thankyou!

Okay you have officially made me combust, thank you so much!  This became very long and I’m very sorry, but watcha gonna do.

About the blogs: the bolded ones are my mutuals, the italics are one’s who don’t follow me but I highly recommend ALRIGHTY leggo


This is kind of a melting pot of blogs but trust me, these blogs are all absolutely wonderful. They’re lovely because they have their own style, think for themselves and are well worth a follow for a no-bullshit, (relatively) drama-free dash.

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i.e: great tags + great headcanons = fookin brilliant blogs

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For when you want nitty gritty detail and ALL the speculation 

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Also: a very very interesting plant blog that is well worth a read: the infamous (and now inactive) goodbyeadulthood    


I really don’t know how they do it. A variety of styles and each one manages to be phenomenal.

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No words. Just follow them and read all their works. All of them.

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oK I had a question I've been vegetarian for over 18 months now and I've never had tofu and my mom said it wasn't good and if I wanted some I have to get it on my own but I just wanted to know how it tastes because my mom would throw a fit if I got it and didn't finish it :/and I love you you're so pretty and smart aF ok you're literally goals

Hello baby bee. Tofu can literally taste like anything you want it to taste like, it’s a blank canvas. You can make desserts, stir frys, scrambles, casseroles, all kinds of stuff. It can be salty or sweet. Tofu is generally not expensive? So I don’t know why your mom would have a little tantrum about buying it just one time so you can try it, seems a little childish to be in a huff about your child wanting to explore new stuff lol. Some people can have bad experiences with tofu bc if you don’t cook it right, it won’t be very flavorful or good (like I said, it’s a blank canvas, so it doesn’t taste like much by itself).
I would first try maybe making a silken tofu chocolate pudding, because it requires no actual cooking and can showcase to your mom the versatility of tofu.
Also good are tofu scrambles. I generally sautee up some onions, mushrooms and avocados and crumble up firm tofu, cooking until it’s all browned. Add all kinds of seaosning (tumeric, cumin, creole seasoning and curry powder are my favorites) add soy sauce at the end and melt cheese on the scramble. It’s really good.

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Lucina@Turnip: Hey, you're a princess too?? Cool, I've never met another one before! We should do princess stuff together, like making fun of Nao or eating tons of sweets!! ... Oh! Hey, what're your parents like?

My parents are really cool! They’re so nice to me and everyone in the forest! My dad is especially cool! He’s so big and pretty and strong! You’d probably think he was scary if you didn’t know him, but he’s so nice and smart and I love him so much!!!