you're so stupid

i hate that people think that we are having some petty ship war. this is not a ship war. my dislike for karamel doesn’t stem from me thinking my ship is better. it’s not a situation where multiple ships are good and it’s just a matter opinion. this isn’t a situation where multiple characters would be good for kara and it’s up to you to decide which character you like best. no this is an entirely different matter. this is hatred towards a ship that has become the centerpiece of the show, one that has stripped supergirl of everything that made it so amazing. a ship that is extremely toxic abusive and disgusting. a ship that is being shown to kids as a good healthy relationship. a ship that also has racist undertones and whose supporters defend and ignore everything that is wrong with it. not to mention the other half of the ship is a slave-owning misogynistic abusive asshole.

so, no. this isn’t some petty ship war and it would do you well to remember that simple fact.

dREam dAdDy iS pRoBlemaTIC fOR gAy PeOPle
—  Tumblr, the site where everyone fetishizes the LGBT community and aggressively headcanons every character as gay and/or trans.

Incase anyone didn’t know, Mashima isn’t rushing Fairy Tail’s ending because he wants to start his new manga so badly (he already tweeted that Fairy Tail would have new projects) old mangas (Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail) are getting pressured by the publishing company to end.

And once again, Mashima isn’t the only one who gets a say in his material. He has editors he has to get approved by for his ideas. So if you didn’t like something that happened in the manga, don’t blame Mashima. Maybe he wanted something different but his advisors told him no.

  • Character A: Kneel.
  • Character B: Yes?
  • Character A: I won't ask you again. Kneel.
  • Character B: Ask me what again?
  • Character A: Kneel!
  • Character B: What?!
  • Character C: Uhhhh, A? Neal is a common name. N-E-A-L.
  • Character A: Very well, kneel, Neal!
  • Character B: Would you believe my lasts name is Neil? With an I?
  • Character A: Kneel, Neal Neil!
  • Character B: *To A* It's not, I just wanted to hear him say that.
Draco before the First Task
  • Lucius: That Potter boy won't last five minutes against a dragon
  • Draco: What are you saying Father? He's amazing. He'll definitely make it to ten. And then it'll be over only because he'll end it spectacularly with some daring stunt <3<3<3
  • Lucius: Oh Draco, you're so young and stupid and W R O N G
  • Draco: *glares*
  • Draco: *muttering* My Potter will hear about this