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Am I doing this whole vapor wave aesthetic wrong??

i hate that people think that we are having some petty ship war. this is not a ship war. my dislike for karamel doesn’t stem from me thinking my ship is better. it’s not a situation where multiple ships are good and it’s just a matter opinion. this isn’t a situation where multiple characters would be good for kara and it’s up to you to decide which character you like best. no this is an entirely different matter. this is hatred towards a ship that has become the centerpiece of the show, one that has stripped supergirl of everything that made it so amazing. a ship that is extremely toxic abusive and disgusting. a ship that is being shown to kids as a good healthy relationship. a ship that also has racist undertones and whose supporters defend and ignore everything that is wrong with it. not to mention the other half of the ship is a slave-owning misogynistic abusive asshole.

so, no. this isn’t some petty ship war and it would do you well to remember that simple fact.

Just watched Harry’s Two Ghosts performance from last night on LLS. I have to admit, I’ve never gotten emotional from watching a performance of the boys before. But holy shit, this one. Really did it. I actually teared up when his voice broke a little on the “fridge” line. The raw emotion you could see on his face and hear in his voice was just so fucking genuine. I truly can’t understand how anyone can think this emotional song could be written about you know who. Like, open your eyes.


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You idiotic fuck. You just poisoned yourself. You're so stupid and it's probably going to kill you now.

Cool theory, but western hemlock is a coniferous tree that grows to be several stories tall. Poison hemlock is a flowering herb related to carrots. They’re not related.

so somehow i reached 4k followers which is a lot… think about it, i can’t fit that much people into my house plus my backyard,, so thanks to all the people who have talked to me, complimented me, asked me things and reblogged my stuff,, you’ve made my day🐳

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I think a lot of people who are complaining about people whining about the latest Samurai Jack episode, saying it’s simply because the ship is hetero are missing a lot of pieces

for one, a fuck ton of critics are saying the ship could work, and they wouldn’t MIND if it was DONE RIGHT. But it WASN’T. IT WAS DONE SO BAD.

Case one: the romantic tension comes out of nowhere. they’ve had probably weeks to themselves off camera and yet in what must be less than a single day they’re head over heels?

Case two: the gross sexual innuendos. Jack poking Ashi with his katana hilt (which from the side looks like an erect penis) was extremely cringeworthy. Side note— the really annoying trope of a couple being pushed VERY close together and wondering why it’s so hot.

Case three: Jack, a character well known to not be very talkative, is suddenly babbling like an idiot, so not only are we getting lots of dialogue from a character we probably shouldn’t, but it’s also completely useless dialogue. Even in the context of “hey this person is falling in love” there are less stupid as fuck ways to portray that in dialogue.

Case four: the venom scene. I can’t really tell if it’s an innuendo or not but it went on for too long. Also you should never suck out venom like that.

Case five: Jack has hung out with attractive women before. He didn’t bat an eye in their direction. And before you say Ashi saved Jack from suicide, the other female characters have saved/helped him in other perilous situations. Also should be mentioned he spent more time with the women he didn’t romance than Ashi.

Case six: Jack couldn’t give two fucks about being nearly naked, like most of the reboot’s run as a matter of fact, but Ashi’s PLANT CLOTHING being eaten away in the middle of a battle freaks him the hell out?

Case seven: Jack is in his 70s. And no, it doesn’t fucking matter if he still LOOKS 20. Would you say a 70 person with really good plastic surgery is still whatever age they only LOOK like? No? So Jack is still 70. He was 20 or so in the original run, 50 years passed to now, his body did not change, but he is still 70. Granted, Ashi is most likely over 18 but it’s still extremely creepy to see a 70 year old passionately make out with a young girl like Ashi. (see point 2) 

Case eight: “born sexy yesterday” with the case of Ashi 

Case nine: the last thing a series like this needs is romance. literally. there are a limited number of episodes and starting a romance THIS late in one is just begging for failure as a good romance. 

Case ten: they literally almost fucking died, got covered in fried leech goo… then split second later they’re making out REALLY passionately, which is extremely out of character for Jack. Ashi I could get, but not Jack. I have seen literal April Fool’s episodes doing shit like this, so when I say it’s like an April Fool’s joke, I mean it. 

Case eleven: “wheh wah ur mad cuz it’s hetero!!1!1” yeah, for those who are, they’re tired cause forced heterosexual romances keep getting shoved down their throats. as an adult show they can get away with showing homosexual relationships without censorship, but NOPE. These two people who shouldn’t get together for the above reasons NEED to get together!!1! Also it’s not hard at all to NOT write romance. Considering how much they got WRONG, it WOULD have been easier for them to NOT write in romance!

Case twelve: since Ashi and Jack teamed up, people have been ENDLESSLY EXPECTING AND HOPING FOR A MENTOR-STUDENT RELATIONSHIP, BECAUSE THAT’S HOW IT WAS HEADING. PEOPLE SORT OF HAVE A FEELING FOR THESE THINGS. SUBVERTING THIS INTO SOMETHING CLICHE ON PURPOSE IS NOT GOOD WRITING. It is JARRING. Throwback to point 11, there are SO many unnecessary het romances that having two opposite sex people NOT flirt would be an ACTUAL SUBVERSION. ROMANCE =/= INTEREST. The writers are experts who worked on the original run, other shows, and have been doing so good so far! This shouldn’t even be a problem but WHOOPSIES!,, we need subtly creepy necessary hetero romance #527 

So, when you dismiss all the actual criticisms and arguments/just group all of them under an incorrect label, you just look like an ignorant prick who likes being a jerk and mocking people for not liking the direction a show is heading. Especially considering all the immature comments I’ve seen…

I can’t simply depart from my male sona lol he’s just too cool (and gay) :> but I don’t like him pfffttt oh yeah I changed a little his clothes, to make look more “manly”??? whatevah~

Family pic!! Chu~

Digimon Adventure My Cryes
  • Sora: *is having issues*
  • Taichi: ...
  • Yamato: ...maybe we should ask Takeru

Andrew “I show I care through actions not words” Minyard gives Neil “I’m blind when it comes to symbols of affection” Josten arm bands to cover his scars. And then Neil says some shit about it being nothing and Andrew storms of AND IM SCREAMING AT MY PHONE BECAUSE NEIL WHAT THE HELL