you're so sexually frustrating

Ace Prob #3456
  • *Talking to old friend from years ago*
  • Me: What should I take to college?
  • Friend: Condoms.
  • Me: Um I'm going to be in an all girl area...
  • Friend: Wow, you're gay?
  • Me: No, I told you I was asexual like three times already.
  • Friend: Oh! LOL I forgot. Wtf is asexual anyway? Is that like liking yourself?
  • Me: I would hope everyone likes themselves. It's not being attracted to anyone or anything.
  • Friend: That's weird as hell. Lol, you'll like dick eventually, don't worry about it.
  • Me: Do you tell that to lesbians?
  • Friend: No, I know they wouldn't like dick. They're lesbians.
  • Me: Then why would you tell anyone of any different sexual orientation that?
  • Friend: You're so weird.
  • Sebaciel shipper: *writes/draws/condones child porn, sexualizes a child, uses child's traumas to try and say that he has 'been through so much that he's hardly a child and so it's ok for him to be molested', aggressively hates on a fictional 13 year old girl for standing in the way of the pedophilia, denies 90% of canon information to insist pedo ship is canon, aggressively spams other fans with hate for not shipping the pedo ship, is a pedophile by definition, denies being pedo using the same excuses as convicted child molesters, is literally a pedophile.*
  • Sebaciel shipper: why are you kink shaming me this is an outrage who the fuck do you think you are this is bullying