you're so pretty when you smile

  • Stranger, trying to flirt with Alec: Well, since you're the hottest person in this room and-
  • Alec, drunk and happy: Oh, no, Magnus is. He's over there. *points* See? The really pretty one. He's my boyfriend. I love him so much. He's so gorgeous, I've never seen someone who looks better than him
  • Stranger, pausing: Uh...right...I'll just, I'll be going then *leaves*
  • Magnus, snickering: *walking over to Alec* She was flirting with you, darling.
  • Alec: What? No. She just made a mistake. Don't worry, I corrected her. Obviously you're the hottest person here, I mean, no one else even comes close.
  • Magnus, smiling: Have you even looked at anyone else, darling?
  • Alec, frowning: No? Why would I want to do that when I can look at you? That's a silly question, Magnus
  • Dude: so when are you gonna tell Ben how you feel?
  • Carlos: *screams*
  • Carlos: *realizes Dude is still under the truth gummy spell*
  • Carlos: What are you talking about?
  • Dude: Let's be real. You're only with Jane to satisfy Disney's heterosexual agenda for the sake of having a heterosexual couple.
  • Dude: But you want to be with Ben.
  • Carlos: He's with Mal. I can't do that to her.
  • Dude: Ah huh! So you do like him!
  • Carlos: Okay, okay. You got me. But I mean he's the reason I'm not afraid of dogs anymore. He's the reason we're together.
  • Dude: True.
  • Carlos: And plus he is pretty cute. His eyes. His smile. The way he carries that suit.
  • Carlos: But when he dressed up as an Isle kid, he looked hot as fu--
  • Dude: Listen! If you don't make a move in the third movie, I'm gonna be a very bad dog.
  • Carlos: The worst thing you've ever done, Dude, is spilling water on the floor while drinking from the bowl.
At breakfast in the Great Hall--
  • Hermione: Harry, could you pass the butter if you're done mentally undressing Malfoy?
  • Harry: *staring unblinkingly across the Hall*
  • Ron: *laughing weakly* Mentally... undressing... Er, mate?
  • Harry: Is it me or is Malfoy's hair extra shiny today?
  • Ron: What
  • Harry: He has good bone structure, doesn't he...That's a thing right, bone structure?
  • Ron: Hermione, make him stop
  • Harry: Oh shit, he's so pretty when he smiles
  • Ron: LOL okay brb gotta go throw up
Fake Chats #119
  • Jimin: hey, Kookie, remember when you were entering high school, how small and tiny and cute you were?
  • Jungkook: I'm pretty sure you've got two out of three wrong.
  • Jimin: and you were this lost, little baby and we went out to eat and we were just so proud and you couldn't stop smiling?
  • Jungkook: again, only partly true.
  • Jimin: and now you're a big adult but you're still so cute and I'm so proud of how well my little Kookie is turning out!
  • Jungkook: I'm proud of me too.
  • Jimin: stop growing up! *flings himself onto Jungkook*
  • Jungkook: um, hyung?
  • Jimin: you used to be my baby, what happened to you? *something that sounds suspiciously like a sob*
  • Jungkook: hyung I...I'm still your baby, don't worry.
  • Jimin: promise?
  • Jungkook: *rolls his yes* I promise.
  • Jimin: can I sleep with you?
  • Jungkook: way ahead of you, hyung.

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"Let's go, baby" "Honey" "Princess" "Jiminie" "Jimin-ah" "Jimin-ssi" "I want you x3" "Where do you think you're running to?" "What were you doing without me?" "I will make you come again" "I'll come to your room" "His eyes are so pretty when smiles" "Jiminie hyung's toes are cute!" And he talks informally to Jimin a lot etc. Jimin who is 2 years older......Honestly how can people deny all of this? this is not a normal hyung-dongseong relationship.

aekf EXACTLY MY POINT!!! like, i’m not the most knowledgeable in the korean language or culture, but i know enough to know that isn’t a normal thing for someone 2 years younger to do. no matter how much people claim it is. saying things like that, on top of talking informally is very weird for someone to do when they are younger. like even when people are super close, and talk informally to each other, calling them baby and honey and princess????? ummmm not really a bro thing to do. like……. jungkook spouts all this sappy, unusual shit and people are like “but as friends tho :)” like no……… not as friends. cuz that’s not shit friends do. like no matter how different korean culture is or how close guys are there, that’s just ?? not normal ?? so i love how whipped and real jikook are, in conclusion :)))))

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What kind of boyfriend Bloo would be like? I saw the Dabin one and it's like so accurate??

hello, it was fun too :D

Bloo as a boyfriend;

  • where do I start?
  • He’d call you his princess or queen
  • “Yes, princess?”
  • But still, call you babe/baby
  • He would post tons of pics of you
  • and with you
  • couple pics w/ corny captions
  • He’d ask you to take pics of him
  • “Babe, can you take a pic of me in this alley”
  • “But I’ve already taken like 34789234 pictures -”
  • Matching Tattoos or chokers
  • maybe even jumpers
  • he would smile at you 25/8
  • laugh at ur bad jokes
  • compliment you all the time
  • “Babe, you’re so pretty”
  • when he’s busy he’d face time you 
  • tell you he misses you
  • being clingy in front of the guys
  • “Get A Room”
  • waking you up with kisses
  • drunk confessions and texts
  • “You're so fucking pretty! leTS DATE!”
  • he likes to play with your hair
  • hickeys 
  • lots and lots of hickeys
  • “you’re mine”
  • bc he gets jealous when you talk to the other mkit rain guys
  • but he loves you
  • a LOT

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Vibe flickered into sight, expression deceptively calm as he regarded 'Decans'. He was silent for a moment before offering a soft smile. "Hey there, spark. Hope you're holdin' up okay..." The smile faded quickly, gaze sharpening as he addressed the parasite. "Now. How 'bout you and me have a lil talk?"

As the tall skeleton materialized himself nearby him, the parasite blinked his eyesockets, he was far from surprised, many version of that dude were capable of it, so did his host, it was something quite common apparently. His broad smile remained plastered on his face when this one approached from him… from the way his host became agitated, he was PRETTY sure that it was this ‘Vibe’  that made him fight to stay alive. There was something in his nonexistent guts that told him that THIS wasn’t right and that he should probably flee from that guy… and when this one addressed himself to his host, everything confirmed itself as clear as crystal. He took a few steps back, trying his best to look as relaxed as possible when he crossed both HIS hands behind HIS head, ignoring the cold expression the other was offering him. 

“A lil’ talk, uh ? ‘Doesn’t seem like a lil’ talk ta me with dat unrad expression on yo face. Come on broski, how about a lil’ smile ? Den we could talk I don’t mind ! How’s dat name the other gave ya, Firework, right ?”

how the signs act in love // how to get them to open up to you
  • aries: they fall pretty hard, really fast. theyll obsess over you and do anything in their power to get you to pay attention to them. they will tell you nice things, try to show off or compete with you, or try and come up with the most random things that you have in common, they also might try to get into some of your hobbies or intests just to know you better. they may even act like this towards people they arent in love with, bc they naturally flirt with almost everyone without realizing it, but if they love you it will be almost 100% obvious. for some reason, they begin to fall for either too confident people or really insecure people. they crave an extremely passionate relationship thats nothing but interesting. to get to know them, really all you have to do is ask whatever you want to know. its rare that they are distant, even to people that they really hate.
  • taurus: theyll laugh at all of your jokes, smile a tonnn around you, and always try to make eye contact with you. theyll also buy you lots of thoughtful gifts that they think you might love! they may try to act like they dont love you, even by teasing you or making fun of you but they always fall really hard without even realizing it. when they realize they love you, they will touch you a lot and always want to be really close to you. although, taurus like to take everything they do slowly, they need some time to open up. the more you want to get to know them, the more you need to be patient and try to understand what they feel. the longer you know them, they more you will learn about them so dont rush it. also, if you want them to feel safer and more open with you, tell them about yourself and how you feel.
  • gemini: they will always tell stories and make up jokes to impress you. they'll do anything to grab your attention and become kinda loud when youre around. they will fall in and out of love a lot so dont be surprised if they move on quickly or their opinions change. at one moment theyll talk like they're madly in love with you to their friends and the next theyll be saying the worst stuff about you. deep down, gemini's main goal in life is to find their soulmate, no matter how long it takes them or how detached they seem. they normally, cut themselves off when it comes to showing their emotions, but they might reveal somethings if you are alone together. if you want them to open up, approach them v casually, not like you really deeply need to know.
  • cancer: they're very shy and quiet with their love and they'll try and keep it a secret from you. they will talk to their friends for hours about how much they love you. they will eventually subtly compliment you and stare and blush a lot, even though they wish they could tell you all the things they like about you. they dont like to fall in love, so theyll refuse they are even though its super obvious and theyll sulk and refuse when theyre called out on it. you can tell theyre in love when they start to look after you. they'll always want to make sure youre safe and theyll usually do something to get approval from you. they also tend to be shy, even just in general, but if they trust you, theyll be really willing to open up to you. so if you tell them how you feel, youll most likely get a lot in return.
  • leo: they'll act even more proud of themselves than usual, they think if they think highly of themselves or seem that way that you will think that too. they'll be really touch and always want to cuddle you, theyll also be really generous towards you. they always want to be seen with you as well, almost showing you off. although, they rarely fall completely in love, but when they do, they fall HARD. if you want a leo to open up to you, you just have to seem like you genuinely care and want to listen. if you ask and actually listen attentively, theyll tell you what you want to hear.
  • virgo: theyre very very nervous and shy around you. they'll stutter and have a loss of words. also, they stare a loooot. they actually dont really have a problem sharing how they think and feel, but they may seem a little complicated, because they dont even really know how they feel. they like to ask a lot of people their opinions on something to figure out if how they feel is the most logical, so theyll open up more if youre tolerant and reassuring of their thoughts.
  • libra: they look at you like theyre in love with you and they tease you a lot. theyll be giggly and even more charmimg than normal (if thats even possible). theyll compliment yoU A TON if they arent too shy. they fall in love a lot and really quickly. youll certainly be able to tell, theyll do anything to show you. they seem very friendly and sincere, even if they dont like you, but theyre actually a little scared of revealing too much. they fear rejection and judgement. if you want them to believe in you, show them that you realy admire then and that everything they think is ok with you.
  • scorpio: theyll laugh at almost anything you say and stare at you whenever you look away. they might even get so caught up in staring at you that theyll continue to stare even after you notice. theyll also tease you if you are close. they dont really take relationships all too seriously until they realize that theyre actually in love. it can be quite hard to get them to open, but when theyre stuck in the moment or so padsionate about something it may just all flow out. although, they are very secretive so if they dont want you to know something, you wont know. the best way ti get them to open up is intimacy. you must be very emotionally connected to them or in a deep relationship for them to share their deepest thoughts.
  • sagittarius: they will do a lot of things they normally wouldnt do and be extra friendly. theyll also make sure youre alway included in the situation. they dont really go out of their way when theyre in love. they like to watch and admire from afar, so you might not even notice. when it comes to sharing what they think, theyre pretty open, but they wont tell you everything if you're pressuring them. the best way to get them to talk about their feelings is to make it casual and just ask. you can also just wait for them to come to you, if theres something they want you to know, theyll tell you.
  • capricorn: they get kinda shy and overwhelmed when theyre around you, if you arent totally close. theyll smile a lot when they talk ot think about you. theyll also offer to do things for you and anything to make you happy. they fall deeply in love and when its over it can take them a long time to get over it. they may disappear for a while if something goes wrong, but theyll always come back to you. before they open up to you, they want to make sure you are very caring and that you wont judge them, so this can take some patience. they are less open about sharing feelings about love or anything that can make them feel vulnerable, but once they trust you theyll share almost anything with you. you may need to prove yourself multiple times or remind them that they really trust you, but its very worth it.
  • aquarius: theyll tease you and try to compete against you. they may even tell you things that they normally wouldnt share with anyone else. they take a while to realize the the like or even love someone so you may notice even before them. they will act very comfortable and a little strange around you and expect you to be totally comfortable around them aswell. they are very flustered when theyre in love and they may even deny it to you or to themselves. they are very accepting of anything that you might share with them but theyre distant when it comes to sharing what they feel. its very important that you act as their friend first before you expect anything too deep to come from them. you need to really show them and tell them that its ok to share how they feel and that you will be just as accepting as they are.
  • pisces: theyll flirt a little boldly then act as though they arent serious and they think amd talk about you all the time. theyll create little fantasies of you. they will act very sweet around you and try anything to see you smile, but they maybe a little more shy than normal. they love to fall in love and they fall in love with anyone who will love them. later, they may realize that it wasnt true love, but be too afraid to let you down. they will open up to you if they like you a lot and they feel that you trust them. they will follow their intuition and trust you if you feel it, you may need to be patient.
Safe Haven sentence starters
  • "I don't know what we're heading towards, but I know my heart is all yours."
  • "All my friends tell me I'd be better off on my own, and sometimes I believe 'em."
  • "I can never leave him."
  • "Mixed signals, they're killing me."
  • "You knock and I let you in."
  • "Loving you is my greatest sin."
  • "I see it in your eyes, you wanna run."
  • "I don't know why I love you."
  • "I don't know why I stay."
  • "I don't know if its worth the pain."
  • "Even when you slam the door and drive away, I still set the table for two."
  • "Babe, you know I'm waiting on you."
  • "I believe you every time."
  • "I've never known anybody like you."
  • "I've never dreamed of nobody like you."
  • "I've heard of a love that comes once in a lifetime, and I'm pretty sure that you are that love of mine."
  • "I'm in a field of dandelions, wishing on every one that you'll be mine."
  • "I see forever in your eyes."
  • "I feel okay when I see you smile."
  • "I think that you are the one for me."
  • "It gets so hard to breathe when you're looking at me."
  • "I've never felt so alive and free."
  • "When you're looking at me, I've never felt so happy."
  • "I feel bad inside knowing this is all built on lies."
  • "I feel like an awful person."
  • "We're forcing love that don't exist."
  • "This is so unrighteous."
  • "This is so not like us."
  • "Love at first sight that was gone at the end of night."
  • "We both know that this is going to end."
  • "No chance we're going to make it."
  • "Can we fake it?"
  • "Even though I know you're not the one, this has really been a lot of fun."
  • "I don't really like you, but I still choose to stay."
  • "You still play the part so well."
  • "You're really cute, I must admit."
  • "I need something deeper than this."
  • "I wanna know when I'm looking at you that you don't only see the things you want to."
  • "I'm not perfect, I'm flawed, and if you don't like that, get lost."
  • "I don't want it if it's fake, I don't want it if it's just for show."
  • "I just want it if it's real."
  • "This superficial love thing got me going crazy."
  • "Baby if you want me, then you better need me."
  • "I'm so done not being your number one."
  • "If you wanna keep me, then you better treat me like a damn princess, make that an empress."
  • "Fun at first, I won't deny, but I want more than just what meets the eye."
  • "I want authentic, not just for fun."
  • "If this love is plastic, it'll break on us."
  • "I can feel you on my lips all the time."
  • "I just wanna feel you in my heart and on my mind."
  • "This ain't right."
  • "I feel broken, shattered, and blue, and it's all because of you."
  • "If this is love, why does it break me down?"
  • "It's been a long time since I felt the way that I do now."
  • "I need you, but I don't know how."
  • "It's been a while since I smiled and I meant it from my heart."
  • "The idea of leaving this behind, it tears me apart."
  • "Kiss me now and remind me why I ever wanted to make you mine."
  • "If this is love, why do you break me down?"
  • "You're the other half of my broken heart."
  • "There was a time when I was alone, nowhere to go and no place to call home."
  • "My only friend was the man in the moon, and even sometimes he would go away, too."
  • "He came to me with the sweetest smile, told me he wanted to talk for awhile."
  • "I promise that you'll never be lonely."
  • "Lost boys like me are free."
  • "I realized I finally had a family."
  • "You are my perfect story book."
  • "You are now my home sweet home."
  • "Tonight hope fills our lungs and I can see it in everyone."
  • "The songs use to make us sad, tonight they don't sound so bad."
  • "It feels so good to be young."
  • "I think I'll stay awhile."
  • "I am obsessed with being a mess."
  • "I am in love with being young."
  • "I don't know what the future holds."
  • "I can't believe its been all these years."
  • "My friends tell me I should've moved on a long long time ago, but what do they know?"
  • "I don't mean to be selfish, but my heart breaks every time that I see you smile 'cause I know that it's not me
  • Who brings it out of you anymore."
  • "You found somebody new, you put me in the past."
  • "I don't know if our memories will last."
  • "If by chance it doesn't work out with her, you'll always have a chance with me."
  • "I wonder what happens when you hear our song, do you brush it away or do you sing along?"
  • "Do you talk about the future the way we did?"
  • "You'll always have a chance with me in my world."
  • "Is it so wrong of me to hope she breaks your heart?"
  • "Is it so wrong of me to pray she tears you apart?"
  • "I know in the darkest part of you, you pray and hope and wish for it, too."
  • "You don't mean to be selfish, but your heart breaks every time that you see me smile 'cause you know its not you who brings it out of me anymore."
  • "So casually you walked into my universe."
  • "Hey, you got some pretty brown eyes."
  • "I couldn't help but smile and I think that's the moment it all happened."
  • "Love turned into games, and games turned into heartbreak, and heartbreak turned into war."
  • "Darling, all is fair in love and war."
  • "You meant the world to me."
  • "I'll be your fighter if you say so."
  • "I don't get why we're meant to fall in love, then say goodbye."
  • "Gave you all my heart and all my precious time."
  • "I can picture you in your blue jeans, looking right at me with that gorgeous smile."
  • "I couldn't see the lies and the things that you would hide."
  • "You love so mercilessly."
  • "Here's to everything we ever were."
  • "I got the greatest weapon of all - a broken heart."
  • "Let me hold you for the day and let you know that its okay, give you all the love and peace that you usually send my way."
  • "When its dark for you, don't know what to do, just know you're my light."
  • "When the world is caving, baby you're my safe haven."
  • "On my darkest day I know you'll be my shine."
  • "You're my safe haven."
  • "Love at first sight, it exists."
  • "I've had my heart broken so many times before."
  • "I'll call you in the morning if I see you in my dreams tonight."
  • "I don't even know your name."
  • "I vowed not to let anyone enter my heart."
  • "I know love at first sight can't exist."
  • "Maybe we'll meet in a different dimension and you can tell me all the things you didn't mention."
  • "Maybe we'll meet in a different dimension."
  • "I saw you in my dreams."
  • "I guess that I was scared of what I was before us."
  • "Guess you were my only blemish."
  • "For the first time I don't mind that you found somebody else."
  • "For the first time I'm totally fine being by myself."
  • "I was my best when I was with you."
  • "Would you believe me if I told you that I'm over it?"

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Fluff headcanons for valkyon and ezarel too please (>///<) you're doing a great job btw

Aww, thank you so much! I hope I could do your request justice!


  • In public, Ez pretty much stays the same, teasing and bantering with you as he always has.
  • It takes a trained eye to notice his affectionate smiles, the light flush that blossoms whenever you’re around and small, pretty trinkets he passes you to when he thinks nobody’s looking.
  • Behind closed doors however, he becomes more openly affectionate.
  • He loves sitting you on his lap and playing with your hair, often pressing kisses to the base of your neck.
  • Whenever you have to leave for a mission, he’s always casual about it, offering you a ‘you’re still here?’ or some other sassy remark.
  • He’s always at the gate to welcome you back tho.
  • If you ever cook for him, he’ll eat every scrap even if it isn’t that good. (Expect snarky comments regardless)
  • Some times, when he catches you singing, he’ll join in, wrapping his arms around you as he sings quietly next to your ear.
  • If he doesn’t know the song, he’ll just bury his head into the crook of your neck, enjoying your voice and presence.


  • Though he’s not as openly affectionate as Nevra, Valk is still pretty affectionate in public.
  • Like, he’ll carry your stuff for you, or piggy-back you to where ever it is you need to go.
  • He’ll even get things too high for you to reach. (Careful though, he charges a kiss per item)
  • Valkyon loves to hear about your passions. He finds the way your eyes light up and smile widens so endearing.
  • Not matter what guard you’re in, Valkyon will insist you train with him at least once a week.
  • He knows he can’t always protect you and hopes by doing so you’ll be less likely to get hurt on missions.
  • It has nothing to him wanting to have you close. Definitely not.
  • It is a nice bonus though.
  • Expect to be peppered with lots of kisses whenever you go or come back from a mission.
  • He’s always happy to see you, and will make time for you if he can.
  • If he can’t, he’ll make it up to you with hugs, kisses and his undivided attention.

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Omg you're amazing! Can you write klaroline+23? Pretty please!

23: “We bet and you lost, so you have to do it.” 

Nobody asked for Kol, but that’s when he usually shows up lol The part with him is mostly dialogue and then the second part has almost no dialogue, enjoy my weird way of writing xD I apologize for taking so long to get to this <3 Hope u like it!! On ff.

Also, if you want one!

Getting Lost In Your Lips

Kol was looking smug; putting his cards down he smiled victoriously, “Straight flush. I win darling.”

“That’s- no, no no, that’s impossible. You totally cheated didn’t you?” she accused, knowing him too well by now, to understand he’d do anything to win.

“It doesn’t matter either way, you have no proof for that insubstantial and ridiculous claim. Basically what I mean to say is, we bet and you lost, so you have to do it.”

“Ugh, fine. What do I have to do?”

“Simple enough, when my brother comes in, you have to kiss him. No explanation, just a big, wet, sloppy kiss.”

“I am not kissing Elijah, I think Katherine would murder me, and weirdly enough, I’m not in the mood to die.”

“I’m not talking about that prissy, boring suit. The other one Caroline, you know who.”

“I think it’d be a crime, seeing as Henrik is still a minor. In a few years maybe, but not right now.”

“I’m talking about Nik, I want you to kiss Nik.”

“Sorry, I don’t know any Nik’s.” she smiled sweetly, poison dripping from her every word.

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if you're still unhappy, just think of Alec's face when Magnus called him pretty boy waaaaay back at the start of season one. Fixes everything.

OMG, Anon!!! Just reading this message made me smile so hard. Thank you! And yes, looking at Alec’s face when Magnus calls him “pretty boy” is precious and amazing and if that doesn’t make you smile, I dunno what will. <3

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Laura, I'm pretty sure we ALL want to kiss you at this point. You're just. Damn. This really gorgeous woman who also resembles the fucking sun in your radiance?? You're such a sweet person whose smile can be compared to the sun's rays and I'm just so gay for you oh my god

((OOC: Stop, staaaahp… 


Keep going.))

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Okay so I'm rewatching Merlin and in the episode where we meet Gwaine when he wakes up in Camelot in Merlin's bed with Merlin bringing him breakfast in bed he totally thinks at first that he got drunk and had sex with Merlin and doesn't remember no one will ever be able to convince me otherwise and I don't know if you ship Merlin and Gwaine but you're one of the only Merlin fans I follow and you seemed to like my last Merlin related ask :)

so i’m a monoshipper pretty much, but i am VERY MUCH CONVINCED that gwaine was in love with merlin. i mean really, just look at their first encounter? instead of gwaine talking to arthur he immediately starts in on merlin, and then when merlin brings him breakfast he’s smiling like CRAZY and then you have that scene where merlin’s like “arthur’s lucky to have friends like us” and gwaine answers with “i’m not doing it for arthur” and i’m like GWAINE BABY YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH HIM

You're his crush and you ask him to take a nap with you (BTS)

Rap Monster: -he instantly went into his awkward self when you asked him- “you know we can but you know I snore pretty loud right?”

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Jin: -you were sleepy after you ate dinner with him so you asked him to join you- “yeah when I’m done I think we could nap for like hours”

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Suga: -he looked at you with a smile- “my favorite activity with my favorite person. Yes please”

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J-Hope: -as soon as you asked he tugged you to sit down with him and you two passed out pretty fast- *gif*

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Jimin: -he was more excited than anything that he wasn’t tired anymore- “I mean yeah I think we could make some arrangements Y/N. It will be the best sleep of your life”

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V: -he was asleep when you tapped his shoulder and asked if you could lay with him. He didn’t realize what he agreed to til he woke up again- “I mean yeah sure if want to”

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Jungkook: -after he said yes and you walked over to the bed he did a happy dance in his head- “finally I’ve been waiting for this for a long time”

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What If I Fail (Zelo x reader)

Requested by: a very lovely anon

Word count: 5 k+ (this is so long, sorry!!)

Genre/warnings: fluff ❤

Summary: After watching Junhong’s dance practice with B.A.P, you felt a strong desire to learn how to dance, as that used to be your dream long ago and you felt like it was finally time to fulfill that dream. But things were harder than you’d hoped they would be, and seeing how happy Junhong was about your new past time hobby made you feel beyond pressured, as you didn’t want him to see you fail. With constant self-doubts on your mind and a fear that you might loose motivation soon enough, nothing could snap you out of your trance, except of Junhong, of course.

You stared across the room to where Junhong was for what seemed like an eternity already, but it wasn’t your fault that he was so damn handsome when he danced the way he did. 

B.A.P’s practice room. A place you’d always wanted to visit, but a place you were slightly afraid of, as you were shy and felt out of place there. Since today it was only the six guys without any background dancers or other additional people, Junhong invited you over to take a look at the choreos and tell him your opinion, as, even thought you weren’t a dancer, you had a quite sharp and observant eye, and could tell whenever something looked weird or slightly off.

The guys were extra nice to you, and you really felt at home when they listened to your observations and decided which parts had to be fixed up and done differently and which parts had to be left the way they were. They weren’t bothered by the fact that you weren’t a professional and that you didn’t know all that much about dance, they simply listened and made conclusions based on your observations.

Another spin. And another. A jump in the air and moves your eyes could barely keep track of. Everyone was doing great, and you admired how they slid all across the room, as if the floor was ice and they were ice skaters. You admired how completely in sync they could be if they really wanted to, and you admired how well-timed and precise their moves were. But there was one thing, or rather one person, who had your full attention.


You sat there, wondering. What was it about him that had completely captured your thoughts and stares? He sure did stand out, his height being the primarily reason, but there was something else. It was especially visible and noticeable in the parts that he danced together with Jongup.

While everyone in B.A.P was more or less good at dance, Jongup and Junhong were the ones who always got praised for their outstanding ability, and the ones who always worked on the group’s choreographies. While Jongup’s moves were sharp and always looked more than just professional, you couldn’t take your eyes off of Junhong, simply because he looked like he was having the time of his life. His movements didn’t look scripted, and it seemed as if he just did whatever came to mind, even though he was strictly following one of the new choreographies. His body looked relaxed as he moved it with ease, and the look in his eyes stated that he didn’t have a single worry in this world, at least not when he danced. All this time you couldn’t tear your eyes off of him, and when the guys had finished the song and stood there, slightly panting and waiting for your review, you had to quickly snap out of your little trance and think of something to say.

Practice ended, and you sat there on the sofa, waiting for Junhong to wrap everything up so you could go home. The vivid image of him dancing was still in your head, and you couldn’t help but dream a little.

How did he actually feel while dancing? You sat and thought about the different possibilities. Was it as relaxing as it looked, or was it just him making hard things seem easy with his unlimited skill? You looked down at your feet as you tapped the floor with them a little. Would you be capable of dancing as well? Or was it a dumb dream and an idea that could never become reality?

“(Y/N), I’m done, let’s go!” Junhong appeared in the doorway, shooting you a bright smile as he waved at you. You smiled back and slowly got off the sofa, walking up to him just to be pulled into an embrace.

“Thanks for coming to see us dance today, your advice helped tons!” he exclaimed like a happy child as he held you close and swayed both of you back and forth.

“Junhong… You’re.. kind of squishing me,” you told him in a muffled voice, hoping he would realize his grip was just a tad bit too tight and your face was buried a little too deep into his chest.

“Sorry,” he simply said, loosening his grip so he was able to look at you right in the eyes and smile an apologetic smile. God, he indeed was perfect, or so you thought at least at that moment.

“You’re forgiven, now let’s go,” you told him, and he obeyed immediately, letting go of you just for a second to lock the practice room door, and intertwining his fingers with yours the second you started heading to the exit.

“The guys really liked you, by the way,” Junhong added, his smile stating that he was proud of the fact he had you as his girlfriend. You’d met Jongup and Youngjae before, and had even properly hung out with them and Junhong once or twice, but you’d never met Daehyun, Himchan or Yongguk, and that was one of the reasons you felt so nervous today.

“So, what did they say?” you looked up at Junhong, and his heart melted a little when he saw your bright, curious eyes that looked up at him, eager to find out the answer. 

“So okay, Yongguk hyung said you were very kind-hearted and well-mannered, Himchan hyung said he liked your style and how observant you were, and Daehyun hyung said you were pretty and had a cute smile,” Junhong told you, and you couldn’t be more happy, as leaving a good first impression to his closest friends was something you really strove for.

“Daehyun hyung can back off though, as you're miiiinee~~” Junhong leaned in and did some aegyo at the last word, making you burst out laughing. 

“I’m sure he didn’t mean it that way…”

“I just needed an excuse to say out loud that you are mine, I really love how that sounds,” he said as he leaned his head down even lower, and planted a firm kiss on your lips. You whined a little as he pulled away so fast, and that made him chuckle.

“Let’s get home and then I’ll give you some more of that, I promise,” he said, and you were already burning up with anticipation just by the thought of his lips running against yours again.

Days passed, and you still weren’t really able to forget your dream about learning how to dance, as it was something that you wanted to try out for the biggest part of your life but never really did. Junhong kept coming home from practice, all happy and filled with positive emotions, and you wanted to know how that felt.

“Hey, Junhong-ah,” you looked up from your laptop and called one evening as you were both in the kitchen.

“Wats’s up, babygirl?” he question, not bothering to turn around to face you as he was making both of you tea at the kitchen counter.

“Can a person learn how to dance at an older age, or do they have to start off from childhood?” you asked, a little nervous as you thought of how well he actually knew you. He’d soon understand why you asked, and you were slightly embarrassed about it.

“Hmm, I mean, yeah, why not, it’s possible,” he said while turning around, two large mugs filled with hot and nice smelling green tea in his hands. He sat across from you and handed you a mug.

“How old is the person and who are we even talking about?” he leaned his head on his arm that was rested on the elbow on the table, and gave you a curious look. You tried to look all serious and busy, typing away at your computer and clicking like there was no tomorrow, while in reality you were just opening and closing new tabs, writing random stuff into the url bar and deleting it a few seconds later just so you looked like you were occupied by work. Junhong patiently waited for your answer as he took a sip from his cup, and you knew there was no escape from this situation. After all, you started this.

“Like… Let’s say, someone my age..”

You noticed him choking on his tea a little, and were conflicted between being hella nervous and embarrassed about even considering something like this, being amused by the sound he had just made or being mad at yourself for almost killing your boyfriend with just one comment that made him choke on his tea.

“Hey, (Y/N)… Is it you who wants to learn how to dance?” he leaned in, and you knew that there was no use or chance of trying to escape his stare. Though, when you looked up and your eyes met, he seemed rather interested and happy than amused by your sudden desire.

“You looked quite cool and inspiring back at the practice room, you know…” you said, scratching the back of your head a little and using that movement as an excuse to break eye contact.

“Should’ve just told me!! Oh god, this is amazing,” he said as he looked at you, pure admiration, excitement and love written all over the looks he gave you.

“I’ll probably fail though, don’t get your hopes up too high, I just want to try-”

“Nanana, don’t talk like that about yourself! You can’t fail, you’ll have to succeed! And I believe that you will,” Junhong smiled at you, and you tried to smile back as good as you could.

The good thing was, you just acquired a teacher and instructor, and the bad thing was that Junhong’s hopes were set up high now, and you couldn’t let him see you fail. That new knowledge of yours was a burden that you had to carry for a while now, because letting Junhong down was something that you never wanted to happen.

Junhong started making extra time for you in the evenings, coming home a little earlier and taking you right to the spacious guest bedroom that didn’t look like a guest bedroom anymore. He had put huge mirrors all over one wall and made it into a little practice studio around a year ago, but never really used it up until now. He would put on music and show you some moves first every evening, and you would have to repeat soon after. At first, your knees were shaking and there was a knot forming in your throat every time he showed you something and every time you had to repeat. It took him some time to get you to do anything really at first, because you were so scared and ashamed to attempt those dance moves in front of someone as good of a dancer as Junhong, but eventually you started moving and dancing, trying your best to do it all properly. His plan was to show you different more or less easy dance moves and steps that he’d later combine into a small choreo. You had a few of these, taking one of them every evening and trying to go over the choreo again and again. You had to admit, it was a lot of fun, especially with someone like Junhong by your side, because his encouragement was more than just real and his smile was a major mood lifter. The burning passion for these home practices was real in his eyes, and every time you looked at him you felt a mixture of pure love, affection and guilt.

Days and weeks passed, and, the further you got, the more self-conscious you felt when you woke up every morning. Junhong was kind to you, and when he saw that you couldn’t catch up with his desired pace, he had to slow down the training a bit. No matter how hard you tried, you never really felt accomplishment. You knew that learning how to dance took people years, and you were aware that it would take you much longer than just a few weeks to acquire even the very very basics of it, but you couldn’t help but notice the disappointment in Junhong’s eyes every now and then when you failed at something. He always brushed it off, laughing and encouraging you to try it again, but you couldn’t help but notice second doubts in his facial expression.
It wasn’t until he called you to watch another one of B.A.P’s dance practices that you started feeling anxious. He had something up his sleeve, and it irritated you that you couldn’t quite tell from his cheeky smirk.

“Hey, you alright today? You seem nervous,” he simply asked as he opened the door for you and let you into the main building.

“I mean, I guess I am, it’s… nothing,” you told him, taking him by the hand and silently walking next to him. Maybe he didn’t notice, or maybe he thought you’d get over whatever was bugging you by yourself, but he didn’t ask any additional questions and he didn’t say anything, simply holding your hand and lightly tugging you into the right direction.
It was just the same as the previous time, with you being seated on the couch and forced to watch them go over the same choreo countless times.

“They sure are the Best Absolute Perfect…” you thought as you saw how much effort they put into making it as good and smooth as possible, keeping it simple at some parts just to do something extravagant and impressive right after. And it pleasantly surprised you that they had taken some of your observations into consideration and changed up those parts.

You couldn’t help but feel bad about yourself as you watched the guys dance, but your heart clenched the most every time you threw Junhong a glance.

It took him years upon years to be this good, and you were on the edge of giving up after only a few weeks had passed. You’d wanted to do this all your life, but never seemed to be able to learn it, no matter if it was a family or financial matter, or just lack of motivation. You felt that the time had finally come a few weeks ago, but now you weren’t that sure anymore. You watched Junhong dance, and with every step he took you were closer to tears. You were letting him down with your behavior, that’s exactly what you were doing, and you couldn’t stand it.

“Hey, come over, let’s try the choreo from yesterday,” Junhong told you when they took a break, and you immediately froze.

“It’s break, Junhong. Don’t you want to… like.. rest a little or something?” you looked around to see the other five still in the room, walking back and forth and doing random things. God, why here and why now?

“Ooooh, someone’s shyyy~~” Youngjae teased from across the room just to get hit in the back of his head by Himchan, his floofy hair bouncing up at the impact.
“Ouch! How dare you!” he exclaimed, and you chuckled at his seemingly angry face.

“Be nice. (Y/N)’s trying to learn how to dance and you should be supportive instead of your usual, mean self,” Himchan said, and chuckles filled the room as Youngjae’s cheeks started to burn bright red.

“I didn’t mean it to sound mean…”

“It’s fine, it’s not like you were too far off the truth,” you told Youngjae and smiled at him. Suddenly, you were grabbed by the hand and swooped up to your feet by Junhong, and you heard familiar music blasting in the background.

“(Y/N), it’s fine, we’re not looking,” Daehyun said from somewhere across the room, and he wasn’t lying. But even if you knew you weren’t watched by the guys, they would still catch a glimpse you you struggling when you tried to keep up with Junhong, you were sure of it.

It could’ve gone worse, but it didn’t go too well either. There was applause from the guys when you both had finished the song, and your cheeks burned bright red. They were watching after all, and you felt embarrassed dancing next to Junhong, simply because he was as good as he was at it and you were.. quite the opposite, or so you thought at least.

“Hey, Junhong-ah.. Do you still need me here?” you asked him as you both stepped aside. He furrowed hid brows, looking slightly worried.

“Why you asking? You want to leave?”

“Could I? No offense, it’s just that my head hurts a little and I still have things to do that need my full attention today,” you told him, hoping he wouldn’t be disappointed or sad about your sudden departure.

“Yeah, sure.. Should I drive you home, or can you drive on your own with that headache? One of the guys can get me home today, so you can take the car if you need..” he was talking too much again, just like always when he was a little worried.

“Junhong-ah, don’t worry,” you told him, pinching his cheek.

“You’ve learned to read my facial expressions way too well…” you chuckled at his remark.

“I’ll gladly take the car, thank you. See ya soon and goodbye,” you gave him a quick hug and waved goodbye to the guys. Running down the hallway, you got into the vehicle and, turning on the engine, hoped to be home as soon as possible.

You headed straight to the tuned up guest bedroom, and stood in front of the mirror. Music blasting loudly through the speakers, you tried what you and Junhong had been working on over and over again, but weren’t able to complete the choreo without a mistake even once. Frustration and self doubts, as well as motivation loss rising up inside of you and filling your guts, you tried it again and again, failing more and more as you kept overthinking about it.

Failing. Just what you were afraid of the most. Or no, the thing that you were afraid of the most was letting Junhong down, which was exactly what you were doing, or so you thought.

Eventually, after what seemed like hours, you stopped, turning off the music and sliding down to the floor, panting heavily.

“(Y/N)…” a familiar voice called from the doorway, and you jumped at it a little. Your head started spinning, and you felt very dizzy as you looked up at the tall, lean figure that seemed to be Junhong.

“I tried.. But I failed again,” you told him, panting. Junhong knew by the look in your eyes that you were close to passing out, and right as you felt your arms that you were resting on giving out and sending you flying to the floor, Junhong’s arms wrapped around you and pulled you into his lap, resting your head on his chest.

“I tried it like a thousand times, I swear, but I couldn’t do it…” you told him in between many fast and sharp breaths, clenching onto his shirt with one hand as he held you a little tighter.

“Every time I fell, or I missed something, or simply forgot. I-I’m… I’m sorry for being such a disappointment-”

“Shh, take it easy. Catch your breath first,” Junhong told you, with his lips resting on your head. You gulped, knowing it would be better to obey, so you sat there, held tightly by him and clenching onto his shirt, trying to calm down your body and sync your breathing with his.

“So okay, once again, and this time in detail. I want to hear absolutely everything you have to say before I comment, so tell me what happened, how and why,” he told you after a solid ten minutes had passed and you were more or less back to normal. You loved this caring and serious side of Junhong that showed whenever you had a hard time, and you thought about how you should word what you were about to say.

“I don’t know.. I was just so embarrassed earlier today when we were in the practice room because I messed up a lot, and, you know, you don’t really want to mess up an easy choreo a lot while the whole of B.A.P is watching you. So I came home, and I tried it again and again, and I couldn’t do it… And… I know it’s stupid, but I just saw you dancing today again, and I suddenly got really self-conscious. I’m aware you’ve been doing this for years and I have just started a few weeks ago, but… My goal was to be as good as you someday, and.. What if even after years and years of practice I won’t be able to achieve that?” you looked up at him, and his heart clenched at the sight of you being so sad and lost.

“What if I lose motivation? The first thing that I thought of when I entered the apartment today was that I wanted to go and take a nap. A nap, Junhong, a nap. What if I’ll just start taking naps instead of dancing in the evenings?!” you were quite frustrated about it, but Junhong seemed amused, as you could feel his chest rise up and down when he chuckled at your question.
“What’s so funny about it?!” you looked up at him with a puzzled facial expression, and he cupped your face with one hand, stroking your cheek with his thumb.

“Relax,” his voice sent shivers down your spine, and you slowly let your tense body lean onto his, letting him be your support.

“That’s better,” he told you, his face getting closer as you knew what would follow.

His lips worked wonders as they brushed against yours, relaxing all of your still clenched and tense muscles as he filled your body up with pure pleasure and a sense of calmness.

“Okay, now listen,” he said as he pulled away, pinning his forehead against yours, “let’s start off with what bugged me the most and then let’s try and get this cleared up. First and foremost of all, why do you think that you’re a disappointment?”

“Because I can’t get anything done right,” you said, biting your lip slightly, “and you even had to take it easier on me, simply because I couldn’t do everything you wanted me originally to do. I saw the look in your eyes, and it was disappointment.”

“Okay, then explain why you think that you will fail and won’t be able to be as good as me someday?”

“I can’t really explain that, it’s just my stupid fear of what might happen.. I’m just afraid that I’ll give up too soon, before I can even learn anything properly..”
you closed your eyes and sighed.

“Look at me,” you heard Junhong say. With a deep breath, you opened your eyes and stared right into his.

“First of all, you know I’m not a teacher or instructor. I’ve never taught anyone how to dance before. What seems easy for me is hard for you, and it took me some time to understand that we can’t move forwards at such a fast pace simply because no one can pick up things so fast and so easily. I struggled a lot at first when I started learning too, but, since that was ages ago, it took me some time to remember how I felt back then and it took me time to understand your troubles. That’s why I said we’d take it easier, one step at a time. Not because you were bad, but because I understood that what I wanted you to do at first was too much for someone who isn’t a dancer to handle,” he said, and you let those words sink in. He continued soon though, not letting your brain process all of this new information properly.

“Second of, I’d like you to understand that dance is something you should take pleasure in. You told me you originally wanted to try it because you saw how happy, at peace and relaxed I looked while doing it, and wanted to know if you could feel that way as well. What you have to remember is that it will take you a long time to divide your body from your thoughts and let it move on it’s own, and until then you just have to accept the fact that you will make mistakes and not everything will always be perfect. Use your flaws as guidelines, and don’t feel like a complete fail whenever you do something wrong. You’ll eventually succeed if you try hard enough, and don’t worry if it will take you some time. Until then, keep a positive attitude and take pride in the things that you do right. Feel good about yourself,” Junhong smiled a little, making you smile in return as well. How did he manage to clear up all of your troubles so fast and without any extra effort?

“And third of, don’t let fears and bad thoughts set you off and scare you. If you won’t try it, you won’t find out, ya know? By what I’ve seen, you’re going to be more than just amazing at dance someday, if you keep working on it, of course. You’ve got that fire in your heart, and smooth movements as well. Maybe I sounded too demanding when I said “you have to succeed!” back then, I’m sorry. I probably should’ve told you “you will succeed!” instead, but what’s done is done. And if I ever shot you a glare or a stare that resembled disappointment or anything among those lines, just know that you got it wrong and it was just in your head. I definitely didn’t mean it that way, as you actually amaze me instead. Babe, I want you to know that you could never disappoint me,” he wrapped up his tiny monologue, looking at you lovingly and waiting for a response or at least something among those lines.

“I feel slightly stupid,” you admitted, chuckling a bit.

“Don’t, it’s alright. I remember, when I was young and easily angered and irritated by everything, especially failure. I wanted to quit or give up so many times, and to this day I have no clue how or why I continued back then. I guess I just liked dance too much to give up on it, even when I failed tons and wasn’t able to do anything properly for a long time,” he told you, and you admired him as you listened to his story.

“So what you’re telling me is that I just have to like it enough in order to continue, and not giving up even at the hardest times is..”

“… the key to success,” he finished up your sentence, giving you another smile and a cheeky wink.

“Look at us, finishing up each other’s sentences. If that isn’t cute, I don’t know what is,” he made you laugh with that sentence, and he was glad your heart and soul were clear from all of the doubts and negativity.

“This time, focus on having fun in what you do instead of worrying about doing it all right,” he said, bringing both of you to your feet and turning the music on.

Your dancing wasn’t perfect, but it suddenly brought you so much pleasure and fun. You didn’t think about the fact that you were dancing with Junhong, your boyfriend who was so much better at this than you were and made you feel self-conscious. Instead you thought about how you were dancing with Junhong, your loving boyfriend who was always there for you, at your best and at your worst times, and who was ready to sacrifice his free evenings and tire himself out even more after long days of work and practice with teaching you how to dance.

Junhong couldn’t stop smiling when he saw that you had understood what he meant, and, as the music stopped, he swooped you off of your feet and spun around with you in his arms a few times.

“I’m so proud of you!” he exclaimed as he put you down, and you couldn’t help but smile and feel grateful that you had him.

“Thank you for everything,” you clung onto him as you felt him lifting you up again. Your legs made their way around his waist and your arms  wrapped loosely around his neck as he held you firmly and tightly. There were perks and flaws of him being as tall as he was, and one of the major flaws was that you couldn’t properly kiss while standing up. But there were perks as well, for example, the fact that you were allowed to shamelessly clinge onto his tall, lean frame as much as you wanted, simply because if he held you this way, your faces were perfectly aligned on a kissing-appropriate level.

“And don’t ever doubt yourself again, okay? I’ll always be there for you if you need any type of help, dance-wise or emotional-wise, never forget that,” he told you right before he kissed you, drowning out the sentence that you were about to say when his lips smashed onto yours. Your hand tangled in his hair, holding his head firmly in place, and you made sure to show him how much you appreciated his presence and the things he always did for you, and how much you adored him with slow, passionate movements of your mouth. 

It took both of you a while to be able to get your hands off of each other, but soon you were back at the dancing. All the pressure from before was gone, and you tried to forget your little mistakes and failures as soon as they happened. Junhong seemed genuinely happy, and so did you. You smiled at the thought of doing this together with him for years from now on, as you were sure you could do it now. With a support like Junhong right by your side, nothing could go wrong, you were certain.

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You kissing james in front of the marauders before you're leaving and him blushing because you have started dating just a few days ago and the marauders teasing him about it😂😂

omg yes bc he’s james and he’s cool and tough and you’re “just this girl he’s started seeing. nothing huge” so when you’d lean up and give him a kiss to say goodbye, the boys would be so confused as to why James was beginning to blush with a big, dopey smile across his face and he’d be trying to play it cool but Merlin, you are so pretty and he likes you so much and he’s so happy that you’re his and he can kiss you whenever he wants, it’s really hard not to look so smitten. the boys, of course would catch on super quick and tease him about it to no end.

“‘Just a girl you’ve started seeing,’ eh, Prongs?”
“’’S nothing huge,’ i believe he said, Padfoot.”
“Mate, you look like you’ve just consumed a liter of amortentia”

It’d be super cute

Smitten James might be my fav James ♡

How The Signs Show Affection
  • Aries: They may seem tough and hardened on the outside but they are fantastic cuddlers and won't. Let. You. GO! Allow them to envelope you in their body heat. ( ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡° )
  • Taurus: Also wonderful cuddlers, as well as head stroking, and great listeners. Like living teddy bears!
  • Gemini: They like long hugs so they can really feel your energy. Be prepared for having your hands, arms, and hair played with for a very long time while they talk to you about all kinds of stuff.
  • Cancer: They'll talk your ear off about what happened at work today, and make you a nice snack to show you they appreciate you. Not really touchy feely, but you know they care. They begin to open up and show you their crazy side!
  • Leo: Absolutely drowns you in compliments (and expects a few in return) and loves stroking your hair and playfully messing with your body.
  • Virgo: Sharing is caring with this one. We're talking sharing drinks (two straws like in the movies), sharing seats, and smol kisses.
  • Libra: They like having a little authority so probably some hugs from behind. You can sit on their lap, and they'll occasionally squeeze you while watching your fave movie.
  • Scorpio: Very intimate and passionate. Hugs are long and meaningful, and sharing food is definitely a thing that will happen. They'll share their most twisted secrets with you and hand you all their trust. This is a special and rare occurrence.
  • Sagittarius: Back rubs, man. Back and shoulder rubs! They'll listen to you rant about your mean co worker or peer and offer meaningful insight and advice, all while keeping you close and very very safe.
  • Capricorn: They seem stern and serious most of the time, and very cold to most but when they loosen up around you prepare for much cuddling. They'll stop being so uppity and let you do pretty much whatever to them. Peaceful silence with Netflix and food.
  • Aquarius: Endless text messages and cute notes! They like making you fully aware that you're on their mind. Getting little kisses is not uncommon. And hugs are firm and full of love.
  • Pisces: You get to enjoy seeing their bright smile all day and constantly hear their warm and uplifting laughter that is nothing short of contagious! They like patting and playing with your arms and playful shoving.

Ok I am not having this. It doesn’t matter what you look like someone will always say you’re ugly if you’re famous. So even though you won’t see this Soyeon you better look in the mirror and see nothing but the face you are blessed with. (Beautiful spam under the cut)

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