you're so pretty when you smile

At breakfast in the Great Hall--
  • Hermione: Harry, could you pass the butter if you're done mentally undressing Malfoy?
  • Harry: *staring unblinkingly across the Hall*
  • Ron: *laughing weakly* Mentally... undressing... Er, mate?
  • Harry: Is it me or is Malfoy's hair extra shiny today?
  • Ron: What
  • Harry: He has good bone structure, doesn't he...That's a thing right, bone structure?
  • Ron: Hermione, make him stop
  • Harry: Oh shit, he's so pretty when he smiles
  • Ron: LOL okay brb gotta go throw up
Fake Chats #119
  • Jimin: hey, Kookie, remember when you were entering high school, how small and tiny and cute you were?
  • Jungkook: I'm pretty sure you've got two out of three wrong.
  • Jimin: and you were this lost, little baby and we went out to eat and we were just so proud and you couldn't stop smiling?
  • Jungkook: again, only partly true.
  • Jimin: and now you're a big adult but you're still so cute and I'm so proud of how well my little Kookie is turning out!
  • Jungkook: I'm proud of me too.
  • Jimin: stop growing up! *flings himself onto Jungkook*
  • Jungkook: um, hyung?
  • Jimin: you used to be my baby, what happened to you? *something that sounds suspiciously like a sob*
  • Jungkook: hyung I...I'm still your baby, don't worry.
  • Jimin: promise?
  • Jungkook: *rolls his yes* I promise.
  • Jimin: can I sleep with you?
  • Jungkook: way ahead of you, hyung.

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Vibe flickered into sight, expression deceptively calm as he regarded 'Decans'. He was silent for a moment before offering a soft smile. "Hey there, spark. Hope you're holdin' up okay..." The smile faded quickly, gaze sharpening as he addressed the parasite. "Now. How 'bout you and me have a lil talk?"

As the tall skeleton materialized himself nearby him, the parasite blinked his eyesockets, he was far from surprised, many version of that dude were capable of it, so did his host, it was something quite common apparently. His broad smile remained plastered on his face when this one approached from him… from the way his host became agitated, he was PRETTY sure that it was this ‘Vibe’  that made him fight to stay alive. There was something in his nonexistent guts that told him that THIS wasn’t right and that he should probably flee from that guy… and when this one addressed himself to his host, everything confirmed itself as clear as crystal. He took a few steps back, trying his best to look as relaxed as possible when he crossed both HIS hands behind HIS head, ignoring the cold expression the other was offering him. 

“A lil’ talk, uh ? ‘Doesn’t seem like a lil’ talk ta me with dat unrad expression on yo face. Come on broski, how about a lil’ smile ? Den we could talk I don’t mind ! How’s dat name the other gave ya, Firework, right ?”

how the signs act in love // how to get them to open up to you
  • aries: they fall pretty hard, really fast. theyll obsess over you and do anything in their power to get you to pay attention to them. they will tell you nice things, try to show off or compete with you, or try and come up with the most random things that you have in common, they also might try to get into some of your hobbies or intests just to know you better. they may even act like this towards people they arent in love with, bc they naturally flirt with almost everyone without realizing it, but if they love you it will be almost 100% obvious. for some reason, they begin to fall for either too confident people or really insecure people. they crave an extremely passionate relationship thats nothing but interesting. to get to know them, really all you have to do is ask whatever you want to know. its rare that they are distant, even to people that they really hate.
  • taurus: theyll laugh at all of your jokes, smile a tonnn around you, and always try to make eye contact with you. theyll also buy you lots of thoughtful gifts that they think you might love! they may try to act like they dont love you, even by teasing you or making fun of you but they always fall really hard without even realizing it. when they realize they love you, they will touch you a lot and always want to be really close to you. although, taurus like to take everything they do slowly, they need some time to open up. the more you want to get to know them, the more you need to be patient and try to understand what they feel. the longer you know them, they more you will learn about them so dont rush it. also, if you want them to feel safer and more open with you, tell them about yourself and how you feel.
  • gemini: they will always tell stories and make up jokes to impress you. they'll do anything to grab your attention and become kinda loud when youre around. they will fall in and out of love a lot so dont be surprised if they move on quickly or their opinions change. at one moment theyll talk like they're madly in love with you to their friends and the next theyll be saying the worst stuff about you. deep down, gemini's main goal in life is to find their soulmate, no matter how long it takes them or how detached they seem. they normally, cut themselves off when it comes to showing their emotions, but they might reveal somethings if you are alone together. if you want them to open up, approach them v casually, not like you really deeply need to know.
  • cancer: they're very shy and quiet with their love and they'll try and keep it a secret from you. they will talk to their friends for hours about how much they love you. they will eventually subtly compliment you and stare and blush a lot, even though they wish they could tell you all the things they like about you. they dont like to fall in love, so theyll refuse they are even though its super obvious and theyll sulk and refuse when theyre called out on it. you can tell theyre in love when they start to look after you. they'll always want to make sure youre safe and theyll usually do something to get approval from you. they also tend to be shy, even just in general, but if they trust you, theyll be really willing to open up to you. so if you tell them how you feel, youll most likely get a lot in return.
  • leo: they'll act even more proud of themselves than usual, they think if they think highly of themselves or seem that way that you will think that too. they'll be really touch and always want to cuddle you, theyll also be really generous towards you. they always want to be seen with you as well, almost showing you off. although, they rarely fall completely in love, but when they do, they fall HARD. if you want a leo to open up to you, you just have to seem like you genuinely care and want to listen. if you ask and actually listen attentively, theyll tell you what you want to hear.
  • virgo: theyre very very nervous and shy around you. they'll stutter and have a loss of words. also, they stare a loooot. they actually dont really have a problem sharing how they think and feel, but they may seem a little complicated, because they dont even really know how they feel. they like to ask a lot of people their opinions on something to figure out if how they feel is the most logical, so theyll open up more if youre tolerant and reassuring of their thoughts.
  • libra: they look at you like theyre in love with you and they tease you a lot. theyll be giggly and even more charmimg than normal (if thats even possible). theyll compliment yoU A TON if they arent too shy. they fall in love a lot and really quickly. youll certainly be able to tell, theyll do anything to show you. they seem very friendly and sincere, even if they dont like you, but theyre actually a little scared of revealing too much. they fear rejection and judgement. if you want them to believe in you, show them that you realy admire then and that everything they think is ok with you.
  • scorpio: theyll laugh at almost anything you say and stare at you whenever you look away. they might even get so caught up in staring at you that theyll continue to stare even after you notice. theyll also tease you if you are close. they dont really take relationships all too seriously until they realize that theyre actually in love. it can be quite hard to get them to open, but when theyre stuck in the moment or so padsionate about something it may just all flow out. although, they are very secretive so if they dont want you to know something, you wont know. the best way ti get them to open up is intimacy. you must be very emotionally connected to them or in a deep relationship for them to share their deepest thoughts.
  • sagittarius: they will do a lot of things they normally wouldnt do and be extra friendly. theyll also make sure youre alway included in the situation. they dont really go out of their way when theyre in love. they like to watch and admire from afar, so you might not even notice. when it comes to sharing what they think, theyre pretty open, but they wont tell you everything if you're pressuring them. the best way to get them to talk about their feelings is to make it casual and just ask. you can also just wait for them to come to you, if theres something they want you to know, theyll tell you.
  • capricorn: they get kinda shy and overwhelmed when theyre around you, if you arent totally close. theyll smile a lot when they talk ot think about you. theyll also offer to do things for you and anything to make you happy. they fall deeply in love and when its over it can take them a long time to get over it. they may disappear for a while if something goes wrong, but theyll always come back to you. before they open up to you, they want to make sure you are very caring and that you wont judge them, so this can take some patience. they are less open about sharing feelings about love or anything that can make them feel vulnerable, but once they trust you theyll share almost anything with you. you may need to prove yourself multiple times or remind them that they really trust you, but its very worth it.
  • aquarius: theyll tease you and try to compete against you. they may even tell you things that they normally wouldnt share with anyone else. they take a while to realize the the like or even love someone so you may notice even before them. they will act very comfortable and a little strange around you and expect you to be totally comfortable around them aswell. they are very flustered when theyre in love and they may even deny it to you or to themselves. they are very accepting of anything that you might share with them but theyre distant when it comes to sharing what they feel. its very important that you act as their friend first before you expect anything too deep to come from them. you need to really show them and tell them that its ok to share how they feel and that you will be just as accepting as they are.
  • pisces: theyll flirt a little boldly then act as though they arent serious and they think amd talk about you all the time. theyll create little fantasies of you. they will act very sweet around you and try anything to see you smile, but they maybe a little more shy than normal. they love to fall in love and they fall in love with anyone who will love them. later, they may realize that it wasnt true love, but be too afraid to let you down. they will open up to you if they like you a lot and they feel that you trust them. they will follow their intuition and trust you if you feel it, you may need to be patient.

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Fluff headcanons for valkyon and ezarel too please (>///<) you're doing a great job btw

Aww, thank you so much! I hope I could do your request justice!


  • In public, Ez pretty much stays the same, teasing and bantering with you as he always has.
  • It takes a trained eye to notice his affectionate smiles, the light flush that blossoms whenever you’re around and small, pretty trinkets he passes you to when he thinks nobody’s looking.
  • Behind closed doors however, he becomes more openly affectionate.
  • He loves sitting you on his lap and playing with your hair, often pressing kisses to the base of your neck.
  • Whenever you have to leave for a mission, he’s always casual about it, offering you a ‘you’re still here?’ or some other sassy remark.
  • He’s always at the gate to welcome you back tho.
  • If you ever cook for him, he’ll eat every scrap even if it isn’t that good. (Expect snarky comments regardless)
  • Some times, when he catches you singing, he’ll join in, wrapping his arms around you as he sings quietly next to your ear.
  • If he doesn’t know the song, he’ll just bury his head into the crook of your neck, enjoying your voice and presence.


  • Though he’s not as openly affectionate as Nevra, Valk is still pretty affectionate in public.
  • Like, he’ll carry your stuff for you, or piggy-back you to where ever it is you need to go.
  • He’ll even get things too high for you to reach. (Careful though, he charges a kiss per item)
  • Valkyon loves to hear about your passions. He finds the way your eyes light up and smile widens so endearing.
  • Not matter what guard you’re in, Valkyon will insist you train with him at least once a week.
  • He knows he can’t always protect you and hopes by doing so you’ll be less likely to get hurt on missions.
  • It has nothing to him wanting to have you close. Definitely not.
  • It is a nice bonus though.
  • Expect to be peppered with lots of kisses whenever you go or come back from a mission.
  • He’s always happy to see you, and will make time for you if he can.
  • If he can’t, he’ll make it up to you with hugs, kisses and his undivided attention.

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if you're still unhappy, just think of Alec's face when Magnus called him pretty boy waaaaay back at the start of season one. Fixes everything.

OMG, Anon!!! Just reading this message made me smile so hard. Thank you! And yes, looking at Alec’s face when Magnus calls him “pretty boy” is precious and amazing and if that doesn’t make you smile, I dunno what will. <3

You're his crush and you ask him to take a nap with you (BTS)

Rap Monster: -he instantly went into his awkward self when you asked him- “you know we can but you know I snore pretty loud right?”

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Jin: -you were sleepy after you ate dinner with him so you asked him to join you- “yeah when I’m done I think we could nap for like hours”

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Suga: -he looked at you with a smile- “my favorite activity with my favorite person. Yes please”

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J-Hope: -as soon as you asked he tugged you to sit down with him and you two passed out pretty fast- *gif*

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Jimin: -he was more excited than anything that he wasn’t tired anymore- “I mean yeah I think we could make some arrangements Y/N. It will be the best sleep of your life”

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V: -he was asleep when you tapped his shoulder and asked if you could lay with him. He didn’t realize what he agreed to til he woke up again- “I mean yeah sure if want to”

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Jungkook: -after he said yes and you walked over to the bed he did a happy dance in his head- “finally I’ve been waiting for this for a long time”

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i. nice girl meet nice guy. nice guy has a dimpled chin, and brown eyes that swirl like vats of darkest chocolate. molten, it’s warm from mouth to throat to stomach, sweet and easy to swallow if you ignore the aftertaste. nice guy has a smile that 6 out of 7 dentists ( and one LONELY little girl ) have fallen in love with.

ii. nice guy holds your hand when it’s dark. he pulls out your seat and tells you look beautiful after you’ve spent hours upon hours primping, stacked them one by one, like ribbon curls and coral corkscrews over your head. nice guy brushes your hair behind your ear and calls you HIS GIRL. you hear that, world? his his his -– it clings to your skin like perfume, the Toxic Scent of Possession™ ( Eu de don’t trust him ).  

iii. nice guy shows you off to his nice friends, slips a sly grin up over your head and those fingers that once kissed the skin between your own, they drift lower, and lower, and – and you’re shoved away like a mule, a horse – no, a trophy to the back of the display case. it’s gross and it’s disgusting, and god damn, does it hurt. but there’s a part of you that doesn’t care. the part of you that just wants to shine, it ignores the glass house, this glass cage. 

iv. nice guy wipes away the tears he strung out of you, kisses you until you forget you’re crying and steals your breath like a hat-trick. half the time you are the balloon that’s kissing the ceiling. half the time you’re nose to the floor, but days like these, don’t you feel like you could BURST? 

v. there’s blood on the glass, and it won’t shatter. you’ll bleed to death before you break free. 

vi. you’re searching for him in an empty bed you don’t remember getting into. you’re an empty room you don’t remember renting out –– and this room, this bed, they’re yours to lie in.


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Hiya! Was wondering if I could get the Gaster's reactions to having an S/o with a pretty singing voice? Like, someone who loves to sing for them and generally has a song in their heart? Thanks, you're blog is awesome btw, 11/10.


- There will be times when he begs you to sing for him
- Not by asking
- But by giving you that sweet, dorky smile and bashfully wringing his hands
- The look that just screams ‘pleeeeeeease???’ and it’s too adorable to ignore
- He loves your voice so much
- If he walks by and you’re singing, even just humming while cleaning or whatever, he’ll stop to listen
- When he’s sad or scared all you’ve gotta do is sing a little something and it’ll calm him right down
- He’ll definitely give you some sort of cheesy, music related nickname
- “My maestro <3″
- “My songbird <3 <3″
- “My-”
- You get the idea
- He does it in public
- Why is he like this


- The only sign that he might be enjoying it is that he doesn’t tell you to stop
- Usually, he prefers the house to be quiet
- But your singing never seems to get on his nerves
- Though there does come a point where he storms through the door with a bunch of books and shoves them at you
- He walks away without explaining what they are
- They’re song books, complete with piano accompaniment sheet music
- And it just so happens that he’s been taking piano lessons
- He clearly wants to join you, but it still takes a lot of coaxing before he does
- And of course he sighs, and rolls his eyes, acting as if this entire activity is a waste of his time
- But he stays at that piano for hours
- In truth, he adores your talent
- Though you’ll never hear that outright


- He happens to be an excellent singer as well
- He’s a tenor with a preference for operatic styles
- No matter your level of skill, he’d be thrilled if you’d let him coach you
- His teachings are surprisingly strict
- It’s the only time he’d be hard on you
- You must be on time for every lesson, put effort into every practice, and you aren’t allowed sweets since sugar can be damaging to a singer’s throat
- Unless you reaaaally want it, in which case he can’t say no
- That doesn’t mean he won’t begin every morning with a warmup, or end every evening with a recounting of what you’d been taught that day
- It may be annoying and tiresome
- But you really do learn a lot


- If you have any intention at all of singing professionally, he will make it happen
- Need an agent? Done
- A place to perform? He just rented out an entire stadium
- A fanbase? You’ve already gotten 1000 subscribers on youtube but Gaster reserves the place of #1 fan
- Though if your goals aren’t so much about fame, he’ll settle for private shows
- Meaning he’ll sit on the couch and listen in awe
- He always claps and cheers when you’re finished
- It’s a tad embarrassing
- But you can’t say he isn’t supportive
- He’ll buy you any instruments or musical supplies you might want
- And likely make some song requests
- He teaches you a few pieces from his homeworld, though this requires the help of another monster since Gaster himself can’t sing very well
- Doesn’t mean he won’t try to sing along with you anyway


- You know how it’s fabled that mermaids/sirens sing sailors to their deaths?
- Well, Gaster can do that
- But only telepathically
- When he tries to sing for real it sounds like this
- So when he hears you, he’s astounded
- He didn’t think that was possible!
- The most experience he’s had with the human singing voice is snippets of sailors’ sea shanties
- And if they’re singing these, it usually means they’re drunk
- Thus, not all that pretty
- He finds your voice, however, very sweet and charming
- It’s his favorite thing to hear
- He loves it when you show him ‘human music’
- Especially if the song you’ve chosen is lowkey about how you feel for him
- Turns out the best way to fluster the fishy is to sing love songs, who’d’ve guessed?


Ok I am not having this. It doesn’t matter what you look like someone will always say you’re ugly if you’re famous. So even though you won’t see this Soyeon you better look in the mirror and see nothing but the face you are blessed with. (Beautiful spam under the cut)

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The Signs (from a Virgo POV)
  • Aries: you're either super sweet and intelligent or way hardcore, i haven't met an in between yet. you're usually so YOU that people get intimidated by you. some people think you're too hot headed or insensitive, but you're really soft and sensitive deep down. you don't deal with stress so well, but honestly, who does.
  • Taurus: the ones that wear it, wear makeup well. you have a very cool style, and people can be jealous of it. sometimes you don't really get why people get upset at you, and that makes you upset, too. people call you lazy, but when you put your mind to something, you don't give up, and that's really cool!
  • Gemini: even though you're surrounded by people who adore you, you can feel pretty lonely. you fight with yourself about whether you want to be grounded with close relationships or fly away freely, doing whatever you want without "consequences." you're all a bunch of smartie pants, and you tell the best jokes, even though sometimes you laugh so hard you don't always finish them.
  • Cancer: the ease you have with being in touch with your emotions is somewhat intimidating to some other signs. they're afraid of hurting your feelings. getting past that though, you're always a delight to talk to, when you want to talk. so nice and gentle, funny, and i haven't met one yet that hasn't pulled the silliest puns or hasn't said YOLO or swag often.
  • Leo: your sense of staying true to yourself can scare away some people, but also cause many others to flock to you. people are often envious of you for one reason or another. your confidence, whether it be faked or not, is something to be admired. you have awesome senses of humor, and you make your friends laugh so hard they choke on their own spit.
  • Virgo: even though you want to stop most of the time, you're trying so hard. easier said than done, but you guys need to take a day off to relax and have some time to yourself. even when you look like you aren't paying attention, you hear everything, which makes some people wary of you. but when you're over-stressed, your elephant-like memory disappears.
  • Libra: the ones i've met have always been what i can't describe anything other than pure. not in the sense that they don't have a dirty side to them, but in the sense that everything they do is so genuine. if they don't like you, you'll know it right off the bad, and visa versa. they're creative and imaginative and are always impressing someone.
  • Scorpio: you guys are hilarious and usually you know it. your smile is beautiful because your whole face lights up too. people get intimidated by your aura, and although you like watching behind the scenes, you can get really lonely. you're mysterious without really even trying, but others always feel like you're keeping something from them.
  • Saggitarius: not everyone really gets you, so when you find someone who does, you tend to be glued to them at the hip, whether you realize that or not. you have one of the most memorable laughs out of your friend groups. your feelings can be pretty set in stone, so people might think you're a little stubborn or be afraid of you, but don't worry. you can feel however you see fit.
  • Capricorn: people wouldn't think it from first glance, but you guys are beyond funny. you make your good friends laugh all the time, and sometimes you didn't even do it on purpose. it comes naturally to you somehow. you're not as motivated as you let on, but you're always doing your best or trying as hard as you can manage. people envy this of you. most of you are pretty insecure, so you try to hide how you're feeling a lot.
  • Aquarius: not many people really get you. and most of the time, neither do you. all you know if you want to be as different as possible from everyone else so you can have a sense of self. people think it's weird, and you take that as a complement. you notice more things than you let on to everyone else. you have a hard time making connections with others, but when you do, you're sooooo loyal.
  • Pisces: you're all cute in some way. people really like your sense of humor, if you'll let them hear it. sometimes you're insecure to share your thoughts, but as great as your imagination is, you should never hold back. some of you have a way with words, and without meaning to, attract people to you. you're all really in touch with how you feel, and sometimes that makes others nervous of you.

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OMG PRETTY PLEASE PART 5 OF WET DREAM. You're such an awesome writer omfg

Thank you!!! 💘  (lots of smut up ahead, so skip it if you don’t like it 😉 and I added condoms this time for all my lovely condom question anons lol)

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4

“Hi, Mrs. Klebold!” you smile as you walk into the kitchen. She gives both of you a warm smile, “Oh, hi, y/n. I didn’t expect you.” “We were just hanging out,” Dylan mumbles. Sue glances at him, raising her eyebrows a little when he notices his lips are slightly red, “Oh… that’s nice.” “I should get going,” you say softly. He glances at you, “You don’t have to…” “I should,” you insist, smiling at Sue. “Um… bye,” you laugh nervously, quickly leaving. Dylan sighs, putting his hands in his pockets as Sue says, “I’m sorry, honey.” “For what?” he asks quickly. She smiles, “I didn’t mean to scare her off… you two were obviously… talking.” “Oh, you didn’t,” he mumbles, blushing “She’s uh… she’s just busy. That’s all.” She nods, “Okay.” Dylan goes back up to his room and she shakes her head with a small smile. She knew this would eventually happen between the two of you.

Dylan gets to school the next morning and parks next to Eric just as he’s getting out of his car. “Hey, man,” Dylan nods, walking in with him. You’re at your locker when you see the two boys walking your way. “Hi, y/n,” Eric stops at your locker. “Hey, guys,” you smile at Dylan as you take a book out of your locker. His eyes slowly trail over you. He can still see every inch of your soft, perfect skin. The second he had finished talking to Sue last night, he went out and bought condoms. He’s ready. You lick your lips and tilt your head slightly, starting to look him over as well. You had thought about yesterday afternoon for hours. The two of you share a look, silently agreeing you’ll be doing it today, when Eric says, “You want to do something after school?” “We’re busy,” Dylan mumbles without thinking. Your eyes widen a little and Eric gives him a confused look, “Doing what?” “I… well, I was curious about the sound stuff for the play and Dyl’s going to show me some stuff.” “Yeah,” he swallows, nodding, “Right.” “Oh, okay,” Eric shrugs, “See you later.” You watch them walk away, keeping an eye on Dylan until you can’t see them any more.

At the end of the day, you’re putting your books away when you feel someone brush against you from behind. You turn around and see Dylan, smiling faintly, “Hey,” His eyes start wandering again and he mumbles, “Do you want to come ov-” “Yes,” you interrupt softly. He swallows, his eyes burning into yours. You move a little closer, pressing against him. “I want to come,” you whisper. Dylan bites his lip, Fuck. “I’ll see you there.” You nod and the two of you go to your cars and you follow him back to his house. The two of you go up to the door together and you grip the back up his trench coat eagerly as he fumbles with the key. One he gets the door open, the two of you hurry up to his room and shut the door.

You start kissing hungrily, pulling clothes off of each other as you move towards Dylan’s bed. You fall back with a giggle, pulling everything off until you’re completely naked. “I want to taste you,” he mumbles against your lips. You blush and grin, “Okay.” Dylan slowly kisses down your chest and stomach, starting to eat you out with a soft moan. You gasp, reaching down to tangle your fingers in his hair. “Oh my god,” you whimper, keeping eye contact with him. He keeps going, taking his time to give you the greatest amount of pleasure he can until you’re tugging his hair and letting out broken moans. You pull him up and kiss him deeply, moving down to give him a blow job without hesitation. Dylan falls back on the bed, his eyes full-blown with lust as he watches you. He weakly tries to tell you that he’s going to come but that only makes you bob your head faster and he comes with a happy cry.

You kiss back up to Dylan’s lips and he runs his hands over your sides, gasping you start grinding against him slowly and he gently grabs your hips. “I’ve never done this before,” you whisper over his lips. “M-Me neither,” he mumbles, flipping you over so you’re on your back. You watch as he reaches over to his drawer and pulls out a condom, quickly fumbling to put it on. You’re breathing softly as he slowly starts to rub against you. “Are you ready?” he whispers, concerned about you. You nod, kissing him again and you gasp as he starts to press in. He lets out a low moan, the two of you breathing together as he starts thrusting. You share gentle kisses as he keeps asking if you’re okay. You insist that you are, the uncomfortable pressure soon turning to a pleasurable rhythm. You’re in complete ecstasy. Neither of you can even believe this is happening. As he pumps harder and faster, you can feel yourself getting closer and closer. You reach the peak together and let out satisfied moans, grinding together with pleasure. After making out for a few moments, you pull back and watch each other lovingly. You wouldn’t have done this any other way.

How The Signs Show Affection
  • Aries: They may seem tough and hardened on the outside but they are fantastic cuddlers and won't. Let. You. GO! Allow them to envelope you in their body heat. ( ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡° )
  • Taurus: Also wonderful cuddlers, as well as head stroking, and great listeners. Like living teddy bears!
  • Gemini: They like long hugs so they can really feel your energy. Be prepared for having your hands, arms, and hair played with for a very long time while they talk to you about all kinds of stuff.
  • Cancer: They'll talk your ear off about what happened at work today, and make you a nice snack to show you they appreciate you. Not really touchy feely, but you know they care. They begin to open up and show you their crazy side!
  • Leo: Absolutely drowns you in compliments (and expects a few in return) and loves stroking your hair and playfully messing with your body.
  • Virgo: Sharing is caring with this one. We're talking sharing drinks (two straws like in the movies), sharing seats, and smol kisses.
  • Libra: They like having a little authority so probably some hugs from behind. You can sit on their lap, and they'll occasionally squeeze you while watching your fave movie.
  • Scorpio: Very intimate and passionate. Hugs are long and meaningful, and sharing food is definitely a thing that will happen. They'll share their most twisted secrets with you and hand you all their trust. This is a special and rare occurrence.
  • Sagittarius: Back rubs, man. Back and shoulder rubs! They'll listen to you rant about your mean co worker or peer and offer meaningful insight and advice, all while keeping you close and very very safe.
  • Capricorn: They seem stern and serious most of the time, and very cold to most but when they loosen up around you prepare for much cuddling. They'll stop being so uppity and let you do pretty much whatever to them. Peaceful silence with Netflix and food.
  • Aquarius: Endless text messages and cute notes! They like making you fully aware that you're on their mind. Getting little kisses is not uncommon. And hugs are firm and full of love.
  • Pisces: You get to enjoy seeing their bright smile all day and constantly hear their warm and uplifting laughter that is nothing short of contagious! They like patting and playing with your arms and playful shoving.
Howard Stern Talks to Mindy Kaling About Love
  • Stern: Have you had great love in your life, where it just hurts that it didn't work out?
  • Kaling: Yeah, yeah.
  • Stern: Why did it not work out?
  • Kaling: Because, uh... this sounds so lame, it's not profound, but people are so different, and you can overlap in certain ways that are important but not... the ones that are the most important, or something.
  • Stern: Are you still in touch with this guy?
  • Kaling: Yes. Yeah.
  • Stern: Do you know what he's up to, do you know if he's married now, does he have kids...?
  • Kaling (laughing): Yeah, he's, he's not married, no.
  • Stern: Not married.
  • Kaling: No.
  • Stern: But you check on him.
  • Kaling: Yeah, he's a good friend of mine. Yeah.
  • Stern: Look at that smile! I think we can set you back up with this guy. I think you're in love.
  • Kaling: Yeah, well, he's my best friend, so it's... that's not...
  • Stern: He broke up with you or you broke up with him?
  • Kaling: ...He broke up with me.
  • Stern: You would take him back.
  • Kaling: No... it was years ago when this break up happened.
  • Stern: Best sex of your life with this guy?
  • Kaling: Oh, man. It was pretty good. He's a smart and funny guy!
  • Stern: Were you upset when you broke up?
  • Kaling: I was so, so sad. Not angry-sad. Sad-sad. That was the hottest I'd ever looked, because I'd stopped eating...I'd wake up, get out of bed, and not care. We worked together...but I was real miserable.
  • ...
  • Stern: I think the guy you were in love with was the guy you co-starred with on the Office. [Kaling LAUGHS] Am I right or am I wrong?
  • Kaling: B.J.? He was... he was -
  • Stern: He was the guy.
  • Kaling: Well, he was, yes, you are correct, not that the mystery - you're not Sherlock Holmes or anything, Howard -
  • Stern: I'm Sherlock Holmes! That's right, that's what they call me.
  • Kaling: You're like, 'who have you known for ten years who you worked with...' No, but he legitimately is one of my best friends; he texted me before the show like 'Good luck on Howard,' he's been on my show, he was a producer on the pilot, I see him all the time.
  • Stern: If he asked you to marry him you would have.
  • Kaling: At the time? Yeah.
  • Stern: Wow.
  • Kaling: Yeah.
  • Stern: Wow.
  • Kaling: I mean, it would have been.. I was 24. But for the record, if anybody had asked me to marry them I would have...but he's a wonderful guy.
  • Stern: Well let's hope he calls you tomorrow and asks you to marry him!
  • Kaling: I! I would not - one thing about this is, I love him and think he's a good person, but I'm not holding a candle for him or anything...
  • Stern: I believe if he called you tomorrow and said, 'I made a terrible mistake; we must get back together and get married,' you would do it.
  • Kaling: I... I don't know. I don't know.
  • Stern: It's not a 'no.' That's it.
  • Kaling: Alright.
  • Stern: We'll get you a boyfriend, don't worry about it.

So three people requested 79 so here it is. Man I suck at introductions 

79-“Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.”

Its a peaceful day in Newts case, So far none of his beasts are causing trouble and it is just you and Newt. Newt is writing information on his book and you are reading a book across from Newt. You had been his friend and traveling partner for a couple years. 

This was a rare occasion to have peace throughout the case. All the animals were fed and content. You slipped the Niffler a couple of coins so it would keep quiet. You admired Newts face while he was concentrating. 

The way the light shone on his freckles and how his curly hair fell to the side. His small lip bite while he writes. See, you fell in love with the Magizoologist a long time ago, back in Hogwarts. You met up with him after Hogwarts and he asked you to help him study his creatures. He looks up at you and you quickly look away and turn back to your book. 

You became so deep in your book you forgot your surroundings. It was an old muggle favorite of yours, the book was old and tattered but you loved it. Reading it made you smile. Every page brought you closer to the world the book was creating. Newt watched your face as your eyes read the paper. 

Except, while he was staring, he wrote the wrong thing. He scratched out the sentence and tried again. Unfortunately, his wandering eyes landed on your smile again, your soft lips curving into a beautiful smile. While he was smiling at you his hand slipped and spilled ink all over the page he was working on. 

Sighing he ripped the page out and started over again. Once again he looked up except this time you were staring at him with an amused smile on your lips. 


“Y-yes y/n.” 

“you have a bit of ink on your nose” you reach over and take a handkerchief and wipe his nose. 

Both of you are turning red and Newts hand is shaking so bad when he looked down he had drawn scribbles all over the page. 

“Hey y/n, I’m going to need you to quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that” You look at him in surprise. 

“u-uh what” 

“I said, your beauty is distracting my work so if you could not look at me that would be great” 

He looks at you and his eyes widen in realization. 

“I uh I mean uh that i get distracted v-very easi-ily and you're just r-really pretty and um yeah” He looks down in embarrassment. 

“D-do you really think I'm pretty Newton?” 

“I do, believe it or not, I have had quite the crush on you” His voice gets higher with every word. 

“Can I uh kiss you?” You ask quietly to yourself, not wanting the Magizoologist to hear, but he did.

“Um if you really want to then I-I don't mind.” He awkwardly fixes his jacket as both your faces get closer to each other. 

Newt was right, your lips were very soft. 

Oh boy that was kinda short but uh i hope you like it. Also does anyone know links to like really sad newt fics. Because i need something to cry about atm

imagine collabing with exo and struggling to learn the dance
  • Chen: *fixes ur leg position then goes right back to his position*
  • *lights up the room with his smile*
  • Soo: *helpfully criticizes you but laughs at u whenever u mess up*
  • Sehun: *watches you with a scary intense look but nods with a huge smile in approval*
  • *is also like Soo and laughs when u mess up*
  • Baek: *always asks if you're okay and help you out w/ unintentional innuendos*
  • "You need to spread your legs wider."
  • "Pop out your chest."
  • "Spread and sit. Spread and sit."
  • Xiumin: *dances perf and smiles and laughs at u*
  • *is super supportive*
  • "You have to flex. Goodness, you're pretty fit!"
  • Jongin: *watches you from the back and helps you even tho he's crippled mY POOR BABY*
  • Suho: *focused on getting his moves right first but is the one u go to for help and he always goes through the steps with you slowly*
  • Chanyeol: *would laugh like a maniac when you'd mess up*
  • *messes up with you*
  • Yixing: *would dance all amazing and beautiful and help you with a smile and his dimple would distract u so much it causes u to mess up*
  • Exo: *excessively compliments u and claps dramatically every time u get a move right*