you're so pretty i'm going to cry

crying about eddie in birdsong tbh

and yeah i literally took a screenshot whenever he was pretty so here are those 

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anonymous asked:

Was Daryl on the verge of crying when he saw Carol? It sounded as though he was about to lose it when he asked her "why'd you go?" But I wasn't sure. Why would he have been crying so you think?

pretty sure he was on the verge of crying because I myself started crying when I noticed both of them were almost crying too!!! that was the scene that touched me the most, actually <3

I think he felt that way because he misses her and wishes they weren’t apart. He understands why she’s doing what she’s doing, but that doesn’t mean this situation isn’t breaking his heart. They’ve been part of the same group for years now and aside from rick and carl, she’s someone who’s been with him since the beginning of the ZA…like, she’s part of him at this point. So a part of him goes missing everytime she leaves :((((