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Last night I was my friend’s guest at a very fancy fundraiser gala, and somehow we ended up divulging about this blog to my dinner partner Tom who was probably in his late 50s.

He was so interested in what it all is and how we’ve created real friendships with people all over the world and was just genuinely wonderful. I was so tickled just that he was interested and not so quick to judge the content or millennials. Then when he came to say goodbye he asked the name of the blog, so he could follow us and bring us one step closer to a huge milestone number. Round of applause for Tom everyone.

*long sigh*

Whilst homophobia cannot officially exclude you from the newsies fandom, you will have to accept the fact that the vast majority of us will hate you. Will you now shut the ever loving god up and stop trying to act like victims because people are calling you out for being homophobic and attempting to use religion to defend yourselves. Y'all are pissing me off.


On doing television vs. theater:
The whole experience of film or television  time feels very fast, and very slow, and you’re revisiting things. I still find live theater the most energizing. Every performance is unique, every audience is different, and there’s an immediacy that’s addictive, especially when you’re in a great play like Book of Mormon or Falsettos.

Me at my house: jackets are for squares

Me on the 10 minute walk to school in windy 20 degree weather in only a long sleeved shirt: fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck

Me 5 minutes after a get to school: lol jackets are for squares

I went to a salon yesterday and one of the ladies working their suggested bonding my hair as in straightening it and I told her I liked my hair the way it was. One of the stylists there was shocked and told me people don’t really like their own curly hair. I felt so sad because curly hair is beautiful too in my opinion and I hate the fact that most people who get their hair permanently straightened are bullied into it or told that their natural hair isn’t worth much or gives them less value. I mean it’s totally cool if you did it because you wanted to and not out of insecurity. But for those people who don’t feel beautiful because of their hair or are told that their hair is disgusting, I’m sorry you have to go through that. You deserve to know that you aren’t less than anyone for having curly hair.

harukaaiko  asked:

I don't know if you felt the same, but the last chapter gave me the impression that old wants tianshan to progress a bit slower then it was progressing. Like, on chap 199 He Tian and Guan Shan seems to be very comfortable with each other and chap 200 has this awkward atmosphere... And the way He Tian acts in the last chapter leaved me a bit disappointed, it seemed like they gone one step forward and then one step back.

i have a lot of mixed feelings about this chapter tbh, on one hand im really happy that chapter 199 wasn’t just an interlude and that old xian decided to continue it, and the thought of he tian buying an earring for guan shan and going to his house just to give it to him is frankly adorable to me (i bet he even reharsed how to do it, that nerd), but on the other the way old xian decided to portray it did leave me a bit disappointed, and i can’t say that i wasn’t expecting a bit more from he tian after everything that happened

(putting the rest under a cut because it got quite long;;;;;) [so strange, that never happens to me……..]

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so i was tagged by @kibumsbitchface (thank you!!) to do a selfie x color moodboard thing so I just did dark green/black even tho i have 0 idea how to do aesthetic moodboard stuff asldgnalgsg some kinda… nature witch…idk

I’ll tag @leejinklies @sataeminism @flower-taemin @choiminoh @jjonghyun @silverznight @tofnew but only if you guys want to of course (if u dont wanna do selfies u can substitute pics of your bias)