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Pleasepleasepleaseplease write a friends-to-lovers with Hobi if you have enough free time! Your other ones are so amazing, you write the boys so well and just OH MY GOD I CAN'T HANDLE THE CUTENESS. I really love all of your imagines, and that Tae friends-to-lovers one has a special place in my heart. YOU ARE SO AMAZING, I HOPE YOU'RE FEELING WELL <3<3<3

find: jin | jimin | namjoon | jungkook | yoongi | taehyung 

  • you meet hoseok at a party,,,,,but the thing is you’re not supposed to be there 
  • like literally,,,,,you don’t know whose party this is it’s just that you’d heard music from downstairs and when you’d checked it out the door was open and some tipsy girl had let you in
  • and inside it was dark, messy, and crowded but you could smell free food and possibly free drinks so. why not
  • but you didn’t expect someone to go “ive never seen you before, how d o you know jungkook?”
  • and banging your head on the roof of the fridge as you stood up you saw a boy,,,,with a smile that radiates like the sun looking at you
  • and you,,,,with your hands full of a stack of pizza slices, an unopened bottle of cola, and three popsicles went: “oh i know him from college”
  • “jungkook isn’t in college.”
  • “,,,,,we meet at summer camp in the 8th grade.”
  • “jungkook’s never been to camp.”
  • “,,,,”
  • “,,,,”
  • you’d contemplated just making a run for it but that’d be awkward to push back through the crowd so sighing you just admitted. you had no idea who jungkook was. you were trying to get some free food. you are a good person just a broke good person right now.
  • the boy’s smile had only widened and he laughed out loud because honestly,,,,,this isn’t even jungkooks party. it’s taehyungs. he knew you were lying from the start 
  • you’d got embarrassed and went you tricked me!!! and he was just like hey you’re the one holding all of my friends food and you don’t even know him so -
  • and you were like good point ,,,,, and that’s when he’d introduced himself as hoseok and helped you carry the rest of the pizza back up to your apartment 
  • and,,,,since then hoseok had become sort of a friend,,,,
  • his friend taehyung lived in your building so you’d see him around frequently and every now and then you two would chat or whatever
  • and hoseok always,,,,has this good vibe around him
  • like this positive energy that makes you feel comfortable and at ease even though he’ll call you pizza thief on occasion and you’ll be like SH what if taehyung hears and hoseok just laughs because he’s pretty sure taehyung doesn’t remember what happened yesterday,,,he probably wont remember pizza you stole months ago
  • and it’s not like you and hoseok are super close,,,,,you don’t text or hang out you just know each other because of that one incident 
  • and you mutually like each other as people so it’s like ,,,, really casual friends
  • until one day you’re walking home and it’s poURINg RAIN 
  • given it’s summer so it’s warm outside,,,but still the rain is coming down and ur flimsy umbrella is about to break so you’re thankful that you’re almost home
  • but as you pass to the front door you see someone standing out in the rain,,,,hair and clothing drenched and you realize that it’s hoseok
  • and you’re like dude??? come inside i have keys
  • but hoseok just smiles and shakes his head and is like the rain is nice and you’re like ????
  • hoseok chuckles and is also like taehyung isn’t home yet so i thought id wait outside,,,,it started to rain but i kinda liked  the feeling,,,,,its freeing you now??
  • and for a split moment you think that his smile,,,,warm like sunshine,,,,and his prefrence for standing out here in the rain,,,,it’s really something
  • but you just shrug and you’re like suit yourself- when hoseok reaches out and pulls you back and he’s like “i bet you’ll enjoy it too?”
  • and you’re like hoSEOK and he’s like “c’mon what do you have to lose?”
  • and for some reason,,,,hoseok’s charming voice and face are enough to make you close the umbrella and the rain on your skin,,,,,doesn’t feel so bad 
  • hoseok takes both your hands and starts twirling you around and you’re like giggling but you’re also like what are you doing??
  • and hoseok stops just to slip his hand around your waist and the other lifts your other hand up and you realize he’s leading you in a dance
  • and you’re like “what is this ,,, dancing in the rain???” 
  • and hoseok is just grinning,,, at this point both your hair is plastered to your faces and your clothes are heavy with water
  • but none of that annoys you like it usually does,,,,, just being with hoseok makes it totally fun and enjoyable
  • and you’ve never realized it fully but hoseok’s got some sort of magic in the ways of making weird situations feel good,,,,,doesn’t he?
  • and as you’re laughing,,,,swaying in the rain with him 
  • hoseok suddenly pulls you in close and your noses practically touch when he mumbles that even the rain cant make you look bad
  • the wet hair, the wet clothes, the little goosebumps on your skin,,,,,,you still look gorgeous to him 
  • and you’re stunned at the sudden words,,,,but you can only say that you feel the same way
  • that even now,,,,he looks handsome 
  • and the dancing stops but hoseok’s eyes flicker between your lips and gaze and it doesn’t take him long to slip a hand onto your neck, tilt your head a bit so he can kiss you under the rain
  • and it’s,,,,,,more romantic than you expect,,,,breaking away from each other you ask what it is that made him want to kiss you
  • and hoseok shrugs and says that maybe it’s because you’re the only person he’s ever met that willingly danced in the rain with him 
  • and also the only person he’s ever met that came to a party just to steal food,,,,,,
  • you shove him playfully and tell him that isn’t a reason to start liking someone but hoseok begs to differ,,,,,,he thinks it makes up your charm hehe

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Well I mean since you're in the mood and taking asks, what about a klance allergy fic? Like... maybe they're on a planet and separated from the others, and one of them is horribly horribly allergic to something on the planet. Idk I just love the idea of someone practically having to haul their partner back to safety while murmuring encouragements to the S/O who just. Can't. Stop. Sneezing.

Omg what a great prompt! Enjoy!

“This planet doesn’t look too dangerous,” Lance says, trying to make conversation as they make their descent. “Just lots of plants, green as far as the eyes can see.”

“Yeah, well, plants can be dangerous. Haven’t you ever heard of carnivorous plants?” Keith retorts.

“What, you think there’s going to be human-sized Venus flytraps here?” Lance asks, raising an eyebrow. “Actually that would be pretty cool. I’d like to see that. Maybe not get near it, but still.”

“They also could be poisonous, or have sharp thorns, or-”

“Okay, okay mister buzz kill. Plants are dangerous. Don’t trust the plants. I got it, okay?” Lance rolls his eyes before going quiet as they steer their lions to land on a patch of relatively flat ground.

“We should take some samples back for Pidge,” Keith suggests, digging out one of the sample containers from Red. “And good news, the air on this planet is breathable.”

“Sweet!” Lance exclaims, taking off his helmet. “Let’s go check out the killer plants!”

“You mean check for signs of Galra invasion.”

“That too.”

Unfortunately, their investigation doesn’t last very long. Lance starts sniffing as soon as they start off, but Keith ignores it, figuring that he’s just trying to be obnoxious. They only manage to reach the edge of the nearest forest-made up of tall, spindly-looking trees with almost mushroom-shaped clusters of leaves at the top-before Lance comes to a sudden stop.

“What is it?” Keith asks, impatient and ready to keep moving.

“I don’t know,” Lance says, scrubbing at his eyes with a gloved hand. “My face is just-really itchy.”

Itchy? Keith is at a loss for what to do. He’s about to suggest that they keep moving forward and see if the irritation goes away when Lance snaps forward with a sudden sneeze.

Keith waits for him to straighten up and wipe his nose. “Bless you. Now let’s keep going. I assume that took care of the irritation-”

Before he can continue, he’s interrupted by another sneeze from Lance. There’s no time to bless the other paladin before Lance snaps forward with another, then another in a rapid-fire fit.

“Are you okay?” Keith asks, starting to get a little worried now. Lance’s nose and eyes are bright red, and his eyes are watery and streaming. When he sniffles, it sounds like someone turned on a hose in his sinuses and put it on full blast.

“I’m fi-” Lance says, before yet another sneeze interrupts him. The fit of sneezes that follows is so quick that Lance can hardly take a breath between them.

Now thoroughly shaken, Keith grabs Lance’s arm and starts hauling him in the other direction, back towards the lions. “Allura, something’s wrong with Lance, we’re coming back to the ship.”

Lance tries to protest, but he’s hindered too much by the unending sneezing fit to really struggle. The sneezes are sounding deeper, more painful; practically scraping out his throat. Sniffling wetly, Lance lets out a moan of either pain or frustration or both. “It’s okay, we’ll be out of here soon.”

They make it back to their lions fairly quickly, and Keith doesn’t even think twice before hauling Lance into red with him. There’s no way he can pilot in this state. Blue can follow behind them. Lance collapses onto the floor behind the pilot’s seat, both hands cupped over his face to catch the sneezes.

“You alright back there?” Keith calls. He can’t look behind him right now, too busy trying to escape the gravitational pull of the evil plant planet they just left, but Lance sounds pretty miserable.

“I'b fine,” Lance croaks out stuffily, his voice wrecked with congestion. Another sneeze calls the validity of that statement into question.

“We’ll be back at the castle in a few ticks, and you can get all fixed up in med bay,” Keith promises.

The rest of the trip is spent in silence, punctuated only by the occasional sneeze or sniffle from Lance, and the occasional murmured encouragement from Keith. By the time they reach the castle, the fit has died down a bit, leaving Lance stuffy and congested, but no longer sneezing.

Keith startles when he hears Lance groan. “What’s wrong?”

“Just a sinus headache. I’ll be okay,” Lance mutters, but the tense set of his shoulders and tightly closed eyes suggest otherwise. Keith rubs his shoulder soothingly before turning back to dock the lion in her hanger.

As soon as the doors open, Keith hauls Lance to his feet and they stumble out together, immediately greeted by the the worried faces of the others. There’s worried chatter about Lance’s condition, and Keith does his best to soothe everyone’s frazzled nerves but also insist that they get Lance checked out.

“Aw man,” Hunk says, peering at Lance’s face and taking in his puffy eyes and red nose. “Are your allergies bothering you again, dude?”

The Sexual Escapades Of A Well-Informed Pureblood, Engaged To The Randy Prat Who Lived - Chapter 11

Hello all! So, @l0vegl0wsinthedark  and I have certainly broached the topic of jealousy in these fics but what happens when one of them is directly, publicly confronted with it? 

Well, read the following to find out!  (And for a nice, heaping dose of possessive Draco, who kills me with his sheer deliciousness.) LOL

Previous book can be found here: Virgin Draco

Previous chapters of Book Two here: Engaged

Content/Warnings: Angry-ish sex, semi-public sex, jealousy, athletic sex, explicit sexual content.

Chapter Eleven: Public Appearances

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Hi lovely! If you're taking requests, would you mind doing a Spider-Man fic where Peter gets really sick at school and for some reason aunt may can't come so tony comes to take him back to the tower and takes care of him?? Thank you so much!!

(Combined because of similarity!! and also wanted to play with different ideas bc lets be real a lot of my spiderman stuff are repetitive!! And also emeto warning later in the fic!)

There’s nothing Aunt May hates more than leaving Peter.

She’s a tough lady, Peter knows this, and she will never admit this, but Aunt May is afraid of leaving him. Peter doesn’t blame her.

She has dealt with loss far too many times. A person with that kind of a heart does not deserve that turmoil. She’s a beautiful woman, and Peter admires her, and he will do anything to keep her happy. He tries to be safe for her, although duty calls, but in the hardest of battles he thinks of her to stay alive.

So when Aunt May was called to do an important business trip down in LA, she was frantic. She had spent the past weeks trying to figure out where Peter should stay, what foods she should leave behind, running over everything with Peter, how much money she should leave, and so on and so forth. Peter admired how much she cared, but all of this wasn’t necessary.

To top it off, Peter had started to develop a bit of a cold. At the time it had been the slightest of coughs, and a bit of a sniffle here and there, but it was enough to send the poor woman into hysterics.

The only thing that eased her troubled mind in the end was Tony Stark’s offer to keep Peter for the week she was gone. It was only then she was able to relax, knowing Peter was in good hands. She had apologised, softly reminding Peter how he was all she had. Peter understood, he really did. He would keep him safe as much as he could. But crime did not wait. The world just kept going and he couldn’t just sit there and do nothing. He wasn’t any better than the bad guys if he did.

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Unstoppable (3)

Genre: Romance, angst, (future smut)

Length: 1,6k

Characters: Kim Jongin, Oh Sehun, OC

Part: 3/?

Summary: “Meeting him was the start of something drastic in your life”

He had a handsome face no doubt, you could even dare to think that he was the most handsome guy you had seen in your life. His gaze was strong on you, his eyes were a typical brown color but so hypnotizing that it even made you feel intimidated, so you looked away your cheeks getting red in embarrassment. 

“What is girl like you doing out at this hour?” he chuckled, getting closer to you and his hands putting a little more force on your waist.

You started to stutter searching for the correct words to say, you didn’t know if you were stuttering because of your drunken self or the proximity of this unknown handsome man so you just said the first thing that came to your mind.

“You look like a carrot”

He started to laugh loudly at your words, of course you were drunken out of your mind, like they say little kids and drunk people always say the truth. 

He let go of your waist so you could sit again at the bench “Okay doll where do you live?” he asked sitting next you “I can't let a pretty girl like you alone at this hour of the night including that you’re very drunk” 

You scoffed, you didn’t want go nowhere you were alright there but then and a random stranger just comes here and takes the decision to take you home, no thank you. “Why should i tell you? For the record i don’t even know you, you handsome stranger”. He laughed again, the scene for him was hilarious. 

You opened your mouth to say something but that’s when your cellphone rang for nth time of the night, it was surely your sister, you didn’t answer before because you didn’t want to deal with anything right now, you just wanted it to be your drunken self and your broken heart. You were going to press decline when the phone was suddenly snatched from your hands before you could even do it.

“Hello” he answered. You immediately tried to reach out for the phone but of course had no success he grabbed both your hands with his free one to stop you. “She isn’t in the state to answer right now…” he looked at you watching how you struggled. “She’s at gwanggyo lake park… no, no don’t worry it’s late i can take her” 

“I don’t want you to take me anywhere, let me go!” you said starting to get desperate to get free. “I’m… a friend” he answered doubtedly at the person in the other line since it wasn’t even ten minutes since you just met.

“Friend my ass, let go of me!” he chuckled lightly at your words and just smirked at you.

“Okay i’ll take her there in thirty” and with that he ended the call and gave you your cellphone back, you tried to look at him with a mad face but to him you just looked adorable considering your state.

“Okay doll can you walk? I’m going to take you home” he stood up from his place and looked at you waiting for your answer. 

“I’m not going anywhere” your crossed your arms over your chest  answering confidently.

With that said he suddenly lift you up your place and charged you putting your body in one of his shoulders your face facing his back and started walking.

“HEY LET ME GO! LET ME DOWN YOU PERVERT!” You said shouting and hitting his back but he didn’t even budge a bit. 

You were starting to make a scene, there was a couple passing by and you shouted to them “HELP ME! SEND HELP! HELP ME THIS CARROT GUY IS… AH!” He suddenly put you on your feet again before you could finish and roughly pulled you by your waist making you be dangerously close to his face, you widened your eyes in surprise from the sudden roughness.

“Okay baby girl if you don’t want me to kiss you, make this easy and shut up or i’ll make you” His eyes looking at your lips for a moment, then raising them to look at your eyes. You just gulped and nodded your head in agreement. He chuckled and charged you in the position you were before and kept walking again.

You were already halfway from you house when he decided to speak. 

“Why are you this drunk love? Had a bad day?” You hesitated to answer since you didnt even know the guy, but you thought well maybe i might never see him in my life again so you why not?  

“Just a stupid guy that broke my heart” 

“He rejected you?”

“No, he cheated on me” The carrot guy just nodded his head in a comprehensive way, you couldn’t see though but you felt it. “I found out the day of our second anniversary what he was doing… and to think i was going to give into him how stupid” you added with a sigh. He knew you couldn't see him but he widened his eyes in surprise at what you said since you already looked old enough to still be a virgin. 

“There still a lot of guys out there doll don’t get yourself like this over a douchebag, not worth it” Your eyes filled up of tears at his words, you knew he wasn’t worth it but but still the ache in your heart couldn’t go easily away. 

“I know, but all i want is to be sincerely loved this time”


He put you on your feet since you were now in front of your house and you just sighed, preparing to get bombarded with questions from your sister.

“Okay doll is it here?” you agreed with your head and looked at him a bit pissed off that he brought you here, you would prefer that he’d taken you to Ji Won’s instead but your sister had chosen a great timing to call.

You were a bit sobered up already so you could walk without falling down at the first try but you still held yourself on the wall next to you so you be secure you wouldn’t fall, you made a goodbye motion with your hand and turned around to head towards the door when the carrot guy suddenly pulled you back at him hitting his chest. 

“Don’t i get at least a thank you reward? You're quite heavy” He chuckled a bit smirking at you. 

“I-i never asked you to bring me here, so i’m not giving you anything” You said avoiding his gaze since he was making you feel nervous all of a sudden. 

“Fine, i’ll claim it myself then” You turned your head to look at him in confusion and thats when he pushed your back to the wall and connected his lips to yours. At first you didn’t answer his kiss from the surprise but slowly you just gave in.

The kiss was full with passion, it wasn’t rough and desperate but instead it was delicate and slow, one of his hands went to your ass and gripped it making you gasp in surprise and with that he took the opportunity to deepen the kiss, his tongue exploring your mouth. You never had a kiss so experienced and with so much passion for sure this handsome stranger was giving you the best kiss you ever had in your life.

You both started to separate from the lack of air. The hand that was previously in your ass crept up to hold your cheek and said darkly.

“My name is Oh Sehun, don’t forget it love” he let go you slowly almost careful like if you were made of glass and went away. 

To say you were shocked wasn’t enough… what a day. 


You woke up and turned off your alarm, you saw the hour and it was 7:30 a.m. you didn’t have to go to school since it was saturday but you had to go to help at the veterinary store your uncle owned, you sighed in exhaustion, your head hurt and you felt like vomiting but you tried to ignore it and went to the shower to get ready. 

You already finished showering when you remembered what happened last night, you were still in shock of course how wouldn’t you, it was such a rollercoaster of emotions yesterday since what happened with jongin, you getting drunk and lastly that kiss with the stranger. “My name is Oh Sehun, don’t forget it love” you shivered at the memory of his last words, you were so deep in thought that you jumped a bit when you cellphone rang.

“Uncle Yixing” you readshit you were late so you just ignored the call and put on a pair of shoes and hurriedly got out of your house and towards the veterinary store. 

“You’re late y/n” Yixing said cleaning one of the shelves, while you walked past him leaving your stuff on the counter. 

“I’m sorry, it won’t happen again” You said turning to look at him smiling a bit embarrassed. 

“You said that last week y/n” He sighed. “But just forget it, there's a lot of work today can you pass me Vivi?” You furrowed your eyes in confusion and was about to ask what Vivi was but you then heard a bark and that’s when you turned back to look at the cute dog that was leashed. 

“She’s so cute!” You sat next to the dog and started petting her forgetting what Yixing had requested before.

“You mean he” You looked at him confused “He? But that’s girl's name, what kind of ignorant person would name his dog like that?” 

“I would” You turned your head to the door to see who had responded and then gasped in surprise. 

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Hey hey hey. I just read a bunch of your Saeyoung writings and I just can't get enough lol~ If you're taking requests, do you think you could write either number 71 or 49 from the prompt list for Saeyoung? (I live for the moments in your writing where there's lots of kisses and MC and Saeyoung just being SO in love with each other ahsjhdjs, so if you wanna put that in haha~) As always, endless praise for your talented writing and I can't wait for your future works!!! Have a nice day/night~❤️❤️❤️

Haha, thank you so much! I hope this is okay! If you want something less fluffy, let me know, but I hope you like this all the same:D

49.)  “I have to tell you something”

The wind combed its fingers through your hair, sending pleasant shivers down your neck. The air was cool and crisp and absolutely delicious. Across the horizon, tall buildings loomed in the distance, a few lights glittering the city like stars in a night sky. All of your senses were engaged, and you would’ve have been thoroughly enjoying it–you know, if you weren’t dangling over sixty feet off the ground.

You weren’t sure how you ended up in the rickety seat of a Ferris Wheel, but you blamed the red-head sitting beside you. That’s right. It was your stupid boyfriend who had asked if you wanted to go, and you had stupidly agreed because he gave you that stupid grin that made it against your very nature to refuse.

“Are you trying to crush my bones?” Saeyoung yelped, stretching out his fingers from your death grip. Without his hold to anchor you, your stomach took a steep plunge, and for a moment, you thought the rest of your body had too. You gasped at the gust that rocked the small passenger car. Instinctively, you clutched onto Saeyoung’s jacket and shut your eyes.

The warmth of his fingertips across your lower back bid you to open them again. Resisting the urge to look down, you fixated your gaze on the man in front of you. He surveyed your face, brows quirking inquisitively. “Are you okay? You’re really pale.”

You swallowed hard as that cotton candy from earlier burned at the back of your throat. “I have something to tell you, Saeyoung,” you said. You would’ve laughed at how dramatic that sounded if your stomach didn’t keep trying to get back to the ground without you.

He grabbed both of your hands, his eyes glimmering in the bright lights of the amusement park below. “Are you going to ask me to marry you?” he said. “I’ve been waiting for this day, you know.”

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Megamind sentence pack
  • "Went to jail, lost the girl of my dreams and got my butt kicked pretty good."
  • "Things could be a lot worse."
  • "Oh, that's right. I'm falling to my death."
  • "My end starts at the beginning."
  • "I was eight days old and still living with my parents. How sad is that?"
  • "I set out to find my destiny!"
  • "And our glorious rivalry was born!"
  • "A much different fate awaited me."
  • "A baby! How thoughtful!"
  • "I was given an opportunity to better myself through learning."
  • "Evil is sent to quiet time in the corner."
  • "Being bad is the one thing I'm good at!"
  • "I was destined to be a super villain."
  • "(he/she) would win some, I would almost win others."
  • "You're fun."
  • "To count every second of you 87 life sentences."
  • "Looks like you're going to miss it, by several thousand years."
  • "I'd be watching you like a dingo watches a human baby."
  • "Hey, I love you, whatever!"
  • "The city doesn't pay you to loaf."
  • "You were right. I'll always be a villain."
  • "You got it, boss!"
  • "Who's your man?"
  • [shoots gun in the air repetitively in celebration]
  • "Who would I be without you?"
  • "And I love you, random citizen!"
  • "I kept it cold and damp, just for you."
  • "Would it kill you to wash the bag?"
  • "Actually, most of it comes from an outlet store in Romania."
  • "Please talk slower."
  • "Should've known you'd try to crash the party."
  • "We all know how this ends - with you, behind bars."
  • "Yeah, not panicking."
  • "You've fallen right into my trap."
  • "Still warming up, sir."
  • "The sun is warming up?!"
  • "Who's side are you on?"
  • "Could someone stamp my frequent kidnapping card?"
  • "Your weakness is copper?"
  • "First off, what a turn out!"
  • "All I did was eliminate the most powerful man in the universe."
  • "Let's just have fun with this, c'mon!"
  • "I understand you, little well-dressed bird."
  • "Is something wrong, sir?"
  • "Just think about it. We have it all...yet, we have nothing."
  • "Without him, what's the point...?"
  • "Perhaps we took him for granted."
  • "Are you happy now?"
  • "Are you ready to be a slave army? What do you need to know."
  • "Chicks don't like bouncy houses, they like clowns!"
  • "I made a horrible mistake."
  • "I'm not allowed to insult guests directly."
  • "If only the world had a reset button."
  • "I didn't know you had...feelings, are you okay?"
  • "I think we should run. Bye!"
  • "Oh, I'm too close! I'm genuinely scared right now!"
  • "I'm a villain without a hero!"
  • "For the greater good of bad!"
  • "You don't know what's good for bad!"
  • "There's a doormat here saying secret entrance!"
  • "It's called formal speedwalking."
  • "Oh, what fun!"
  • "Or I'm gonna find out what this weird looking gun does!"
  • "You're so fit! And...strangely charismatic!"
  • "You were right about that door being exciting!"
  • "Daddy's sorry!"
  • "Wow, a brave one, isn't he?"
  • "I'll call you tomorrow...partner."
  • "That was awkward for everyone, because you hugged him instead of me."
  • "Who is this man we've infused with godlike powers?"
  • "Use the forget me stick!"
  • "Wow, you look fantastic."
  • "So you're space dad?"
  • "I'm your space step-mom!"
  • "No frickin' way!"
  • "Can't wait, l-o-l, smiley face."
  • "We don't want to battle our new hero in a dump now, do we?"
  • "[name] and I...were never a couple."
  • "It was the only name I could trademark."
  • "Who wants churros!?"
  • "You've fallen in love with [him/her]!"
  • "The bad guy doesn't get the girl!"
  • "I'll just pack my thing and go!"
  • "I usually just hear villains, have you been naughty."
  • "Are you crazy!?"
  • "We're like an old married couple!"
  • "I am extremely boggled."
  • "Why are you so evil?"
  • "Did you really think that I would ever be with you?"
  • "I only took the gig to get the girl!"
  • "Evil returns with a backhand!"
  • "En garde!"
  • "Speak, apparition."
  • "We're gonna die!"
  • "I knew you'd come back!"
  • "Well, that makes one of us."
  • "It mostly involves not dying."
  • "My death was greatly exaggerated."
  • "Going somewhere, besides jail?"
  • "You're not gonna be laughing for long."
  • "There's a benefit to losing. You get to learn from your mistakes."
  • "I finally had a reason to win. You."
  • "He's just not used to positive feedback!"
  • "You know, you look pretty good in white."
  • "You know, I like the sound of that."
I Can’t Go On If You’re Not Here

Originally posted by sugutie

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Pairing: Jeongguk x Reader

Length: 2k

Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3


You have been in love with Jeongguk since freshmen year of college, but you never had the courage to confront him about your feelings. A new girl pushes you to admit to him finally what you both were waiting for. 

You didn’t choose to be friends with Jeongguk, we just became friends. We met when we were young. He was a new freshmen in college and very active. You were the quiet girl who just wanted her degree in business so you could finally escape from my parents who constantly breathed down your neck. You had friends but none of them compared to Jeongguk. You became friends when the teacher had decided to partner you two up for a project.

“Hey, I’m Jeongguk”.

Those words will forever haunt you to the fact that you can never have him. He will always be the boy that you loved so deeply but could never have. Jeongguk was the light of your life, simple enough. He brought you favorite popcorn when you was feeling down, when you was on your periods,he would become the most patient man on earth.

He never complained when you would talk for hours on hours about the cute guys in your accounting class. He would smile at you and pat you on the head and say,

“You’re too good for them anyways. You’re too smart for them, all they understand is how to crunch numbers. You are both naturally blessed with looks and intelligence”

You would always blush at his compliments. People would call him awkward and silent with no emotion. He would compliment you with the straightest face. People didn’t know how to respond to him because they thought he was making fun of them. It was just that Jeongguk meant every word he said. He wanted you to know that he was honest and truthful.

Jeongguk never realized what you had felt for him. It wasn’t his fault. You never confessed to him because you didn’t think it was worth it. You had some boyfriends here and there, but none of them were serious because you were forever waiting on him. He didn’t know, he just thought you didn’t really love anyone of them. It wasn’t until your senior year of college where you finally gathered up the courage to admit to him what you have been feeling for the past four years.

“Hey, where were you at the party?” Jeongguk slid into the seat besides you in the library, He was decked out in his signature black stussy sweatshirt with some skinny jeans that seemed to make him ten times more attractive. He started to stroke your hair. Jeongguk had a thing with hair. Yours was mid length and dyed a soft light brown, you kept it soft for him. Because he liked it.

“I didn’t go. Jongsuk didn’t want to go so I stayed back with him to help him study” You turned towards him, away from your economics textbooks and placed your head in your hands.

“Ah, always helping the new student. You are just too nice Y/N,” Jeongguk quirked his head and smiled at you. He was just too cute. It was the time in between your classes. You were about to graduate, just one more semester to go and you were finally done with the education system.  

“Nah, I’m not nice. I just felt pity for him because he didn’t know what we did in class”

Jeongguk started to pick at your pens and pencils, “You should have gone to the party. It was so much more exciting but some new incoming freshmen came and crashed it. But the best thing about it is I met someone.”

“You met a girl? Who? It’s been a while.”

You tried to mask the look of surprise on your face. Jeongguk hasn’t dated any girls in a while. He had dated a girl named Wendy a while back ago but he broke up with her because he didn’t think they had fit together. Jeongguk was a true romantic, he loved to hold hands and spend hours reading at a cafe with his girlfriend. That’s what you loved about him, he loved the simple things. He had said Wendy was an amazing girl but he just didn’t think they were good together. When he was dating Wendy, you had to deal with in love Jeongguk, he was gone.

When Jeongguk had a new girlfriend, he would disappear from your life. He would put all his attention and love into the new girl and it would be like you never existed.He wasn’t ignoring you on purpose, he just wanted to spend time with girlfriend. This really hurt you. You felt like you were a throwaway, only needed when he was free of a romantic partner. People knew you guys were best friends, they knew that you guys had perfect chemistry. They didn’t understand why Jeongguk didn’t make a move. Many guys have tried but you wanted to wait for him. You had boyfriends but they never made it to your heart. You dabbled in romance when Jeongguk had a new girlfriend. You felt lonely and wanted some attention, the attention that Jeongguk was not giving you.

Jeongguk had a little smile on his face and he shyly looked down, “She’s a sophomore. She loves to dance and she’s really talented at the violin. I met her at the party and we just hit it off. I think I really like her. I know we just met but I feel like we connect so well.” He had the starry look in his eyes, the kind he gets when he talks about Overwatch and Justin Bieber.

You stopped fiddling with your pen and looked at him, “Wow, I guess it’s time for you to move onto the next girl. What happened to your promise of waiting till you graduated?” You tried to mask the hurt in your voice. Jeongguk had a real chance of falling in love with someone that wasn’t you.

“I was, but man Jennie is a work of art. I never met anyone like her, she brings out sides of me that I never knew existed. We had talked about random things but it was the most interesting conversation I ever had. She’s so beautiful,”Jeongguk swiveled in his chair, his body opposite of what it should have been if he was sitting. He leaned back against the desk, and brushed his hand through his hair. His hair was a startling black color. He never dyed it because he thought that it would make him seem more like a girl.

You knew who Jennie was. She was a transfer student from Gwangju. You guys had some mutual friends, you never formally met her. It was an understatement to say that she was an amazing and one of a kind. Jennie made guy friends after guy friends, she never dated anyone since she had transferred this year. She was an up and coming dancer in our dance team. Hoseok, the dance captain and your closest friend after Jeongguk and Jisoo, had complimented her on her fluidity and techniques.  He had also said that she was pretty but not his type. Hoseok had a specific type, he liked the smart and caring ones. It wasn’t that Jennie wasn’t smart or caring, it was because he thought that Jennie was a little superficial. Apparently Jeongguk didn’t think the same.

“Oh. Good for you” You didn’t know what to say. Your heart was slowly tearing at itself. Why couldn’t Jeongguk look at you and think of you like he did with Jennie? What made you so unappealing to him. You guys have been friends for four years, and never did he once show a sign that he was attractive to you in the point of more than friends. You would flirt with him but he would just smile at you and go back to what he was doing. It wasn’t like you didn’t try. You didn’t know how to approach him with the topic that you wanted to be more than friends.

Jeongguk turned his head towards you, “It isn’t great? I’m taking her out on a date later. I need advice on what to wear. So get out of the library and let’s get back to the apartment and plan what to wear.” It was also quaint that you guys were roommates because you wanted to get out of the dorms and finally get a place of your own but you were too poor to afford it yourself.

You found yourself being dragged out of the library, his hands linked in between yours, with your things haphazardly shoved into your open tote bag and onto the streets. Jeongguk happily took the lead to the short walk to your apartment complex. He seemed to be bouncing on the soles of his feet. His hands still linked with yours. It was normal for you two to hold hands. He had started this habit because you always got lost in crowds when you guys hit Myeongdong for shopping. You felt like he does it now because he liked to torture you with a little sliver of a romantic relationship with him.

“Hurry up, the date starts in an hour”, Jeongguk basically shoved you up the stairs in barely contained excitement and into his room. You didn’t want to help him with his date. In fact you wanted to give him a reason to cancel the date, you. But he would never do that because he didn’t like you. You had to be his friend and just his friend.

He started to pilfer through his closest that was ironically filled with white t shirts.

“I guess I would go with casual but a little dressed up,” you pushed him aside because he was actually hopeless. Your chest hurt every time you touched the clothes hangers that held his clothes. You chose a white button down with a mandarin collar with some jeans. He would look great. This was going to be a long night of you eating ice cream and watching some movies to pass the empty time. Why does Jennie have to exist?

“You are the Sun to my Earth. Thank you so much. This is why I still need my mother and you, of course.” Jeongguk quickly grabbed his clothes and rushed into the conjoining bathroom.

You plop down on his bed. His room wasn’t especially big but it wasn’t small. You had an identical room, with connected bathrooms. You looked up onto the ceiling and saw stars. Jeongguk always love what stars represented. To him, stars represented hope and ambition. He saw them as the push to his success.

Jeongguk slammed the door open, all dressed in his outfit ready for his date, “Is this alright?” as he fixed his collar. He looked so handsome and so Jennie’s.

You motioned for him to come over to the bed and you sat up. He stood right in front of you, still fixing his clothes. You laughed at him, he had skipped a button,

“Aish you dummy, you missed a button, no one it looks weird,” You went in to fix it, your nimble fingers skipped over the soft material. It would be so nice to just push him onto the bed and snuggle. He stared down at you as you slowly fixed his error. You looked up at him, into his starry eyes. He sent you a smile and continued to stare.

The tension in the room began to heat up. Your eyes seem to drill holes in one others. Your fingers stopped it’s administrations. You opened your mouth to say something.  

The Three List | Barry & Iris | Script Fic
  • Barry: Hey, Iris?
  • Iris: Yeah, hun?
  • Barry: Do you remember when you were with Eddie & you told me about your 3's list?
  • Iris: My 3's list?
  • Barry: Yeah, you know, three guys you could cheat on Eddie with.
  • Iris: *snorts* oh, right. My 3 list.
  • Barry: You don't still HAVE that, do you?
  • Iris: *blinks* What?
  • Barry: Your 3 list. Do you still have it?
  • Iris: Uh...probably somewhere. Why?
  • Barry: *clears throat* I was just wondering if Oliver was still on it.
  • Iris: *smirks & crawls over to him* Babe, you know that's not a serious thing, right?
  • Barry: what do you mean?
  • Iris: *laughs* even if Oliver had given my fangirl self the time of day when I was with Eddie, I wouldn't have slept with him.
  • Barry: *blinks* you wouldn't have?
  • Iris: *laughs* Who do you think I am, Bear? You think 'he's on my three list!' would've sufficed if Eddie had caught us in bed together?
  • Barry: *blushes fiercely* No, I guess not.
  • Iris: *cups face* Babe, you've got nothing to worry about. *kisses him* You're the only one I want.
  • Barry: *after many kisses & sweet nothings whispered* But is Oliver still--
  • Iris: *rolls eyes & gets off him* oh, for crying out loud.
  • Barry: Wait, Iris, I didn't mean-
  • Iris: You most certainly did. *starts to walk away*
  • Barry: *panics* Iris-
  • Iris: Calm down. I'll be right back. *dashes up the stairs & comes back 10 minutes later* Found it!
  • Barry: *shifts towards her, eyes wide* What did you... *spots piece of paper she's holding* Oh.
  • Iris: *hands paper over* Take a look for yourself.
  • Barry: *scans list of names & frowns* He's still on it.
  • Iris: Mhmm.
  • Barry: This doesn't make me feel any better, Iris.
  • Iris: *crosses arms* that's the original list. I only updated it once, a couple months after I'd moved in with Eddie.
  • Barry: *still frowning* where's that one?
  • Iris: *makes circling motion with her finger*
  • Barry: *checks the other side* This one looks pretty much the same. I don't see-- *jaw drops*
  • Iris: *starts to grin* See something you like, hun?
  • Barry: Am...Am I...? *squeaks*
  • Iris: *nods* Mhmm.
  • Barry: I'm in the number 2 spot!
  • Iris: That's one above Oliver, I believe.
  • Barry: *still gawking* I don't understand.
  • Iris: *comes & sits next to him on the couch* After you told me how you felt when I was with Eddie, I had a lot of feelings that I didn't know how to deal with. Then when Eddie got all secretive on me I started thinking about you even more, and how my best friend would NEVER keep secrets from me the way my boyfriend was doing.
  • Barry: *winces* sarcasm is warranted.
  • Iris: in the past. *waves it off*
  • Barry: *swallows hard & nods*
  • Iris: That night when I came back to my dad's & you were there reassuring me, I felt like that was a safe place to put them. My feelings for you.
  • Barry: On your 3 list?
  • Iris: *nods* On my 3 list.
  • Barry: Did Eddie ever see it?
  • Iris: *laughs* Are you kidding? If Eddie had seen the updated version, he would've figured out what was up right away, even before I did.
  • Barry: And what was up?
  • Iris: *smiles & gently kisses him* I was in love with my best friend.
  • Barry: *has warm fuzzies* Iris...
  • Iris: So, you can keep that if you like. Oliver's name is still on it - BENEATH yours though. I don't have a need for it anymore. I haven't looked at it until today in over two years.
  • Barry: Yeah?
  • Iris: *nuzzles & kisses* yeah. You're all I want, Bear. If I can't have you, there's no one else I want. Not even a one night stand with a celebrity.
  • Barry: *smiles*
  • Iris: Do YOU have a 3 list? *raises eyebrows*
  • Barry: WHAT? *squeaks*
  • Iris: You heard me.
  • Barry: Iris.
  • Iris: BARRY.
  • Barry: *sighs & then laughs* I have a 1 list.
  • Iris: *eyebrow furrow* What's a 1 list?
  • Barry: *pulls out wallet & digs out tiny scrap of paper inside & hands it to her* Same thing as a 3 list. Except mine only has 1 name on it.
  • Iris: *jaw drops when she reads it* I'M the only name on your 3 list??
  • Barry: *grins & pulls her close* Yep.
  • Iris: But of all he gorgeous celebrities, even SCIENCE NERDS, you only chose--
  • Barry: You're the only one I've wanted since the day that I met you.
  • Iris: *teary-eyed* Barry...
  • Barry: Getting a chance with you? 10 times better than any hook up with ANY celebrity.
  • Iris: *sighs contently & kisses him* I love you, Barry Allen.
  • Barry: I love you, Iris West.
  • Iris: *nuzzles & pulls away after a while* So what are you going to do with my 3 list?
  • Barry: Give it back to you. *hands it over* You decide what to do with it.
  • Iris: *grins* Mmk. *pecks him in the cheek, stands up & heads to the roaring fireplace*
  • Barry: Wait, Iris, what are you doing?! *speeds over*
  • Iris: Getting rid of it. I don't need it anymore.
  • Barry: Well, maybe you should keep it. You know, as a keepsake.
  • Iris: *eyes him suspiciously* Why do you want it?
  • Barry: *I* don't want it. It's yours. I gave it back to you. So you--
  • Iris: BARRY.
  • Barry: *swallows* I mean, you ranked me ABOVE Oliver, so...
  • Iris: OHMYGOD. *rolls eyes & shoves it into his hand* You keep it. It'll be YOUR keepsake. *walks back to the couch & sits down*
  • Barry: It's not really MINE, so--
  • Iris: *gives him THE LOOK* one more word, Barry, and I WILL throw it to the flames. Not even your superspeed will stop me.
  • Barry: *nods & swallows* Right. *tucks paper into pocket & comes to sit next to her* So...
  • Iris: *raises eyebrow*
  • Barry: Now what?
  • Iris: *irritation fades away & she pulls him close, kissing him* Now I get some one-on-one time with #2 on my 3 list.
  • Barry: *pulls back after a few kisses* I thought you just said--
  • Iris: I swear to God, Barry, if you don't just kiss me--
  • Barry: *speeds them up their bedroom, drops her on the bed & takes off t-shirt, then hovers over her & kisses her, lingering*
  • Iris: *moans* Don't tell my boyfriend about this. He'll be extremely jealous.
  • Barry: *restrains groan* On my life. *mutters & kisses her again*
  • ...
  • A/N: Just did (as of 4/2/17) a bit of an edit, b/c I watched the 1.08 scene & realized it's actually called a 'three' list, not a 'threes' list. So I changed all those & added a short line to something Iris said early on.

llosebetter  asked:

a prompto prompt for you, since i can't get it out of my head: so by the end of his DLC, he's doing pretty well for himself. i know we all love damsel in distress prompto, but i feel like he must not've gone quietly into that Y frame. how many times do you think he killed ardyn between point A and point B? (<3 also you're fantastic and i hope you have a lovely day.)

Author’s Note: This… turned out not at all how I originally envisioned it.I hope this is okay??

Also, this is my first time writing Ardyn pov. I apologize in advance. ._.a




Whole civilizations have risen and set and provided less points of interest than the events of the past month. Whole centuries have brought him less pleasure than this glimmering dream the world has become, of late.

Ardyn feels like a child on the eve of the winter solstice, though it has been long since last he celebrated the darkest night, and longer still since his childhood.

They have squirmed so much more prettily than he ever dared to dream.

He has watched the precious little slip of a prince grow to manhood. He has marked well his wants, and his affections, and his shy attempts at romance. He has noted in his schemes the things that will hurt this boy the most, so that he might take them away.

And oh, he’s so very close.

He’s so very close to it all.

Ardyn can feel the anticipation prickling at his palms, roiling there below the surface. He cannot wait to shred the boy’s indifferent exterior, to leave the nerves raw and exposed. The death of the Oracle was an appetizer, nothing more.

The way the prince’s eyes have gone still and flat without her to light the world whets his appetite, but Ardyn craves still more.

He has so very many years of misery to repay.

And here, resting delicately in the palm of his hand, is his means to an end.

The escaped MT unit, the one they call Prompto, fights so endearingly to be free. He does not know that Ardyn has been pulling the strings of this puppet show since that first meeting beneath the cloudless sky in Galdin Quay. He does not suspect how much of the theatrics were for his benefit: conveniently placed lab notes, and weapons left out in the elements to be found in times of need.

The MT has followed every footstep laid out before him. He’s stumbled and fallen, and risen to stumble again. Each time he struggles to his feet, Ardyn scents blood in the air, a touch stronger. Each time he falters, the game becomes more amusing still.

And now, at long last: here they are, in Gralea. He’s laid out his trail of breadcrumbs, and the MT has followed, as obediently as though he’s been programmed. 

The MT thinks himself clever. 

He thinks that he’s overcome the odds to escape his home again.

He does not know that Ardyn has plans for him, yet. He does not know that in four days’ time, his prince will come, and the true game will begin.

The bank of monitors spreads before him, showing all there is to see. Ardyn taps at the microphone, hears the static squeal and smiles at the discordant edge to it. “Oh, I do hope you haven’t given up,” says Ardyn, idly. His feet are up on the console. He’s leaning back in the chair, so far he risks falling over altogether.

He cannot see the MT on the screens any longer, but that doesn’t trouble him. When last he caught sight of his quarry, ducking into a maintenance closet, the poor dear was bleeding from an axe wound and dragging one leg behind him.

Broken, doubtless. One of the many unfortunate risks to traveling by snowmobile. 

“Come now,” says Ardyn, into the microphone. “What would Noct say? He’ll find what’s left of you, and imagine how his face will crumble.”

It’s a lovely mental picture. There will be tears, and recrimination, and self-loathing. He hasn’t decided what to do with the MT just yet. When the prince arrives, his purpose will have been served.

Perhaps another corpse in the path of the Chosen King is just the fuel he needs to propel him into the loving arms of the Crystal.

Ardyn is so caught up in the thought of it, in playing through the expressions the prince will make, that he almost misses the sound.

It’s a faint noise, the scrape of metal on metal. He turns his head, idly, to see if an axeman has come to patrol his hall, but instead he catches a glimpse of a freckled head, still swathed in a winter hat, poking down out of a vent on the ceiling.

The MT’s arm squirms its way through the vent, and the gloved hand is holding a gun.

Ardyn smirks at the barrel leveled his way, and then up at the MT’s face. “Goodness,” he says. “Would you like some help down? I’m afraid your poor leg won’t take the weight just now.”

He hears the rapport of the gun, and feels pain, just for an instant, before the world goes black.

When he wakes, perhaps fifteen seconds later, the MT’s feet are poking out of the vent as he lowers himself to the floor, slow and painstaking. He’s trying to cushion the fall as much he’s able, doubtless. That leg really does look a frightful mess.

Ardyn lifts a hand to his forehead, and touches the place where the blood from the bullet entry is still warm. The skin’s closed behind it, smooth and even.

He smiles, more to himself than anything else, and stands. He brushes himself off and rises, casual steps bringing him to the bottom of the vent.

Then he takes hold of the MT’s broken leg and yanks.

The bone shifts beneath his grip; the MT cries out in pain and scrabbles at the metal of the vent.

He comes free anyway, and Ardyn tosses him against the console panel like the discarded doll of a petulant child.

“But,” says the MT, eyes wide with terror. “But I shot you!”

“Why yes,” says Ardyn, pleasantly. “I suppose you did. And how unsporting. After all, I haven’t killed you, yet.”

The MT still has the gun. He lifts it now, in shaking hands, and pulls the trigger. 

The world goes black again, and Ardyn feels himself fall against the hard tile of the floor. When he opens his eyes, the MT is gone, and a smear of blood leads out into the hallway.

Well. Perhaps he’ll have something to occupy his time until the prince arrives, after all.


“Don’t be so hard on yourself,” says Ardyn, as he forces the MT’s wrist into the restraint and snaps it home. “You lasted far longer than I expected you to.”

The MT grits his teeth and glares.

The poor darling must be in breathtaking pain by now. His skin is a patchwork of cuts and bruises, and that leg must be aching something awful.

He knows he promised himself that he’d leave a corpse for the prince to stumble across, but these past few hours of cat and mouse have given him a much better idea.

“Now,” says Ardyn. “Do be a good boy and wait here, won’t you? I have a bit of equipment I’d like to pick up.”

There’s plenty he can manage with his bare hands, after all. But by his count, he has seven deaths to repay. 

It’s probably for the best that he can make all the curatives he needs.

  • lucifer in vegas: wow so the detective and I went through a LOT okay it was intense I almost lost her I had to go to HELL and back can you believe?? Gosh vegas reminds me of the detective she's so pretty I need to protect her anYWAY candy you're a blonde Chloe is also blonde but it's a tad bit darker we love working on cases together and I love working with her!! My work is my life and god I can't wait to get back, how long has it been? The detective is probably wondering what happened to me I think I miss working cases- yeah, definitely missing just the cases I mean wow detective Decker I can't wait I asked my brother to protect her okay candy you ready to go back to LA with me???? Can we go back yet god I can't wait did I mention she was poisoned and I almost lost her?
The 100 ways to say 'I love you' OTH edition
  • 1. "Always and forever."
  • 2. "I wanted you to fight for me."
  • 3. "Don't say I never gave you anything."
  • 4. "Hey, pretty girl."
  • 5. "I don't know what I'd do without you."
  • 6. "This is how I spent my summer, wanting you."
  • 7. "You are not allowed to quote from my letters."
  • 8. "You are not an idiot, not even close."
  • 9. "I needed to hear your voice."
  • 10. "Didn't you miss me while you were away?"
  • 11. "This is gonna work, right?"
  • 12. "When are we gonna get to that kissing part?"
  • 13. "I am the guy for you, ____."
  • 14. "You told me to fight for you and I did."
  • 15. "Please stay."
  • 16. "It means a lot to me to know you are here."
  • 17. "Why won't you ever just let me all the way in?"
  • 18. "I’ve given exactly two of these embarrassing speeches in my entire life, and they’ve both been with you."
  • 19. "I miss this, you know? Talking to you."
  • 20. "I need you to need me back."
  • 21. "Can I help you?"
  • 22. "I’m here for you forever."
  • 23. "You always make everything better for me."
  • 24. "Hoes over bros?"
  • 25. "You have me no matter what."
  • 26. "I wish you would've told me."
  • 27. "We made it, didn’t we?"
  • 28. “You think I need to see you with my eyes to know what’s going on with you.”
  • 29. "You're always saving me."
  • 30. "I can't live without you."
  • 31. "When all my dreams come true, the one I want next to me... It's you."
  • 32. "Nothing will happen to you, I promise."
  • 33. "It’s always gonna be there, isn’t it? Me and you?"
  • 34. "I sort of like you, you know that?"
  • 35. "I want all the same things you want."
  • 36. "I don't hate you."
  • 37. "Your art matters. It’s what got me here."
  • 38. "Or I can stay if you want."
  • 39. "I wanna have everything with you."
  • 40. "It didn’t mean anything."
  • 41. "It won't happen again."
  • 42. "That girl has been nearly impossible to find but worth every second of the wait."
  • 43. "Maybe I can wish something for you."
  • 44. "You look skinny as ever."
  • 45. "You deserve this."
  • 46. "You’ve taught me to trust."
  • 47. "You see the world in a way that no one else does."
  • 48. "You appreciate everything."
  • 49. "There’s no one in the world like you."
  • 50. "I like it when you get me."
  • 51. "I’m happy to be gotten."
  • 52. "You make sad look beautiful."
  • 53. "I realized how empty my world was without you in it."
  • 54. "Hey, gorgeous."
  • 55. "You don't know me well enough to judge me."
  • 56. "Actually, I feel like I do know you."
  • 57. "We’re us, _____."
  • 58. "You’re sexy when you play football."
  • 59. "You look even more beautiful than in my dreams."
  • 60. "You should know I plan on making every one of your dreams come true."
  • 61. "I could have held you in my arms forever and it still wouldn’t have been long enough."
  • 62. "I need you to get past this."
  • 63. "You are too amazing to carry this around."
  • 64. "Every song ends, is that any reason not to enjoy the music?"
  • 65. "Everything was so much simpler when it was just you and me."
  • 66. "I gotta be honest with you, I could never officially give you away."
  • 67. "Because my world is better with you in it."
  • 68. "I will always be there for you."
  • 69. "I will always protect you."
  • 70. "Can I stay with you tonight?"
  • 71. "I just don’t want to do anything to drive you away."
  • 72. "I don’t want to be that guy anymore."
  • 73. "I wanna be somebody that’s good enough to be seen with you."
  • 74. "We made it."
  • 75. "Thank you for believing in me."
  • 76. "I am not going anywhere."
  • 77. "I don’t ever want to lose you."
  • 78. "Till kingdom come."
  • 79. "But everything is better with you."
  • 80. "I miss you in forever ways."
  • 81. "I like you, more than you know."
  • 82. "You are the devil, aren't you?"
  • 83. "I do like waking up to you."
  • 84. "It's unbelievable how much I hate you."
  • 85. "They are great. So are you."
  • 86. "I promise you I’ll still feel the same way about you that I do right now."
  • 87. "I’m voting for her because of her heart and her spirit."
  • 88. "Do you know how terrible it is to be disconnected from your best friend?"
  • 89. "I could’ve loved the girl in this picture."
  • 90. "I'm gonna miss you most of all."
  • 91. "How can you not see that?"
  • 92. "I remember looking in that mirror and telling you how special you are."
  • 93. "Girls just want somebody to want them back."
  • 94. "What's underneath all the clothes?"
  • 95. "I wanted to come see you because I knew something was wrong."
  • 96. "Forgiveness is love, you know?"
  • 97. "You are the best thing that has ever happened to me."
  • 98. "It's absolutely your business."
  • 99. "My home is your home now."
  • And...
  • 100. "I love you, you know that?"
  • Kallen: [in front of everyone at in-progress SAZ meeting lull because this script is AU or whatever] Suzaku, tell your boyfriend not to put me on dress-up duty for the next Ashford festival.
  • Suzaku: !!!
  • Zero: *stiffens*
  • Suzaku: Lelouch is NOT my boyfriend!
  • Kallen: ...The fact that you knew EXACTLY who I was talking about is pretty telling, isn't it?
  • Suzaku: *Very Determinedly does not look at Zero* We're JUST friends.
  • Kallen: Wow, you are such a bad liar. I can understand wanting to hide your poor taste though.
  • Euphy: Maybe you just don't know Lelouch well enough--
  • Kallen: Lelouch is a HUGE jerk. He put me on dress-up duty.
  • Suzaku: I'm sure Lelouch had his reasons for what he did. *has this dopey smile on his face for a second as his eyes flick to the head of the table* Besides, this is a fresh start. Give him a chance.
  • Kallen: Of course you'd stick up for your BOYFRIEND.
  • Zero: *straightens his already-organized papers a bajillion times*
  • Suzaku: I told you, he's not--! *fearful glance at Tohdoh*
  • Tohdoh: [calmly] Oh, don't worry, Suzaku. I've known for years that you might end up liking guys.
  • Suzaku: ?!?!
  • Tohdoh: Well, you WERE half in love with that Britannian prince who stayed at your family's shrine that one summer...
  • Zero: *drops papers* Oh REALLY?
  • Suzaku: N-no I wasn't!
  • Tohdoh: *rolls eyes* Suzaku, you spent every waking moment with that boy.
  • Suzaku: He was my best friend!!!
  • Tohdoh: You followed him around with puppy eyes. EVERYONE could tell you had the biggest kid-crush on that prince.
  • Suzaku: P-puppy eyes?!
  • Zero: Accurate. Go on, Tohdoh, this is the best report you've ever made.
  • Tohdoh: O...kay... Suzaku, you sneaked out of your room most nights to curl up with the prince.
  • Euphy: *giggle*
  • Tohdoh: ...Every time? Oh, you lost focus during training sessions because thinking about that prince distracted you.
  • Suzaku: ONCE! ...Er, okay, MAYBE more than once...
  • Tohdoh: You outright asked me once if boys could kiss other boys, especially when they were, and I quote, 'really really pretty.'
  • Kallen: *snort* Suzaku must have a type.
  • Zero: Indeed.
  • Suzaku: I do NOT have 'a TYPE'!
  • Tohdoh: And finally, Suzaku, you suggested that you marry him to bring peace between Britannia and Japan in a political marriage.
  • Suzaku: Th-that was HIS idea!!!
  • Zero: A brilliant one, might I add.
  • Tohdoh: O...kay... Suzaku, your energy levels that day were off the charts. Even for you.
  • Suzaku: Can't I just be happy without you turning it into--?!
  • Tohdoh: MY POINT, Suzaku, is that I already knew you were attracted to boys. I've been more concerned about your loyalty to Britannia than your sexual orientation.
  • Suzaku: ...Oh. *fiddles with his fingers*
  • Zero: SO, Kururugi. Who would you prefer more: Your childhood crush dream prince or your current ideal 'boyfriend' from school?
  • Suzaku: *long, deadpan stare at Zero* ...You're a royal jerk, you know that?
  • Everyone: *GASP*
  • Zero: *doesn't seem to care that a previous enemy was disrespectful to him* I'll answer you when you answer me.
  • Suzaku: Th-that's not-- THERE IS NO ANSWER!
  • Ohgi: What does all this have to do with setting up the Special Zone anyway? Can't we get back to business?
  • Diethard: No, no. Kururugi's embarrassment is delicious.
  • Zero: I quite agree.
  • Suzaku: Of course you--! *takes deep breath* We will discuss this later, ZERO.
  • Zero: *tugs collar* I think a long recess is in order. In fact, we're done for the day. My schedule just got booked.
  • Darlton: Wait, you can't just--! Princess Euphemia, please, stop this madness!
  • Euphy: Go get him, Suzaku~!
  • Suzaku: Oh, I'll get him, all right.
  • Zero: *shivers slightly* [sounding fond] You already did.
  • Euphy: *claps* Awww!
  • Kallen: What the hell is even going on?
  • Suzaku: You know, Kallen. Maybe you should tell your leader to stop playing dress-up. It never ends well, does it?
I Can’t Go On If You’re Not Here

Originally posted by nochuie

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Pairing: Jeongguk x Reader

You have been in love with Jeongguk since freshmen year of college, but you never had the courage to confront him about your feelings. A new girl pushes you to admit to him finally what you both were waiting for.

Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3


Light filtered in through the pale beige linen curtains. It was too early to be waking up. You were sprawled on your bed in a very unladylike fashion with your legs sprawled, but you didn’t really care. Waking up was the hardest part of your day and when you did wake up you would think about your nap when you came home. It was a never ending cycle of sleeping and waking up. You stretched and you felt something that definitely did not feel like a plushy pillow. Opening your eyes you see Hoseok on your bed.

“Hobi, what are you doing on my bed,” Hoseok wasn’t suppose to be sleeping in your bed, it was barely big enough for you. All you got in response for your question was a grunt and he just ended up snuggling into your blankets.

Aish this lazy sack of shit. You had to get ready and get to class, he needed to get out. You tried poking at him with your foot but to no avail. You grabbed the Ryan Plushy Jeongguk got you for your birthday and started to smack Hoseok. Sleeping Hoseok was harder to wake up than a bear in hibernation. He only wakes up when he smells food. Fatty.

You decide to get up from your warm soft bed and go make coffee in the kitchen. You were still wearing the clothing from last night but now in a more crumpled version. The apartment was quiet and empty. You went across the hall to Jeongguk’s room, you wanted to knock but you refrained from the last moment. You didn’t want to know if he came back with her or if he didn’t come back at all.

Jeongguk barely brought girls home because he knew that you hated the noise. He had brought a girl over in the beginning of sophomore year. It was an understatement to say that you were angry. You were furious. After the girl had left and Jeongguk emerged from his room at noon, on the search for subsistence. You knew he always became very hungry after sex, so you being you decided to lock up the refrigerator and the pantry doors. Petty but you couldn’t help yourself. You heard the sounds that Jeongguk had elicited from the girl and the uneasiness of your standing with him continued to shift. The girl had made some pretty loud pleasurable sounds that traveled wretched airways across the hallway separating your rooms. You were ready to break into his room and wrangle her to death.

But instead like a proper college student, you hit him where it hurts, his stomach. You grabbed all your locks that have accumulated from your brief experimentation with riding a bike to school. Jeongguk had come out of his sex hole and was mildly surprised to say the least. He begged on his knees and promise that he would have to buy you dinner for forgiveness. Let’s say after that incident he very sparsely brought girls back to our place. It gave you brief peace before you realized that it would have been better if you knew what he was doing than you constantly guessing where and who he was doing.

Jeongguk’s room was still silent as you pressed your ears to the solid wooden door frame. You wanted to open his door and lay on his bed and envelope in his unique cotton scent. He probably was still at Jennie’s, snuggling with her. You felt your eyes tear up, he had promised that he would come back after their date. But you couldn’t dwell on that, this was just a minor setback to your whole plan. The school year was quickly coming to a close and it was about time after waiting four years. You padded towards the living room, your stomach rumbling with anger.

To your extreme surprised, there was a girl in who was using your stove. A girl who was wearing only a white shirt with her brown hair in a messy bun precariously placed on the top of her head. Her back was still towards you, she was humming. You quirked your head to the side. Who was this girl?

“Um, hello?” You made yourself known to the random girl who had invaded your apartment.

“Oh my. Who are you?” The girl whipped around, her bun bouncing around. She was holding your red frying pan with an egg cooking in it.

“I live here? Who are you?” You were really hungry. You didn’t have time for this girl, whoever she was.

“I’m Jennie. Jeongguk and I just got in a few minutes ago,” The girl introduced herself and went back to cooking. She didn’t seem to grasp the situation. You were sure that steam was rolling down your back and up into the air. “Are you Jeongguk’s little sister? I don’t remember him mentioning that he lived with his sister.”

You raised your eyebrows at her. Jeongguk’s sister? So this was Jennie, the girl that has Jeongguk so enamored. She was really pretty, no doubt with long legs and a delicate face. She was dressed in Jeongguk’s shirt and prancing around your kitchen.

“I’m Jeongguk’s roommate, Y/N. Where is Jeongguk? I have to go talk to him,” You were about to smack Jeonguk five ways to hell. What was he thinking bring Jennie back to your shared place? He knew how much you hated being disturbed in the morning by his friends.

“Oh he’s in the shower. We had a long night, if you know what I mean,” Jennie turned on her heels to look at you and winked. You were taken aback. You didn’t know what to do, either to cry or yell.

You spun around and started to march towards Jeongguk’s room. You were about to rip Jeongguk’s heart out of his chest. Before you could, your bedroom door swung open and Hoseok came bumbling out. His stature dwarfing your door frame. He was still dressed in last night’s clothes with rumpled hair, eyes bleary. But he was missing his shirt, Hoseok didn’t like to sleep with his shirt on. He said it constricted him when he slept. His eyes weren’t even completely open before he registered that you were standing there.

Jeongguk’s door also opened and the man himself stood there. He had just come out of the shower, his body wash still fresh and you couldn’t help but close your eyes for a second and let the fragrant wash over you. He was wiping his wet hair with your blue towel.


Before Hoseok could finish, Jeongguk was on alert. His wet hair forgotten.

“Excuse me, what are you doing here? And why did you just come out of Y/N’s bedroom, shirtless?” He started to grill Hoseok. His eyes darting to yours in a silent accusation. Jeongguk had no right to accuse you of anything. He had brought Jennie back to your place and she was cooking for christ sake.

“Hoseok, get back in my room,” You started to shove him back into your room, trying to minimize the damage. Hoseok didn’t fight with you and landed his fat self back onto your bed. You took a blanket and covered him, he could catch a cold. Jeongguk was still waiting outside the open door with an indescribable look on his face. Hoseok never slept over when Jeongguk was here. He always came when Jeongguk was visiting his parents or brother. You closed the door behind you, obscuring Jeongguk’s view from Hoseok’s sleeping form.

“Y/N, why is Hoseok half naked in your room? Can you explain?” Jeongguk ran his fingers through his wet locks that stuck to his forehead. His face radiated a youthness that you couldn’t describe. He always looked so fresh after washing up. It was your favorite look on him, it gave him an innocence that you adored.

“Tell me why Jennie is cooking in my kitchen first then I’ll answer you about Hobi. Also please explain why you didn’t come home even though you promised you wouldn’t stay out more than two hours,” you leaned against the wall where picture of you and Jeongguk were displayed.

“Okay I can explain I promise. I got sidetracked. Jennie had taken me on an adventure. I finally fulfilled my dream of breaking into a museum and looking at the art uninhibited and with no people around. She took me around the city to show me her favorite places. Y/N I’ve never met a girl with a sense of adventure like her. I think I’m in love,” Jeongguk dropped, shyly looking down.

You couldn’t keep the frown off your face, “Jeongguk, you promised you would come back to me in two hours and you ditched me for a girl because you were having fun? I get that I do but couldn’t you just have shot me a text telling me that you weren’t going to come home? I was so worried, I didn’t know where you were and what you were doing. And Jennie isn’t the only one with a sense of adventure.” The last part slipped out. You couldn’t help yourself. Jealously was clawing at you. Jeongguk was an adrenaline junkie. He loved to do and experience new things. You were always a little on the safer side, you never really like the venture outside of your comfort zone. You would watch him from your little safe bubble and cheer him on.

“I’m sorry, my phone ran out of battery. I was going to call you I swear. And I know you’re fun, but Jennie is a different kind of fun. I promise I’ll make it up to you today. I’ll treat you to your favorite raspberry sorbet today after dinner,” Jeongguk begged with his puppy dog eyes, he reached for your hands and brought it to his chin. You couldn’t resist. He was just too cute. You knew you had to tell him your feelings tonight before he could entrench himself deeper into Jennie. She wasn’t right for him, you were.

Jennie eventually left, still wearing Jeongguk’s shirt. You tried to ask Jeongguk about it and he just chuckled to himself with his little secret. Hoseok had snuck out after hearing your conversation with Jeongguk. He crawled out onto the fire escape and him being the little cheeky bugger he is, sent you wink as he went down the ladder.

It was noon when the apartment settled down. Jeongguk was napping on the sofa after you watched Friends together. It was his favorite show. He had said that his friend, Namjoon loved it and recommended it to him one day and he has been hooked ever since. You began to tidy up the apartment as he was taking his little cat nap, doing the laundry because it was your turn. The feeling of domesticity had really hit you as you started to unfold Jeongguk’s trousers. You were living the relationship but you weren’t in it.

It was four o’clock when Jeongguk had finally come around, “Hey, do you wanna go out for dinner or stay in?”

You were craving Japanese so you guys went out eat, “You have to pay today because you surprised me when Jennie this morning. You know she ate the rest of my bagels and cereal? I expect to be reimbursed for this.”
Jeongguk let out a loud laugh, the laugh where he would tilt his entire head back and laugh with his whole body. Your favorite. As you two strolled down the street to the little quaint sushi restaurant around the corner from your apartment. He slid his hand down and interlaced your fingers. You couldn’t help but blush a little every time he would take your hand. The concentrated bundle of nerves in your stomach started to act up again. It couldn’t be that hard to admit to Jeongguk that you had basically loved him since you’ve known him.

“You and your food. I’ll buy you some later when we get ice cream. Now let’s get food, I’m starving,” Jeongguk quickly dragged you into the dim lit restaurant. The waitress seated you and him in the cubby corner. The restaurant was having a slow night, there were only a few customers littered around.

“It’s been so long since I been here. You’re always so busy,” Jeongguk said as he picked up the menu. He didn’t even bother reading it. He picked at the fraying edges of the cover.

“Hey, I’m not the only one who’s busy. You barely been around the house. Do I have to remind you that is your turn to pay the water bills. I hope you didn’t forget,” You quickly scanned through the specials and motioned the waitress over.

“I’ll get the udon with beef and he’ll get the miso soup, the spicy tuna rolls, and udon with chicken and pork with no soybeans,” you smiled at the waitress and handed her both your menus.

“I never forget. I always pay the bills. I’ve been busy with dance, in which you haven’t shown up in,” Jeongguk leaned back into the deflated leather seat.

“I’ve been meaning to go, I’ll stop by tomorrow. I missed dancing, Hoseok keeps pestering me to go. The new student, Jongsuk also wanted to check it out after I mentioned it to him. We need more recruits.”

“That reminds me about this morning, why was Hoseok in your room this morning? Did he come after or before you found out I wasn’t coming home yesterday. You know he used to like you. What if he pulled a move and I wasn’t there to deflect it. I heard from Jimin that he was planning to ask you out. Jimin never lies,” Jeongguk said with a straight face. You couldn’t tell if he was joking or not.

“C’mon Jeongguk. You know that Hoseok doesn’t like me or ever have. He’s one of my oldest friends. Hoseok is also very straightforward. If he ever felt any of those feelings towards me, he would tell me right away. He had come after I knew you weren’t coming home. We just drank and talked. That’s it. He didn’t try anything on me nor will he ever in the future. I mean, look at me? Remember when Hoseok dated that model, I don’t even hold a candle to her,” You shook your head at him. What was Jeongguk thinking?

“Y/N, you should know by now how attractive you are? I don’t know why you don’t haven’t had a boyfriend for such a long time already. You’ll see when I say Hoseok has a thing for you. If he didn’t why would he always stick around you? Why did he try so hard to convince you to join dance? So he could show off his moves to you and make you fall in love with him,” Jeongguk was hilariously stuck on his point. He was sadly misinformed.

“I can promise you, he doesn’t like me. He also knows that I’m interested in someone else. I really like him but he doesn’t know. It’s been so long and I’m so ready to tell him,” You tried to hint to Jeongguk but he was oblivious as always.

The waitress set down two ice waters and you couldn’t help notice that she was staring at Jeongguk. He was dressed in a plain black t shirt with black jeans, piercings lined his ears. He was too hot not to look at. He reached over and puckered his mouth and sucked on the straw. Both of you stared at him, unable to take your eyes off of him. The waitress finally snapped out of her daze and scurried away.

“You always tell me about this guy that you like but you have no guts to admit to him you like him. Just tell him, how long has it been? Once you tell him it’ll be all fine. I don’t know you could hold this all in,” Jeongguk continued to sip from his straw.

You wanted to tell him so bad, but the words couldn’t come out of your mouth. You didn’t know to formulate the words. All you had to say is , “it’s you,” but it didn’t come out.

MarkHyuck phone call..
  • Mark: Hey, are u sleeping already?
  • Donghyuck: what do you think?
  • Mark: Sorry to disturb you. I shouldn't call right now.
  • Donghyuck: Straight to the point Mark Lee.
  • Mark: Nothing. I'm just bored.
  • Donghyuck: There's no way you're getting bored. You got new friends there. You look so happy whenever you're with them.
  • Mark:'s different, I think? I'm enjoying myself rapping with them but it's different. I can't explain it.
  • Donghyuck: It's because you're doing something you love the most. Adrenaline rush, I think.
  • Mark: No. That's not the reason, Hyuck.
  • Donghyuck: I think you're just tired. You're going back late again today?
  • Mark: ......maybe? I don't know. They going to do more shooting for editing, so I don't know at what time we're going to finish.
  • Donghyuck: I'll be waiting for you in my dreamland by the time you come home.
  • Mark: .....
  • Donghyuck: ......
  • Mark: You should go to sleep now.
  • Donghyuck: Don't you think you need to tell me why are you calling me at the first place?
  • Mark: ......
  • Donghyuck: Are you planning to keep silent until tomorrow? If you don't have anything to tell me then..good night.
  • Mark: I miss you...
  • Donghyuck: ....yah, what's wrong with you?
  • Mark: I don't know. I'm just tired and your face come into my mind. The next things I know, I'm talking with you right now. Maybe I just want to hear you voice.
  • Donghyuck: You must be so tired right now. *blush*
  • Mark: But I really miss you! I meant it!
  • Donghyuck: I know, idiot! And we just met each other few hours ago.
  • Mark: I know. That's why I don't understand why I felt like this. I just..miss you suddenly. I miss you being noisy, annoying and talking non-stop beside me.
  • Donghyuck: Woah, Mark. Should I feel great right now? I can't believe you called me in the middle of the night just to diss about me? I feel happy. Thank you..take it take it take it!
  • Mark: *laugh*
  • Donghyuck: Don't you think you should continue your shooting right now? Because I need my beauty sleep.
  • Mark: Are you going to wait for me later?
  • Donghyuck: It's 12Am. I don't think I can..
  • Mark: Ah..okay. *disappointed* I should go now. Good night pretty Hyuck, have a nice sleep. Dream of me.
  • Donghyuck: Shut up, Mark Lee. I don't think I want to have nightmare tonight.
  • Mark: Bye~miss you.
  • Donghyuck: Geez~~bye
  • At 3Am
  • Mark: Hey, Hyuck. Wake up. Why are you sleeping in the living room? I thought you want to have beauty sleep. Why are you sitting in the dark here?
  • Donghyuck: I thought you want me to wait for you. I fell asleep just now.
  • Mark: *shocked*
  • Donghyuck: Why are looking at me like that? Lets go to our room. I'm sleepy! Gosh its already 3AM!
  • Mark: *hug Donghyuck* I miss you!!
  • Donghyuck: Damn it Mark Lee! Lemme go!
  • Mark: *kiss Donghyuck's lips*
  • Mark: Sorry making you waiting for me but I am so happy right now.
  • Donghyuck: Did you just kissed me?!
  • Mark: Yeah. Why? I can't kiss my boy?
  • Donghyuck: Who the heck give you permission to kiss me?! When the heck I've become your boy?! You're not allowed to be the cool one here!!
  • Mark: *rolled eyes and dragged Donghyuck to their shared room*
  • Mark: Sleep with me..
  • Donghyuck: I said, you're not allowed to be cool right now!
  • Mark: I know. Lets sleep.
  • Donghyuck: I hate you Mark Lee.
  • Mark: I know.
  • Donghyuck: I miss you too. *blushed & covered his face on Mark's chest*
  • Mark: I miss you more Lee Donghyuck.
  • Donghyuck: By the way, I don't like it you being close with other kids especially that Yoonho guy.
  • Mark: I'm all yours. You know that..
  • Donghyuck: Shut up. *smile cutely*
How the 'ADORE U' MV came about
  • <p> <b>Pledis:</b> Alright, guys, so your kinda-but-not-really first MV! What do you suppose we do?<p/><b>SVT:</b> ...<p/><b>Pledis:</b> Alright so I know this is kinda scary for you guys seeing as you're officially debuting for the first time, but c'mon! Let's break the ice and get some ideas rolling!<p/><b>Seungkwan:</b> *raises hand proudly* I have an idea for the MV.<p/><b>Pledis:</b> *over enthusiastically* Yes, go for it, Seungkwan!<p/><b>Seungkwan:</b> We should totally do a roadtrip concept!<p/><b>SVT:</b> *murmurs of agreement*<p/><b>Pledis:</b> Alright, awesome! That would be pretty cool--<p/><b>Dino:</b> I have an idea too!<p/><b>Pledis:</b> Alright, what is it?<p/><b>Dino:</b> A flower-y concept where we all hang around plants and sip tea.<p/><b>SVT:</b> *murmurs of agreement*<p/><b>Pledis:</b> Uh, okay, that's pretty interesting, I guess--<p/><b>DK:</b> I also have an idea!<p/><b>Pledis:</b> Okay, shoot!<p/><b>DK:</b> An angel concept, where we all wear white and dance among the clouds.<p/><b>SVT:</b> *murmurs of agreement*<p/><b>Pledis:</b> Okay, nice! That makes a lot more sense--<p/><b>Wonwoo:</b> Wait, I have an idea as well.<p/><b>Pledis:</b> Uh, okay. What is it?<p/><b>Wonwoo:</b> A boxing concept.<p/><b>Pledis:</b> ...wat.<p/><b>Wonwoo:</b> Kinda like something out of Rocky, ya feel?<p/><b>Pledis:</b> But that has NOTHING to do with what you're singing about.<p/><b>The8:</b> Right, so why don't we do a band concept instead?<p/><b>Pledis:</b> You see? Now that's what I'm talking about! Great work, Jun!<p/><b>The8:</b> ...I'm The8.<p/><b>Jun:</b> I'M Jun.<p/><b>Pledis:</b> Oh, who cares? You're all the same underneath.<p/><b>Chinaline:</b> ...<p/><b>Hoshi:</b> But wait, why don't we do a sci-fi concept? I mean, it's out there and it's not something that many people have done before.<p/><b>Pledis:</b> Wait, we're still listing concepts? I thought we decided on the band idea.<p/><b>Wonwoo:</b> What about my boxing concept?<p/><b>Dino:</b> Or my plant concept?<p/><b>DK:</b> Or my angel concept?<p/><b>Seungkwan:</b> HEY! We're not gonna forget my, frankly, GENIUS idea of a roadtrip concept - are you kimbap kidding me?!<p/><b>SVT:</b> *arguing*<p/><b>S.Coups:</b> Hey, guys. Guys...HEY GUYS!<p/><b>SVT:</b> *turn to him*<p/><b>S.Coups:</b> How about we take all of the concept ideas...and merge them into one whole music video?!<p/><b>SVT:</b> *approving 'ahhhhh!'*<p/><b>Jeonghan:</b> Now that's an idea I can get behind!<p/><b>Pledis:</b> I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but have you all gone NUTS?! WHY would you want to combine all these crazy concepts into one MV?! If your fans see this, they're gonna think you're all on DRUGS!<p/><b>Woozi:</b> Well...aren't we?<p/><b>Pledis:</b> <p/><b>SVT:</b> <p/><b>Pledis:</b> <p/><b>SVT:</b> <p/><b>Pledis:</b> <p/><b>SVT:</b> <p/><b>Pledis:</b> <p/><b>Pledis:</b> Whatever, do what you want - I really couldn't care less. *leaves* Shouldhavestayedwithnuestinsteadofinvestinginthesenutjobs...<p/><b>S.Coups:</b> Sooooooooo.............CRAZY CONCEPT MV IT IS!<p/><b>SVT:</b> YEAAAAAAAH!<p/></p>

That Got Away: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction Part 13

Inspired by: Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away”

 Bill Withers’ “Aint No Sunshine”

Featuring: Spencer Reid x Reader   Setting: Season 4   Rating: Mature

A/N: This is seriously hard to wrap up guys. I appreciate you all reading this far. Get those tissues ready! Warnings: Slightly public Smut and this is SUPER long. xoxo Stu

I do not own the lyrics, images or characters from the show.

Part 1   Part 10   Part 11  Part 12

This was the face you woke up to; the dewy-eyed relief of Dr. Spencer Reid. You felt like cotton balls had taken over your brain matter, but you were no longer in pain.

“Hi,” You said, sleepily. “What time is it?” You tried to sit up, but your body was so heavy. Spencer reached down and grabbed your right hand, sliding the remote for the bed’s hydraulic unit into your palm. Once you were nearly vertical, you took in the pathetic hospital room you had been granted.

“It’s nearly 6,” Spencer answered. “In the morning.”

“What a day, huh?” You tried to laugh, but your chest was bandaged. You rubbed your chest as the pain dulled, slightly.

“You have some bruising on your sternum, so that is why your chest is tender.” Spencer started to recite your chart. But you interrupted because that line was too good to leave there.

“But Sir-sir, I thought my chest was already tender.” You hummed at your self-amusement; drugs are nice. He rolled his eyes, sticking his tongue in his cheek at your raunchy pun.

“Yes, mon cher, it most definitely is.” Spencer sat down in the metal framed chair beside your bed. His face was serious now. “We have your aunt and Kurt Hansen, the bellhop, in custody.”

“And Michelle?” You asked, voice slightly hitching in alarm.

“She attacked Morgan and Prentiss had to stop her. I’m sorry, Y/N, but she’s dead.” Spencer rubbed along your forearm.

“Oh, good riddance,” You mumbled. You knew you should feel guilty about her death, but it just wasn’t coming to you. Not after all this.

“She was found with the murder weapon, Y/N,” Spencer continued. “It looks like she was the one who killed your dad. Miriam was probably the mastermind, but Michelle was the one.”

You yawned into your left hand, allowing all the information in. The past few days were a fairy tale in the earliest use of the phrase, dripping with viscous monsters and a speckle of unexpected romance. The surrealism of it was hitting you now. “Spencer, will you stay with me? I know I don’t deserve it, but will you be here when I wake up?”

He nodded, his brown eyes drowning in concern. “Of course, of course.” He bent over the railing on the side of your bed and kissed you goodnight. He sat back into his seat, pulling a tattered book from his satchel. You couldn’t read the title, but he did appear to be using an old scratch off as a bookmark. You smiled as the gentle hum of machines and the drips of their drugs whisked you away.

Hey, I oughtta leave young thing alone
But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
Only darkness every day

The semester in Greece was a whirlwind. You had never been so possessed by your studies as you were walking the foothills and shoreline paths. The scenery was beyond all of your childhood fantasies. It wasn’t until your third week in Athens that you realized you had missed four phone dates with Spencer. Your stomach pitched as you realized how you would have felt if he had done that to you. How hadn’t you known how long you had been gone? What had you done?

You immediately left the cafe where you and your small group were eating lunch. You found a tourist cart and bought a postcard.  The rushed apology and quick small talk about his holidays were a weak attempt at atonement. It didn’t matter anyway; Spencer had moved and would never receive the letter.

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Ozpin's Ulterior Motives
  • Not part of the RoseGarden Snippet Stories (which will be updated soon)
  • Qrow: Did you just admit to having a crush on my niece?
  • Oscar: *turns slowly, his face resembling Sun's when he was talking about Blake in front of Ghira*: Heh, maybe?
  • Qrow: Listen here, you little punk—
  • Ruby: UNCLE QROW! You're better! *hugs her uncle* And I see you've met Oscar! *hugs Oscar* He's the first person my age I've had to talk to in a long time. He gets me.
  • Qrow: *sighs* Kid, Ozpin's soul is intertwined with his.
  • Ruby: I understand that.
  • Qrow: UGH. Ozpin!! Why'd you have to choose this kid to get mixed up with? I mean, honestly, I wouldn't mind you two together, but really?
  • Oscar: So what I'm getting at is if I was my own person, you'd let me date your niece?
  • Qrow: Look at this face and tell me whether I would let you breathe the same air as Ruby.
  • Oscar: Okay! I feel the hostility coming off of you. Ruby...
  • Ruby: Uncle Qrow! I like Oscar, and I'm sorry if you don't approve. And it's not like Ozpin's going to be inside his head forever! Right?
  • Oscar: Um...Ozpin?
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): I can't tell you that.
  • Oscar: I'm not sure, Ruby. I'm sorry.
  • Ruby: It's cool; we'll figure it out. I need to go find Blake and Yang, I'll be back in a few. *skips off*
  • Qrow: *fake smile* Bye, my lovely niece. *waits until Ruby is out of earshot, takes Oscar by the shirt* Okay, listen here you little—
  • Taiyang: Qrow? What are you doing?
  • Qrow: *turns slowly, his face resembling Sun's when he was talking about Blake in front of Ghira*: Nothing! Nothing!
  • Oscar: Honestly...
  • Taiyang: Leave the kid alone, come on, Bartholomew and Peter are here to visit. And they brought Glynda. I think that was out of her free will.
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): Glynda's here! Let us go say hello.
  • Oscar: *starts to follow the two men, before Qrow stops him*
  • Qrow: No, a thousand times no. You follow me, I'll make sure you have nothing to see Ruby with.
  • Oscar: Ozpin...asks if that's a threat.
  • Qrow: It is if you want it to be, old man. *walks off*
  • Oscar: I hate talking to that guy.
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): Well, you're going to have to impress him if you want to stay with Ruby. I have a few ideas if you want—
  • Oscar: No.
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): But—
  • Oscar: We, I mean, I am not going to serenade her.
  • Ozpin: I wasn't even talking about Ruby. I was talking about Qrow.
  • Oscar: What is Plan B? What? Ozpin, why would I sing at all? Plan you're telling me if Qrow makes me leave Patch and Ruby rejects me, I should sing "The Heart Will Go On"?
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): I love Céline Dion.
  • Oscar: Who? Ozpin, I'm not singing! Not for Ruby, not for Qrow , not for you!
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): Man, and I was really looking forward to hearing you sing "All By Myself"
  • Oscar: Do you want me to date Ruby just so I can sing these...Céline Dion songs?
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): You honestly think I would want to be here in your head, bored, watching your weak attempts at flirting with Miss Rose?
  • Oscar: Yeah. Yeah, pretty much.

anonymous asked:

Hello😊 I was going to sent you drabble request but that was before I read all lines. Now I can't choose. There's too much good ones😩 So I'm not sure if you're okay with this but I thought that maybe you could write something with Sehun to whatever line you like? And about genre... Could it be angst with happy ending? Sorry if it's burden to you. And I know it's very general so I'll understand if you won't write this. Have a nice day😊

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Sehun

Prompt: “I had a bad dream again.”

Rating: PG

Word Count: 656

Sehun is the worst. He’s the worst, he’s the worst, he’s the worst. Closing your eyes, you pull the covers up to your chin. You’re not sure how tonight turned into this. The fight started off small - but soon it wasn’t. Soon, it was an endless snowball you didn’t know how to stop.

It was just a comment. Something Sehun said that rubbed you the wrong way. An offhand remark about your boss and the long hours you’ve been working. To which you responded the long hours weren’t by choice. There were certain things you needed to get done in certain amounts of time. The hours fell around that.

Of course, then Sehun got defensive. Implying you cared more about your job than the people around you. That’s when you began throwing things back at him. Bringing up times you were kept waiting, various miscommunication and that period he was in graduate school where you supported him.

Now in your bed, you wince. You should never have brought that up. Pretty soon you weren’t just fighting about one thing, but a whole pack of them. Everything was laid on the table – all your fears, worries, frustrations. All so raw and open that neither of you could take a step back long enough to fix things.

That was when you stormed into your bedroom, slamming the door and saying that Sehun could sleep on the couch for all you cared.

That’s where he is now – the couch. A flicker of regret moves through your chest. One you quickly squash. Sehun needs to suffer a little bit. Some of the things he said to you were just plain wrong. Although… so were some of the things you said to him.

Sighing deeply, you roll over. There’s nothing to do about it now but sleep.

Several hours later, you awake. Chest heaving as you bolt upright. Raising a hand to brush away your sweat-dampened forehead, you realize you’re shivering. It was a dream. Just a dream. You know this, and yet the fear still lingers. Bile, on the tip of your tongue. Ever since you were little, you’ve been plagued by nightmares. A consequence of your past – but since you started sleeping with Sehun, the nightmares have become surprisingly less.

Before you can think twice about it, you’ve thrown off your covers. The door creaks as you open it, giving you pause. There are no other sounds, so you end up tiptoeing down the hall.

Sehun’s form is on the couch. Sleeping splayed out on his back, his chest rising and falling with each breath. His hair falls across his forehead, one hand thrown over his face. He looks so peaceful, calm. So unlike the frustrated version of himself he was earlier this evening.

It’s while you’re standing there, gathering the courage to walk in that he opens his eyes. His gaze is soft, half-tinged with sleep as you stare back at him. “Babe?” The word is a mumble.

Looking down, you cross your arms over your chest. Trying to hide how badly you want to go to him. “I – I had a bad dream again.

He surveys you. A long moment passes before slowly, Sehun pulls back his blanket. “Come here.” His voice is soft, barely a whisper.

You have to hold yourself back from running. Forcing your steps to slow as you climb onto the sofa. Sehun’s strong arms wrap quickly around your waist, pulling you against him. His lips touch your hair. “It’s okay. It’s okay, now.”

“Is it?” Turning to face him, you press your face to his chest. His heart beats steadily beneath your cheek. Calming you from the earlier fright.

“Yes.” Sehun kisses the top of your head . He lets out a long exhale. “I’m sorry, babe.”

Closing your eyes, you hold him tighter. “I’m sorry, too.”

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anonymous asked:

Can I send you some prompts? for malec and jaia, you just decide yourself which fits which couple and if you even want to do them :) 1:"who gave you that black eye?" 2:"I didn't know we were keeping track" 3:"how long have you been standing there?" 4:"make me" 5:"I can't stand seeing you like this" 6:"is there a reason you're naked in my bed?"

Alright then, nonny. I’m gonna have fun with this one.

This will be a six-part story, featuring both malec and jaia ;) Enjoy

Part 1: "who gave you that black eye?“

Dating Alec Lightwood had changed Magnus’ life for the better. That was a pretty impressive feat, considering Magnus’ life had already been great. He had his own company running both in the US and overseas at the age of 31, a beautiful penthouse in Brooklyn, and plans for running for mayor in the fall.

So really, Alec was damn amazing to match all of that. And he didn’t only match it, he topped it all.

So yes, Magnus was happy with his gorgeous boyfriend as they made up on his couch. Very happy. So happy, in fact, that when Alec’s younger brother Jace showed up unannounced, Magnus was only mildly annoyed.

It helped that Jace had a black-eye, which felt like pre-ordered revenge. Karma was a powerful force.

“Knocking doesn’t mean you can just barge in,” Alec said as Magnus got off of him. He didn’t even mind fixing his clothes. Jace had a habit of walking on them, so by now Alec didn’t even bother pretending to be modest.

“Yeah.” Jace rolled his eyes, but the gesture made him wince. Grimacing, he turned to Magnus. “Do you have a bag of ice or something?”

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