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Sebastian's Sexual Pick Up Lines #2

Sebastian: Hey, young master. I got you a riddle.

Ciel: Okay then.

Sebastian: What has 132 teeth and holds back the Incredible Hulk?

Ciel: Uhhhh… Teeth? I don’t know… I don’t know… -frowns- What’s up with that stupid riddle anyways?!

Sebastian: -smirks- The answer is my zipper.


Sebastian: Sooooo?

Ciel: …. Sebastian, sometimes you’re just a pain in the arse…

Sebastian: Then how about adding some lubricants?! -laughs- Eh? Eh? -wink, wink- -nudge, nudge-

Ciel: -glares-

Sebastian: Oh come on! That was better than the old one!

Ciel: -still glaring-

Sebastian: -sighs- Fine! I’ll get back to work….

Google has a twisted sense of humor. I was looking for a pic of that “there are at least 5 turtles” meme for the purposes of illustrating a humorous point. And now I’m absolutely screaming, because these were my results:

Do y’all see why I’m screaming yet? Here, let me zoom in to highlight the source of my existential crisis:

of the 15 million plus results google came up with for “at least 5 turtles”…



*cue hysterical laughter*

funny thing is, you promised you’d stay.😒


Happy Happy Birthday Tabi <3 <3 <3

Ah what can I say…You’re funny, witty, considerate, mature, cultured, respectful, honest, humble, hard-working, talented, genuine, independent, wise, insightful, creative, visionary, responsible…..ah I can go on and on.  You manage to be a wise but crazy little baby that we have only grown to adore more and more as the years pass.  You’re an inspiration to so many and you are so loved.  

Keep making punny jokes and remember to laugh at them yourself before anyone else gets a chance to.  Keep promoting art and introducing the world to the beauty you see in so many things. Keep writing lyrics that read like beautiful poems.  Keep showing the world what an incredible actor you are and do films that explore various genres and topics. Keep spending time with your favorite people and do your favorite things. Most importantly, take care of yourself and make sure you are always happy and smiling. Remember to always eat all your meals and make sure that little tummy of yours is happy!

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy <3  You have so much love and good wishes coming your way always.  I hope you get all that you wish for and more :)

Don’t forget how hard seventeen was. That year took more than it gave, but one thing it did give was empathy. At the very least, you can understand people’s suffering now, and you have learned that suffering is relative. Don’t forget that you’re still allowed to have rough days, but remember to help out others who are also having a rough day. And if you ever feel seventeen again, just remember with a smile all that happened at eighteen.
—  What I learned from being eighteen

That moment when you find out you’re not very funny. Can anyone tell I gave up scribbling nicely halfway? Dangit they’re too cute arghhah. Sorry. Have a nice last day of the year guys!




INTP–ISTJ The Quiet Little Dino

ISTJ: I really missed giving people toys, so I also got you this.

ISTJ: *Hands a stuffed dinosaur to INTP*

INTP: Oh cute. Thanks, I love it.

ISTJ: You’re welcome.

ISTJ: Are you… going to play with it?

INTP: Well, no, probably not. But I can let it sit on my bed with me and all of my other stuffed animals.

ISTJ: And you guys are going to hang out?

INTP: Yeah, something like that. It can socialise with all my other stuffed friends.

INTP: AH– but only if all of them want to!

INTP: I’m not going to force any of them to interact with each other if they don’t want to, you know?

ISTJ: You don’t want any forced socialisation?

INTP: No, I’ve been there, it’s not that fun.

ISTJ: You don’t think any of them are going to have a problem with that?

INTP: Oh, no, all of my stuffed animals are introverts.

ISTJ: Hahaha.

ISTJ: You say that with such confidence.

It’s funny how I used to think about you every minute of every day. How I thought I would never move on. How I assumed you were the only one out there for me. How I believed I’d never find someone better because I was so in love with you. But here I am a year later, and I don’t feel those things when I look at you anymore. I think of you now as an old friend, not the one that got away. I see now that we were never really meant to be in love with one another. But that doesn’t mean we don’t hold valuable places in each other’s lives, even if we don’t talk anymore.
—  Despite the hell I went through Iโ€™m so glad I met you

Seriously guys. @herukas deserves all the love in the world for putting up with me and she did this beautiful art of my Naruto oc’s! Her commissions are open so GO. NOW. GIVE HER ALL THE LOVE. Honestly I’m shook at her amount of talent and I’ll be shocked if I ever go to anyone else for commissions again. Go check out her blog and twitter for the goods!

I realized when I got a little bit older that you don’t have to categorize yourself as a “Betty” or a “Veronica”. I realized I was more of a “Jughead” than anything, I love food and I can be super sarcastic and funny and I (at least try) not to worry about what people say about me. I think life becomes easier when you realize you don’t have to fit in to a limited amount of options; your options should and should always be limitless. So go out there and be your “Jughead” or “Betty” self, because it really doesn’t matter in the end run.
—  Unknown
2021 ๐Ÿ˜ขโคโค

ummm listen… are…truly the most incredible person i have met through this hell site??? anyway not to be disgusting but you’re really so pretty and smart and funny and s*ft and cute and small and great. i’m v proud of you. i’m love u a lot n i am so thankful to have you ?? talking shit, coming up with fic ideas, just fuckin around…it’s always a good time with u!! thank u for putting up with me and still loving me even though i’m officially yoongi biased… someday i hope someone loves me as much as u love jungkook. ur dedication to him is admirable. this was nastie i’m sorry i just appreciate you hbbbbb goodbye 💖💕💘💫❤

anonymous asked:'re as beautiful as the moon and as radiant as the sun, your voice is a breath of fresh air and your laugh is as pleasant as summer rain, you are a galaxy in itself; so full of beauty and wonders... you're stunning, smart, kind, funny and comprehensive, and there are no one i would rather be enamored with. you are simply stellar. - your (not so) secret admirer, who *maybe* has a nose ring and nice eyebrows

@emmcfrxst I love you

One time the teacher was involved in a discussion and my friend just said quietly to herself, “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” and like 4 people heard her so we all simultaneously clapped twice and the whole lesson stopped in shock I’m still cry laughing over this.

I have this headcanon about Grantaire ok? Like he’s so touchy with everyone he’s comfortable with and he really likes to kiss his friends on the mouth (after having their consent like “ok I’m gonna kiss you now”). During one of his first meeting Bahorel said something so funny that he had to kiss him and everyone were a little dumbstruck but Bahorel just laughed like it already happened so they didn’t care. Then a night they were out drinking and actually asked Courf if he could kiss him because he was a great dancer and he needed to be kissed for that. Jehan has kisses just because he exist or Feuilly needs kissed because he’s a perfect human being. Marius get one kiss the night he announce he want to ask cosette to marry him (he didn’t speak for like an hour after that). Once Joly let him kiss him but first he has to brush his teeth and floss and then he could kiss him alright. And Enjolras wasn’t all that concerned about this if it wasn’t messing with their meeting but then he realized that everyone was getting kissed by Grantaire (even Combeferre one day because they were having a discussion about French romantic literature and Ferre quoted some poetry and he had to be kissed for that) but not him. He actually tried to ask Courf why R wants to kiss everyone but not Enjolras but he just laughed for about five minutes straight and then patted him on the head. So he decided that he had to ask Grantaire because he thought that they were friends and maybe if R kisses all his friends and not him is because he thinks that Enjolras doesn’t consider them friends? He said that to him but R didn’t answer but gave him a notebook where there was pages filled with nonsense stuff like “his hair looks really golden today, he smiled at me, he yelled at me, he wrote a really good speech, he actually modified his speech because of what I said, he looks good with a ponytail, he smiled at Courf but it was a really pretty smile” and R’s blushing and his ears all red and said “If I’d kiss you every time you do something to be kissed that would be embarrassing don’t you think?”

caluvvio  asked:

Hello!! I really love your art, and your ocs are adorable!!! Especially the ones with the bunny ears! I haven't been following you long enough to know really a whole lotta bout them, but could you tell me some stuff about your ocs? Tell me anything!!! I wanna listen! (ps the way you draw soms is t o o c u t e hoh my golly I love her~)

Aaaaaah! Thank you thank you thank you thank you ahahah ♡ !

Thank you! ( a lot of my OCs have those “bunny ears”, what’s funny is how only three of them that I’ve drawn are actually rabbits ), but it’s fine! If you ever want to read more about my OCs, you can search for posts under the tag ‘OC Stuff’, if you have the time!

One thing I can share right now about Ross, tired coat hanger office worker father, is that he loves his wife Edith, horned red-haired benevolent angel darling, more than anything. He now has two kids and they make him smile everyday, no matter what happens in the workplace!

Aww gosh, thank you! I love the way you draw Somsnosa!! She looks so cute and delighted in your art style! I’m still not satisfied with mine, but I’m so happy to know that you like it ♡ !