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I was scouring the net to see if there was anything from the Portland Wizard World I had missed, or if anybody had posted a video, and came across a story someone had posted on another forum about Matt and Alex’s autographs.

Apparently Alex was asked to autograph the picture of their first kiss - precisely, this picture:

- and by some odd chance, she decided to sign on ‘Matt’.

When the same picture - along with a bunch of other pictures - was given to Matt to sign, he stopped (he just zoomed through other pictures), and said: ‘ “Now why did Alex sign on top of me? Ugh, you can’t do anything with her”

and proceeded to sign. On top of her.

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Barty it's your snuggle buddy! You're like... my favorite person. You're so sweet, and funny, and adorable, and i think a lot of people underestimate how wise and intelligent you can be. You deserve ALL the good things, but let's start with this. [Snuggles the sweetie]

Barty: *Hugs*

Barty: You’re so sweet. I’m smart like a wise owl. Except I’m not an owl. Or wise. Or smart. I have no idea where I was going with this. I’m not good with compliments sorry, but thanks.

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hehe, I’m not going to say no to that, anon ;)


Molly: *leans forward* Do it.
Sherlock: *reading the paper* No.
Molly: *playfully prods his foot with hers* Just once.
Sherlock: *turns the page* Nope.
Molly: Please?
Sherlock: *looks up* Molly-
Molly: *pouts* For me?
Sherlock: *sighs; folds his paper, clears his throat* Well, thief, where are you? Come now, don’t be shy-
Molly: *grinning* No, the other one.
Sherlock: *frowns* What other one?
Molly: *twirls her hair on her finger* The one I like.
Sherlock: …
Sherlock: *raises an eyebrow* Ohhh, the one you…like?
Molly: *nods*
Sherlock: *smirks* Shall I destroy-
Molly: Properly.
Sherlock: *mutters* Why did I marry you?
Molly: *teasing* ‘cause you love me.
Sherlock: *looks at her; slicks his hair back and deepens his voice* Shall I destroy you, Mrs. Holmes? Or will you give me what I want?
Molly: *giggles; holds her hand up*
Sherlock: *raises an eyebrow*
Molly: *waves her hand* Come on, you were very good.
Sherlock: *pats her hand and clasps their fingers; pulls her to him* Now… *lifts her into his arms* …shall we begin?
Molly: *giggles* Yes, please.


this got a bit out of hand…

Ashton in bed

I’m pretty sure Ashton is a kinky ass motherfucker in bed. Like, you would have to be heavily willing to try out new things for the sexual side of the relationship to work. I mean, can’t you just imagine him messaging you every day and telling you about some scenario that he’s heard of and how he wants to test it out? Some days he would be into the teacher/student thing, or other days it would be the whole masseuse/client. And then other times, it would just be something simple, like, he’d get handcuffs or…

Like, I think he would so obsessed with your sex lives that he would actually invest in it. And whenever you got home from work, Ashton would be no where to be seen, and then lying on your bed would be a new sexy outfit that he’d purchased during the day. And one time it would be a little maid outfit and then you’d hear this growl behind you in the doorway saying, ‘get dressed, sweet heart, and I’ll meet you in the kitchen.’ And when you turned around you could already see his cock straining ridiculously hard against his shorts.

And he would just have no shame at all. There would never be a hint of un-confidence whenever you played out his little scenes. Ashton would just be loud and dominating, but also incredibly smart. Like, during the maid thing, he would actually force you to make him food while he sat on the bar stool at the other side of the counter and watched. But he would request you to get the ingredients from either the furthest bottom shelf or the tallest shelf. So when you bent down, your ass would stick up into the air, and he would have a perfect view of underneath your little skirt. And when you had to grab a step ladder to climb up to the highest shelf, he would have absolutely no embarrassment in getting up from his seat, walking to stand directly beside you, and then titling his head to have a gape underneath the skirt.

And then it was always Ashton dominating on top, or Ashton dominating from the bottom. You would never have the control. And you would never even attempt to get the control, because you would love him telling you what to do. And the more and more you had sex, the more you would realise that patronising rhetorical questions were his thing. Like, whenever he was running the tip of his cock up and down your dripping wet heat, it would always be, 'you want my cock baby girl? hey? do you want me to fuck you honey?’ and, like, NO SHIT. But he’d keep going, and even when he was slamming his dick into you and grasping onto your breasts, he would continue asking, 'do you like that? yeah? my cock fits so good in your tight little pussy, doesn’t it?' 

Despite his controlling attitude, however, you would be able to see his little downfalls. Like, if he’d ordered you to give him a little strip tease, and he was just sitting down on a chair watching you dance, he wouldn’t be able to control his arousal. He would have to unbutton his pants and dive his hand in to get himself off to the sight of you. And then you’d see his eyes roll back and his head fall and you would know that you’re having a good effect on him.

And that wouldn’t be the only time you could see the little glimmer of weakness. Whenever he came, or was close to coming, all of his walls would crash down, and he would start rambling his emotions. Like, 'oh, shit, baby, you’re so- fuck-fucking perfect,’ 'yes, oh God, y-you’re gonna make me come, babe,’ 'I’m so lucky, sh-shit, I love you Y/N, I l-love you so so much.’ And then even after he’d shot his load into you and fallen beside you, wrapping his arm around your shoulders to pull your head to rest on his chest, he would continue to garble on saying, 'I am the most fortunate man in the world to have such an amazing girl like you in my life, baby, you’re so beautiful and intelligent and loving and funny and absolutely adorable baby.’

And Ashton’s biggest turn on would be having you completely vulnerable to him. So if you were horny, he was instantly hornier. And sometimes, if he had been teasing you for so long, you would be so aroused that you would need to rub against whatever you were on. Like, if you were sitting on the bed, you’d have to grind your centre into the mattress, or if you were on Ashton’s lap, you’d need to subtly ride his thigh. But it would never go unnoticed by him, and Ashton would never stop you. Instead, he’d use it to make him seem more in authority, saying, 'aw, look at my poor girl, so desperate for any friction. You little whore, aren’t you a cutie.’ And then eventually he just wouldn’t be able to contain himself, and he’d need to grab you and force you into kissing him.

And oh my, he’d be addicted to your moaning. So much so if you were hanging out with mates, and you accidentally stubbed your toe on something and whimpered, he wouldn’t be able to help himself but to think of it sexually. And not long later, he’d have to grab your waist and quietly heave you away from the group, taking you into another room. And he would push you up against the door and hiss into your ear, 'naughty girl, whimpering like a porn star in front of all my friends,’ and he would just slip his hand up your dress and delve into your panties to finger you. Whenever he was the one pleasuring you, he would always keep strong eye contact because, again, he would love to watch the effect he had on you.

But then he’d have this ability to make you feel so much better with sex. Like, say you’d been having a really awful day and you were feeling gross and ugly, Ashton would immediately be able to tell. And he would seek it as his own job to be able to make you feel better. So, he would just seize you up into his arms and take you away to the bedroom, and he’d make sure things were a bit more sensual for you. And then he would just worship your body and hold you as close to himself as he possible could, whispering things like, 'I’ll always think you’re the most wonderful girl in the world, honey,’ and, 'Never will I ever find someone more beautiful than you.’


Luke / Michael / Calum



He’s so beautiful like how does someone like him even exist?

Got7, EXO and Btob finding out their CEO told their gf (you) to break up with him.

Anon said: can you do the one where they find out that their cep told you to break up with them except with got7 and exo?

Anon said: Hi! Could you do the “BTS reaction to them finding out that their gf wants to break up with them because the ceo told her so” question but with BTOB? Thanks!
______________________________________________________________ Got7:BamBam:When finding out: ‘How about you flopping don’t, mister CEO.’

Confronting you: 'You will NOT leave me, will you?’

Jackson:When finding out: 'Bish Imma cut chu, you better start running.’

Confronting you: 'Chill bae, the assasins should have already killed him by now..’
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When finding out: 'That is very… I.. You.. That’s no no.’

Confronting you: 'Would you really leave me because he told you to? AnsWER ME.’
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Jr.:When finding out: 'And you think she will listen to you, you twat?’

Confronting you: 'What do you mean you’re gonna listen to him?!’

Youngjae:When finding out: ’…. asshole..’

Confronting you: 'Yeahhh.. maybe NOT leave me to never come back..’

Yugyeom:When finding out: 'I umm.. I don’t quite know how to respond to that.’

Confronting you: 'Just sit down and we can talk about this.’

Mark:When finding out: 'That’s so not cool on so many levels.’

Confronting you: 'I will lock you in this room with me, I don’t care WHAT I have to do but I won’t let you leave.’

EXO:Kris: When finding out: 'So the way you treat the artists in this company isn’t the only fucked up thing you do, huh?’

Confronting you: 'Are you serious about this..? Why would you?’

Suho:When finding out: 'I can buy your whole company like 5 times and still be richer than David Beckham so back off before I cut chu with my black card.’

Confronting you: 'You really thought I was gonna let you leave me without destroying half a companies employees worth of careers first?’

Sehun:When finding out: *intense stare* 'If she actually leaves me you’re dead. You’re dead and I’ll make it look like an accident.’

Confronting you: 'Please don’t leave me. I love you and need you more than I’d like to admit.’

Luhan:When finding out: 'I-’ *stops mid-sentence* 'Peasant, you’re not worth my precious time. BYE.’

Confronting you: 'We don’t have to do this like how we’re doing it now. We just need to sit down.. and talk.’

Xiumin:When finding out: *nasty stare from a distance*

Confronting you: 'Please don’t leave. It’s so cold when you leave.’

Chen:When finding out: 'Damn, you’re a pitiful human being.’

Confronting you: 'He seriously thought I would let you go anywhere. You love me too much to leave me anyway.’

Lay:When finding out: 'Wellps THAT’S not nice.’

Confronting you: 'You know, unicorns get really sad when their girlfriends break up with them and their horn will break off and it will lose all it’s rainbows and you wouldn’t want that would you?’

Kai:When finding out: *acting like his ass don’t know nothing while planning murder*

Confronting you: 'Maybe my grease will have you stick with me.’ *half laughing half crying*

Baekhyun:When finding out: ’.. Dude, can you not, maybe?’

Confronting you: 'I… love you..? Don’t listen to him, for me?’

Chanyeol:When finding out: 'Oh dude, seriously though?! That’s below the belt, fool..’
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Confronting you: *not quite sure how to bring it up* 'So ehh.. you know I love you a lot, right?’

D.O.:When finding out: *to himself* 'Now I finally have a legit reason to murder that piece of ass..’

Confronting you: ’.. There is no purpose to my existence when you’re gone..’

Tao:When finding out: *deathstare*

Confronting you: 'I just.. I just NEED you so much. Without you my body will just stop working.’

Btob:Peniel:When finding out: 'Okay listen up you dispicable twat..’

Confronting you: 'Yup… you’re not leaving.. nope nope nope nope nope nop-e-dy nope.’

Eunkwang:When finding out: 'Yeah, you see, she’d never leave me. Nothing to worry about!’

Confronting you: 'What do you mean you’re serious about this?’

Ilhoon:When finding out: 'I will murder you in your sleep..’
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Confronting you: 'Love, remember? That’s what we have. Love.’
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Changsub:When finding out: ’..Or nah.’

Confronting you: 'heheh, you’re so funny. Saying you want to break up. How adorable.’

Sungjae:When finding out: 'Hell to the frick frack no.’

Confronting you: 'So what, this is it then? You’re leaving?’
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Minhyuk:When finding out: 'You stink, why would you tell her that?’

Confronting you: 'You’re not gonna leave me right, no, yes? Are you? ARE YOU?!

Hyunsik:When finding out: 'You shouldn’t have done that, hyung.. NOT. AT. ALL.’

Confronting you: 'I will let you go, but if it’s YOUR choice.’