you're so flawless ily so much

an aquarius opinion on the signs
  • aries: I always have fun with you guys, you're are the epitome of awesome and I love your enthusiasm tbh
  • taurus: 10/10 humour we have good bitch sessions and you never fail to amaze me
  • gemini: there is nothing bad about any of you I honestly think you're all flawless and I want to be your best friend
  • cancer: you can be too intense for me a lot of the time but I admire your spirit
  • leo: you're hella fab and hella fly and we'd make a hell of a good team
  • virgo: you are a literal cinnamon roll and you're so much cooler than everyone gives you credit for honestly ily
  • libra: you're either the biggest nerd or the most flawless person but either way I want to be you or marry you
  • scorpio: idk if I want to run away from you or run to you and hug you but usually its run to you
  • sagittarius: you're the person to go to when I have crazy ideas and you're so much fun and HILARIOUS
  • capricorn: idk why but I feel like you guys just get me, you're so chill and we like all the same things so
  • aquarius: you're like marmite, I either love you or hate you sorry not sorry
  • pisces: you're actually really awesome I always enjoy spending time with you and you're so sweet actually