you're so damn pretty

They actually played this song and it’s forever stuck in my head

Texting with Steve Rogers
  • You: you're so damn handsome, pretty face, nice body and a gorgeous ass.
  • Ass of steel: Doll, are you already drunk?
  • You: Nope, I'm completely fine.
  • You: Everything's under control.
  • Ass of steel: Natasha sent me a video of you singing Nicki Minaj. Are you sure you're not drunk?
  • You: what should I answer to make you come and kiss me?
  • Ass of steel: Don't drink too much, I'm waiting for you.
  • You: waiting to see if I'm alive and fine?
  • Yoou: or waiting for me so we can have some fun?
  • You: I think I'm kinda horny.
  • Ass of steel: damn it, doll. I'm on my way.
  • You: for what?
  • Ass of steel: I'm gonna take you home.
  • You: aye, captain!
  • You: bring that gorgeous ass to me.
  • Ass of steel: Jesus, what did Natasha give to you? You've been there just 1 hour.
  • You: shut up or I won't kiss you.
  • Ass of steel: yeah right. I'm gonna get you with my bike.
  • You: shit, your ass look so nice on that bike.
  • Ass of steel: you're definitely drunk.
  • You: shhhhh.

What do you say. Deal, or no deal?

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Hey Cage, So we all know you're pretty damn awesome in bare-handed martial arts... But what is your weapon of choice when you are up against Talon?

“How am I going to fight Talon?” 

Hey Rook! 

 good question. I’m still not sure how Cage would work into the meta with Talon, since she’s more on the Vishkar side of things. That being said, the reason she become part of the Overwatch call list is because of these handy-dandy (pun intended) gauntlets she designed. The suit she designed was based off the Athena Model (at least, I’m assuming it’s Athena based on the logo on her forehead and pelvic-ish-area - as well as the Omnic body parts in the market of the Temple of Anubis)

[Reference from Gamepedia]

but the gauntlets were of her own design. She knows her body is her strongest weapon, and in a way, I suppose her mind is, too? 

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Do you have any headcanons about Percy and Annabeth's nightmares post-Tartarus, and like how they cope?

not well lol

  • It’s less of actual nightmares for Annabeth, more of her waking up and beginning to panic. She’s afraid of the dark. If she’s not alone in the room though, particularly if Percy is in sight, she can usually calm herself down before she has a full blown panic attack.
  • I think nightmares are one of the milder areas for Annabeth, her symptoms in other areas are the ones that give her the hardest time
  • Percy’s are technically night terrors—like, he doesn’t necessarily wake up or remember them. He’ll lash out or thrash but he’s still asleep.
  • Or sometimes he’ll “wake up” but he’s dissociating so hard that he’s totally out of touch with his surroundings
  • Which really freaks him out when he hears about it later or wakes up in a weird position or spot
  • He develops insomnia because he’s so freaked out by his own sleeping habits
  • He’s obviously snappish and in a generally awful mood when he’s barely sleeping and it’s really hard on his mother and Annabeth, which might be why Piper is usually the one to diffuse the situation
  • Percy should really do hypnotherapy and maybe he would except that after having his memories stolen and being put to sleep for months he has a paralyzing fear of people messing around in his head
  • It’s one of those things that gets so bad because they’re not sure how to manage it and the longer it goes untreated the more it spirals out of control
  • He really can’t sleep alone because he needs to be woken before he really starts to get worked up otherwise he’ll lose a whole night of sleep, and the more sleep he loses the worse the night terrors get
  • He feels so stupid because he hates being babied but like… he really does need to be watched when he’s sleeping
  • He finally agrees to it the night he punches his fist through a mirror
  • They start off slow, like in hour shifts, early in the night. They gradually work up to the point where he can sleep for the whole hour without interruption, and then they work up to two, then three, and so on.
  • The brunt of it falls on Sally and Paul obviously (mostly Sally, of course), because they’re stable adults and his parents and they can afford to lose nights of sleep.
  • It’s a huge win when he’s able to get six hours of solid sleep a night.
  • And by that point, he can be on his own, as well.
  • Eventually, if Annabeth or his mother is nearby (or anyone really; when you’re that exhausted friendly faces in general are very helpful, even strangers), he can get back to sleep, and make it to like nine hours
  • And while the nightmares don’t stop for many years, the night terrors go away after the first year

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You are not rude at all. You're my favourite person in the world after Jo and my mum.

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