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Titled: Big Black and Little Blue

Thought I’d have fun drawing Jack and Pitch just kinda sneaked his way in there.
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Briana Venskus as Agent Piper (3x19) appreciation post
— insp by x

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It's great that that problem got solved! I was ready to drop my paycheck to buy you a new pen. Your art always makes me smile so it would have been an amazing and smart investment. Happy birthday in advance!

Well that’s a way to make me cry haha~ Not in a bad way, just a bit overwhelmed by kindness. I mean I don’t… You see I want to say I’m not worth it but that would disregard your feelings in the matter and I can’t do that so I’ll just- ghhh???

Just, thank you my love… Read this with a lot of feeling because I wish I had more words, but I don’t. Also would you please do me a favor? Tell me what you like the most from my art and when the new tablet arrives let’s celebrate with a drawing of it ok?