you're so cute:3

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oK SO I DIDNT KNOW I WAS FOLLOWING YOU BUT IM SO GLAD I DECIDED TO CHECK OUT YOUR FICS AND IM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH REWIND!! lately ive been dying for fics but have been too lazy to read them,, however as soon as i saw yours i was immediately hooked!! and im a very picky reader so i hope you know how amazing your writing + fic is!!


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come here, let me cuddle you!

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💗 ily!!!!!!!


i miss talking to you omg
you’re so easy to talk to, i can message you randomly and you instantly get me and i love that!!!
you don’t edit and gif as much as others but i still love every edit and gif you make!!!!
your love for exo and sehun is so genuine and i see that in every tag and post you make and i appreciate that bc exo deserves all the love they get!!
you’re also really cute and i love your selfies and you’re one of the first blogs i followed with this blog here and you’ve really made my dash a better place so thank youuuu!! 

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   LISTEN IM LITERALLY CALLING IT LIKE IT IS CAN I JUST SAY thank u for ur art it’s so pretty n ur writing n just general ennotana content yeah that’s all im not flattering u this is real bye /heart emoji    

@iceandbrimstone - STOP. I’M JUST. 💞 (*ノ▽ノ) 💞 (🌸≧▽≦) 💞