you're so cute:3

anonymous asked:

you're so cute <3 can i get scenarios where Bakugou and Todoroki (seperate) s/o is late to school, and they're never late. They won't reply to their texts, Half way through class, everybody looks over as the door slowly opens and s/o walks in covered in head to toe with blood and bruises, tries to take a step into the classroom before passing out? (By a villian) Reactions? Angst possibly eeee. Maybe floof You write characters so in character I wish I could too!! I'm always SO ooc ): thank you!!

*hides my flustered face* ahhh…tysm but I-Im not c-cute, you are <3

btw, I only accept one character per scenario request. So, I’m sorry, my bby, Todorki.

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