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If Yuuri was a stripper back in Detroit Pt 17
  • Yurio: Yo Viktor, I think you oughta second guess your whole thing with Katsudon.
  • Viktor: Why would you say that?
  • Yurio: From what I gather I think he had a pretty shifty job back in Detroit.
  • Viktor: What did he tell you?
  • Yurio: Nothing! He's so secretive about it. I bet it has to do with drugs or the mafia or something.
  • Viktor: Aww you're so cute!
  • Yurio: WTF? Why?!
  • Viktor: Worrying about me like that! You can be so sweet sometimes <3
  • Yurio: Ah fuck you and forget I said anything. Go marry the fucking drug tycoon!
Daily thoughts the signs have
  • Aries: Lol do they want to fight??
  • Taurus: This would be so much more fun if I was in bed
  • Gemini: Maybe I should've done that differently
  • Cancer: wait maybe they hate me
  • Leo: This motherfucker
  • Virgo: Umm teacher you're teaching this lesson wrong what the fuck dO YOU WANT US TO FAIL??
  • Libra: Aww they are so cute wtf
  • Scorpio: You're not funny stfu
  • Sagittarius: I'm so funny why aren't I popular
  • Capricorn: How can someone be so stupid??
  • Aquarius: I'm hot and gay and believe in aliens. No wonder everyone loves me.
  • Pisces: The only reason I'm here is because my parents forced me to be.

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Ya so I saw your date thing and I crave attention so.. I'm 18, female, I live in Australia and I travel between 2 cities every weeks which is a pain. I have pink hair but everyone thinks it's red (it's that kinda in between colour, v bright) and I'm very little at 5'2 and I'm pretty slim but mega mermaid curves. I haven't been on a date before so I kinda have no idea what my ideal date would be but I would fall for anyone who does any cheesy fan fic style dates (stargazing, road trip, sunrise)

Hmu and I can give you all the attention you need 😎


D.Gray-Man | Lavi + Allen 

…for Rowan who’s an amazing person and writer and I wish you the best for your birthday!
I hope you like these two dweebs I drew for you! :D

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Ishikawa Kaito Translation

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1. Whats the present that left the strongest impression on you?

Kaito: A ballpoint pen that I recieved from my senpaithat has my name on it. On my 20th birthday, I got a ballpoint pen from my senpai. It had blue ink, and I used it to write on scripts. During things like shootings, as well as events, I keep it with me in my pocket as a charm. Its my treasure.

2. Tell us about the Ishikawa familys birthday parties!

Kaito: We probably have a birthday party once every two months. The Ishikawa family includes: both parents, an older brother, a younger sister, a grandmother, an aunt, as well as my birthday, and the entire family celebrates together. We normally have roast beef and sekihan. My mother and aunt always prepare their own cakes but, only on my younger sisters birthday does my father buy one, so theres three cakes (wara).

3. Which birthday left the strongest impression on you?

Kaito:My 20th birthday where I had a great celebration. My dear senpai arranged it for me, and a lot of people told me Congratulations. Since I became the legal age to drink, on that day until the next morning, I was drinking. In the end, I was really happy I was able to celebrate with the senpai I respect.

4. Do you like cakes that are sweet?

Kaito:I like sweet things but I dont like fruit cakes. The cake used for this shooting had cream and it was very sweet and delicious. But I dont like strawberries. In fact, I dont like fruits in general. The cake was mainly cream, so it was delicious!

5. How would you spend your ideal birthday?

Kaito:Id like to be so focused on something else where I forgot it was my birthday! Id like to feel like Aa, it was my birthday yesterday!, if I could be focused on something else Id be happy. But whenever my birthday is approaching, Id think things like One more month to go so it would be difficult (wara).

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