you're so cute when you're little!!!

“Heaven is a place on earth with you…”

Fake Chats #119
  • Jimin: hey, Kookie, remember when you were entering high school, how small and tiny and cute you were?
  • Jungkook: I'm pretty sure you've got two out of three wrong.
  • Jimin: and you were this lost, little baby and we went out to eat and we were just so proud and you couldn't stop smiling?
  • Jungkook: again, only partly true.
  • Jimin: and now you're a big adult but you're still so cute and I'm so proud of how well my little Kookie is turning out!
  • Jungkook: I'm proud of me too.
  • Jimin: stop growing up! *flings himself onto Jungkook*
  • Jungkook: um, hyung?
  • Jimin: you used to be my baby, what happened to you? *something that sounds suspiciously like a sob*
  • Jungkook: hyung I...I'm still your baby, don't worry.
  • Jimin: promise?
  • Jungkook: *rolls his yes* I promise.
  • Jimin: can I sleep with you?
  • Jungkook: way ahead of you, hyung.

|x| One of Seunghyun’s old instagram updates.

When he was trying to kill us with stunning selfies and “hot cowboy 2.0″ pictures.

  • Jungkook: So who is he?
  • You: Who's who??
  • Jungkook: You could've just told me you wanted a cutesie picture with me rather than posing with a stranger.
  • You: What are you even talking about?
  • Jungkook: You're instagram must be blowing up.
  • You: Ohhhhh I know exactly what you're talking about *laughs*
  • Jungkook: You're posing like you don't have a boyfriend and OH MY GAWD IS THAT YOU KISSING HIS CHEEK.
  • You: Hey, it's friendly skinship.
  • You: Um... I think I can since he's my brother, did you read the caption?
  • Jungkook: Your broth-
  • Jungkook: Oh.
  • You: So was the G O L D E N M A K N A E jealous? *evil smirk*
  • Jungkook: Pfffft as if.
  • Jungkook: Okay maybe a little.
  • Jungkook: I need a hug now.
  • You: *goes in for the hug* You're cute when you're jealous.
zombieland starter sentences
  • "It's amazing how quickly things can go from 'bad' to 'total shit-storm'."
  • "Stop, no names. Keeps us from getting too familiar."
  • "You almost knocked over your alcohol with your knife."
  • "More? No, one for me. One and done, I always say...I said that once."
  • "I'm sensing you're a bit of a bitch."
  • "You're a peppy little spit fuck, aren't you?"
  • "I could use a Twinkie."
  • "I hate coconut. Not the taste, the consistency."
  • "I find lots of things disturbing."
  • "When you're afraid of everything that's out there, you quit going out there."
  • "I don't usually unlock my door to the sounds of panic...but my neighbor is insanely hot."
  • "Look, the point is I'm here for you, okay?"
  • "And as long as you're by my side, I'm not leaving this apartment."
  • "You see, you just can't trust anyone. The first girl I let into my life and she tries to eat me."
  • "You wanna feel how hard I can punch?"
  • "I'm worried about you."
  • "Time to nut up or shut up!"
  • "You got a purdy mouth!"
  • "Someone's ear is in danger of having hair brushed over it."
  • "Act normal, try not to freak her out."
  • "Better you make the mistake of trusting us, than we make the mistake of trusting you."
  • "Nice going genius."
  • "I never had headaches like this 'til your ass came on board."
  • "Do what you want with a man, but do not fuck with his Cadillac."
  • "Thank God for rednecks."
  • "Gotta enjoy the little things."
  • "She was like a crouching tiger."
  • "You got taken hostage by a 12-year-old?"
  • "Well, girls mature faster than boys."
  • "It's amazing how far you can get with some costume jewelry and a cut-throat attitude."
  • "You know what, I may not shoot you, but you still royally piss me off."
  • "How about we play the quiet game?"
  • "Let me begin my three-part apology by saying I think you're a wonderful human."
  • "You gotta enjoy the little things...Even if that means destroying a whole lot of little things."
  • "You know, I think sleep deprivation is like the number one health problem in America."
  • "We're in Hollywood, let's sleep in style."
  • "Dibs on the bed."
  • "Oh, this is so exciting, you're about to learn who you're gonna call...Ghostbusters."
  • "Take away a man's son, you've truly given him nothing left to lose."
  • "Don't make me drink alone."
  • "I don't even know your name, but this is actually really nice."
  • "You know? Between me and you, you're actually kind of cute."
  • "You are like a giant cock-blocking robot developed in a secret fucking government lab."
  • "This is the problem with getting attached to someone. When they leave you just feel lost."
  • "That's why I don't let people close, you only get burned."
  • "Not bad for that scrawny little spit-fuck."

I remember when you scolded me in Junior High. You said the same thing. It was right after we got crushed in a practice match before the tournament. I figured we were destined for failure in the real tournament. “Even if we’re not confident that we’ll win, even if other tell us we don’t stand a chance, we must never tell ourselves that”. End quote. 

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Alright so how what about you are feeling really horny and it's never happened to you so you try telling Shawn and you're really embarrassed by it, so you're stuttering about it. Then Shawn gets the message, how do you think he'll handle it and everything?

Okay, I think he’d just look at you. Like smiling that cheeky yet loving smile, maybe shaking his head a little because he finds your shyness overly cute. Shawn loved when you blushed and bit that lips, because you were feeling a little out of place. Rubbing your fingers nervously, because you were feeeling rather awkward. Then we would let his thumb stroke your heated cheek, licking his lips slowly and just say “God, I love you so much” 

He would then let his hand run from your face to your chest, pressing his palm softly against your chest. He’d feel just how fast your heart was beating and how hard it was pouding in this moment.

“What you’re feeling, how you’re feeling right now? You make me feel that way too” he’d whispered before grabbing your wrist and planting tender kisses on it. He would feel your entire body becoming tense and warm, which would make him smile even more. 

Shawn would press his forehead against yours, letting his gaze stick on you, making sure you were listening carefully to his words. “We don’t have to do anything you’re not ready for. I can wait, I will wait, if that’s what you need. But… if you’re down, I’m down baby. No pressure though” 

“Can we take it slowly?”

“We’ll speed it down as much as you need. I’ll be gentle with you”

“You promise?”

“I’ll take care of you, darling. Trust me. I just need you to tell me, you’re ready”

“I’m ready” 

When I called him Daddy
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> *sleeping peacefully*<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> *Comes home after work* Jag- Awww the little devil's asleep ^_^<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> *pecks nose and strokes hair* You're so cute and harmless when you're like this. *smiles*<p/><b>Me:</b> *mumbles random shit in sleep* mmm Daddy...<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> *Freezes*<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> *registers what's happening* *Smiles* Well daddy is right here..<p/><b></b> *next morning*<p/><b>Me:</b> *enters Kitchen*Good morning Kookie~<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> *kisses neck* *whispers in ear* Good girl you woke up right in time... Daddy was just about to leave for work.<p/><b>Me:</b> *Blushes tomato* W-what d-daddy?<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> *smirks* Well... Daddy has to leave now, when daddy comes home he wants a nice massage. *kisses and leaves*<p/><b>Me:</b> Owh... *Silence*... Hehehehe *cracks devious smile*👿<p/></p>
  • .........................
  • There might be a part 2 folks~

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sorry about the little rant this but i saw the anon about "girl crushes" and straight culture and omg. i hate hate hate it so much when straight girls call their friends bae and wife and all that just no. you're straight if you're getting married you're getting married to a guy and like in a lot of places girls who are together can't ever officially call eachother wife so don't make it a "cute bff thing"?

yes yes yes i feel this. it’s especially bad when straight girls are super affectionate physically and use those pet names and stuff with their friends but then are super homophobic. that’s terrible. ick.

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Bloooooooo I follow you because you're a genius smart and talented, beautiful and kind! I love your fanart sooooo very much you always Cheer me up when I feel down. I love chatting with you coz your a cute little muffin. You make this fandom so much better! Thanks for being so wonderful you're a star ⭐️

Ahhh Haley…*sobbing* right back at ya’!!! You’re wonderful and a blessing for this fandom!! As i promised - here another pocket beans picture!!! <3 <3 <3

BTS as your boyfriend
  • Namjoon: very gentlemanly, tries super duper hard to get you to like him at first. Once the two of you are more comfortable, he's always giving u the eyebrow wiggle and playing footsy under the table with you in public until u kick him really hard in the shins so he stops
  • Jin: literally always concerned for your health. Asks if you're okay and picks up on small emotional cues. Also loves taking selfies with you because the two of you are beautiful and together you're just a blessing
  • Yoongi: never really expresses his emotions well, and prefers to do small little things to warm your heart. He covers you with a blanket when he thinks you're asleep, "accidentally" makes too much ramen so there's more for you, and writes lyrics in a notebook about you that he'd probably die of embarrassment if you saw
  • Hoseok: so much fun!!! Always listens to what you say and remembers it. If u say that scarf in the window of that shop is cute, guess what ur getting as a surprise gift??? That scarf!!! He likes to cuddle and give forehead kisses and wants to show you off but is also shy about it too. Always sends u good morning texts
  • Taehyung: really really playful! Very touchy - will give back hugs and cheek kisses every time u walk into the room. Almost overly affectionate to the point where the other members wrinkle their noses when he kisses u right in front of them
  • Jimin: always wants to be with you, is really excited you're his girlfriend! He always wants to show you affection, and is always kissing u and holding ur hands and giving you really crappy hand made cards for no reason. Also likes to show off his dance moves to you and leaves his hoodies around ur house "by accident" so you wear them
  • Jungkook: super shy at first! Gives tiny little pecks on the cheek and takes a really long time to warm up to u. But after he does, it's back hugs galore! And also singing you to sleep! And annoyingly suggestive eyebrow wiggles in your direction.

Pairing: Shizaya
Theme: movement

Shizuo had an odd habit that Izaya realized only once it was too late.

He never asked Izaya to move.

Not that Izaya was ever in the way often (because Izaya was usually the one busying himself around,) but Shizuo had never asked ‘can you move aside for a bit?’

If he needed to get past him, he’d just wait until Izaya realized he was in the way to step aside.

If he needed the pillow Izaya was using, he’d just stare at him.

If he needed something Izaya was sitting on, he’d try to slowly pull at it until Izaya snapped at him to cut it out.

It had surprised Shizuo but he scratched the back of his head and mumbled an apology and was quick to take the small ruler that he needed to return to Akane.

And from then on, Shizuo’s odd habit was resolved. It wasn’t as if the habit was that awful of one to have; rather, Izaya just hated feeling like he was in the way and the fact that Shizuo wouldn’t tell him and just leave him in that position made him more annoyed. He could handle Shizuo’s cigarette ashes dusting his cheeks occasionally when his head was in Shizuo’s lap. He could handle Shizuo’s milk overtaking half the refrigerator. And he could even handle the blond’s inherent messiness, the way clothes were strewn about and everywhere.

But being in the way for longer than needed, Izaya couldn’t handle.

The next time Shizuo needed something, Izaya could see him approaching from the edge of the room and pretended to continue reading, waiting for him to ask. But instead of words, Izaya felt strong arms slip under his knees and shoulder, picking him up.

Red eyes were wide and the book was raised suddenly to cover his face as he was placed in another couch and picked up again to be returned to his original position after a bit.

“Is that better?” Shizuo asked, not noticing Izaya’s blush.


svt & lip balm
  • "seventeen's favourite lip balm/gloss on you, and their reaction to you wearing it when you kiss them"
  • s.coups: vanilla
  • he loves to lick your lips when you wear this lip balm. he closes his eyes and hums, "mmm, you know how much i love vanilla" you blush super hard and he goes in for another deep kiss aH S COUPS
  • junghan: strawberry
  • when he realizes, he just smiles against your kiss and you stop for a second like "what?" he'll press his forehead against yours and whispers "ah jagi, how'd you know that's my favourite flavour?"
  • joshua: honeydew
  • when you kiss him while wearing this, he just blushes like crazy. he strokes your cheek with his thumb when you pull away and smiles. you can practically feel the heat radiating off his cheeks this cutie is so flustered
  • jun: mint
  • he'd give you a bunch of quick pecks like "ah, i can't stop kissing you! your kisses taste too good!" you try to cover your face but then he holds your wrists and gives you a nice, proper kiss
  • hoshi: orange creamsicle
  • he gets real pouty when you playfully leave him hanging so he wraps his arms around you and says "don't take my dreamsicle away from me" or something really corny before stealing a super sweet and gentle kiss
  • wonwoo: berry
  • this boy gets so weak when you wear this lip balm when you pull away, he c a n n o t take his eyes off your lips. he's really hesitant to kiss you again bc he loves your berry kisses so much, so kiss him first, making him melt
  • woozi: rose
  • he's slightly taken aback when he takes in what you're wearing. when you ask him what's wrong he's like "ah your lip balm...its so delicate and sweet...just like you" your cheeks get rosy and he kisses you longingly
  • dk: watermelon
  • seokmin gets real giddy because he loves this super sweet and fruity taste. he cups your face, gives your that signature smile + chuckle and compliments your choice of lip balm, kissing you again softly what a s w e e t i e
  • mingyu: mango
  • when you kiss him with your mango lip balm, he pulls away and bits his lip. he teases you like "mmm mango, as if i wasn't already in paradise" he cANT stop those cheesy lines because he loves seeing you blush before kissing you again
  • the8: bubble gum
  • for a second he thinks that you're chewing gum but you laugh like "no minghao it's my lipbalm" and he really shyly is like "oh yeah?" and he goes in to give you another kiss and laughs like "yeah definitely the taste of your lips"
  • seungkwan: peach
  • he sits next to you on the couch, drapes one arm around your shoulder, cups your cheek and gives you little kisses. he really suddenly laughs and you're like "seungkwan are you okay" then he smiles into a kiss like "just peachy"
  • vernon: cotton candy
  • when you first kiss him, he's like ?? because he couldn't quite figure out what flavour he is so he softly pecks you on the lips, and between each one, he takes a guess like "hm, raspberry?" "maybe lime" hansol you're t o o cute
  • dino: cherry
  • he's super excited to see that you're wearing this on your lips. later that day you go out to eat at a cafe, but he can't help giving you cute little pecks over the table bc he loves that cherry chapstick of yours
Prince Caspian {Sentence Starters}
  • "I didn't say I'd let you live."
  • "Why were they trying to kill you, anyway?"
  • "Choose your last words carefully!"
  • "I thought you'd be older."
  • "So you're bravely refusing to fight a swordsman half your age?"
  • "You were right to fear the woods."
  • "Oh my gosh, he's so cute!"
  • "I know, it's confusing."
  • "You're not exactly what I expected."
  • "I was hoping for something a little more original."
  • "Things never happen the same way twice."
  • "After he bumped me, they tried to make me apologize. That's when I hit him."
  • "Pick up your sword!"
  • "I wish we could have had more time together."
  • "I'm sure when I'm older, I'll understand."
  • "There is still time to surrender."
  • "Really, is it that hard to just walk away?"
  • "Maybe it's time you had this back."
  • "I wonder who lived here."
  • "What's the matter? Too cowardly to take a life?"
  • "Do you think there's any way we can go back?"
  • "I think it's time we found out what's going on."
  • "We were expecting someone taller!"
  • "Who exactly are you doing this for?"
  • "Tonight, for once, I want the truth!"
  • "I will deal with you when this is over."
  • "This is not a question of bravery!"

Imagine Woozi happily eating the homemade lunchbox that you’ve specially prepared for him.

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Can I have a Bobby imagine where you're both out shopping for baby clothes while you're pregnant? Please and thank you:)

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This pigeon would be so overly excited and happy and would want to take literally everything that caught his attention. He’d be dragging you here and there all over the shop when he’d see something even more cute than before.

~ Argon