you're so cute when you laugh omg

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doing household chores with tom is very underrated. i feel like he'd be fun and cute about it and turn everything into a game and you'd have to tell him "stop it i have to get this done" but you're laughing because he's so funny so he continues goofing around. but if he had something he's been meaning to get done in the house you would do the same to him and he'd try to ignore you bc he absolutely melts at how cute you are when you goof around

MY HEART IS MELTING omg can you imagine painting your spare room together and you’d been wanting to do it for a while but you needed his help and finally you got around to it and he’d act like it was an art project and you’re like “TOM we’re painting a room you have to paint in straight lines or it’s gonna be streaky” and he’d be like “ohh. okaayyy” and you’d be looking at him kinda annoyed and he’d boop your nose with his paint brush and you wouldn’t be able to help but smile ahhhhhhhhh

or trying to clean out your whole house into bins like keep/donate/trash and blasting music and just tossing things back and forth to each other and mocking each other for weird nostalgic things you want to keep and shooting things into bins like basketballs and keeping points and aw aw aw so fun i wanna do some chores rn

or tom wanting to hang something big on the wall and it’s a pain and he’s getting frustrated and he asks you if it’s straight and you’re like “a little down on the right” and he does it and then you’re like “a little down on the left” and he does that and then you’re like “a little down on the right” and he realizes you’re just messing with him and he looks at you like “knock it off” but you’re giggling and he does absolutely melt at your giggle even though you’re being annoying and smiles despite himself just shaking his head at you

this concept is so frickin cute okay I’m done

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Yo friendo! Would you mind doing an imagine/drabble/headcanon with mobtale Sans who has an s/o who is easily flustered? And not always in a cute ''blushes and giggles way*' but in the starts laughing weirdly while trying to act indifferent and trips over things because they're not paying attention and then hides away in their hoodie or something. (If you don't do mobtale, switch it to Undefell or any other AU you're comfortable with)

Omg I do this when I’m flustered


You two where casually talking about things until Sans throws a flirt at you. You blush up and start laughing and he gets embarrassed well more like scared. ‘Did he mess up?’ But when he looks at you he smiles. He definitely sees you flustered. He throws more flirts at you and you try to leave the room only to slip and stumble. He laughs to himself and his eyes soften. 'Man you’re so cute’ once you finally leave the room he laughs and tries to come up with more ways to make you flustered. Watch your back you’ll never know what he’s planning.

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give goro all my kisses <3

‘Ah, so you’re the one that put her up to this! I’ll make sure to pay you back plenty later, so please… look forward to it.~’

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I love dom!Bucky, but can you imagine what he'd be like when you first bring up the idea of D/s to him? He'd probably go crazy for it. And then you'd actually try it and it'd be so precious. At first he'd get super into it and not hold back, give it to you hard, but then he'd suddenly stop just be all nervous like "is this fine? Am i hurting you? Talk to me, doll" and you just laugh at how cute he is. One he realizes you're all fine, he gives it to you even harder.

omg yes yes yes. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

Sinful Sunday™

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"You're a big baby when you're human, you know that right?" Dean watched the glare spread over Cas's face and tried not to laugh. He was learning Sam's bitchface. Tying off the last suture, he placed a bandage over the wound. Cas was still pouting, so he leaned down to place a gentle kiss just above the bandage. Blue eyes met his immediately and Dean smiled. "I'm glad you're okay. Please remember you're human the next time you take on three vamps, okay?" Cas nodded and Dean placed another kiss.

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!!! God bless YOU! You’re so sweet.

And thank you, I’m really happy to hear that you enjoyed it so much!

I get a kick out of the idea of Philip being easily excitable, since that’s the way his father was at his age. And I imagine despite knowing John his entire life, he’s still well aware how cool it is that he gets to hang out with a war hero on a daily basis…two, technically.

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So my genderfluid issues have become memes in my friendships. One time I was talking to my friend and I meant to say "AMAZING" but my dumbass spelt it "amaling" and I accidentally made "When you're genderfluid af and you're feeling female one moment so you get all dolled up or whatever and the moment you go out like that you feel make- 'wow this sure it amaling'" We laughed for fifteen minutes

omg that is so cute!!!

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Just came across this blog and i lovvvvvve it!!! You're amazing! How would BamBam/Youngjae/mark react to you randomly grabbing them and ballroom dancing. Thank you love you ^o^

awww, thank you so much! this ask is so cute omg. love you too! (♥ω♥ )

Bambam: “Woah! What are you doing?” he’d laugh as you pull him and start dancing. When you start to dance his face would flush in embarrassment but he would go along with you nevertheless. He would try to dip you, but I can see clumsy Bambam going too far that both of you end up falling on the ground! It would be so cute though; the two of you laughing like crazy on the floor and when the laughter dies down he would lean in to kiss you on the cheek.

Youngjae: He would laugh and would let you grab him to randomly start dancing. As you two sway he would start singing a slow song (probably Playground) with that amazing voice of his so that you two could have some music to dance to. It would be really romantic and fun; he would love to have your head resting on his shoulder as you two twirl and at the end he would probably hug you and tell you how cute you were for starting something like this.

Mark: This would be so precious! He wouldn’t question you; he’d just play along and start twirling you around or dipping you. He’d be laughing throughout it all and it would go on until you two were exhausted. After all the craziness he would just wrap his arms around your waist, pulling you closer and resting his forehead against yours as you two sway together in a slow, romantic dance.

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Omg can you do one where the boys realize they like you when they're teaching you how to pronounce Korean words (you're proficient but you've only known the language for a few years) and they think you're cute trying to pronounce them as quickly as naturally as they do?🙈

Jin : Choking on his water “you’re so cuuuute”

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Yoongi : laughs “why are people always so rushed, take it slow, take a nap !”

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Hoseok : rolls on the floor laughing when you mispronounce the word

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Namjoon : has his phone on record to remember this forever

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Jimin :  “what did you say ?” makes you repeat a hundred times because this is just too precious

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Taehyung : totally serious and in teacher mood “yeah you’re cute but if you keep fooling around you won’t get anywhere” innerly fanboying

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Jungkook : “Hajimaaa !!” will imitate you, and tease you, there’s no way around it

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Fluffy friday: Imagine watching a scary movie with Bucky and him holding you, covering your eyes with his hands, shielding you from the monster on screen...only to later scare you when you're alone, you scream and try to punch him but he laughs and hugs you and kisses you..."Doll, you look so cute when you're scared. Don't worry, I'll protect you my love."

I’d kill him omg 

Fluffy Friday™

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I met Michael when I was walking one night and I was drunk off of my ass and my friend recorded me talking to him and I said "you look like Mikey from that band I like.. Give me your number so I can show you" and then he laughed and said "you're cute but I can't do that babe" and yeah I feel so dumb 😂😂

aww aww aww omg but hes such a sweetheart and at least youre a funny drunk not an emotional drunk like you could have burst out crying it could have been worse