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Hey are your headcanon requests still open? I would love to request sweet pea x taking care of a sick girlfriend. Thank you so much for all the work you're doing I love your writing!

so much fluff and cuteness in this i might throw up!

  • ok sweet pea would literally act like you’re about to die
  • like it could be a cold and he’d act like it’s the end of the world
  • he’d buy you medicine, make you stay in bed all day long and let you do n o t h i n g
  • “sweets, it’s just a cold.”
  • “stop talking.”
  • but-
  • “no.”
  • making you a tea every 30 minutes
  • and soup, even if it’s bad, you still eat it because it’s the thought that counts
  • you are enjoying the extra attention he’s giving you
  • running you a hot bath
  • “babe, i don’t think you’ll be able to take your clothes off alone.”
  • “babe, i can still move my arms.”
  • “i’d rather have you not.”
  • “you cheeky bastard.”
  • him cuddling up to you even though you have told him a million times to stay away from you and your bacteria
  • him not being bothered by you coughing and sneezing 24/7
  • “wow, baby, not trying to be disrespectful, but you look like shit.”
  • “thanks, pea. like i didn’t already know.”
  • “and these dark circles.”
  • “pea. stop it.”
  • “and your voice is scarily deep. kind of sexy though.”
  • you rolling your eyes at him
  • watching netflix all day long
  • him skipping school, you disapproving
  • “pea, i’ll survive.”
  • “what if you start coughing and there’s no one to pass you the water bottle? yes, exactly. that’s what i thought. the bacteria are eating up your brain, baby.”
  • “go to school.”

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Could you possibly come up with some ABO headcanons for Orenchi no Furo Jijou? You're the only blog I follow that seems to have watched that anime, and your Omegaverse headcanons are always so good. I wish more blogs posted about that anime, it's so cute. Anyway, I hope you're having a good evening!!

I’ll give it my best shot and hope I do not disappoint. I adore this manga & anime though. I think everyone should give it a chance.

*Tatsumi always makes sure that Wakasa eats his vegetables, even though he hates them. He’ll bribe him with a kiss for each fork full.

*Because they have to spend so much time apart due to their species being habitat incompatible, Wakasa likes to keep Tatsumi near enough to tough whenever he’s home. (They are thinking of putting a hot tub in the living room for ease)

*Even though Wakasa is the alpha, Tatsumi finds him scolding Wakasa daily because he gets overly excited when he gets home from school or work and splashes at least half the water out of the tub.

*Wakasa requires Tatsumi to sit in his lap when they take bath’s together and often pouts at how long it takes Tatsumi to wash first.

*Wakasa has Takasu and Agari take him home occasionally. He has been collecting treasures for years and brings them home regularly so that he can provide for Tatsumi.

*Tatsumi always gets worried when Wakasa leaves because he’s uncomfortable with his alpha being away from where he can take care of him.

*They both like to wash each other’s hair.

*Tatsumi was quite uncomfortable with their large age difference in the beginning and despite being an overly affectionate and boisterous alpha, Wakasa took things slowly so that Tatsumi was comfortable.

*Whenever Wakasa really wants to scent Tatsumi, he usually ends up drenched and gets into the bathtub to make things easier.

*Tatsumi likes to sit on a short stool next to the tub so he can reach out and touch Wakasa whenever he wants to.

  • Karin: (holding Sarada and whispering) Oh my, you are so cute! You're just like a mini Sasuke!
  • Sasuke: ... (Karin's obviously not aware of his presence)
  • Karin: But you have your mommy's features as well... I could just eat you up sweetie! Those tiny hands, precious, so perfect...
  • Sasuke: ... (she still hasn't noticed him)
  • Karin: Oh I want to kidnap you right now, run away to a foreign land and raise you as my own darling baby because you're just too adorab-
  • Sasuke: What?!?!
  • Karin: What?

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Could you do an imagine of decorating your new house with Barba because you're moving in together/getting married?

Cute. (Also, I wrote this up, and then realized it said “getting married” not already married, so forgive that slight alteration. I need to work on my night time reading comprehension.)

You sat on the couch, eating a yogurt, staring at the blank TV screen, in silence.

“Are you okay?”

You turned your head, spoon still in your mouth, and looked at Rafael and shrugged as you removed the spoon.

“I’m fine.”

“No, you’re not. You’ve been sitting there with a spoon hanging out of your mouth for a good sixty seconds, staring at nothing.”

“It’s nothing.”

“You do realize you are eating a plain yogurt. You hate plain yogurt.”

You looked down at the half-empty cup, grimacing, and set it on the coffee table, quickly picking it back up again to slide a slate coaster underneath it.

“I was hungry. It’s what was in the fridge.”

Rafael sat beside you on the couch and laid his hand on your knee.

“What’s going on?”

“It’s stupid.”

“Maybe.” He grinned and you rolled your eyes. “But even if it is, if it’s bothering you, tell me.”

“It’s just, I know we agreed that you had the nicer place and it was convenient to both of our jobs so it made sense that I’d give up my place when we got together, but…”

You really did feel stupid continuing. Rafael had great taste in everything. His apartment was immaculate, and none of his furniture was pulled from someone’s curb.


“It still feels like your place, not ours. I mean, I even shop for groceries like you’re the only person who lives here full time.” You pointed to the yogurt container. “In my fridge, that would have been a rice pudding cup.”

“This is your fridge. And if you want rice pudding, you should buy rice pudding.”

“Logically, I know that, Raf, but when I come home at the end of the day, everything I still see is ‘Rafael Barba’s’ apartment.”

You leaned back into the sofa, the very expensive and soft, brown leather sofa, and sighed.

Rafael grabbed his tablet from the coffee table and starting typing something.

“Let’s change that. Everything you see is mine, and I know we already discussed that you like the furniture just fine and changing that up seems wasteful.” He handed you the tablet. “So, let’s pick out some things we can add to the place together.”

You looked at the tablet and then around the room. His place was lovely, but a bit minimal. It lacked the cozy touches you loved about your place. Soft blankets in warm colors, pillows on the couch, art on the walls. Even something as simple as a colorful lampshade would go a long way.

“Is there a color you like? Everything in here is pretty neutral. Maybe we can add some small things with some color.”

“I like greens and blues.”

“That should be easy enough to work with. What about this painting? Do you like this?”

You pointed to a brightly colored painting and he scrunched up his nose. “The wannabe Kandinsky?”

“Okay, so that’s a no.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t hate it.”

“No, I want to find something we both like. What about these?”

“The photographs?”

You nodded. He took the tablet back, staring for a while. It was six different frames, close up photos of water and waves, in various hues of emerald and sapphire. “I like those, actually.”

“Me too. I don’t love the price, but it gave me an idea. Do you remember all those photos I took when we were on our honeymoon? What if I could do something similar with those? Then I can get them framed and matted like that. It will be art we both like, but more importantly, it will be very much us.”

He slowly smiled. “I love that idea. Can I add something to it?”


“Why don’t you pick a place you think would be particularly photogenic for your project, and we’ll take a long weekend and go?”


He leaned over and kissed your lips. “Yes, really.”

You grabbed the tablet back from him and snuggled up against his chest.

“What are you looking up now?”

“I want to see what island destination looks best with these throw pillows.”

  • woman: I'm mentally ill... I cry every single day.... 3000 tears... in the bathtub, listening to She's Lost Control.mp3 by Joy Division, drinking 1 alcohol... I live on cigarettes and black coffee... I cry so much... I wish I could just rip my fucked up head off my fat ugly body!!!!.... I hate myself... do you still want me?
  • man: oh baby baby yes of course I want you. Listen to me, Junebug-Summerrain, I love you and your freckles and your cute haircut and I will be there for you no matter what, baby. Look at me. Call me whenever, I'll be there in a sec and I'll bring you pizza cause you're not fat, you're beautiful, and that's why you're allowed to eat. Don't be so hard on yourself baby, I love you and I'm gonna save you
  • woman: I'm mentally ill. My mood switches from happy to suicidial within a minute. I can't control my emotions. I haven't washed my hair or done the dishes in two weeks. The easiest tasks exhaust me. I crave affection and I will make you pay attention to me like a jealous dog, then ignore you completely. One minute I care, one minute I don't. I have irrational thoughts and I suppress impulses 24/7. I will lie to you and manipulate you and I won't give a fuck. Then I will, and that'll end up with me being hysterical. I cry a lot. Sometimes so hard it makes me throw up. I ignore my responsibilities. I haven't opened a letter in half a year. Sometimes I try and compensate my feelings by ripping my hair out or banging my head against a wall or I sit on the floor and rock back and forth for hours. You don't have to bring me pizza cause I have 4 mouldy ones in the fridge and I'm probably gonna eat them all at once tonight. Do you still want me?
  • man: lol okay that's a lot.. I'm sorry but... no... lol