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Drabble request #6 - @lokisaurusrex: Hi! Congrats on the followers! No surprise really as you and your tumblr are the bees knees! So my request is for Bucky Barnes, a neighbor AU, with prompts  14, 7, and 127 :)

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Was this really your life? It’s post party, all your guests have left for the night except one. Your best friend and neighbor Bucky offered to stick around to help you clean up. But you got distracted from the cleaning. You were hopping from one discarded couch cushion to another. In your slightly inebriated haze, you both decided to play a game of the floor is lava. You were both giggling messes.

You paused the game so that you could string blanket islands and pillow steppingstones to lead to the kitchen and dining room. The game’s no fun when you’re confined to four pieces of furniture, right? Bucky watches you with a dopey smile on his face.

You get back to your original position and unpause the game. You look to Bucky, whose hair is standing up at odd angles from him running his hands through it all night. You giggle at him as he easily steps onto your coffee table.

“You too drunk for this game, Buck?” You try to be cocky, but you nearly lose balance and fall off the couch cushion you’re perched on.

His laughter drowns yours out. It so loud and full and real. You love seeing him like this. There’s no walls, no past to haunt him. He’s here right now with you. His smile pulls his lips as wide as they can go. “Are you? How are you doing this with heeled boots on?”

You look down, surprised that you’re still wearing shoes. Sure as hell, you’ve got your booties on! “I get bonus points, then. This is like expert mode!”

Bucky’s face squishes in real, unadulterated laughter. His eyes squeezed shut, nose wrinkled with the force of his gut clenching laugh. You wanted to bottle that look up and keep it forever. Butterflies erupted inside of you when you realized that you were the cause of his laughter.

You had been staring, smiling at him for far too long. He was catching up to you. “You better get moving sweetheart, or I’ll knock you over!” he teases, leaping off the couch and landing on the edge of a blanket island.

You smirk and skip to a flattened cardboard box (where the fuck did this come from, you wondered). “You think you can beat me? That’s cute, dollface.” You throw one of his common endearments back at him. His cheeks flush gently as he smiles, making his way to your cardboard refuge.

“You’re gonna get it, doll!”

You’re boned! He’s coming from the direction you have to go in to keep the game going. He’s within arms reach, trying to grab you. You instinctively push him away from you and he falls to the carpet, effectively ending the game.

He laughs, but there’s a competitive glint in his eyes. “You’d better run.”

“Oh, God, no, Bucky! I’m sorry!” You take off to the kitchen and he’s hot on your trail. The difference from the carpet to the tile almost has you tripping over your own feet, but you stay upright. You leap over the island and head back out to the living room. You’re at your front door, trying to wrench it open. No, God, no! The door is locked.

Bucky’s behind you in an instant, crowding you into the wood. You turn, smiling up at him breathlessly. “Agh, make it quick.” you squish your face, eyes closed, waiting for some kind of retaliation, but it never comes. Bucky’s fingers lift your chin, and your eyes open automatically. His eyes are hooded, your tummy flutters at the look.

“Tell me to stop if you don’t want this.” he says quietly, his breath fanning out across your lips.

You won’t let it go any further than a kiss, not tonight. But you wouldn’t deny these feelings anymore. You grab his shirt and pull him down to you, kissing him til you both can’t breathe.

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Rainy Days

“Is that even legal?” Tim asked, raising an eyebrow at Jason.

He made a low noise in his throat but didn’t pause what he was doing. “Has that ever stopped me before?”

“Good point.” Tim moved his hand to circle the back of Jason’s neck, skimming the warm patch of skin right above his shirt collar. He moved slowly to tangle his fingers in the soft strands of hair at the back of Jason’s scalp. It wanted cutting again, and he knew in a few mornings Jason would corner him in the bathroom, the electronic shaver sitting silent in his outstretched palm.

“Here,” Jason said suddenly, leaning up and catching Tim’s eyes. He was grinning a little, his fingers brushing Tim’s as he slid the laptop back into his lap.

The homescreen lit up, the words Welcome Back, Dick! a sharp white against faded black and red.

Tim felt Jason slide back next him, the heat of his body familiar under their cotton comforter. The rain pelted against the window a little harder, and Jason leaned in to grin against his shoulder.

“Dick uses the same password for everything,” he said in Tim’s ear, sliding a warm hand around Tim’s waist and pulling him closer. “Even for Netflix.”

Tim didn’t have the heart to tell Jason he’d already known it. He clicked the screen and leaned back into the familiar, welcome heat. “What should we watch?”

Jason’s eyes were on Tim, and they felt like a fan of warm air over his skin. “I don’t care,” he said quietly. “I’ve got the best view in the world right here.”