you're so cute and pretty ugh

  • Naruto: *almost crying* Sakura-chan, why are you mad at me?!
  • Sakura: *keeps rearranging the bandages on Naruto's arm* I've told you I'm not mad
  • Naruto: but you seem to be ignoring me since-
  • Sakura: *increases the bandages pressure* since I found that pretty physician here feeding you ramen gently the other day? May be.
  • Naruto: you mean Tomoko? *Sakura tighten more and more the bandages* OUCH! TOO TIGHT!
  • Sakura: *angrily letting go of Naruto* Well, maybe you'd prefer "Tomoko" to do it! *takes again the bandages and then whispers* You even call her just by her name! UGH!
  • Naruto: Could it be? You're really jealo-
  • Sakura: Don't you dare- *Naruto kisses her*
  • Naruto: *triumphantly smiling* You're so cute when you're jealous
  • Sakura: *hits Naruto and going out of the room she says with a softer voice* I'm not jealous
  • Naruto: Worth it!
Bangtan’s Reaction to You Wearing Their Clothes;

ANON: BTS reaction when you wear their clothes?


“You look so cute, jagi.”


“I was gonna wear that today.”


“Aw baby, you're so pretty.”


“Ugh,” *shakes his head* “It definitely looks better on you.”


“Ah, is that my shirt?”


“That’s not fair, it looks cuter on you!”


Kookie: “You look cute but my hyungs are gonna tease me if they see you.”

You: “Oh well I’m comfortable so I’ll take that risk.” 

*No gifs are mine, all credit to their owners*