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Impulse Introduces Young Justice
  • Impulse: Welcome to Mount Justice! Formally used by the Justice League now used by us! Just us! Just-ice, Young... Anyway, here's the Team! Over there is Mom
  • Superboy: Stop calling me Mom!
  • Impulse: Mom is so funny, I love him. Then we have Dad, he and Mom are always fighting but they really love each other
  • Robin: Not this again...
  • Impulse: Dad is very smart, he gives me the disappointed Dad look all the time but he does it cause he loves me. Also he wears ties sometimes
  • Robin: Way to adhere to gender norms
  • Impulse: Then we have Arrowette, our sophisticated drunk aunt who gets into arguments with Dad over politics
  • Robin: That's not-
  • Arrowette: Shut your mouth you bourgeoisie prick
  • Superboy: Don't you mean /bird/-qeoisie?
  • Impulse: omg Mom you're so embarrassing. Wonder Girl is our other Aunt
  • Wonder Girl: Hey! I'm not that old!
  • Impulse: No but you're the cool Aunt, the one who takes the kids to dangerous places and is generally a wild, disruptive influence
  • Wonder Girl: Yeah ok, that's probably right
  • Secret: And me?
  • Impulse: You're the cute baby sister! Loved and adored by everyone but also feared because of the immense power you hold over everyone?
  • Arrowette: What are you? The Dog?
  • Impulse: Rude, I'm the precious baby brother who is coddled and protected by the whole family
  • Superboy: Really? That's how you think of us?
  • Wonder Girl: He kind of has a point Mom
  • Superboy: I'm going to punch you into the-
  • Robin: I'm going back to Gotham, I can deal with that kind of crazy.
  • Impulse: Bye Dad! Have fun at work!

be-the-piano  asked:

You're a gift to this world, I hope you know this and hear this plenty. Seeing your username automatically makes me smile and your art is just too cute for words! (esp Futakuchi okay he's so adorable. everyone is but Futakuchi's just-!)


Precious sourin+love baby Sakura drawing fuck-a-unicorn drew for me ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*