you're so cute and i hate you for it

“Heaven is a place on earth with you…”

  • Marco: I still don't like you, Tom.
  • Tom: I still don't like you too, Marco.
  • Marco: I especially don't like you when you fall asleep on me and I'm forced to hold you and stroke your hair to make sure you have good dreams.
  • Tom: Well I especially don't like you when you scratch behind my ears and give me kisses.
  • Tom (clearly lying): Um... the purring you hear when you do that is bad purring. I purr and nuzzle when I'm distressed.
  • Marco (standing up): Well I especially don't like YOU when you nuzzle me and you're so warm and cute I just HAVE to give you kisses! It's the worst!
  • Tom (looking angry): Well I especially don't like you when!.... when... um...
  • Tom (grabs Marco and kissed him): What was I talking about?
  • Marco: I hate it when you kiss me.
  • Tom (giggling): I don't.
  • Marco (kisses him again): Yeah... me neither.
  • naruto: sasuke really pisses me off
  • kiba: yeah, he's the worst
  • naruto: I hate his hair
  • kiba: it looks like a duck's ass
  • naruto: and his stupid sexy smirk
  • kiba: I know- wait, what?
  • naruto: plus his butt is, like, ridiculously perfect, what the hell is up with that
  • kiba: um, naruto
  • naruto: also he has the most beautiful face I've ever seen, he kind of looks like a girl
  • kiba: ...
  • naruto: of course, if he was a girl, he'd be so cute I'd probably fall in love with him or something, which sucks
  • kiba: dude, hate to break it to you, but I think you're in love with him now
  • naruto: shut up kiba that's not funny
  • kiba: I wasn't kidding
  • naruto: ...
  • naruto: please don't tell sakura

HOW FUN, he said.

As I, a sleepless husk of my former self am rendered incapable of holding a normal conversation with anyone who doesn’t want to talk about Harry Styles, lose hours to Tumblr while Harry bathes his dramatic ass in a pink bath strewn with petals and contemplate buying vinyl I can’t afford for a record player I don’t own.

  • Ozpin: Oscar, do you see that girl over there? She's... attractive, isn't she?
  • Oscar: That's... kind of creepy. She looks like she's *my* age.
  • Ozpin: What about that young man over there, do you think he's... "cute"?
  • Oscar: What is this? Are you trying to connect with me? Is this you trying to be cool?
  • Ozpin: I'm just trying to figure out your type. So we can avoid it at all costs.
  • Oscar: Wait, what?
  • Ozpin: You're not dating anyone as long as I'm in your head. Get used to being alone, son.
  • Oscar: ... I hate this.

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I found your blog once in the middle of French and I honestly had no clue I could cackle like that my whole class just turned and looked at me and I,,. kinda just said,,This class is very no fun,, and this one girl who I thought hated me turned around and stared at me and whisper yelled "yoU liKe bTs!?" So I dropped by to say thank you for helping me make more friends and letting me discover like new talents I guess?idk but you're really sweet ilysm Can we be friends? (can I also be icing anon?)

ASDHJSDGKHA THIS IS SO CUTE!! 💖 Of course we can be friends~

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Amy and Jonah in ‘‘All-Nighter’‘

  • Anna: So, what's your excuse?
  • Kristoff: For?
  • Anna: Acting the way we do.
  • Kristoff: I don't like to do what people expect. Why should I live up to other people's expectations instead of my own?
  • Anna: So, you disappoint them from the start, and then you're covered, right?
  • Kristoff: Something like that.
  • Anna: Then you screwed up!
  • Kristoff: How?
  • Anna: You never disappointed me.

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Hello. Your post showed up in the tae/kook tag, and I got curious. You're saying other shippers are "taking" jikook things, such as "the hotel room". Can you tell me what that thing is? Being a tae/kook shipper myself, I just fangirl over things I find cute, I don't go out of my way to "take" things from others just because. So now I must know what you guys felt was actually a jikook moment.

I apologize for my post showing up in the tae/kook tag! I try to not post asks with hate towards other ships without a ’/’, so I’m sorry that one slipped past me.

I don’t think I mentioned the hotel room, because I do believe that was a cute tae/kook vlive and not a ji/kook moment since no one knows who or what was in the room with Kook. I also don’t really like taking moments away from ships since I know all of BTS are close and that every ship is real in the mindset of brotherly bonds.

The things that some (not all obviously) Tae/kook shippers have taken away are the jeonlous tongue thing and satellite jeon. And by “take away”, I don’t mean Jungkook doesn’t do those things with Tae as well, I mean that it started as a Ji/kook thing but one or two shippers changed it into a Tae/kook thing.

What I mean by this is: Jeonlous started out in the ji/kook fandom before the jealous tongue thing even started, shippers would freak out because Jungkook has been shown to be jealous when people (mainly Hobi lol) were around Jimin. Then, the jeonlous tongue thing started to get popular in the Ji/kook fandom (before anyone says anything, it started in the ji/kook fandom first back in 2015, so don’t give me that “its a ______ thing not ji/kook!!” shit), and yoon/min and tae/kook shippers accused us of shipping a toxic relationship and shipping abuse ?? which makes 0 sense bc everybody gets jealous, even of friends and siblings? and jealousy doesn’t equal abuse. But after Ji/kook shippers were shamed for this, multiple gifsets showed up in the tae/kook tag with the “jeonlous tongue” and highlighted how ‘cute’ it was. When ji/kook shippers got mad, and called the people out, tae/kook shippers said it was never a ji/kook thing. ji/kook shippers then clarified that it’s more than likely a nervous tick, but jungkook does it around jimin 90% of the time. They also pointed out that it’s not necessarily (it could be) a tae/kook thing because kook’s done it around jin, namjoon, and hobi when they were near jimin. But again, some tae/kook fans denied it completely and called us delusional.

Then satellite jeon became a tae/kook thing as well. “Satellite Jeon” is a term Knetz came up with because at award shows and stages, they noticed that more often than not, Jungkook was following Jimin around like a lost puppy. This has been in the ji/kook fandom since the start of time, yet tae/kook shippers used it to refer to jungkook being near taehyung. Again some drama like above happened, and ji/kook shippers were shamed for shipping ‘in/cest’ or whatever ppl came up with and we had to explain ourselves again.

I’m not saying ji/kook shippers don’t do this as well (istg if i see one more person take away from a jin/min moment im going to fight them). But it’s just kind of unfair for tae/kook shippers to accuse us of being delusional and shipping abuse only to then use those same things to glorify tae/kook??? like it doesn’t make sense to me.

And i mean, if you want to know what I think an actual jikook moment is…. go through my blog??? like there’s tons of them out there lol.
MarkHyuck phone call..
  • Mark: Hey, are u sleeping already?
  • Donghyuck: what do you think?
  • Mark: Sorry to disturb you. I shouldn't call right now.
  • Donghyuck: Straight to the point Mark Lee.
  • Mark: Nothing. I'm just bored.
  • Donghyuck: There's no way you're getting bored. You got new friends there. You look so happy whenever you're with them.
  • Mark:'s different, I think? I'm enjoying myself rapping with them but it's different. I can't explain it.
  • Donghyuck: It's because you're doing something you love the most. Adrenaline rush, I think.
  • Mark: No. That's not the reason, Hyuck.
  • Donghyuck: I think you're just tired. You're going back late again today?
  • Mark: ......maybe? I don't know. They going to do more shooting for editing, so I don't know at what time we're going to finish.
  • Donghyuck: I'll be waiting for you in my dreamland by the time you come home.
  • Mark: .....
  • Donghyuck: ......
  • Mark: You should go to sleep now.
  • Donghyuck: Don't you think you need to tell me why are you calling me at the first place?
  • Mark: ......
  • Donghyuck: Are you planning to keep silent until tomorrow? If you don't have anything to tell me then..good night.
  • Mark: I miss you...
  • Donghyuck: ....yah, what's wrong with you?
  • Mark: I don't know. I'm just tired and your face come into my mind. The next things I know, I'm talking with you right now. Maybe I just want to hear you voice.
  • Donghyuck: You must be so tired right now. *blush*
  • Mark: But I really miss you! I meant it!
  • Donghyuck: I know, idiot! And we just met each other few hours ago.
  • Mark: I know. That's why I don't understand why I felt like this. I just..miss you suddenly. I miss you being noisy, annoying and talking non-stop beside me.
  • Donghyuck: Woah, Mark. Should I feel great right now? I can't believe you called me in the middle of the night just to diss about me? I feel happy. Thank you..take it take it take it!
  • Mark: *laugh*
  • Donghyuck: Don't you think you should continue your shooting right now? Because I need my beauty sleep.
  • Mark: Are you going to wait for me later?
  • Donghyuck: It's 12Am. I don't think I can..
  • Mark: Ah..okay. *disappointed* I should go now. Good night pretty Hyuck, have a nice sleep. Dream of me.
  • Donghyuck: Shut up, Mark Lee. I don't think I want to have nightmare tonight.
  • Mark: Bye~miss you.
  • Donghyuck: Geez~~bye
  • At 3Am
  • Mark: Hey, Hyuck. Wake up. Why are you sleeping in the living room? I thought you want to have beauty sleep. Why are you sitting in the dark here?
  • Donghyuck: I thought you want me to wait for you. I fell asleep just now.
  • Mark: *shocked*
  • Donghyuck: Why are looking at me like that? Lets go to our room. I'm sleepy! Gosh its already 3AM!
  • Mark: *hug Donghyuck* I miss you!!
  • Donghyuck: Damn it Mark Lee! Lemme go!
  • Mark: *kiss Donghyuck's lips*
  • Mark: Sorry making you waiting for me but I am so happy right now.
  • Donghyuck: Did you just kissed me?!
  • Mark: Yeah. Why? I can't kiss my boy?
  • Donghyuck: Who the heck give you permission to kiss me?! When the heck I've become your boy?! You're not allowed to be the cool one here!!
  • Mark: *rolled eyes and dragged Donghyuck to their shared room*
  • Mark: Sleep with me..
  • Donghyuck: I said, you're not allowed to be cool right now!
  • Mark: I know. Lets sleep.
  • Donghyuck: I hate you Mark Lee.
  • Mark: I know.
  • Donghyuck: I miss you too. *blushed & covered his face on Mark's chest*
  • Mark: I miss you more Lee Donghyuck.
  • Donghyuck: By the way, I don't like it you being close with other kids especially that Yoonho guy.
  • Mark: I'm all yours. You know that..
  • Donghyuck: Shut up. *smile cutely*

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hey babe! can i please have one where you're very independent and niall is so proud of you for that but he spoils you and you hate it but he's all cute about it aw

~648 words

(Sorry its really short, and hope this is at least close to what you had in mind)


“Niall. I’ve told you this a thousand times; you don’t have to buy me things.” You huffed as you came into the den holding the gift bag, you found on the bed, that was filled with bras and panties that you had wanted from Victoria’s Secret. He turned his head away from the football match he was watching.

“I know i don’t have to, petal. I wanted to. Besides, i knew you wanted those.” He answered simply before looking back at the large television just in time to see his team score a goal.

“That’s not the point.” Without another word you walked back to the bedroom sitting down at your vanity. “I have my own money. I could have bought it myself.”  You said to yourself before settling your head in your hands.

It wasn’t that you were angry at Niall for buying you the stuff, honestly it was sweet, but you were frustrated. Ever since you were little you had always been independent. Always wanted to do things for yourself. You worked hard for what you had and to be at this point in your life. It was obvious that Niall makes more money with you, but that didn’t mean you wanted to use his money and become reliant on him . You went to work every day, paid your own bills, bought the things you wanted, and sometimes when you went on dates with Niall you paid for dinner, even though it would take a good twenty minutes of arguing before Niall finally let you pay.

Niall spoiled you all the time. He brought you countless gifts, given you the opportunity to fly to foreign places, and even let you move into his beautiful home. The gifts he would buy you were completely unnecessary and expensive. They would range from handbags, clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup, literally anything. If you were shopping with him and just said that you liked something, more times than not you’d find it on the bed in gift bag the next day.

“Are you mad at me?” Niall spoke from the doorway making you jump.

You sighed and looked at your cute boyfriend. He stood in the doorway in his sweats, his now brunette hair was a mess because he was too lazy to style it, and his pure blue eyes looked worried at you. “No. I’m not mad.” You answered, giving him a poor excuse for a smile.

“I thought you’d like them, love. When we were shopping the other day you said you liked those. I’m just confused why you’re upset.” He answered, genuinely confused.

You held your arm out for him as you moved to sit on the bed. He entered the threshold of the bedroom and flopped down on the duvet next to you, his larger hands grabbing yours and holding it tightly. “I’m not mad Ni. I’m frustrated. I’ve told you so many times that i can buy my own stuff. You don’t have to go out and buy me things just because I said i liked them. I make my own money.”

“I know that. And i’m beyond proud of you, but i like buying ya stuff. Just want ya to stay happy.”

“You don’t have to buy me stuff for me to be happy. I’m here for you Niall. Not your money.”

He nodded, “You just work so hard and sometimes i just want to spoil ya.”

“I work so hard so that I can spoil myself.” You said, giving him a smirk before kissing his stubbly cheek. “Thank you for remembering which ones i wanted. It was really sweet. But can you chill out on the gifts? Like lets try to keep it to birthdays and christmas.”

“No promises, beautiful.” He responded.

Rolling your eyes, you leaned in to kiss his thin lips. “Watch yourself, Horan.” You giggled, “Maybe I’ll start spoiling you.”


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For the love of all that’s good and pure in this godforsaken world, do not think about sherlock and john slow dancing in the middle of their living room, barefoot, in the golden late afternoon light, with “the way you look tonight” playing in the background.  Do not dare think about Sherlock singing softly in John’s ear “you’re lovely, with your smile so warm and your cheeks so soft, there is nothing for me but to love you..”, and John replying with the next few lines “And that laugh that wrinkles your nose, it touches my foolish heart..”  And above all else do not imagine sherlock dipping john and whispering against his neck “cause I love you, just the way you look tonight”, punctuating every word with brief, cute, feathery kisses while john chuckles giddy and light-headed from the overwhelming exhilaration of their love ❤️

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you should totally read "whispers" "you're supposed to hate me" "12.12.12" "pebble hearts"

I’ve read ‘12.12.12′ and ‘Pebble Hearts’ before!!!! I really liked them, especially Pebble Hearts ^o^ it was so cute with penguin obsessed Soo and his best friend Nini, crushing on each other <3 

I will definitely make sure to read ‘Whispers’!! It’s seems really good :O And ‘You’re Supposed To Hate Me’ was on my to read list, so i’ll make sure to read that as well~ 

Thanks for sending in suggestions anon!! I really appreciate it^^ 

  • OW fandom: Reaper’s so evil, nothing could make me like him!
  • Blizzard: he makes his own Halloween costumes and most likely made his own Reaper outfit :)
  • OW fandom: Roadhog is so ugly, nothing could make me like him!
  • Blizzard: he loves cute things and paints his nails, also he has one of the saddest backstories of all the characters :)
  • OW fandom: there is literally nothing to like about Torbjorn, YOU WILL NEVER MAKE ME LIKE--
  • Blizzard: he befriends Bastion and takes him and Ganymede home with him :)
  • OW fandom: D A D G U M M I T