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I decided to colour them ╰(*´♡`*)╯♡
Silas finally took Corrin (Toya) on a picnic as promised 

 Watercolour on 200gsm

@stammi-ravioli submitted: Im slightly late getting on the crop top train but I’m trying my best to start drawing so I figured I may as well ((I don’t have anything to color so have a shitty red outline lmao. Also sorry for the bad quality pic))

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Q - Who do you want to go traveling with?

JIN: J-Hope, Jungkook, Jimin - “Someone who I can laugh and have fun with” 

SUGA: Jin, Jimin, J-Hope (maybe) - “I want to go with a person who likes traveling and who can lead” 

V: Jimin, J-Hope - “One of those two”

JIMIN: Jin, Jhope, V, Suga (maybe), Rap Mon (maybe) - “I think I’ll struggle if i go with Jungkook”

JUNGKOOK: Suga - “I think he is a person that I can trust and follow”

J-HOPE: Rap Monster “I want to go with a friend”

RAP MON: V - “I think putting two hopeless people together is the best way”

BTS Bon Voyage ep: 0

@caughtbetweenatorrieandapatriot wants his mom’s attention.

“ thomas, where are you hiding? i can’t seem to —— no, there you are! “ mary laughed as she wrapped him in her arms. nowadays, at camp this seemed to be her only normal way to forget that there is a war going on or that her husband had enlisted in the british army. she picked up sprout and pressed a kiss to his forehead. “ my sweet boy! ”

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  • 1. on the nose

their limbs were a tangled mess on her bed – they had been hiding away at her place all day ( the only place they could have some privacy ). bellamy’s fingers were busy playing with her hair when he felt the small kiss to his nose. a smile instantly breaking out across his lips. it was little things like that that could make him smile the brightest smile. really? ‘ his tone was teasing, only giving verity a second to say anything before letting his fingers tickle at her side.

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