you're so clumsy


jiyong’s endless body gag when they’re playing the water basketball (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

#63: 'you're so clumsy.'

Mark: He looks down at you trip over pretty much nothing. “Are you serious?” he says, laughing, “You’re so clumsy,” and then leans over to help you up, brushing the dirt off your clothes. “Here,” he says, offering you his hand. You accept it, entwining your fingers with his as he grips it tighter, wanting to make sure that next time you’d be falling together.

Jr: He’s so used to it at this point that he know he has to keep an eye on you to make sure you don’t fall over something stupid. But this time, all it took was for him to look away for one second for you to end up falling into a small ditch. He runs over to you, laying face down in the dirt and trying to hold in a giggle. “You’re so clumsyyyy!” he says, pulling you out. “Sorry,” you say, unable to hold in your own smile. You continue down the trail as Jinyoung takes your hand to avoid all the possible areas where you could fall again.

JB: He gets very worried, every single time. “Are you okay?!” JB says, running to you after you had tripped over a garden took left in the yard. “You’re so clumsy,” he says, helping you up. “I’m fineeee!” you insist, because you were. JB just freaked out for no reason all the time. “Don’t hurt yourself,” he says, quietly, and this time you know he’s serious. “Seriously if you hurt yourself over a shovel I will punch myself in the face,” he says, and you both start laughing as he brings you in for a hug, happy that you weren’t really hurt.

Jackson: He’s sick and tired of you falling down all. the. time. He knows it’s not a big deal for you because it happens so often now that he just irritated now. “Get uppppp!” he says, pulling at your arm to stand up. “You’re so clumsy!” he yells, and then you stand up, brushing yourself off. “You are quite possibly the worst boyfriend ever,” you say, pushing him, and he chuckles, knowing you were joking. “Love you, too,” he says, and then puts an arm around you.

BamBam: He thinks it’s so funny when heard a sudden thump coming from the other room and then laughter. Every time you falloiiir he still comes, making sure you’re alright, but he always ends up seeing you there on the floor, laughing at yourself. “What was it this time?” he asks, face palming, “You’re soooo clumsy!” “Shoe,” you say in between laughter, pointing at the flip flop next to the door, and BamBam sits down next to you, laughing equally as hard with you.

Youngjae: He thinks it’s kind of funny that you fall over all the time. Of course he makes sure you’re not hurt, first, but seeing your facial expression that was full of surprise and annoyance that you fell down yet again just had him burst into laughter. You can get up without any help, not needing Youngjae’s hand he offered that wasn’t very helpful anyway since he was laughing. “Remind me to record it next time,” he says, and you laugh with him, taking his hand into yours so if you fell again, you could see how funny he looked.

Yugeyom: He’s surprised that you’re okay with it. He runs over to you, making sure to help you up after falling in the middle of the mall. He was prepared to take you into his giant arms and carry you if he needed to, but after seeing the look of pure amusement in your face, he blushes, impressed at how strong you were… “I’m okay,” you say in between laughs, “I fall all the time. This time was just stupid because I tripped on the AIR,” and you laugh even harder and Yugeyom slowly joins in with you. “You’re so clumsy,” he says, and shakes his head, helping you up anyway, and then holds your hand tightly.

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If you're so clumsy, why did you decide to become an assistant dishwasher?

bc i’m not one to let my natural flaws hold me back in my quest to achieve self-fulfilment

BSM #44 You're clumsy so he starts babying you

A/N: Hi. Hope you like it.

Request: You’re very clumsy so he starts treating you like a kid and you get mad.

LOUIS (age 16): “You know what, Louis? This is unacceptable! The only thing I need is a diaper and then I’m officially an infant again! Listen, I know I have two left feet, but this is just plain ridiculous.” Louis was staring at you with wide eyes, having never felt so small under your lingering gaze. He was hovering over you like a hawk lately, and only because you had tripped a few times. Admittedly, you had broken and/or fractured a bone during these escapades, but you could handle it! “But, Y/N, I was just trying to-“ You made a sound that was part scream part groan. “Protect me! I know! But I’m a bloody 16-year old. Sure, I’m as clumsy as, well, a drunk man, but come on. Will you quit it? It’s so annoying!” Louis cocked his hip out and raised an eyebrow. Oh no, you thought. It’s the bitch pose. “Will you quit the attitude? Okay, so maybe I’m a little overprotective,” you snorted. “But with reason! You only got your cast off two weeks ago. This is your personal no-hospital-visits record,” he sassed with a smirk. You mirrored his pose and raised an eyebrow. “So what?” Louis looked taken aback. “Wha-What do you mean?” he spluttered. “What do you think? I don’t care if I’m in a cast 24/7. As long as I can have fun! Besides, Randy wrote his number on my cast a few weeks back, and we’re going on our third date tomorrow, so I’m more than happy!” Louis stood frozen to the ground as you bounced to the kitchen until he set off after you. “Y/N!”

ZAYN (age 13): “Yes. No. I remember. Yeah, of course. Zayn, I have to go now. No, I’ll be fine! No! Goodbye!” You hung up with an angry huff, and much to your dismay, your friends started laughing. “It’s not funny,” you muttered to which your blonde friend patted your shoulder reassuringly. “Yes it is. Is he still watching over you?” You groaned and nodded in defeat. “He’s like a cop looking after a suspect or something! You fall and break your arm three times and suddenly you’re labeled ‘clumsy’,” you said sarcastically. “You are clumsy though,” another friend spoke up and you gasped in mock offense. “Am not! That’s it, I’m calling Zayn again. This has to end.” You angrily pulled your phone out of your back pocket again, dialing Zayn on the still hot surface from the earlier call. “What is it? Are you hurt?!” Came Zayn’s frantic greeting as he picked up. You rolled your eyes. “No I’m not hurt. Listen Zayn, this overprotective stuff is getting kinda annoying. I get that I’m really clumsy, but really, I can go see a movie with my friends without sending you a text every thirty minutes to tell you I’m still alive!” Zayn was silent on the other end for a while, until he answered in a timid voice: “I’ve been a bit too much, haven’t I?” You sighed a bit guilty. “Just a tad. Just, tone it down. Maybe I can write you when we get out of the movie theater. Deal?” Zayn mumbled out a yes and an apology and then hung up. “Done! Now, let’s get moving!”

LIAM (age 15): “Li? I don’t mean to hurt you by telling you this, but you’ve been awfully overprotective lately. I mean, I have to call you every hour when I go out, you take the knives from me when I’m in the kitchen, and you even made me hold your hand going over the street! I know I’m as clumsy as a giraffe high on weed, but this is just plain stupid.” Liam’s eyes went wide as he studied you. “You know what weed is?” he breathed astounded. “Liam! That’s not the point! And I’m fifteen, of course I know what it is.” Liam got up from the couch and started pacing the living room. “Liam, don’t torture the poor carpet.” Liam glared at you, and you took a flabbergasted, precautionary step back. But then you shook your head and righted your spine. “You are in no position to be mad Liam Payne. You should actually be apologizing to me right now.” Liam looked incredulously at you with furrowed brows. “Apologize for what? Being a good brother?” You scoffed. “No. For treating me like a baby.” Liam stood with his arms crossed, not meeting your eyes. Suddenly though, his shoulders fell and he turned to face you with a sigh. “Fine. You win. I’m sorry Y/N. I’ll calm down and be less protective,” he mumbled guiltily. You smiled pleased at Liam. “That’s all I’m asking for bro.”

HARRY (age 17): “Harry Edward Styles. Are you spying on me?” Your voice was oddly calm and it seemed to freak Harry out even more than yelling would’ve. Good. “No?” he tried, but he was always a terrible liar, and it ended up sounding like a question. “Is that so? Then why do you just happen to be in the exact same shop as me in all of London?” Your friends were watching bemused at the sibling scene unfolding in front of them. Harry had made himself as small as he possibly could with his large frame, feet scuffling around as he smiled sheepishly at you. “Coincidence?” he tried. You shook your head. “Wrong answer.” Harry froze, waiting for the impending shit storm. But it didn’t come. “Girls, can I talk to Harry alone?” Your friends hurried away. “What’s going on?” you questioned, your voice still disturbingly calm. “Well-you see, I-“ Harry sputtered. “You what?” Harry’s voice crumbled even more until he gave up and ran to hug you. You refused to hug back until he squeezed you lightly and you felt somewhat bad for the guy. “I’m sorry. I’ve noticed that you’re just as clumsy as me, and I want to make sure you don’t get hurt,” Harry clarified, somehow twisting around so he could hide his face in your neck. “It’s okay Haz, but please no more? I’m seventeen; I have to take care of myself.” Harry squeezed you tightly this time. “Okay. No more. I’m sorry sis.”

NIALL (age 18): “He’s kidding right?” you asked your friend, who threw her head back and cackled in response. Niall watched bewilderedly as she finally got her breath back and replied with a high voice: “I don’t think so.” You snapped out of your trance and asked her to wait outside while you talked to Niall. “What do you mean you’re coming with us to the pub? You know it’s our girl’s only night!” Niall shrugged indifferently. “So? I need to make sure you don’t get hurt.” You mumbled angrily under your breath until you raised your eyes to meet Niall’s again. “Since when?” Niall raised an eyebrow. “Since you turned out to be partly handicapped because you’re so clumsy.” You stared at him. Just, stared. “What is it? Do I have something in my teeth?” You carted a hand through your hair. “So what if I’m clumsy? I’m the only victim of that. Most of the time at least. This overprotective brother thing has to stop! And you’re not coming to the pub tonight. End of discussion.” Niall grabbed your arm as you turned to leave, and you were expecting a scolding but was met by a guilt-ridden face instead. “I’m sorry sis. I’m so sorry.” You sighed and pulled Niall into a hug. “It’s okay. But please stop it.”