you're so beautiful when you cry



Even when she fell asleep, she still had the most beautiful smile on her face and in that moment I don’t think I’ve ever been so in love with another human being
—  Happy valentine’s day, angel (💜)

Do you ever start crying just thinking how beautiful Caryl would be if they were a couple? Daryl being all nervous and all hands when he’s with her, Carol being all emotional just by seeing him loving her. Protecting each other like mad. Daryl being all awkward just to initiate a kiss, but oh boy when he does.
You know how lions caress each other by rubing their heads together? That’s how I see Caryl. Loving each other so much and so desperately that they can’t hold it back. I can imagine their angsty reunions when they come from a run gone wrong. Daryl consoling Carol when a child dies, Carol consoling Daryl when someone under his protection dies…Carol holding Daryl’s cheek when they kiss. Daryl caressing her head, locking her hair behind her ear…Saying something stupid just to see her laugh…Carol teasing him just to see him blush and kissing the blush away, turning it into passion…
Shit Gimple why are you against it?!