you're so beautiful i can not stand you

yikes, I so hope prince harry and meghan markle get married so all you racist misogynists can really get mad but watch her try to give a fuck as she’s standing on the balcony of buckingham palace. 

 you’re so damn beautiful i can barely stand to look at you. in the beginning, i didn’t see it. of course i thought you were pretty but i never really looked at you. when i started talking to you, when we became friends, i got to really look at you. the more i got to know you, the more beautiful you became. it was like as i uncovered the inside of you, the outside of you came into the light as well. every day you became more and more beautiful, and you still do. i remember staring at you in class and wondering how anyone could be so gorgeous. now that i’ve seen you for what you are, i can’t un-see it. you take my breath away when you walk through the door and sometimes i have to look away because you’re almost blinding. i just want to tell you all the time, how beautiful you are. but looking at you now, i know i can’t.


“When you love someone, they’ll drive you crazy because they know they can”

So i don’t know if anyone has noticed this, but isn’t it interesting how Lucas “jealously”/back and forth with Charlie was “big, loud and obvious”, while Lucas jealously/hurt when Maya eats the card, was “real quiet” and subtle but still there.

Just found it interesting and also wasn’t Belief the last episode that aired, in which the “most of what i believe comes to me when it’s quiet” and “if you look trough a microscope you can miss the bigger picture” came to play. (I am aware that it isn’t the order continuity wise but i found it odd anyway)

If you have any thoughts on this, i would love to hear them.