you're so adorable i wanna hug you

I love our fandom, because our reaction to literally anything Ed does is just to love him more:
  • Seriously though, examples.
  • Ed *has long hair*: oh God it's so sexy and rough and dear God he just looks so wild and untamed.
  • Ed *has short hair*: aww, he looks so little and I just wanna ruffle it, it looks so fuzzy and cute!
  • Ed *loses weight*: aww baby, we're so proud you look so good oh my God how you're so amazing!
  • Ed *gains weight*: aww precious Teddy Bear don't be sad, you're so beautiful and cuddly and everyone loves you so much aww I just wanna hug you!
  • Ed *has loads of tattoos*: God, they look so good and so colourful I just wanna touch them wow!
  • Ed *posts old pic with no tattoos*: oh my God, such foetus feels, he's such a baby aww!
  • Ed *tries to be cute*: AWWW you're literally the most adorable creature in creation I want to hug you so much!
  • Ed *tries to be sexy*: dear sweet Jesus Christ don't do this to me you're literally the God of sex stop, I can't!
  • Ed *makes millions of snap chats*: wow guys look at this Ed's so cool and he loves us so much, look at him talking to us!
  • Ed *goes on long hiatus*: aww Ed, we're so proud of you, you deserve this so much, we're all here for you we love you Ed!
  • So if Edward Christopher Sheeran thinks for one second we're not going to be here when he gets back then by God he's got another thing coming!
  • Keep being amazing, fandom : 3

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OMG you're 5 foot 5!? that is so adorable i could hug you and carry you around and bake you cookies and tuck you into bed! ^^

don’t ever say this to a person who’s shorter than you unless you wanna get beat up irl

Watching "Up In The Air" Like:
  • Me: Where's Anna Kendrick?
  • Me: No seriously, you're great George, but where's Anna?
  • Me: Oh my god you're a cute little fireball. YASS!
  • Me: Don't you patronize my little puppy. I will cut you.
  • Me: Oh my god you're so adorable.
  • Me: Damnit Anna.
  • Me: I love you JK Simmons, but don't you ever tell her to go fuck herself again...
  • Me: You sass ball, you.
  • Me: Aw, baby don't cry but it's kind of really funny.
  • "I should just date women." Me: *cough* Chloe Beale *cough*
  • Me: Omgggg you're so funny!!! Stawp it!! Jk don't stop...
  • Me: Aw, I just wanna hug you.
  • Me: Yeah, you do you boo boo. You do you.
  • Me: You're so cute. I fucking love you.