you're so adorable awww

septicmisfit  asked:

You're actually so sweet and chill with everyone. I literally adore that. You're so kind and just keep being you ❤

awww thank you so much! I’m glad I come off that way haha I don’t want to seem cold and distant so I try my best in replying to as much as I can c:

The perks of being a Gilinsky girl
  • me: I love him
  • me: he's so cute
  • me: I hate him
  • me: God damn it Gilinsky
  • me: Go fuck yourself
  • me: choke pls
  • me: choke on air you bitch
  • me: you're adorable
  • me: awww baby
  • me: he's so asdfghjkl
  • me: I hate your guts
  • me: die fast
  • me: let me hug you
  • me: let me hold you
  • me: let's me choke you
  • me: let me smack you
  • me: you get on my nerves gilinsky
  • me: Jesus, give me strength to handle this guy