you're smelly

other people dressing their OCs up: “so here’s their sleeping outfit, here’s their party outfit, here’s their OTHER party outfit with a diff style and color scheme”

me dressing my goblin: “so he removes 4 layers for bed, 3 layers for danger-casual, 2 layers for casual-casual…”

sometimes i feel like having a cigarette in my hand would really pull my aesthetic together, but then i remember that i have no interest in getting addicted to something harmful and expensive and smelly :/

the guy next to me in the library smells really bad of alcohol, and I was like :/ and of course, later he just turned to his friend and was like ‘I’m so drunk right now, this girl in my Italien class gave me some her schnapps after the final’ 

Like, that’s cool dude, but you smell like the Bad Uncle at a family reunion and I’m trying to become one with the idea of marginal voting returns, why yall gotta be like this at 6 at night.