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That moment when you're scrolling through tumblr and you realize that there is a gigantic list wishing one of your favorite artist happy birthday. And it hits you like a train wreck--you had no idea it was their birthday. Feeling like the worst follower in all the history of followers (yet not wanting to fade back into obscurity) you type a belated happy birthday wish to them. Crossing your fingers that you aren't too late....HAPPY BIRTHDAY! YOU'RE AMAZING! I <3 YOU AND YOUR ART! *sends cake*

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Oman, that is so sweet!! 

Omg, never feel like that dude, you’re awesome to me!
And you’re arent too late at all, it’s today! ♥ (28th)

Thank you SO SO MUCH! You’re so nice to me *pets and smooches*

I’m so honored to be one of your favorite artist. I hope you will like the future stuff I’m gonna share this year!

Warning: A potentially ~problematic~ voicing of my own personal opinion inbound about a certain Hot New Thing(s).

As much as I love the McElroys, and am happy to see their various projects get a lot more attention, I honestly dread the day when Tumblr does it’s usual thing of spotting a celeb’s earnest mistake from that one time a while back, subsequently demonise them and denounce everything they’ve ever done as Problematic and Wrong so that anyone who likes the celeb’s stuff now is also Wrong by association, and relentlessly hounding that celeb until they either withdraw from interacting with their fans or leave social media entirely. I’ve seen it happen so very many times within the DA fandom alone.

I just, I’m sad that I’m now sitting waiting in dread for that to happen to the McElroys. To Monster Factory, TAZ or MBMBAM, all based one one or two petty things that get blown waaay out of proportion because let’s face it, this is Tumblr, and Tumblr is a fucking hellsite I wish I had the strength to leave behind for good.

I hate Tumblr’s constant black and white, good vs evil thinking. It’s inescapable in any and every fandom on here because there’s such a massive intersection between fandom politics and social justice politics, and it’s not healthy. Anyone who says Tumblr’s not that bad either hasn’t been around long enough, has managed to blinker themselves to the extremes, or they’re plain lying. 

Teal deer: The Mcelroys are good dudes, and I’m afraid that one day the Tumblr mob will turn on them the way it’s done to so many others.

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I've literally spent the last 3 days scrolling through you're tumblr because it makes me sO HAPPY and puts me in such a good mood ❤️


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so you're telling me you're currently unemployed, recovering from 6 months of tendonitis, have been diagnosed with a thing that might foretell of a future where you can't draw due to the pain AND you're dealing with constant rejection from publishers despite having a thing that everyone wants to buy??? how the fuck how the FUCK are you so positive all the time jfc

well, I’m not always positive! but it’s a good default and hey, today’s a good day and I’m still alive, so I guess I’d better get on with living, hey?

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That adhd feel when you're scrolling through tumblr and a post reminds you of something you have to do but you keep scrolling and then you realize that you forgot what you had to do so you scroll back up to find the post so you'll be reminded again but you can't remember what post it was