you're safe

You're Safe || Alex & Troy

Troy hugged Alex from behind as they walked towards the boy’s house. He was glad that his boyfriend hadn’t been harmed in the hurricane, but he was more happy because he was going to spend the night at the boy’s house for once, so he would see what it felt like to be a guest. And, he would have to remember to be quiet later on tonight. He nuzzled his face into the boy’s neck, leaving small kisses as he nuzzled.

I hate the world the way it is.
I hate the world for what is it.
I hate how messed up the world is.
I hate how much hate there is.

We’ve lost so many lives this year and it’s not going to stop because people feel like they have to prove their damn domination on human kind.

I am so sorry to every life that has been lost this year from gun violence.

I am so sorry for the LGBTQ community that is still healing from Orlando.

I am so sorry for the fans of Christina Grimme who are still struggling to listen to a song of hers without sobbing.

I’m so sorry for the black people standing up for themselves and getting shot for it.

I am sorry to every kid who has lost a parent to this ridiculous amount of hate.

I am sorry to every police officer working to do good but your god damn coworkers who shoot black people for no reason give you a terrible name.

I am so sorry to the world for how hateful it is.
I am so sorry to people who have lost their lives.

I am so sorry for everyone, everywhere because it’s 2016 and we’re going backwards.

I am someone who was in tears of joy last year because I was told yes you can legally get married, I wanted to get married I wanted to have kids but now, I don’t want to raise kids in this mess.

You deserve better and I will fight everyday till my last breath for all of you. I support you all and I love you all.

Black lives matter, You matter and one more time I am so sorry.

Please stay safe and @ 2016 will you just fucking stop already please

Just feeling sick.

So there was a shooting tonight in downtown Dallas, just about an hour away from where I live. I’m sick of hearing about this, I’m sick of hearing about shootings or terrorism or just people dying in general. I’m so sick of the state of the world. 

Do me a favor? Just be nice to one another. Spread as much positivity as you can. The world needs it right now.

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and my lack of luck in getting a jongdae photocard

P.S. no photos of ourselves because we’re actual potatoes

Thank you @galaxychen for today and for getting the albums all the way from seoul, you’re the sweetest, i had so much fun~ ♡♡♡♡♡