you're ruining my fandom life

As a non binary I am sick of seeing people saying that Frisk is 100% non-binary, and can’t be seen as any other gender ever. Toby never said that and I’m tired of you guys giving me a bad name by being “No Fun Allowed” over something that isn’t even your’s.

Frisk is “left as ambiguous so that the player may project themselves through them or see them as how they see fit”. That does not mean they are 100% non-binary. That means that they are in fact outside of even non-binary.

Frisk is male. Frisk is female. Frisk is non-binary. Frisk is trans. Frisk is androgynous. Frisk is genderfluid. Frisk is straight. Frisk is gay. Frisk is a lesbian. Frisk is pansexual/romantic. Frisk is bisexual/romantic. Frisk is aromantic. Frisk is asexual. Frisk is the most frisky being on the planet. Frisk is whatever age you want. Frisk acts however you want. You could see Frisk as disabled in whatever way you want and it still wouldn’t make a difference.


Please stop telling people that they can’t see Frisk how they want, and please stop talkiing for all non-binary people, because you are wrong.

Toby has said many times who Frisk is.

Frisk is the Player.

That’s it. Roll credits. End of story.

What CS Has Done To My Life: A Scene

[Int. Standing in line at the co-op grocery, waiting to pay for wine and chocolate. The line is long, I pull out my phone to scroll through Tumblr. I get to a manip of Captain Swan getting married.]

Sweet, old lady behind me: “Are those your friends?” [points to manip on phone screen]

Me: [Deer caught in headlights, panics] “Uhhh. Yes?”

Sweet, old lady: “Oh, they’re beautiful. Tell them congratulations.”

Me: “Yep. Will definitely do.” [Casually puts away phone]