you're right about that feel

You know what? Keep on shipping. 😇

  • Medic: So let's start by talking about the emotions you're feeling right now.
  • Spy: Stabbing.
  • Medic: Stabbing isn't really an emotion. It's more of an activity. Which I hope you do not do to me. See, an emotion is more of a feeling.
  • Spy: Well, maybe I feel stabby.

I don’t know about you; but all of these amazing deleted scenes from the Lucifer S2 Blu-Ray are going right into the ‘100% Canon AF’ section in my brain.
Take that Fox. 

Ellie my child… oh God, you know there is a fuckening shitstorm brewing for this woman

“I dreamt I was at Axehampton, lying by the waterfall”

And every single episode brings us closer and closer to Joe

Then there’s her dad and kiddos and the problems with Tom

And her personal grief, the way she can relate to Trish’s needs, and what happened to her, and how she’s so traumatised by what men have done and hiding it behind this wall of anger


something bad is going to happen to ellie and when it does I’m going to defenestrate myself


You have to understand, Flynn is out of control. If this one death can save hundreds… Save Rittenhouse, you mean.

a kind heart, a genuine soul will always trump politics for me. you rarely see someone with a heart of gold who doesn’t want anything but good for others and the world. on the other hand, ive seen so many people, especially men, who are “woke” and check off all the requirements to be unproblematic but still are genuinely shitty human beings or emotionally immature. you can read all the revolutionary theory you want but if you can’t put any of that into action, if down to the core you don’t want the best for others and are always trying to better yourself, issa no for me. 


 Cesare Borgia→  born September 13th/14th of 1475

He was cardinal at eighteen-years-old, and set aside the scarlet robes to become Captain General of the Pontifical Armies, duke of the French Crown, patron of Leonardo da Vinci, arbiter of Italian disputes. A soldier, statesman and exemplary politician of his time. In just five years, he becomes “condottiero dei condottieri”, a refined and ruthless, almost mythical character. Which dominates five languages and lives surrounded by artists and intellectuals. conquers a good piece of central Italy, take countless cities that receive him as a liberator and becomes a military leader of fearsome and formidable ability. The tabloid press back then -libels, anonymous, chronicles and poems- were amazed by his achievements and his horrible sins, almost always invented.
[…]Cesare was a pioneer of the Italian unification. In the midst of a constant tumult in which tyrannies succeeded others in small states, after centuries in which there was not the least of security in lives and properties, [he] established a stable government, with fair administrative equality of laws, an adequate foundation for the development of social forces; with peace and security, with a series of public works that improved agriculture and increased the production of goods. Even Guicciardini recognized him, saying that he had shown that it was better to be united under a single master than at the mercy of a pleiad of despots who made life impossible for his subjects and offered no guarantee.

José Catalán Deus - El Príncipe del Renacimiento

Happy 541th birthday, Cesare!