you're really rude

Honestly, whenever I say “I want to draw your OC!!” Or “I want to draw this character for you!” And I never get around to it… there’s a reason.

The reason behind it is that I’m afraid the person I tell that to wouldn’t like how it turned out, and get angry or disgusted over it.

Believe me, I want to! I really do! I like when people get excited over my art!! It makes me feel like I’m doing good!
But at the same time, I’m super afraid.

I’m getting a little more confident with my pictures, though I’m still a bit timid about the idea of making pictures for people of characters I’m not completely familiar with. One of the reasons why I’m not doing commissions yet.


Okay, but fr, I appreciate every single one of you. Running this blog has helped me with a whole lot of stuff, and I’m proud to say that you’re all incredibly nice to me and on this blog in general. Also, just to say this again (because I constantly need attention wHOOPS) I’m completely cool with getting random asks, weird photos submitted, and being tagged in posts you think are funny/cute/need attention. I’m also open to any of you messaging me (my “main” is graythecactus. It’s mostly yoi and screaming) and shouting any one of you out, since you’re all so amazing to me. If there’s anything you’d like me to start doing or posting, I’ll be happy to consider it. Until next time, nerds! I love you all!


I hate being that person but for all those haters out there: No amount of your arguing is going to make people stop shipping billdip. I keep seeing people say things like, “if they know it’s wrong then maybe they’ll stop”. No. We won’t. Because 1. It’s fictional, 2. It’s not as horrible as it’s made out to be, and 3. I have no control over the ships I like. That’s like saying that telling someone chocolate is bad for them will make them hate it. I still love chocolate and I still love billdip so I mean just get out of the tag because you’re not doing as much good as you think you are.

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I have never associated a song to a ship, but Marvin Gaye's You're The One For Me made me think of Clexa and i don't know what to do with myself.

Maybe there’ll come a time when I won’t be sad and lonely

Just suppose I could love you from the very start, maybe
Heaven knows I could show you with an open heart, baby
You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for
In this loneliness forever more

Baby, I know you’re the one for me

Can it be that you’re needing me as I need you, honey?
Promise me if we part and I never knew, funny
Deep inside my heart I hope and pray
That someday you’ll come to me and say
“baby, I know you’re the one for me”

Maybe there’ll come a time when I won’t be sad and lonely

Love is strong and I’m betting that it will come my way, gladly
If I’m wrong and mistaken, then I’ll have to pay, sadly
No other love could ever be the same
If we fail, there’s just yourself to blame

Oh baby, I know you’re the one for me
Maybe there’ll come a time when I won’t be sad and lonely
So lonely
Maybe there’ll come a time when I won’t be sad and lonely
You’re the one for me
You’re the one for me
All of my life
You’re the one for me
I’ll never have another love
You’re the one for me
For the rest of my life
You’re the one for me


What’s with the sexism on GMM? Rhett and Link @rhettandlink, do you guys think that it is funny to laugh at serious problems?

At today’s GMM (#846) 03:38 Rhett said “It’s a little bit revealing. It’s like a woman in a dress”.

and at GMM #839 01:51 Link said “Because she’s not cooperating, and that’s what they do”, referring to “they” as women.

Are you actually serious? Why would you say that?! In what part of your brain was an idea that approved that this is okay to say? That it is okay to say that to all the young girls watching? To all the boys watching? TO EVERYONE? Are aware of how much of an issue this is?

All I ask is to stop making sexist comments and go back to being your wonderful selves. Please. Just, stop.
And an apology would be nice, wouldn’t it?