you're queued

things i like (as demonstrated by jensen ackles)
  • the jaw thing:

  • the bicep thing:

  • the arm thing:

  • the back thing:

  • the hip thing:

  • the hip bone thing:

  • the shoulder thing:

  • the perky nipples thing:

  • the butt thing:

  • the tummy thing:

  • the boob bouncing thing:

  • the bowlegs thing:

  • the whatever this thing is:

{Jared Version} {Misha Version}


anon1: i’m glad that i can help even just a little bit through liverpep shenanigans :”) know that you’re helping me a ton by making my day and for having taken the time to send me a message!! i’m cheering you on through all the rough times (and i’ll be cheering even during the best ones!!) i hope for sunshine in your day and smiles and laughter too💕 

anon2: thank you, anon, for making my heart feel so light and happy!! i hope your day today (or whenever you see this hehe) is a much better day, but i’m glad that i managed to help out a bit!! liverpepper (and my ask box) are always here for you for Blue Days! take care of yourself!!🌸✨🌸✨🌸

anon3: WAAAH!!! YOU’RE so wonderful, anon!! i’m not the best by any means but your support and super super kind words sure make me feel like i can take on the world!! thank you so much for this!!! you’re a ray of light in my day!!!

thank you so so SO much for all your kind words and support—they make me feel like a champion even when i’m blue!!! you LEVEL ME UP AND GIVE ME EXP!!! thanks for making liverpepper so fun for me to share with all of you!!!


When I find myself in times of trouble

Paul McCartney comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom

“I’m sure there’s a very professional way to do this but I don’t know it.“