you're probably like 'whoa'

post-KH3 headcanon: because of their height differences, Aqua always kisses Terra on the cheek and Ven on the forehead prior to splitting up for really tough missions, but then Ven hits a growth spurt and ends up taller than her so one day she suddenly switches to kissing his cheek too (◕◡◕✿)

lookerdewitt  asked:

Ok but for real imagine ishi feeling mondo's face for the first time and he's like "whoa... you're probably really handsome, mondo!" and mondo gets embarrassed and ishi can feel his face heating up and laughs a lil.

omg, and he can like sorta hear the hitch in mondo’s voice when he says “s-shut the fuck up man..” that indicates how surprised he is to hear ishi say thAT YESSSSS